Wanna Bet? Ch. 02

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Nine o’clock Thursday evening found me sitting on the sofa, dressed in yellow boxers, a man’s white tee shirt, and a pair of socks. I was folding laundry, absently watching television at the same time, when the doorbell rang. I knew who it was and yet, I was almost too nervous to answer the door.

The bell rang a second time and I began walking toward the door, briefly glancing at my reflection in the hall mirror. I opened it to find Peter standing there, dressed in jeans, a dark blue shirt, and a brown leather jacket.

He was wearing glasses, and his hair looked mussed. On his feet was a pair of ratty loafers. He grinned the minute he saw me.

“There you are.” He said, letting himself in and brushing a kiss across my forehead before I could object. “I was wondering if you’d forgotten the bet this week.”

Butterflies took flight in my stomach and my feet were cold inside my socks not from the autumn air pouring over them, but my fight or flight response kicking into gear. “Peter, really, I thought it was a onetime thing. Honest.” I said, my voice wavering.

Peter turned to look at me. “Lucy, really.” He shook his head and then walked into my living room. He surveyed the comfortable space. It was small, much like his own, but with a womanly feel to it. “What were you doing?” He asked, and shrugged out of his coat.

“Folding laundry.” I said, trying to put clothes back in the basket but I was too late. Peter had made his way to the sofa before I could and picked up a pair of white cotton string bikini panties. He turned around and ran his fingers over them. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pass out from the embarrassment of him fondling my panties or from the knowledge of how it felt to be those panties in his fingers.

“Would you put those down, please?” I asked, reaching for the garment.

“Nope. I will not.” He said and stuffed them into his pants pocket. “You want them, Lucy, you come get them.” His eyes danced with glee and his grin grew wider.

“Peter …. Come on.” I said and made a swift grab for them as they were hanging partway from his pocket.

Peter stepped back and laughed. “Try again.” He teased.

“Look, Peter …” I reached out again, but this time lost my balance and fell into him. We both then fell onto the sofa.

I tried to scramble up, but Peter’s arms were locked around me. He looked down at me, breathing heavy, and whispered, “You have beautiful green eyes, you know that? Struck me from day one how beautiful they are.”

“Th ~ th ~ thank you.” I stumbled over the word like it was a piece of concrete.

“You’re welcome.” Peter Kolej Escort whispered in reply and dipped his mouth to mine.

I was a goner. His hands reached up to cup my face, his mouth slanted, his lips parted, and his tongue was searching for mine. Once found, it was gently sucked and stroked, and I responded in kind. We broke apart, gasping for breath, many minutes later.

I looked up at him, eyes dilated with lust, and stood. Without a word, I headed toward the back of the house, to my bedroom. I didn’t turn the light on, just pulled the blankets down, exposing the crisp white linen of the fitted sheet. Peter walked in behind me and pulled me into his embrace.

“White sheets? Are you kidding?” he laughed, and kissed my neck on both sides, nuzzling his way across.

“Oh shut up.” I teased, purring and sighing as he brought his hands up to cup both my breasts.

“Shut up?” he questioned, his teeth sinking into my shoulder. “Is that how you talk to me?” laughter filled his voice and he turned me to him. “Tell me what I owe.”

I looked up at him, smiling slightly, and he took my hand and curled it in his. “One orgasm. Nothing less. Those are the rules.”

He shook his head and growled before kissing me firmly. “I know the rules, woman. What I want to know is how do you want it?”

I stepped back once, but he didn’t release my hand. My breath quickened, my pulse jumped, and my pussy dampened all at once. “However you can think, Peter.” I said.

“Dangerous words, woman.” Peter growled before grabbing the hem of my shirt and pulling it over my head. My full heavy tits fell free and my nipples immediately pebbled as he gazed down upon them. “Get in the bed, on your back.”

I did as instructed, stretching before him on the cool sheets. The only light in the room came from the streetlamp a few doors down, casting a soft blue hue over everything. Peter gazed down at me, taking in the way my auburn hair spilled onto the pillow, the way my body sunk into the mattress, and I caught my lower lip between my teeth as he began to undress.

He removed his glasses and placed them on my nightstand, and he pulled his shirt over his head with one swift move. Next, his shoes were kicked off, and he shucked his jeans. All this was done as his gaze pierced mine, until he stood before me in a pair of grey boxer briefs. Then, and only then, did he reach down and slowly removed my shorts. Then he removed my left sock, and then my right, until I lie naked before him.

Peter whistled softly at the sight and, in the dark room, I blushed. Kuzey Ankara Escort He grinned slightly, kneeled before me, and pushed my thighs apart and back. For a moment, he simply looked at the trimmed triangle before him. Then, without a word, he lowered his mouth and began to nuzzle me there.

