Waking up in Strange World

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I felt a little…exposed. I found myself lying probably on a bed with soft mattress but couldn’t help but notice there was something missing. Missing from my body. I could feel a strange coolness washing over me but I couldn’t quite figure out what that was. My head was so heavy that I could barely open my eyes. Then with more of my senses coming to life, a realisation struck me that the thing missing from my body was actually any clothes.

My sense of touch slowly came back starting from the head to the chest, then to the belly button. Then right there, I sensed a peculiar sensation in the area between my stomach and the crotch. It was a first subtle then strong feeling of my penis being repeatedly touched by something soft yet firm, and wet.

As the sensation became stronger, I began to attempt to lift up my head off the pillow and also my heavy eyelids to look through what appeared to be a bed room that was being poorly lit by a single table lamp beside the bed. Directing my eye downward and toward my lower body, I could see that my cock was being orally handled by a strange woman.

Noticing my awaking, the lady looked up at me with her hands still gently gripped on my penis and balls.

“Ah you have awoke! Good morning, love!” — she greeted with a gleeful smile.

Her face was finely shaped with great symmetry. Her hair was long, smooth and curled up at the end. She was beautiful.

A series of questions started to spring up in my head: who is this strange lady? Is she a prostitute that I hired to fulfil this particular sexual desire? Is she some sort of one-night stander I happened to pick up somewhere? If so, why can’t I recall when and where I ever met her?!

She then nodded back down and resumed sucking. As she ran her tongue from the base up to the very top of the head of the shaft, a long moan made its forceful way out of my mouth as though it had built up and supercharged by the majestic act of the lady below. The girl had some serious oral skills.

And also, as she did so, I started to realise my dick was actually bigger than…my actual dick. To be specific, both length and girth were about twice bigger than the dick that I remembered having last time.

I reached my right hand down to touch her dark, shiny and silky hair which were now waving in the air as her head kept moving up and down. I found the set of testicles was also a sight to behold. I figured they too were twice as big and heavy as my own.

And, I noticed on my right ring finger there was a signet ring seemingly made of gold with a “S&C” meticulously carved on it.

But my mind started to throw in more questions: How come have I become like this? What grew me this much?

But the pleasure downstairs was so overwhelming that they almost muffed those questions as soon as they came up in my head.

“Come on, Sam! Give it to me honey! Come on and cum hard baby!” — the woman urged as she pulled her face up toward mine.

“Sam” doesn’t sound a lot like my name. Has she made some sort of mistake here? Is that supposed the guy that she thought she was banging right now? Neither the name or the body feels mine at all!

Is she wanting me to cum in her mouth? What is this woman? A pornstar? How adventurous!

And then a chilling realisation started me, I might have somehow possessed someone’s body.

But anyway, I thought that would be a cool experience to be able to do that with a beautiful and sexual lady such as herself. So, I just let myself enjoy this moment first, then tended to that matter later.

Feeling her wet and soft tongue running up and down on my dick was really breaking my spirit to hold back my load. I started to pant loudly. A bit of sweat broke out on my forehead. I finally let out a big grunt which stopped all her action in an instant.

My dick and pelvis were jerking in unison and with great intensity, as it was letting out wave after wave of hot cum upward and into the lady’s oral cavity. Her lips were still wrapping tight around the shaft and at about a third of its length, patiently waiting for it to finish. Her eyes partly closed and her hands were still loosely wrapping around my dick. She appeared to be very much enjoying it in silence. Toward the end, she gently hand-jerked my cock a few more times while still keeping half of its length in her mouth, attempting to squeeze bursa escort every last drop of the hot juice.

The load was so big that the ejaculation alone lasted about fifteen seconds.

Wow! This guy is a monster!

She then carefully pulled the penis down with her lips, apparently trying to prevent the semen from spilling out of her mouth. Her cheeks quickly puffed up. She appeared to be having a mouthful there which she could barely contain. She had to use one of her hands to help sealing the mouth just in case the huge load bursting out of her lips at any second. Then her chin was up and then several swallowing sounds were made.

“It was so good! That’s my man!” — she complimented wholeheartedly after letting out a long exhalation.

Smacking her lips a few times, she started to slurp cum on the wet cock, trying to collect every last drop that were left behind.

Then suddenly I noticed something far weirder than even the “fifteen seconds” event. My dick was still fully hard! I thought after a load that huge, it would have gone limp for hours before it could get back to full function. Moreover, my sex drive was still so high that I thought I had not ejaculated at all. I still felt fresh and more than able to have another go at it right now!

Is this body some sort of super biological sex machine? Who was this Sam guy? Damn!

After giving it another tongue action from the balls to the tip of the penis, she then looked up to me with a wicked smile and her left hand still slowly and gently jerking and whirling my surprisingly still hard dick.

