Visiting the Adult Store

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My wife has made me write lots of stories for her. She gives me the scene and I write how I think it would happen. We often act these scenes out in reality but never exactly as I imagined. She has told me to publish some of these stories so this is my pathetic attempt to please her.

I am always edgy when we go to adult stores. Excited on one hand yet embarrassed on the other. I have always been amazed at how comfortable you are in those situations so going this time was really scary for me and I regretted that I had begged you to do this.

Today I was going with you not as your husband or lover but as your sissy submissive. You were in full dominate mode by the time we arrived. I jumped out of the car and hurried to open the car door for you. You got out, straightened your dress and handed me your purse. “Carry this for me.”

As we entered the store, I held the door for you, I quickly scanned the store visually. I noticed there were several customers and two clerks, one male, one female. Even though no one was paying attention yet, I felt embarrassed and humiliated. I could feel the butt plug you had demanded I wear with every step I took. I tried to concentrate on walking naturally hoping no one would notice.

You told me that you had some shopping you had to do and didn’t otele gelen escort need me looking over your shoulder. You ordered me to go to the panty section and wait for you. I offered you your purse but you just walked away. So I walked over to the panty section and stood there waiting. You had been doing this more often in regular stores. If we were in Target or Meijer’s you would tell me when I was finished looking to go to the lingerie section and wait. You knew standing there among all the pretty and sexy bras and panties would make me uncomfortable. I was always embarrassed and felt like such a pervert yet, I would be so excited surrounded by all of these objects of my fetish. If we were at a mall I was always told to meet you in Victoria’s Secret for the same reason. You’d often tell me a time and then show up late knowing how it affected me.

So I stood there, holding a purse, waiting. The young female clerk came up and asked me if she could help. I saw her gaze down at the purse and could feel a wave of humiliation sweep over my body. I told her no thank you that I was waiting for my wife. I knew I wasn’t supposed to refer to you as my wife at times like this, but as my Mistress. You weren’t nearby so I said wife. I did make sure not türkmen escort to make eye contact with her because I knew of your rule when we were in this mode and looking a woman, a superior being in the eye, would be disrespectful, as if I was her equal. I knew you couldn’t hear me but didn’t want to take a chance that you might see that and punish me. The clerk wandered away and soon I saw you motion for me to come to you.

We walked up to the counter and waited. Soon the male clerk approached and asked me if he could help. You immediately stepped between us and answered yes he could. In your heels you were taller than both of us and you had such a commanding presence. I knew he felt it too. You asked if they had collars that would fit me and he took us over to a display. You looked, held two up to my throat and shook you head no. You told him you guess we will just go to the pet store where they might have a larger selection. You asked him for directions and as he was telling you about the nearest one you walked away. As he finished you turned and asked if I had “got that”. I put my head down and nodded yes.

“Let’s go find you some new panties, your old ones look disgusting.” I glanced at the clerk and he looked at me and I followed you. As we evi olan escort walked through the racks of panties you would grab one and hand it to me. I had your purse in one hand and would have to hold the panties in front of me and sometimes behind me for your approval. When you liked them you would hand them to the clerk who was following us. I was now aware that everyone in the store knew what was going on with us. After you’d picked five pair you asked what else I needed. I hesitated and you waited, the clerk was also waiting. “Well?”

“Uh, nighties”, was what came out of my mouth. “What color?”, you asked.

“White would be nice.”, I muttered.

“Let’s do pink then.” You said as you led me across the store. Once again you would hand me a hanger and have me hold it up in front of myself. We repeated this several times until you found one you approved of and you handed it to the clerk. Okay, that’s enough for today, let’s check out and go to the pet store to get you a new collar.

As the clerk rang up our order you told me to hand you your purse so you could get me my wallet. You handed it to me and I pulled out cash and paid. I handed it back to you and you put it back in your purse.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“What else?”

I turned to the clerk and said “thank you Sir.”

I hustled ahead to open the door for you as I still carrying your purse and bags.

Once in the car you looked at me and asked if I was excited. I replied that I was. You told me that my face would be buried in your pussy later today and I said yes, I know and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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