Walk Up Sex

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I wrote some previous stories about a friend who used to go to a clothing optional park with me, and those stories are in the exhibitionist and voyeur section under At the Lake. If you like this you might visit those stories.

Cari and I had been coming to the lake for several years now. It is a well known clothing optional park in central Texas near Austin called “Hippie Hollow”. Relationship-wise there was no romantic link anymore between us, but we still were on friendly enough footing to make the trip down to the lake. She liked going naked and being a little more outrageous than 95% of the women there, plus I supplied drink and party favors when requested. She was fooling around with guys there and I had no problem with that, in fact it was quite a turn on when I could catch her. She liked to do stuff when I wasn’t around, and seemed to freeze up and stop if she knew I was there. It may have been a bit of vengeance at work, since she knew I liked to watch, and I’d broken it off.

As the park has become more of a commercial venture, some things have changed especially in the last ten to fifteen years. There didn’t used to be an admission fee, but there is now, there were no paved roads or paths, but there are now, there were no concrete trails up and down from the parking lot, but there are now. Where there were paths worn through the woods from the parking lot to the lake, there were now obstructions as the park rangers tried to push everyone onto more easily controlled and easily observed main trails. There used to be a few picnic tables in strategic locations, but those are gone now too. You can get arrested for lewd conduct at the park, and probably only half of the guests are naked or topless. This lends an air risk to those willing to participate in anything sexual. These changes happened gradually over a long period of time.

Since Cari had moved out she’d had a little run of tough luck. A couple of D.W.I.s, and a few tickets had gotten a couple of warrants out. Of course since she kept thinking that if she avoided things as long as possible and let lawyers mess with it that eventually it would be probation or something. But, as the fates would have it the powers that be eventually wanted a little time in county. She had come to accept it, but since she was going to be without her usual sex life for a couple of weeks, I told her I’d take a few pictures of her so she could have something to look at while she diddled her time away.

She was turning herself in on Monday so we went down to the lake on the Sunday before and I took my camera hoping she’d make good on the picture promise. As usual on the way down Cari took off her shorts first so she could diddle (masturbate) on the interstate, eventually she took off her top as well. Since I have to drive it is difficult for me to tell who could see what, but I am sure some people in high profile vehicles got quite a show. She also had a couple of wine coolers along the way to get her going.

When we got to the parking lot she did her usual thing of wandering around the car and the parking lot nude (the park rangers sincan escort now frown on this and you can get in trouble). There were four or five Hispanic guys sitting on the back of a truck and she managed to strike up a conversation with them. I put most of our stuff in the trunk and told her I’d see her down at the lake. I hung back a little and watched to see what she would do with the guys, but all she did was talk while they leered at her. She seemed very relaxed and I could tell she was enjoying herself. She made a pit stop at the restroom before coming to the trail headed down to the lake.

Instead of putting our stuff at one of the places we usually laid our towels I kept everything with me and tried to lurk behind her to see just what she might do. Most women there who will walk the trails do not do so nude and it is very rare that they get off the beaten paths in the nude. Cari was the exception to that rule. It was not at all unusual to run into men wandering around naked, just about anywhere. Some would be sporting a hard-on, and some would openly stroke their cocks on the lesser-traveled trails as they walked around. Some would even get just off the main trail and stand or sit with their cock straight up waiting for a willing woman to have a look. Cari was just such a woman.

We usually were off the main trails and that is where she turned to go to look for me. In staying out of sight I noticed that back off the main trial at one of the picnic tables a man was seated shirtless, but with his jeans still on. When Cari couldn’t find me in our usual place she started back toward the parking lot up that particular trail. As she approached the table she slowed and then sat down on the table with her feet on the bench you usually sit on. She proceeded to pull out a cigarette and to strike up a conversation she asked the guy for a light. Within five minutes she had leaned back and started rubbing her slit looking for her clit. Needless to say this did not go unnoticed by the guy at the table. He was saying something to her as she got more and more into enjoying herself in this situation. She loves this type of setting where she feels the power of controlling the situation, while doing something normally out of character for a female.

The guy looked over his shoulder then said something to her and she suddenly stopped and sat upright. Within seconds a park ranger walked by, nodded to the two of them and headed down to the lake. As soon as he was out of sight Cari went back to work on her clit. The guy said something else to her, and she just nodded. He proceeded to unzip and pull out his dick and began to stroke while watching Cari. This got her going even more as she stared down at his hardening cock. It wasn’t a minute before she got him to move to a position at the end of the table, and she moved down to the sitting bench and began to suck his dick. She was working him over and frigging her clit. I managed to get a couple of pics, but because I was so far away it was hard to figure out what was going on.

