Waking up

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You are starting to wake up. The sun is not yet risen, but you can feel its glow on the horizon creeping through your bedroom window.

Your eyes still closed, you feel my gentle, yet firm, hand caress the back of your neck. I transition up slightly to the bottom of your hairline and tenderly scratch your scalp and loosely pull your hair.

You feel my other hand grasp your hip before releasing and straying into your tummy and grazing between your breasts and waistline. I tease my hand lower between your legs a few times before gripping your hip again.

You feel my warm breath on your back as I take a deep sigh.

I let go of your hair and roll you so you are facedown. I begin to rub and massage your back, from your neck to the base of your spine, occasionally squeezing your hips and waist. My hands slowly wander down your back, finally coming to your butt… I grab a handful of buttcheek in each hand, squeezing firmly and lightly spacing between squeezes. My hands slow and eventually stop moving, resting on your butt.

My thumbs side under the edges of your panties, sliding up and down, tracing Kazan Escort the edge of the fabric. You feel one hand slide up your back while the other slips completely underneath your panties and slides between your legs, which are wet from the hot, dampness of your pussy.

My index and middle fingers split your lips – your back arches. I hold your back firmly with my other hand. My fingers slide farther between your lips, searching for a secret.

My middle and ring finger come together as they reach your clit, index finger and pinky gently rubbing the soft skin encompassing the smooth, wet folds of skin that have been getting hotter and wetter as my fingers wander your wondrous landscape. As my fingers tease your clit, my other hand maintains firm pressure on your back. My thumb slips between your lips and plunges inside of you, bending slightly, applying pressure on the inside wall.

You feel so hot.

So wet.

So tight.

My fingers continue to maneuver and adjust as I gauge how your legs move. Your back arches. Your breath wavers. As my Keçiören Escort fingers continue to play, you grab the sheets by your head.

Your breath is short.

Your legs tremble.

I do not stop.

You gasp.

Your legs continue to shake.

You whisper “stop.” My hands freeze. You roll over onto your back. There are small beads of sweat on your forehead. You lean forward to kiss me. I also lean forward and meet your lips with mine. The kiss seems to stop time.

After what seems an eternity, our lips break. With our eyes locked, you bend your knees and take off your panties. Once down to your feet, you use one foot to kick them across the room. You start to pull down my underwear, but can’t reach far enough. I slide them down to my feet and kick them away also. I lower my body to yours.

You reach between my legs, grasping my bulging cock and guiding it between your legs. The head rests at your entrance.



I push forward slowly.




I push slowly until I feel you Kızılay Escort all around me. I thrust slowly at first, speeding up. I hold the back of your head with my left hand, while my right and your left hand are clasped together. Your free hand slides carefully between our bodies. You caress and massage my balls for a moment before moving to your clit, stimulating yourself even more as our breathing becomes uneven.


You can tell I am on the verge of cumming.

You push me off of you and roll me over. You stroke my cock for a moment before wrapping your mouth around it. You feel my legs shake.

My cock pulses.

My cum shoots inside your mouth.

After I’ve been drained, you look up at me and smile. It’s a familiar smile. You want more.

You give the tip of my manhood a quick kiss before your lips slowly travel up my abs and chest.

Still on my back, you bring your face to mine and begin to gently kiss my cheeks and forehead while you round your back and crawl your legs up my body until your bare ass and pussy are hovering over my chest.

With your back rounded near the limits of your flexibility, you begin to sit up. I lift my head, starting to sit up but you extend a finger and press against my forehead, pushing my head back down. As I relax my body, you inch your legs forward until your pussy is hovering above my face.

I lick my lips as you lower your hips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32