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You sit there, comfy in your casual wear, glancing across the room at me as we talk. I know our teasing and flirting all night has taken its toll on you…I can tell by the way you occasionally squeeze your thighs together, by the way your breathing subtly picks up, catches at my words, by the flush of your cheeks and by the way you’ve been pressing your palm against your crotch unknowingly.

I can’t take the teasing anymore, babygirl. Oh god, just looking at you makes my blood boil. *My cock hurts, baby,* I tell you. I watch your eyes flicker down to my crotch, to the stiff bulge hidden beneath my jeans. My jeans, *oh god they’re so tight and it hurts* me, babygirl. I finally say fuck it and unzip them, quickly, reaching in to grab a fistful of meat and pull it free of its confines with a groan. My cock springs up, pointing straight for the ceiling as hard and stiff as it can. I grunt as the cool air hits my hot flesh, and my cock twitches in reaction. I reach down to pull my heavy, swollen balls out of the flap, too, when I glance at your beautiful face and notice your eyes.

They’re fixated firmly on my cock. I look down and half grunt/half laugh as it twitches in response to knowing you’re looking, the head glistening from fluid leaking out of the slit and down the thick, bulbous head. I look at your beautiful casino oyna face again and smile as you still stare, intently, your tongue slipping out to lick your lips. Finally you draw your eyes up to meet mine. Your eyes, those beautiful eyes, seem as if hidden in a fog of lust and desire.

I smile again and finally speak to you.

“It’s okay, babygirl. You can touch yourself if you want.” And with that I slide a large hand down, wrapping my fist around the base of my fat, thick, elongated cock. Your eyes move to my cock and you slip a hand down the front of your pants. I begin to tug my cock slowly, loosening my fist a bit to let it slide easily up and down the shaft; it always stops just at the head, then back down until it meets my heavy nuts. I notice your hand moves beneath your pants and hear your breathing pick up as you begin to moan gently. I offer words of encouragement and continue.

My hand moves steadily, almost mechanically, up and down the long shaft; when it reaches the head I roll the spongy mushroom between my thumb and forefinger, encircling it, tracing finger tips in the groove beneath the slit that is so god damn sensitive. I hear the sounds of your fingers sinking deep within you; god you must be so wet. I look over at you and notice your hand working furiously beneath slot oyna your pants. I pick up the pace to keep in timing with your hand; the faster you shove your fingers within you, the faster I stroke. The deeper you push two fingers into that drenched pussy, the further along my cock I slide my fist. I groan your name as my hips instinctively move. I watch you pick up your pace, listen to you moaning my name again, hearing you beg god for release and as you reach orgasm your eyes roll into the back of your head.

I move quick, standing up and walking straight to you. I can’t stand this. I have to have you. I’m so close to cumming and I need to honor you with my seed. I move a hand down to caress your face before resting it on the back of your head, and guide your head forward until my cock rests against your lips. I stroke harder, faster, grunting; my breath is faster, raspier, as I feel myself growing closer. Finally your eyes roll forward and you smile up at me. Your lips latch to my head; you start to go deeper but I hold a fist of your hair and hold your head steady.

“No,” I raspily moan at you. You make a mewing, whiny sound as your lips latch in the groove about the head of my cock. Your cheeks cave in as you suck, hard, and I growl when I feel your tongue darting in and out of the slit, teasing canlı casino siteleri the underside. I keep your head from going further and continue to stroke my cock, harder, pumping my fist from the base of my meat all the way to your lips. I look down in your eyes and find them latched onto mine still. I hear you moaning around my cock, I see your cheeks sinking in as you suckle on my dickhead, I feel one of your hands reach up to cup and fondle my balls. I feel my nuts growing tight, I feel my orgasm close and with all the willpower I have I tug your head off my cock-I hear you whimper and whine out in protest, I see your tongue darting at the head, I feel my eyes roll in the back of my head as I fucking growl your name out deeply, gutturally, and my cock jerks like a wild snake in my hand. The first shot of my cum splatters on your left cheek, the second shot on your lips and chin, the third shot on your forehead as my cock jerks wildly when I release it. I feel a warmth, a wetness and look down to see your mouth around my cock, your lips locked tight like a vise around the head; I feel your tongue snaking along it and the suction you’re causing as you drink me, as you drain me dry.

Finally, once spent, I collapse onto a seat next to you. You lower your head to suckle on my cockhead until every last drop is gone. Finally you lay your head in my lap, your cheek resting against my warm, fuzzy balls and watch you smile up at me.

I smile down at you with deep love and gently caress your cheek, content with you there, with me, near me, touching me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32