“You ready boy? Now to the “main course”” She talked riddles now. That was only a appetizer?

She kneeled down below my crotch and sat her butt up on her heels. Her left hand was still with my dick. Only right there, could I really get to see and marvel the beauty of her body. Narrow waist and wide hips made a mesmerising hourglass shape of a body, indicating a good level of fitness. Her breasts were so big and full that if I grabbed one of her breasts, my palm could barely cup around it even with all the fingers extended. Her skin was soft and moist. Her arms and legs were supple, yet there was strength in them. And her pubic hair was dark and meticulously manicured.

I’m all ready, baby!

She stepped her right knee to the side of my right hip and the left knee to my left. She then leaned forward placing her right hand above my left shoulder supporting herself while her left hand was guiding my dick inside her vagina. She slid the cockhead along her vaginal lips a few times which riled my up greatly.

Inch by inch, my dick slowly disappeared into her crotch as though she was devouring it via the female birth-way. The tightness and wetness of it were so great that I felt like my dick was being strangled and drown that the same time.

As her pelvis descended to mine at the ninety-degree angle, the feeling intensified so much that both of us moaned passionately.

Finally, the vagina lips touched down on my pubic hair area. She slipped her left hand out and rested it above my right shoulder. Stopping for a few seconds to apparently get herself ready.

It was just like how her mouth were doing just then, her pussy was tightly gripping around my cock and sliding itself up and down, proverbially swallowing and spiting it out and repeat.

She suddenly grabbed my hands tightly which gave me somewhat a loving feeling of intimacy.

“Make it flow, Sam…into me! I want your seeds…I want them all! Breed me like a man, husband!” — she exclaimed and panted passionately.

“Husband”? This hot and sexual woman here is this Sam guy’s wife? How lucky this guy is! I got to admit that I am jealous.

After five minutes or so, the woman rested her hands on my shins as she started leaning back. Her knees were up and her feet were flat on the bed in a squatting position. She then resumed thrusting her hips but this time more dynamically forth and back, up and down. She threw her hair back, pulled her chin up, bit down hard exposing her perfect teeth and let out a few short hisses. Her tits were bouncing all over the place as she sped up.

My dick felt like it was about to explode, like it being pumped continuously with a mixture of sexual energy from the both of us. I closed my eye tight and bit my lips hard. My hands bursa escort were gripping the bed sheet so hard that I could imagine tearing it to bits at any moment. I was hoping that that could help me contain the urge of ejaculation. It was like five minutes in and cumming this early did not good look for a guy. At least that was from what I heard.

But to no avail, pulses were sensed around my dick again. I would imagine shots of hot white cum were spraying all over her vaginal walls at the time. The lady felt the warmth of it and froze instantly. Her eyes rolled up and the eyelids were partly closed. Her jaw slowly dropped a little, making an O shape at the lips. We both moaned passionately as it happened.

The lady slowly lifted herself off my dick. Cum poured out of her pussy instantly and I could feel some of it dripped onto my dick, balls and pubic hair area.

“Good job, honey! You are so good! Thanks for the warmth of a husband you gave me” She praised.

She then crawled back down to my crotch, whipped her hair to her right shoulder, bent over and again started collecting every cum drop on me with her lips and tongue.

“What a waste! My inside can only take so much. I cannot let this just go” – She said and then smacked her lips a few times.

I was still lying there trying to think about what to comment about this experience as I realised now that I had not said a single word to her since I woke up.

I wonder if me saying something to her now would expose me as an imposter.

And my dick was still rock hard!

I thought this Sam guy might have had some sort of erectile dysfunction or something. The type of dysfunction that allows the affected to maintain erection even after ejaculation. A normal healthy man could never have this.

And after ejaculation, a man’s sex drive usually drops dramatically. But. Even after the second time, I could still feel it in me! So strange! My (or to be precise this Sam guy’s) libido was almost unaffected and seemingly still hunger for more. It soon urged me to get back to fucking again.

After finishing all that, the lady crawled up and lied on her back to my right. She turned her head to look at me with a wicked smile. Waiting a short while, she began to poke twice at my right shoulder.

“Now it’s your turn babe” She whispered

I instantly understood that it was my turn to be active on top.

As I planted my elbow and started rolling over to her side, she spread her legs out wide with a welcoming gesture. I grabbed my cock, waved it up and down a few times just for fun, and gently guided it into her still cum-wet pussy and then gave it a slow thrust all the way in to begin with. She let out a long moan along the way. There went the wild look on her face again. Her eyes were closed and her jaw dropped. And the hip ramming commenced.

As my throbbing inside her grew harder by the second, she crossed her legs around my lower back, and her hands firmly wrapped around my forearms which were now supporting my upper body as I was leaning forward.