I decided to try to get closer sıhhiye escort without causing a disturbance. As I moved up I saw one of the guys I knew coming up the trail from the lake, and he was nude and stroking himself. It was Tom, a guy she knew as well. As he approached the bench Cari noticed him and motioned for him to come over to the table. She took over for him stroking him off while sucking the other guys cock. Soon she was alternating between the two, sucking one then the other while stroking the other guy off. I managed to come up behind her and snap a couple of shots. This time she didn’t back off, and in fact moved me over to one side and stroked me with her free hand. All the guys were fooling with something. Tom was finger fucking her, while the other guy and I had a tit each. The guy in the jeans was getting impatient, so the next time she got her mouth on him he began to thrust forward more and held her head. Within seconds he was obviously having an orgasm as Cari sucked down every drop. Next came Tom, as she worked him with ever longer and quicker thrusts down her throat. This time Tom’s cock popped out of her mouth and he jizzed all over her tits.

As Tom left all I got was “So now I know where you were.”

“Well you told me I might get some pictures.”

“Maybe later, but put that thing away for now.”

“Okay, but let me get a couple of you as we get back toward the parking lot.”

She relented and I managed a couple more, in fact as I took one another guy had walked up and he stood behind me and off to the side and jacked off watching her. I took the camera back to the car, and Cari and I took the stuff and laid it out so she’d know where we were. We stayed together for a while before she took off ostensibly for the restroom. I followed as soon as I thought she was out of sight. She once again headed back up the trail toward the table. She sat there stroking herself, she had obviously still not had her orgasm. As she sat there on top of the table, another guy was approaching from the parking lot. He stopped when he saw her and took off his shorts, and began to play with himself while watching Cari do the same. Eventually he moved a little and when she opened her eyes she saw him. He froze momentarily not knowing if he’d fucked up a good thing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Cari began to stare at him as he stroked himself, and she moved to the end of the table closest to him while continuing to finger fuck herself. She splayed her legs as far apart as they would go as she masturbated.

Finally the guy caught on and began moving toward her as he stroked himself. She never looked away from his cock as he neared her. She leaned back on her elbows and thrust her pussy out over the edge of the table as she continued to play with herself. The guy got closer, between her knees, and then finally he just walked his dick right into her wet waiting pussy. Cari was now a walk-up fuck. This lucky stranger was now power fucking a nude woman he’d never seen before and in a public place. From my vantage point I noticed tandoğan escort another guy starting up the trail from the lakeside. As he neared the table he slowed and watched the scene before him. Cari noticed him and signaled him over too. She had him kneel on the bench and sucked his cock as she was being fucked.

Another guy who had been watching from the bushes decided to make his move and he moved in and sat on the other bench and stroked himself. All the while the first guy is still fucking Cari and now he’s going faster. The guy getting the blowjob is looking up the trail for rangers, but instead he sees a couple coming down from the parking lot. The couple looks on as they walk by, but say nothing. The third guy stands up and Cari begins stroking him off. The first guy comes with a rush, but Cari still isn’t there yet. As the first guy leaves two more guys come down the trail and they stop to watch as the guy being stroked off moves around to start fucking Cari. Meanwhile the guy getting the blowjob has moved to the top of the table and Cari is leaning on her elbows with her head thrown all the way back so she can still suck his cock. The two new guys decide to take off their bathing suits and sit on either side of the table while stroking themselves off. I have no idea how she knows they are there but somehow Cari gets them to stand up so she can stroke off the two of them.

The picnic table is becoming crowded. One of the guys getting his cock stroked moves to the top of the table, straddles Cari’s mid section pushes her tits together and proceeds to tit fuck her. Just to show that what walks around comes around Tom comes walking by again and kneels on the sitting bench and she strokes him off too. That makes five guys who have walked up to the picnic table and all are being sexually serviced by Cari at the same time. The only place left unoccupied is underneath her and in her ass. Before this could happen a lot of people would have to reposition, and before that even comes up two guys have already come and are ready to leave. The tit fucker slides off the table and stands between her legs for some real pussy, while the other guy who was with him manages to get his dick to her mouth first as she works on all three. Although it has taken a while Cari finally starts concentrating on her own orgasm, she takes her hand off Tom reaches between her legs and begins to rub her clit as Tom repositions for the tit fuck. She starts moaning a little even with a dick in her mouth, and she’s moving her body more into the guy who is fucking her. After a minute or so, her back arches up, her body tenses, and she finally has a big one.

Maybe she had already had one or two, or maybe she had only gotten close a couple of times, but she really had a good one this time as she went limp. This had put the guy between her legs over the top as he creamed a big load deep in her cunt. Tom was working as hard as he could, but he’d already come once. The guy in her mouth pulled his big saliva slickened cock out of her mouth, stroked it a few times and blasted his come all over her face. The other guy waited a couple of minutes and when Tom pulled off exploded on her tits. Tom reached down to her arm and helped her to a sitting position. He said something got a big smile on his face and then moved on down the path. Cari had already had walk-up sex with eight guys and the day wasn’t even over.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32