Waking You with My Tongue

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I come into the bedroom. Watch you sleeping for a moment. I toss off all my clothes into the basket and slip under the covers at the bottom of the bed.

Slowly slide myself up higher between your legs. Gently slip your panties to the side and press my tongue against your bare pussy. Lick all the way from the bottom of your sweet lips up to the top and then again. Slowly wetting you as the tip of my tongue brushes lightly against your little button.

I make long strokes with my tongue over your sex.

You stir a bit as you wake up, your hand brushing over my head and shoulder. I suck your clit into my mouth and apply nice smooth pressure. You moan quietly, happily. Within moments I taste your juices wetting you from inside. the flavor overwhelms my taste buds and I grin. I go back to licking and sucking your lips, devouring every drop of your growing excitement. You get wetter and wetter as I feast on you. Licking deeply, chasing your juices, drinking you in. I slide a finger inside you. Oh honey, you are sooooo tight. How will I ever fit my hard cock in you?

Lick over your clit lightly as my finger opens you. I explore, pressing up against your opening, sucking you in more.

My tongue sliding in long, slow, firm licks over your sensitive button. I gradually slide another finger in you, your pussy sucking me in greedily. I smile as I lick and suck. My fingers spreading, opening you more. I curl them and caress you inside as I begin to lick you faster and harder.

You press up against me.

I suck your clit into my hungry mouth and lick lick lick suck lick LICK

You are moaning more, saying my name, breathing heavier.

lick lick lick suck lick

Massage gerçek porno your pussy with my fingers and lick pointedly, feel you getting close.



Licklicklick licklicklick

and YES! You explode, pushing against me hard, rubbing your hot throbbing pussy against my face as I lick more more more…You are cumming loudly, your hands pulling me toward you.

As your orgasm recedes I slide my body up on you, moving your legs apart to wrap around me.

Press the head of my hard dripping throbbing dick between your very wet lips and guide me in you. Pressing hard, sliding into your impossibly tight pussy.

I slide deeper, deeper and finally I am all the way in, we are one.

I look deep into your eyes and we kiss passionately, you licking my lips, tasting yourself as we slowly begin to make love.

I slide slowly out and in, moving gently until you wrap your legs tightly around me and start to rub against me, moving me hard in and out. I smile, knowing you need to feel my cock slamming into you.

I move out and thrust hard into you. You moan loudly, your eyes growing huge in the dim light from the moon. AGAIN, thrusting hard and deep.

Moving faster my balls slapping against you as I move in and out faster and faster. I Kneel and lift your legs up on my shoulders. Holding your thighs, pulling you against me as I am slamming hard and fast, you grab the sheets, digging your fingers into them and moaning long and deep.

Thrust in more, deeper, harder, using your pussy as you rock against me, sucking me in, your muscles squeezing me so hard. I feel you tighten even more gay porno as your climax begins to soar, taking all thinking with it and you explode on me. I feel your hands grab my thighs and your nails digging into my skin as you cum and cum.

I can’t take any more pleasure and feel the pressure building, rising, flowing up my cock and I explode with you, the hot steaming sweet cum blasting deep inside your pussy. I shoot again and again, the pleasure washing over me as I fill you to overflowing and it begins to leak from you, dripping down.

I thrust more. Harder, prolonging our orgasms as long as possible. We begin to slow. Still moving, the wet wonderful sound of my dick pushing into your cum-filled pussy is so satisfying and erotic.

I collapse on top of you, both of us breathing heavily. Kissing, ,breathing, kiss more as our chests heave. I look into your eyes and they are smiling huge.

Oh my princess, I am so deeply in love with you. Your lips smile as we stare into each others soul. Peaceful heaven. US.

I want it all every single day.

I Love You honey.

I want you. ALWAYS.

You smile and ask if I wish to sleep. I smile back and say only if you are done with me. You say nothing. Sitting up, sliding your little panties off and throwing your leg over me and set your cum-filled pussy right on my mouth. I don’t even have the chance to lick your lips as you press right down on my mouth and take my dick into yours. I feel your lips close around the still sensitive head and your sucking me hard.

The feeling is so intense on the head and I wonder how long I can take it. You press harder against my mouth and I taste our evli porno juices flowing from you and filling my mouth. I am very surprised and quickly forget the pain/pleasure on my cock as I swallow the juices from us. I slide my tongue into your pussy and lick lick lick, already feeling my cock growing hard again as you suck it completely into your mouth.

You squeeze my balls tightly, almost painfully for a moment. Then I feel your finger tips exploring them as you swallow my cock.

I am licking hungrily and then you slide enough to allow your clit between my lips and I suck you in. Your fingers exploring my balls and you find that nerve deep down on each one and roll it between your fingers. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels amazing! I have heard it would but never did experience it!

Oh god honey, my cock swells to extreme hardness and I begin to thrust into your mouth. The need to cum taking me over. I lick and suck on your pussy, sliding my tongue over your clit hard. Needing to cum and take you with me.

Oh yes!


You release my balls, wrap one hand around my shaft and stroke me hard and fast as I erupt in your mouth. As the first shot fills your mouth, flowing over your tongue, your body lets you go and your orgasm explodes from down in deep and soars through your entire body.

You are sucking and stroking me as I pump more and more cum into your mouth. You are rocking on me, cumming and swallowing and moaning. The weight of your body is pressed down on me as I lick and suck you through a mind-numbing orgasm. We slowly finish and come back to Earth.

You slide off of me, turn around and curl up in my arms. We kiss gently, tasting each other. I caress your back and shoulders as You snuggle against me.

Ich liebe Dich.

I look at you as your eyes are closing again and I smile. I am the world’s luckiest man to have become yours.

I Love You.

Close my eyes, smile and drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32