Walking for a Healthy Life Ch. 03

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Arched Back

Chapter 1:

Sometimes I think I’m the luckiest guy in Central California. I’ve been retired for just over a year and have found some exciting activities to fill my time including learning to give sensual massages and joining a local walking club for health and fitness. Both activities have afforded the opportunity to meet some incredibly sexy women who call this patch of land home.

I am still reliving this past weekend when I spent time with my new walking buddy, Catherine. She lives on a cul-de-sac in San Luis Obispo with a backyard that opens up to acres and acres of open space. She has a gorgeous view of green rolling hills.

I first met Catherine a couple of weeks ago when I decided I needed more physical activity and joined a club which meets weekly for five and ten kilometre walks. Little did I know how much physical activity I was in for!

This chance meeting led to me spending the entire weekend with Catherine. We began Saturday with a 10K walk through the winding flatlands behind the college, followed by lunch where I gave Catherine one of my patented foot massages. From there, we went to her house where I was held captive for 48 hours, engaged in some of the most incredible sex I have ever experienced.

It began when I received a wonderful blow-job in Catherine’s spa. Of course, I reciprocated by feasting on her tasty pussy and sending her on her way to the first of many orgasms. We rested on her chaise lounges enjoying the incredible view of Central California’s rolling hills. We were completely naked and stayed that way the entire weekend. It turns out that Catherine is, for all intents and purposes, a nudist. She spends most of her time at home in the buff and frequents the clothing optional side of Avila Beach.

She has a perfect glowing all over tan from head to toe. This includes her luscious breasts which happen to be Double-D’s capped by four inch crimson red areole and thick nipples. Her nipples grow to at least three-quarters of an inch when erect, which is most of the time.

Once we regained our strength from the spa adventure, she took me inside where we enjoyed a night full of sex in many varied positions. She was on top, I took her from behind, and she straddled me on her couch. We worked up quite a sweat and between all of the cum and her girl juice, we required several showers. I even woke up a 3:00 AM with a raging hard-on and she obliged be with a sexy side by side fuck with her one leg held high in the air.

Sunday was equally energetic. We spent several hours in her backyard, sunning ourselves in the nude and playing in her spa. We re-enacted our oral love making from the day before. Catherine has the sweetest pussy. She sports a neatly trimmed triangle of soft curls just above smooth, puffy pussy lips. Her inner labia hang low from within her tight crease and are always well lubricated. I love lapping up her juices as I go down on her. Her cute little clitoris is like a pink pearl that emerges from within its hood when she is overly stimulated.

Through the course of the weekend, I learned that Catherine has a next door neighbour named Lacy, whom accompanies Catherine to Avila’s nude beaches. Apparently, Lacy’s husband teaches at the college and doesn’t have much time for her needs. Catherine is hoping that I can help get Lacy into bed where we can share her tight little body. Catherine has never been with a woman before, but wants to experiment. She is sure Lacy is craving some excitement of her own. We shall see.

I am exhausted just thinking about everything that took place this past weekend and what the future has in store. Right now I am standing in my kitchen in Arroyo Grande and looking out the window at the apartment’s swimming pool. To my delight, I see Sandy swimming laps in the pool. Sandy is my gorgeous mature neighbour, who is widowed and has allowed me to share her bed from time to time.

It’s another lovely day with temperatures hovering in the mid-80s. I decide to join Sandy out by the pool. I throw on some trunks and flip-flops, grab a beach towel and head out the door. I call out to Sandy as I open the pool gate.

“Hey Sandy, how are you?”

Sandy stops swimming mid stroke and looks up.

“There’s my sexy man. Come on in and join me Rob.”

I kick off my flops and enter the pool at the shallow end. I wade over to Sandy as she moves toward me. We embrace and she kisses my cheek. I feel her big boobs press into my chest.

“Hey Sandy, is that new swimsuit, I haven’t seen you wear it before?”

“Yes it is, thanks for noticing. It’s a new style for me with the top cut lower than my old suits. I was drawn to the flowery pattern. What do you think?

“It’s very flattering, and you know I don’t mind the lower cut. Forgive me for asking, but it looks like the top has some push-ups working there?”

“Hey, my eyes are up here, Mister. How many times do I have to tell you it’s not polite to stare? Anyway, thanks for the compliment.”

