Waiting Up Ch. 02

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I walked into find you lying in the middle of the bed, waiting for me. You rather smug with yourself and I asked, “What are you smirking at? I didn’t even cum and you smiling like that was the world’s best fuck, maybe for you but not for me.”

That successfully took the smirk off your face and got up off the bed and walked over to me where I was standing by the door. You started massage my breasts and ask me, “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to make me scream and I want you to make me beg for you to stop and I want you to keep going. I want you to make me hurt and don’t want to leave this room for anything but food.”

“That’s a large order.” You say as you bite me in the neck, your vampire move, designed to make me wet.

I moan and say, “Hmm, but you are large enough a man to fill it.” I was sure that you caught the double entendre.

“You sure you can handle this, we have done this in a while, you sure you can take it?”

“There is only one fucking way to find out or are you getting to old for this shit.”

You knew at the moment that I was serious because I only used tactics like that when I wanted to ensure I got my way. You look at me for a long second before you bend over and threw me over your shoulder and made your way to the bed. You threw me on the bed and I landed with a thump. If it had been another person, I would have been worried but with you I was secure. You decided since I wanted it hard, you were going to give to me hard. My little speech had gotten you very hard because you remember what it felt like the last time we did it.

You shoved your cock into me without any fanfare and you had this look for pure bliss, you had always said that being deep in my pussy makes you feel like you were home. You felt good but I wanted more, I needed more. I told you, “Hmm, that was good but I am sure that you can do better. Come on, fuck it harder.”

You began to pound anyway at it making me smile but I knew that he kept this up you were going to cum so I said, ‘Stop!”

“What, Aydın Escort you can’t handle it? I thought you wanted it hard, I giving it to you hard.” You say with a smile on your face.

“Oh, no, it’s not that; I know that you are going to cum too fast for me so I intend to do something about that.” I get up and go the kitchen and came back with a tray of ice and a wicked, devious smile on my face.

“What the fuck do you plan to do with that?” You ask, fearing what my naughty mind was up to.

“Oh, trust me, you are going to like but first I got to do something.” I went to the bag I had brought with me and got the two silk scarves I had bought a while ago. I have had the chance to use them but since we bought a new bed this time with the right type of bed head, I was in business.

I straddle you and move up your body until my pussy is right above your lips. “Be a nice boy and occupy your time. As they say, idle hands are for the devil and I only fuck angels.”

“Yes, ma’am.” You licked my clit like a cat licking its milk, slowly and methodically.

“That’s too slow, I want you to tongue-fuck me, I want you to make me beg you to put your cock all the way in me. Make me fucking want you.” I tell you as I tie your right hand to the wrought-iron bed head.

You started eating my pussy with a vengeance, periodically pushing your tongue deep into my hole, causing me to grind it into your face. It feel so good, I couldn’t concentrate on tying your left hand to the bed head. After a long while, I got the strength to continue with my task. When I was finished, I began to ride your face until I remembered the ice. I almost forgot my plan but because of recent developments, it got revised. Without disengaging from your face, I turned to face your lap and lean over to the table beside the bed and got the ice. Luckily, they hadn’t melted that much and I plopped two of them into my mouth. I waited for about a half-minute before I took the head of your cock into my mouth.

I Aydın Escort Bayan felt you shudder but you kept on eating like a good little boy. I slowly brought my head down until I reached the base of your cock and just as slow, I came back up. I keep this maddeningly pace until I thought you were ready. I got up but reluctantly pulling away from your lips. I gave you a kiss, fucking your mouth with my tongue.

I took in my hand and rubbed your cock-head along my pussy lips, coating them before I inserted into my cunt. “Ahh!” I sighed as I slid down your length. I had always loved being on top because I felt all of you and I did love to feel all of you. I slowly rode your cock up and down, enjoying the feel and the hardness of it. I reached between us and rubbed my clit.

I kissed your chest and then attacked your nipples, nibbling, biting and pulling with my teeth, causing your back to arch. “I always knew that you wanted to be in control.” You told me as you smiled at me with a lopsided grin.

I have a very short attention span and was getting rather tired of this position so I got up and untied your hands. I leaned over with my ass in the air and my legs as wide as I get them beside you. “Come on, pound into me. I don’t have the time to get you angry but I want some angry sex and I want it now. I want you to bruise, I need to hurt. Come on, be a man and fuck it hard, as hard as you can. Make me cum, make my flood gates open. Make me afraid of your cock, make me deathly afraid of it. Come on, fuck it, get at it. Make me want and dread it at the same time. Make me want to tell my friends about it.”

It took you a second to believe that I was actually serious but you got right to your task. You placed your hands on my hips and without any need of a hand to be guided you just fucked yourself right in there. You went at me with the intensity of a jackhammer, fast and furious. You moved your left hand from my hip to my breast and grabbed my nipple, squeezed and twisted it, causing Escort Aydın me to blow air through my teeth. It felt so fucking good with you pulling and pulling at my nipple and fucking me hard. I felt this pressure building in my pelvic area but I ignored it. I didn’t want it end just yet.

You abandoned my nipple and took your hand and placed it on the back of my head and pushed into the pillow. You placed one leg beside my hip and started to pound me from a side. You turned me on my side and kept pounding into me, I began to hurt and I began to smile. This is what I want, I wanted to hurt and it felt great.

Then the pain got a little too much and I asked you to stop. At first, I thought you didn’t hear but then put picked up the pace and started hitting me with more force. It was as if you were taking out all of your frustration from work on me. I begged you to stop that you were really hurting me. You pulled my head to face you by my hair and told me, “You wanted this; you told me that when you started to beg to keep going. Now shut up, bitch, and take this.”

You wanted me to see your face as you fucked me harder than you have ever fucked so you flung me out my back roughly without losing your rhythm. You kept pounding into me; you placed one of your hands around my neck and began to squeeze a little. You began to cut off some of my oxygen and I was getting lightheaded. But strangest thing happened, I began to feel every stroke you made more, my senses were heightened and I forgot about the pain and only felt the pleasure.

The pressure that had been building in my pelvis began to build until my entire body felt it, I felt as if I was consumed by it. It was so powerful that my body began to vibrate and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. It was something that I had never experienced before. I felt my pussy walls contract on their own volition and pulse around your cock.

“You must have felt it too because you said, “If you think that if you fake it that I am going to stop. Come on, take some more this.” You, somehow, increase the pace and force and the bed started to really shake and that was when it happened. I came with an intensity neither one of us has ever experienced; it triggered you into to coming too. It was fucking beautiful and then the bed broke.

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