Visiting Aunt Aimee Ch. 03

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“I was beginning to think you’d never get here,” Aimee said as she greeted Kyle and Caitlyn with a hug and a kiss.

“Yeah, it took a little longer than we expected,” Kyle said, “but it wasn’t too bad.”

“It was really kind of fun,” Caitlyn chimed in, smiling at her brother.

Carrying their bags, they followed Aunt Aimee into the house. She took them upstairs and showed them their rooms, across the hall from each other. The house was big, too big, but Aimee’s deceased husband had inherited it from his parents and Aimee had inherited it from him. She thought about selling the house but it was in a nice part of town, close to the school where she worked, and totally paid off.

“There’s only one bathroom upstairs,” Aimee said, “but we shouldn’t have a problem sharing it.”

An hour later, as Aimee cooked dinner, and Kyle and Caitlyn showered and changed clothes after their trip, she thought how nice it would be have someone in the house with her, again. Ever since Daphne moved out last year, Aimee had been very lonely.

Looking back, it had probably been a mistake to let Daphne go. She had been Aimee’s first gay lover, after Aimee’s husband died, and Aimee’s first real love. However, Aimee was a third grade school teacher, in a fairly small town. Being single and sleeping with men was bad enough. Coming out as gay would have had serious repercussions. Just the fact that Aimee was renting a room to another woman had started the gossip mill working. Daphne was unwilling to keep their love affair a secret any longer and since Aimee was unable, or unwilling, to acknowledge it, Daphne left.

As soon as her niece and nephew arrived, things seemed different. Aimee felt different, happy, alive, energized. It was too bad they could only stay a week.

The thought came from nowhere and popped into Caitlyn’s head. “Did…you call…mom?” she asked.

She was leaning forward, over the bathroom sink, as her brother, standing behind her, slid his long, thick cock in and out of her pussy. “Jesus,” Kyle said, “what the…yeah, I called her.” He was fucking his sister with long, deep, hard strokes, making her gasp and whimper.

Kyle threw his head back and groaned as he thrust the entire length of his cock into Caitlyn. “Ooohhh, fuck,” Caitlyn moaned, not wanting to be heard by Aunt Aimee. The walls of her pussy convulsed around her brother’s erection, milking it as its load of sperm spurted into the condom.

Kyle stepped back and pulled the latex sheath from his wilting penis. He dropped the cum filled tube into the toilet and flushed. “See you at dinner,” Kyle said as he closed his robe and headed for his room.

Caitlyn cleaned between her legs with a damp washcloth, slipped on her panties and carrying her bra, hurried into her room. Neither had noticed that when Kyle tossed the condom into the toilet, he missed, and it fell on the floor.

A minute after Taksim Escort Kyle and Caitlyn went into their rooms, Aunt Aimee climbed the stairs and went into the bathroom. She lowered her jeans and panties then sat down to pee. Sitting, she noticed something on the floor and picked it up. It took her a second to realize what it was and a second more to realize where it came from. When she did, a sudden rush went through her and her vagina was suddenly very wet.

She lay it across her other hand and studied it. As though in a dream, Aimee held both ends of the cummy tube in her fingers as she raised it to her face. First, she smelled it, inhaling the strong, musky fragrance then she leaned her head back, released the open end and let her nephew’s still warm cum fall into her mouth. It tasted wonderful and it felt great, trickling down her throat. It had been a long time since she had male sperm in her mouth and Aimee had forgotten how much she liked it, the taste, the feel, the smell.

As she savored the slimy cream that she held in her mouth, Aimee lowered her hand and slowly rubbed her clitoris.

Kyle and Caitlyn came downstairs together. Kyle was wearing a white T-shirt and gray shorts. Caitlyn had on a yellow tank top, over a flesh colored bra, and green shorts. Her feet were bare and Kyle was wearing white, running shoes. Aimee was dressed in blue shorts and a red, sleeveless pullover.

They ate spaghetti with meat sauce, and garlic bread, for dinner. As they ate, and cleaned up afterwards, the three talked and laughed as they told each other what they had been doing since the last time they were together.

With her newfound knowledge of Kyle and Caitlyn, Aimee found herself looking at them differently. She had begun feeling an attraction to her niece and nephew, especially Caitlyn, when she attended Kyle’s sixteenth birthday party. Caitlyn was not yet fourteen but her body was already more developed than most girls five years older. Aimee never let herself even think about having sex with them. They were her sister’s children and just kids, then. Now, Caitlyn was eighteen and Kyle was almost twenty. After two years of college, Aimee thought, Kyle probably had slept with several girls. And the way things were in school these days, Aimee would have been more surprised to learn that Caitlyn was a virgin than to learn she was not. Even so, discovering that they were sleeping together was a surprise.

Aimee wanted them to know that she knew they were sleeping together and it was all right. She knew that her ideas, especially about sex, were different, maybe even perverted. She kept her ideas to herself because she knew most people would not accept her or the way she thought. Conventional rules never suited her. Incest was wrong only if you thought it was and obviously, her niece and nephew did not think it was. Ümraniye Escort Neither did Aimee.

Done in the kitchen, they went in the living room. After an hour and a half, it was a little before nine, the last twenty fours, the driving and the sex, caught up with them. Caitlyn was unable to keep her eyes open and Kyle was yawning repeatedly. They each went to bed and slept until ten the next morning. Actually, Caitlyn woke up an hour before Kyle. She was showered, dressed, and downstairs eating breakfast with Aunt Aimee when Kyle finally got up.