I let Sandy know that I altyazılı porno love looking at her boobs and they are now very enticing falling out of her new swimsuit. I join her, swimming a few laps before getting out of the pool and laying down on the lounger next to her’s. Sandy swims several more laps before joining me. She emerges from the pool as water drips from every part of her body. I hand a towel to Sandy and she thanks me. She dries off and joins me on the lounge.

“Wow Sandy, that bathing suit looks great on you. It’s very slimming. I love how the bottom is so form fitting. Look at those gams.”

“Hush you; is sex all you think about?”

“It’s hard to think of anything else when you are wearing such a sexy swimsuit. Speaking of hard, I think I am.”

“You are incorrigible. Come here and put some sunscreen on my back.”

Sandy lies on her stomach and hands me the tube of lotion. I sit on my chaise lounge and reach over to Sandy. I pour some sunscreen in my palms and apply it to her back. I rub it into her warm skin and massage her shoulders as I apply the sun protection. Her new suit has a modest cut in the back, but it doesn’t stop me from admiring her round butt.

“May I put some sunscreen on your legs?”

“Go ahead, but watch those wandering hands.”

I move down to Sandy’s lower parts and rub the sunscreen on her calves. I move my hands up her legs and gently nudge them apart as I approach her thighs. I apply a little more lotion to her inner thighs and spend extra time rubbing. I let my fingers nudge her pussy as I spread the sunscreen. Sandy doesn’t say a word.

I finish protecting Sandy from the sun’s rays. “OK, all done Sandy.”

Sandy looks back at me, “Thank you Rob. I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

I smirked, “I sure did.”

I lay back on my lounge to soak up some sun. My cock is hard and tenting my shorts. I use some sun screen on my chest and stomach as I try to relax a bit. We both doze for the better part of an hour.

I feel a gentle breeze begin to develop when I hear Sandy start to stir. She turns over on her back and smiles.

“Hey Rob, I think we zonked out for a while. It feels good to relax and enjoy the sun. Do you have any plans for this afternoon?”

That question gets my attention. My ears perk up and my cock twitches.

“I don’t have any plans. I was hoping to spend some quality time with you. What do you have in mind?”

Sandy says, “Let’s go back to my apartment; I want to hear about your walking club.”

We gather our belongings and head over to her place. Sandy grabs my hand as we walk down the path to her apartment. I try to keep my eyes focused forward, but it is difficult not to stare at Sandy’s tits as they overflow her bathing suit top. They definitely are being pushed up and jiggle with her every step. Sandy hands me her key to open the door. I let her step inside ahead of me.

She looks back at me and says, “Make yourself at home, I’m going to jump in the shower to wash this chlorine and lotion off.”

I walk into her kitchen and look for something to snack. I hear the shower start and picture Sandy rinsing her naked body.

All of a sudden, I hear Sandy shout,”Hey Rob, can you come in here, I need some help.”

For a moment I worry that something bad has taken place. I rush into the bathroom to see what the problem is. I see Sandy standing under the shower spray completely nude and beckoning me to join her. Her huge tits sway back and forth and Sandy has a wide grin as she lets me join her. I drop my shorts as quick as I can and my cock rises to attention. I step into the shower and am faced with a beautiful pair of large boobs with dark red nipples staring right back at me. Her wrinkled aureoles are too inviting to pass up. I grab the undersides of her pendulous breasts and lift them to my mouth. I suck her left nipple between my lips and pinch her right. Sandy holds my head close to her while I suck and kiss and lick her tits.

Sandy hands me a washcloth and soap. I step behind her and wash her shoulders and back. I run the cloth down her back to her ass and scrub her buns. Sandy turns around and I run the cloth around and around her full breasts. I drop the cloth down to her pussy and run my fingers through her sparse patch of grey hair. I slide my fingers up though her inner lips and feel a bit of wetness.

I pass the washcloth and soap back to Sandy. She soaps up the cloth and runs it over my chest. Her hands move lower and grab my stiff shaft. Sandy strokes my cock for several minutes while we kiss under the shower stream. We both take a few minutes under the shower head to wash away all of the soap.

She turns off the water grabs two towels. We dry each other standing in the warmth of the stall. Sandy grabs my cock as she moves the towel around my chest. I use my towel to dry each of Sandy’s boobs. I take my time moving the towel underneath each full breast and hold them up for inspection. I rub the towel lightly over her zenci porno nipples and watch them harden. We finish drying each other and step out of the shower.

