Wake-up Call

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And when I woke up, my cock was in her mouth.

I must be dreaming, I thought. Plausible, considering all the time my mind is occupied with thoughts of her. But this felt too real.

My eyes open slightly, close, then open again. I blink a few times to focus, then look down. It’s no dream. Her hand is wrapped around the base of my cock while her silky dark hair falls over and covers her face. Her head is bobbing ever so slightly on my cock, filling her throat.

It comes to me: where I am, whom I am with, how I got there, and the total joy I feel at being with her . No place on earth I’d rather be.

She knows I’m awake now, hearing that first groan escape from my mouth. She knows what I’m thinking.

She knows me now.

So she raises her lips off of my cock and trails them up along my stomach. As I rise up slightly, she feels my ab muscles tighten and groans her approval. She kisses her way up my chest and neck and plants her lips on mine, letting her hair fall over my face. She knows I want to taste those soft lips, smell her hair and kiss her neck, as I always do.

Yes, she knows me now.

I have to hold her face in my hands and examine it. Her big, dark eyes. Her puffy lips. That impossibly dark, shiny hair. Her butt chin. I feel the lump in my throat…and then she smiles. God, that smile. She understands how much I love looking at her and she’s touched by it, amused by my adoration. I think to some extent she’s curious, questioning why I feel the way I do about her. But I think she’s beginning to understand that love neither needs nor offers any explanation. She accepts the way I feel.

But still, she knows what my feelings about her do to me and so she slides her way back down my chest and stomach, looking into my eyes as she slips the head of my cock back into her mouth. I have to close my eyes at the feeling of her tongue swirling its way down my shaft, her hand rubbing my asshole. My legs begin to slide istanbul escort up and down on her sheets. I breathe in deeply.

“God, baby,” I moan, “You know how good that feels…you are…you make me feel so fucking good…”

Can’t get those lyrics out of my head as she takes my cock all the way down her throat. “Hey, you’re a crazy bitch but you fuck so good I’m on top of it, when I dream, I’m doing you all night, scratches all down my back to keep me right on.” I can hear her voice singing it. I have to smile.

I surrender to the feeling. Her tongue is licking up and down my shaft, her hand playing with my balls. My cock is as hard as a steel rod as she rubs my thighs. Then she turns it up a notch. She’s good at that.

She licks down my shaft, takes my balls in her mouth and sucks them one by one as she lightly pumps my shaft in her hand. But she doesn’t stop there. She licks her way down to my asshole and licks it with that incredibly wet tongue. Round and round her tongue travels, lightly darting inside from time to time, her hand playing with the head of my cock. My head is spinning now—she’s making me crazy and she knows it, loves it. She’s rubbing my cock and sucking my asshole, lightly tongue-fucking it.

She takes her mouth away and looks up at me. She can feel me shaking. The cat jumps off the bed.

“You’re gonna cum for me now, love,” she says in that soft low voice that could melt a polar icecap.

She’s right. With one hand, she takes my cock in her mouth. I can feel my shaft sliding along her lips and the head of my cock hitting the ridges along the roof of her mouth. Her other hand rubs my now thoroughly wet asshole. My head it turning from side to side, my mouth open, lips quivering.

“So good, baby…so good,” I say. I reach down to tough her shoulders. I want to say more but it’s too late.

She takes her finger and puts it in my ass—just a bit—as she pumps my shaft and istanbul escort bayan sucks hard. It’s all I can do not to levitate off the bed.

I feel it coming, how can it not? Rising up fast, responding to her in every way.

“Oooh…God…baby…oh yeah…” My head falls back and I feel like I’m on another planet.

Out it comes, filling her mouth, shooting into her throat. She keeps going, coaxing every last drop into her mouth and eagerly swallowing it down. She loves to taste me, loves to please me. Finally when my hips stop bucking and I let out one last, low groan, she stops.

I want to taste her lips again, kiss her deeply—taste what she’s done for me. I take her arms and lift her up on top of me, kissing her cheek and tasting her skin. Jojoba. We kiss. Again, I hold her tight as one thought creeps into my mind.

My turn.

“Back into me, honey,” I say.

She knows what I want, of course, what I always want. She gets on all fours, turns around and sticks her ass in my face. What a sight. That beautiful shaved pussy and perfect asshole. All mine, and I want them.

I lick up her pussy lips from the bottom to the top, reveling in her taste and smell. God, it’s perfume to me. She lets out a long, low sigh and I know just how she feels. My arms wrap around her soft thighs. I begin to lick up and down her pussy lips and flick my tongue on her clit—not too hard—I know what she likes.

Yes, I know her, too.

I lick all around her asshole and begin to tongue fuck her ass. She loves it, but not as much as I love doing it to her.

“Oh God, Oh God, yes,” she whispers, her voice high this time. Sometimes it does that. “Tongue fuck my ass, yes, tongue fuck it.” You don’t have to ask me twice, my love. My tongue willingly slides in and out of her ass and around her asshole, my hand rubbing inside the folds of her slick pussy. She begins to rock back and forth onto my face. I’m savoring escort istanbul every second of it.

The other cat jumps off the bed. Good. Let them both play on their carpeted house.

I want to make her cum though. I need to make her cum, and her pussy is the way. Not that this is a problem for me. No sir, I know what she likes alright.

I begin to lick her pussy harder, savoring the taste and lingering longer on her clit. Don’t want to suck it too hard or long. But I love to make little designs on it and around it. Write little love notes on her clit with my tongue. “I love you, baby. I need you.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she’s saying. “Oh God, baby, Oh God, yes.”

Her words, they make me just crazy. I’ve never…I just can’t describe how I feel. Her feel, her smell, being with her. It’s just unbearably wonderful. Never want to leave. I lick faster and faster. I want to make her cum…and I will.

Before she even asks, begs, I stick my finger in her ass as my tongue makes faster and faster circles around her clit.

Who knows you, honey?

“So close, so close,” she says.

I know it. I can feel her stomach shaking and I hold her legs to keep my face right where it belongs, inside of her now dripping pussy.

She explodes. Shaking so fast, her whole body quivering hard.

“Yes, God yes, God!! Baby, yes!”

I love it, just love it. I live to make her cum. Just fucking live for it.

She’s shaking furiously, moaning, and breathing hard. I won’t let go. Can’t. I hold her until every last ounce of orgasm has left her body and she melts on top of me, her head resting on my leg.

She climbs off of me and turns around, nestling her head in my neck, knowing that I want to smell her hair and kiss her forehead. That somehow, some way, this is where we both belong. Our breathing returns to normal and we lay for a few minutes, holding, kissing, softly moaning at the joy of being together. Can’t it…why can’t it just last forever? For now, forever is every minute I get to spend with her. The other time is meaningless.

Our day together is just beginning and we smile at each other, knowing what it brings, knowing that being with one another is so right.

“Latte?” she asks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32