“Harder! Fuck harder! Cum all your might! Knock me up by the sunrise, baby!” She yelled and wailed.

I no longer had the need to hold back anymore because the lady seemed to not need me to last long at all. Plus, I had a good feeling that the dick would still stay rock hard and ready for another go. And even if it wouldn’t, it wouldn’t bother me at all because the sex now already exceeded all other sexual experiences that I had had before. So, I went on to grab her breasts again firmly this time for extra encouragement and upped the thrusting speed.

The bed started shaking and the creaking noises it made were growing ever louder by the second. Along with the creaking, there were also a series of repeated hard clapping sounds made by the two pelvis floors upon impact mixing with the moaning by the lady and the grunting by me. Those were like making a sweet symphony of sex and passion for all to enjoy.

The third time was much faster. There was my cock jerking again aggressively as it released another gush of white flood inside her. I imagined my seeds would have made their way into every corner of the lady’s reproductive system by now. If this doesn’t make a woman pregnant shortly after, then I have no idea what will.

The lady slowly lowered her legs bursa eskort from my back and rested them quietly on the bed when I finished. Her hands were on my waist. Letting go of her tits, I fell flat on top of her with my dick still buried deep inside. I could feel her breasts tenderly pressed against mine, and my right cheek against her left cheek. Heavy breathing was the only sound that could be heard in the room now. I could smell the strong odour of cum in her every exhalation. We both sweated profusely. The bed sheet area where we were lying on was soaking wet with sweat, cum and vaginal fluid. Then the funk started to build up in the atmosphere of the room.

My dick actually went limp a little, but I think if I were to jerk it a little, it would have got back up to full stiffness in no time, as I still felt the sex drive in me and it was still kind of raging. I figured I needed to make room for the lady to breath more easily so I slid my dick out, rolled over and lied on my back next to her right. There was thick layer of slimy cum covering the entire shaft. There was also cum residue on all over my inner thighs, and the hip area below the belly button including the pubic hair area. This must have been cum spilling back out due to it being overflown inside her after the second shot. What really amazed me though was the sheer amount of cum that had been released. By my estimation, all this could be worth about ten of my usual ejaculations! But in fact, all that much from only three ejaculations! I think this impressive but rather excessive quantity was thanks to the abnormal size of the balls. This Sam guy was really one unique specimen!

“Are you going to finish this too, love?” I uttered a first few words at her, while waving my index finger at our cum-stained body parts.

“Of course…Let Cindy catch a few more breaths first…That was furious…You’ve been wild…honey…hang on…” She answered but barely breathed.

So, Cindy is perhaps her name? I wondered. But I was not so sure. I needed to try something to find out.

The lady put her thighs together and held them there tightly as though to prevent the precious hot cum from pouring out of her vagina. She then started to playfully fondle her pair of seemingly brownish pink nipples (I’m not very sure about the exact colour because of the dim yellow light) with her fingers in circular motion, while her eyes were gazing at the blank space above.

“Better finish it fast, otherwise this good stuff will get dried out, Cindy. Have it while it’s still hot, yeah?” I urged half-jokingly though I did fear that I might have misheard that name. And calling the wife by the wrong name might not end up well for me/Sam as the husband.

She looked down her nose at my private part, curled her tongue up and licked her upper lip a couple of times.

“You’re right baby. Can’t let all this deliciousness go to waste” she replied.

Her positive response to my sentence with “Cindy” confirmed it.

Cindy rolled over and lied on her side, looking at me. She folded her right arm at elbow and rested her head on it. She touched a tip of her finger on my cum-wet dick at the base, slowly swiped along the length all the way to the tip, and took a bit of the love juice with it. She then opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, put the finger on it, pulled inside and gave it a passionate suck. Her eyes were shut again. Her lips began to form a smile while they were still wrapping the finger. I smiled at her with contentment, grabbed her by the back of the head, pulled her lips closer and gently kissed them despite being slightly repulsed by the faint smell of my own cum in her breath.

I was my back again waiting for Cindy to get down there again. I raised my hands up, laced the fingers together and placed them between the pillow and the back of my head. As I was lying there in my baby suit, I noticed a window to the left of the bed and it was still dark outside at the moment. It might have been very early in the morning. The breeze outside entered through the window and came washing over me, especially the cum-kissed areas on my skin, which gave me a little shiver.

“Have we been naked all night honey?” I asked.

“Neik…kit? How do you mean?” Cindy asked with a slight frown on her face.

“Or you stripped all my clothes last night while I was asleep, didn’t you? Because I can’t recall ever removing them” I said with an awkward chuckle, turning my head to look back at her hoping I got this one right.

“Honey, you are puzzling me again…What are you talking about? What is… klouthz?”

– Sam will return –

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32