My cock is fully extended and Sandy grabs my shaft, leading me into her bedroom. She moves to the side of her bed and sits down on the mattress, still grasping my cock.

“You know, every time we get together, you get me so wet using your tongue, but I’ve never returned the favor. It’s time I did that.”

I respond, “I know Sandy, but every time I eat your pussy, we are ready to fuck. I never need anything else. It’s always so good.”

I stand before Sandy with her hand wrapped tightly around my seven inch staff. She leans forward and gives my glans a tentative lick. Her wet tongue feels nice as she licks more of my shaft. I watch her study my cock as if she is deciding what to do next. Sandy opens her mouth and plunges down on me taking in a good two to three inches before moving back up my shaft. She releases my cock with a pop.

“Well, this is a new sensation for me; I think I can get used to sucking such a fine specimen.”

Sandy looks up at me and smiles just as she sucks more of my cock into her mouth. This time she presses her head further and has a least half of my shaft engulfed. She starts to move her head back and forth coating my shaft with her saliva. Sandy uses her other hand to grab my balls and squeeze them. She pulls down on my sack as her other hand slides up and down my shaft. My first blow-job from this sexy mature lady is first class. My cock throbs in her mouth; however I am ready to be inside Sandy’s cunt.

“Sandy, you are amazing, but now I want to be inside you.”

Reluctantly she lets go of my cock and lies down on her bed. I move onto the bed and position myself down between her spread legs. It’s my turn to stimulate her with my mouth. I dip down to her pussy to lick and lap along her slit. I make contact with her quim and suck on her inner lips, covering them with saliva to prepare her to take my cock. I snake my tongue deep into her recesses, splitting her lips and creating more moisture. I run my tongue back and forth along her slit and poke deep into her pink cavern. I flick her clitoris with my tongue and feel it harden beneath its hood.

Her pendulous breasts splay on either side of her chest as I move up from between her legs . I hold them in my hands and squeeze them together. I run my fingers over her nipples which stand erect to my touch. Sandy reaches down and grabs my shaft to line me up with her inner lips. I push my hips forward and slide within her wet folds. With my shaft firmly implanted in her pussy, Sandy wraps her arms around me and summons me to make love to her.

She is wet enough for me to slide my shaft deep into her recess. My tongue and her natural moisture provide all the lubrication we need. Once again my cock feels like I’m in a vice. Sandy’s pussy is so naturally tight. She squeezes her inner flesh and grips my shaft forcing me to stay deep inside her walls. We share soft kisses as she releases her grip and allows me to piston back and forth. I increase the tempo as we both climb to our climax. I place my hands on either side of her shoulders for support and jam my hips down forcing my shaft deep. I feel her cervix with the tip of my cock. Sandy wraps her legs around my hips holding me tight.

We are ready for the final drive to our mutual orgasms. I move my hips quickly pumping in and out. Sandy raises her hips to meet my thrusts. Our bodies slap together as we fall over the edge. We cum together and I fill her pussy with several jets of semen. Her inner flesh quivers and her body shakes. She takes all of my cum. Sandy releases her leg hold and falls prone on the mattress. We hold each other as our climax subsides and our breathing slowly returns to normal.

Sandy smiles, “Thank you for that. It’s been a while for this old gal. I’m glad you came out to the pool. So how’s the walking club? Have you met some interesting people?”

I remain embedded in her pussy as we chat, “I think I found another great activity. The people are friendly and I enjoy all the scenery.”

“So you found some pretty young things to walk with?”

“No really, there is a lot of beautiful scenery, green hills and blue waters.”

“So, what’s her name?”

“OK, you got me. Her name is Catherine. But she is not a pretty young thing; she is a beautiful, mature lady. We spent this past weekend together and she is quite spirited.”

“Well I’m happy for you, but don’t shirk your responsibility to me.”

My cock is still stiff and I pump a few times into Sandy to remind her I’m still her biggest fan in the apartment complex. She will always keep my interest. My cock slowly softens and I slide out as I roll over on my side. I put my arm over Sandy and we zone out for the next hour.

Chapter 2:

Thursday rolls around and this week’s walk starts in my neck of the woods at the Monarch Butterfly aldatma porno Grove. Catherine and I have talked several times this week and have arranged to meet at the grove. I suggested she bring extra clothes and plan for an overnight stay.