“Oh my g…” was all I could get out before Peter’s tongue dipped inside my pussy. He began to lick up and down, his tongue gently wrapping around my clit, before dipping once more inside. I moaned above him, my hands clutching the pillow.

He continued his attentions, moving his mouth to the dip where thigh and mound meet, then back to my lips, gently suckling and stroking. He nuzzled me deeper, his breath raising gooseflesh along my body, his lips and tongue gently teasing, discovering the soft pink flesh between my thighs. His fingers moved and dug into the flesh of my plump, round ass as he brought my body closer to his mouth.

“Oh yes …. Oh please ….” I sighed, my hands at his head, curling into his hair, holding him close as he focused his attention on the hard little button that would soon give me release.

Peter lifted his head and looked at me. “Mmmm … Lucy …. You’re so sweet on my tongue.” He said, before dipping his head and continuing.

“Please … please …” I begged, desperate for the fall, but thoroughly enjoying walking the edge. He kept me there for long moments, the closer I’d get, and he’d pull back and deny me release, only to bring me right back to the edge again quickly.

“Oh, Peter …. I need …” was all I could get out before it happened and the delicious pulse of my pussy began. “Yes …” I sighed, hips bucking, nails gently scraping over Peter’s scalp as my orgasm hit me in repeated waves.

Peter stayed between my thighs until I quieted, then slid up my body slowly. At some point, he had removed his shorts, but I hadn’t been aware of it. In one smooth motion, he slid his hard cock inside as far as he could go.

My breath caught, but Peter didn’t move, remembering from the last time. Poised above me, Peter leaned down, caught one of my nipples into his mouth, and began to suckle gently. I thrust my hips up as cue, and Peter slowly began his thrusts. His mouth moved to my neck, and he began to fuck me, his thrusts long and slow.

Peter did the same to himself as he had done to me, skirting the edge, only to pull back and start from the beginning. I draped my legs over his hips as he sunk into my body over and over, and gently teased his nipples with fingers and tongue. I trailed Maltepe Escort kisses across his chest, his neck, and my hands caressed him everywhere. I slowly dragged my nails up his back from hip to shoulder, bringing out a low moan from Peter.

“Lucy … oh Lucy …” he sighed, and leaned back slightly, spreading my legs a little wider, and began to thrust deeper. I arched my back, pushing my hips up to meet him. His fingers dug into my hips, and his cock coaxed a second orgasm from me, as I moaned and writhed beneath his body.

“Yes, baby. Good isn’t it?” he whispered, lowering on top of me fully, wrapping his long body around mine. His lips pressed into my neck, and he began to thrust faster. I curled my fingers into his hair and moved in time with his movements.

“Yes, Lucy … so good … yes …” Peter moaned above me, his lips trailing kissing, leaving a bite mark just inside my neck.

“Peter …” I sighed, running my hands over his back, through his hair, finally gripping his arms as he began to fall.

“Oh, Lucy, yes …. Yes …” Peter sigh was pulled from his body along with his orgasm. His cock spasmed repeatedly and thick streams of his cum coated the inside of my pussy. As the shuddering of his body began to cease, I could hear Peter taking deep breaths to even out his breathing. Another minute ticked by, with no words, before he rolled off to my side and grabbed the blankets from the foot of the bed. Peter tucked us both in before settling among the pillows, kissing my shoulder, and draping an arm across my belly.

His breathing was finally slowing down, and he spoke quietly. “This losing this is really working to my advantage.”

I laughed softly, turning to face him. “No kidding. Winning’s working to mine.” I grinned over at him and noticed the dimples creasing his cheeks, and his closed eyes. “Thank you, Peter.” I whispered, drawing the back of my hand up to caress his cheek.

He opened his eyes and settled his gaze on me. “I should be thanking you.” he said, taking a strand of my hair and twisting it around his finger.

“Okay then. You’re welcome.” I said, a smile playing about my lips.

Peter leaned over and kissed me softly. “Let’s get to sleep now. I’m wiped out.” He tucked in next to my body, drawing me close to his warmth.

“What? You want to stay?” I asked, unable to believe what I’d just heard.

“Yep. It’s late, it’s cold out, and you’ve a nice warm bed. I’d be a stupid man to leave you.” Peter sighed, his head next to mine.

“You don’t have to stay …”I began, but was cut off by Peter’s words.

“Lucy, shush now. Go to sleep.” He dropped another kiss on my shoulder.

I lifted my arm to gesture and said, “Yea, but …”

“Lucy. Sleep.” Peter said firmly, pulling my arm down and my body against his.

I sighed, slowly began to relax, and, just as I was drifting off heard Peter say,

“I will win at some point you know.”

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