Waited 19 Years For This! Ch. 02

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“This is definitely not a one time thing,” he told me. Oh how I love when he says that to me. If your reading part two of this then you know where I am heading next .He can look at me across the room with his wife sitting right there and he mouths the words, “I love you or I want you,” and I am wet wanting him to touch me. Sometimes it is kisses being sent my way that I wish was being lavished all over my body. I started hanging out with him and his wife more since I moved here. I love being around the two of them. We laugh, watch movies, hang out and do all the things I haven’t done in so many years. I feel alive and free like a butterfly, but I feel even more alive and pretty when I am around him alone. He tells me all the time I am pretty or beautiful which sometimes I can’t believe as I haven’t been told that in a long time.

I spend a lot of time there and usually end up staying over at their house. One of the nights I stayed over his wife went to bed and she gave me permission to give him a blow job. I was nervous as this was the first blow job I had given in a long time and was nervous as his dick is thicker than any I have ever had in my mouth. I popped one of my mints to help numb my throat so I could take him in my mouth. Oh the sensation of mint, my saliva, his pre-cum and his dick in my mouth was awesome. I wanted this to be a special moment and didn’t want to rush it, nor did he as he told me this would be special.

We were still feeling out each others signs and signals Haymana Escort and had much learning to do about each other. I started out kissing him, he loves having his ears and neck nibbled on. I love hearing him moan and say my name, that is such a turn on for me and you guessed it wet pussy. He ran his hands thru my hair, pulled my hair and did all things we had talked about on the phone. He knows I like having my hair pulled but don’t really like having my head forced down but I told him I wanted to work thru those old demons and be the slut he wanted me to be.

I sucked on his dick lying between his legs, kneeling on the floor with him sitting or standing. I don’t know how long we did this but I just wanted him to know I love him. When he finally came, I swallowed all that he gave me, which is huge for me as I had some issues with that in the past but I trusted him completely and wanted to taste his juices that he was offering to me, he was so happy and honored that I did that; for me to do that thrilled him and made him feel special and loved.

Afterwards we discussed what we did and he told me that he liked it a lot and I gave great blow jobs. We also discussed the fact that this was not a contest or game between me and his wife and that he could tell that what I did was full of love and compassion. He also told me my ex-husband was a jerk for letting me go and glad that he had me.

Our next time together was a quickie İranlı Escort blow job as his wife was due home shortly. He sat in the computer chair and I kneeled between his legs and swallowed him as far as I could. I wanted to deep throat him but like I said he has a thick dick and I am still nervous and having a hard time relaxing to take him all in. I gagged a few times but this time we tried some other things like him gently pushing my head down and pulling my hair harder. I swallowed all his cum again, god how I love how it tastes and I love feeling it shoot in my mouth and slide down my throat, he loves that I swallow. Stolen moments alone with him like this are wonderful as I love being close to him and making him happy.

My time together with him and his wife changed greatly as we were leading towards a threesome, my first time but not for them. They had some other women join them but it wasn’t right so his wife was real nervous about letting another woman into her life that way. I did what I could to make her comfortable and let her know I was interested in her and that I really wanted to be with her. It took some time for her to come around- she likes my massages and I have strong but gentle fingers and could find the spots that she liked having touched or were hurting after a long day at work. We started out with a neck/back massage then it turned to me kissing her neck and back. She has the softest smoothest skin so it is so easy Karapürçek Escort to kiss; even her lips are soft and so kissable. I wasn’t sure if I’d like kissing another girl the way you would with a guy but I can kiss her all day if she’d let me. She runs her fingers through my hair and teases me with her fingertips by running them over my face and neck which can make me wet and almost come without anyone touching me. He watches all of this and sometimes prompts me on what I need to do by moving my fingers or telling me what or where to touch or prompts her on how to please me or tells her to pull my hair. I undress her, kissed her soft, huge DD breasts, suck on her nipples and run my fingers over her body, she loves being touched and worshipped and I love being close to her and hearing her soft moans and knowing that I am making her happy. She lets me go down on her and taste her, I love liking that clit and tasting her.

When she wants to go to sleep, she lets me have him for the evening, which is great to have one on one time with him as he tells me I am pretty or I am beautiful which he has no idea how much that means to me as I don’t always feel that way. He loves having his neck and back rubbed so I start there and add kisses all over his body. He lets me lick and kiss his entire body from head to toe and all the places in between and I mean in between, moaning my name or my nickname baby girl. Sometimes he asks baby girl what she wants to do with daddy and how she can make daddy happy tonight without waking up mommy. I get so turned on being close to him like that I get what ever body part of his that I am close to wet and end up fingering my self and coming all over him. This man makes me melt and gives me butterflies with the smallest look, smile or touch. He knows it too and enjoys doing it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32