At precisely 6:00 PM I hear Catherine call out my name.

“Hey Rob.”

I watch her cross the highway and join me in the grove. We embrace and share a wildly passionate kiss. Other walkers who are standing around and chatting take notice. Catherine has her ubiquitous Cal Poly Mom sweatshirt, even though it’s still in the mid-70s. She is also wearing dark blue yoga pants which hug her tight buns perfectly.

I quiz her, “I hope you won’t be too warm in your sweatshirt this evening?”

“I hope not since I don’t have anything on underneath, I might raise a few eyebrows if I take it off.”

“You are too cute. Is that for my benefit or yours? And I suppose you aren’t wearing any panties as well?”

“Nope. And it’s for the benefit of both of us. I can’t stop thinking about the weekend… the hot tub… dinner and dessert… your 3:00 AM wake up call.”

“Dammit Catherine, you’re getting me hard again and we have a 5K ahead of us.”

“Don’t worry, love. I’ll make it up to you.”

I take her hand and we walk over to the sign-in table set up in the middle of the grove. It’s near sunset and the grove is swarming with monarchs searching for a place to rest. I love this time of year with the promise of warm weather, long cool evenings and summer beach adventures. We sign in for this evening’s walk and join the conversation of some fellow walkers. I see a couple of men spying on Catherine, trying to get a glimpse of her swaying breasts.

At 6:15 the first group of walkers depart with maps in hand. Catherine and I join this first group and head out. We wander through the monarch grove and then out to the golf course just to the south. Catherine and I talk about the week and what’s in the news. Occasionally we join other conversations around us.

This part of Pismo is alive with activity. Golfers swing and swear as the balls zig zag down the fairways. Soon the links give way to the path along the Oceano Dunes where four-wheelers rumble through the sand.

Catherine pokes me and remarks, “Sometimes Lacy and I come down her and picnic within the dunes. There are so many places hidden within the trees for us to sunbathe ‘au natural’. Sometimes we are daring and walk around naked hoping to be seen by the ATV crowd. I’ll have to bring you sometime.”

The dune trail takes us all the way down to the county airport and back. By the end of the walk I have worked up a pretty good sweat. We keep hydrated with bottles of water. I look at Catherine and she looks a bit warm too.

“This is a good walk. It looks like you are a bit warm. Care to take off your sweatshirt?”

Catherine slugs me and remarks that she doesn’t want to give the old codgers a thrill. On the trail back I bring up the subject of the coming weekend and our plans. I want to know if she is serious about going to Avila Beach with Lacy and our plans to get together back at her house.

Catherine remarks, “Absolutely.”

“You remember our conversation about buying a strap-on so you can have your way with Lacy?”

Catherine smiles, “How could I forget, you had your fabulous cock buried deep inside me at the time.”

“Well guess what, we’re going shopping tonight. There’s an adult shop in town and I’m taking you there after our walk.”

We arrive back at the Monarch Grove just after 7:30. I suggest to Catherine that we grab some dinner. We leave her car at the grove and take mine to get some pizza over on Branch Avenue. On our way back to get her car we stop at the adult shop on Grand. Catherine holds my hand as we walk through the front door. A middle aged woman sits behind the counter reading some dime store novel. She barely acknowledges our presence.

We are the only patrons in the place which puts Catherine at ease. The walls are lined with all types of adult items, neatly sorted by category. In the middle of the store there are rows and rows of DVDs and sexy lingerie at the back. Catherine and I look at each other and shrug. We start at one side of the store and work our way around. We look at all of the varied and colorful vibrators. Catherine points out the ones she owns.

“Are you telling me you need more than one?”

Catherine blushes, “Well yes. I have my smooth seven inch with variable speeds; which, by the way, I have in my overnight bag. And then I have a slim-line for you know what. I have a mini for those times I’m out and about and get the urge.”

“OK, OK, I get it.”

Next to the vibrators are what we came to check out, the dildos and strap-on belts. This is going to be difficult as there is not just one model. We look at a wide assortment of silicone cocks. They range from five inches to a foot in length and come in all colours. Some have balls attached, most are circumcised models. They have straight dongs, slightly curved ones, and even vibrating models.

I tease Catherine, “So, are you heaven right now?”

“Stop it.”

“What pricks your fancy?”

“Very funny.”

I grab one from the display and say, “I kind of like this one.”

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