Forty minutes later, he joined his aunt and sister in the kitchen. Aimee made scrambled eggs and sausage for him while Caitlyn thumbed through the local paper. After breakfast, Aimee took her niece and nephew on a tour of the town, even though there really was not much to see. After two hours, they returned to Aimee’s house for lunch. After lunch, they sat on the front porch.

Kyle and Caitlyn sat on the porch swing and Aimee sat in a wicked chair. “I know what you are doing,” Aimee told them.

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked, innocently.

“I found a used condom in the bathroom yesterday,” Aimee said. She did not tell them what she did with it.

“Shit,” Kyle muttered, “Are you going to tell our mother.”

“No,” Aimee said, “Of course not. I’m just curious. How long have you been…?” Aimee gestured with her hands.

“The first time was at the motel, where we broke down,” Kyle said, “Then again at a rest stop on the way here.”

“And in the bathroom, “Caitlyn added, “We fooled around in the car while we were driving, too.”

“What can you do while you’re driving?” Aimee asked.

“Cait took off her clothes so I could watch her play with herself, “Kyle said.

“And so Kyle could play with me, too, “Caitlyn said, “then I sucked his cock.”

“While you were driving?” Aimee asked, interested, aroused and envious, “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Maybe,’ Kyle said.

“But it’s really fun,” Caitlyn told her aunt.

Aimee’s nipples were hard, her pussy hot and wet. She remained sitting but her entire being was straining to be close to her niece and nephew. “I just want you to know,” Aimee told them, “if you want to sleep together while you’re here, it’s alright.”

Kyle and Caitlyn looked at each other, surprised. They had both known that Aimee was more liberal than most of the family but they never imagined her acceptance of unusual things would include incest.

“You really don’t mind?” Caitlyn asked.

“Uh-uh,’ Aimee said, “You’re both over eighteen and free to do whatever you want.”

Kyle looked at his sister. “Should I tell her?” he asked.”

“Tell her what?” Caitlyn asked, looking confused.

“What we talked about doing when we got here,” Kyle said.

“Oh, that, yeah,” Caitlyn said, realizing what Kyle was talking about, “tell her.”

“Yes, please,” Aimee said, “Tell me.”

“What we both want,” Kyle told his aunt, “is to sleep with you.”

Aimee was surprised, pleased and very aroused. “You both want to do it with me?”

“That’s right,” Caitlyn said.

“Separately or together,” Kyle added.

Aimee lay on her bed, completely naked. Her nipples were so hard they almost hurt. She could feel the moisture of her pussy trickling down to her ass hole. With one finger, she slowly massaged her clitoris as she waited for her niece and nephew.

Kyle entered first. He was naked and fully erect. Aimee smiled as she watched the long, thick pole jerk and sway as he approached the bed.

Kyle stopped at the side of the bed and looked down at his aunt’s slender body. Her torso was long and narrow. Her breasts were small with quarter size, dark brown aureoles and hard nipples. Her complexion was pale and faint tan lines of a two-piece bathing suit decorated her chest and hips. The flesh between her legs was paper white and shaved clean.

Aimee reached out and touched her nephew’s erection. “It’s so big,” she said, lightly gripping the shaft.

“Do you like big cocks?” Kyle asked, kneeling on the edge of the bed.

“I guess I do,” Aimee answered, “I like your’s.”

Kyle moved closer to his aunt. He stopped with the end of his cock almost touching her lips. “Will you suck it?”

Aimee opened her mouth and let the large crown enter between her lips. She sucked the tip in and out of her mouth as she continued to stroke the shaft. Kyle placed one hand on the back of Aimee’s head and the other on her breast. He massaged the small mound of firm, warm flesh and pinched the hardened nipples.

Caitlyn entered the room and stood at the foot of the bed, watching her aunt suck her brother’s cock. She could feel tiny rivulets of wetness trickling down her inner thighs. Slowly, Caitlyn mounted the bed, kneeling at Aimee’s feet, staring at the pink slit between her legs.

Aimee moaned and Caitlyn looked up to see her brother’s cock sliding into her aunt’s mouth. Aimee shifted on the bed, moving her legs apart, and Caitlyn could not wait any longer. She lowered her head, took Aimee’s clit between her lips and began sucking.

Now Aimee took control. She told Caitlyn to lie on back. Aimee knelt between her niece’s legs, eating her pussy, as her nephew fucked from behind.

Kyle came inside his aunt’s pussy as she continued to mouth his sister. Aimee moved up to her niece’s breasts. After kissing and sucking the large, full mounds, Aimee looked at Caitlyn’s face and asked, “Will you lick my pussy even though it’s full of your brother’s cum?”

“Of course I will,” Caitlyn told her.

With the V of her legs above Caitlyn’s face, Kyle’s cum dripped from Aimee’s cunt, most of it falling into Caitlyn’s waiting mouth.

Kyle was pleasantly exhausted. He fell asleep while watching his aunt and sister sixty nineing.

After both girls had orgasms, they fell asleep in each other’s arms, their bodies pressed together. All three dreamed of the week to come, and cum and cum and cum, starting that night, right after supper.

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