Vishal’s Sex Adventure Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Note: For better information on the character (Vishal), please read the first chapter (Vishal’s sex adventure). This story has a broader scope, so skip to the middle for sex. And also please leave your comments (good or bad).


After Vishal’s sexual encounters with Elizabeth, he had become a big fan of pussies and also had gained experience in the matter. After he completed his degree, Vishal got an internship offer and had to move to the sultanate of Oman. He had a tough time settling in but finally got accustomed to the place. He had a few flings before he settled on for his current girlfriend. In this time, Vishal had gone from being a nerd to becoming an open pervert.


A few years and a few girls later…..

Vishal was at his desk, piling his files, powering down his PC, getting ready to leave. He was in quite a hurry. He stared at his watch…it was already twenty past nine, almost an hour and a half past his work time. He was getting late for his rendezvous with Priya.

Priya was the girl of his dreams. He had never expected to meet with a girl like Priya. He had first met her during his interview for the internship program. She was also applying for the program. Luckily, they both got in; although, they did not start going out until a few months ago. At first, Vishal had thought that it was just an attraction. You see a lot of girls (and women), you may want to fuck most of them but you don’t just fall in love instantly. At least, he didn’t. But he definitely checked her out. A year had passed and he had already had his share of sex, or, as some people name it, cheap and meaningless sex. But hey, as long as no one got hurt, it didn’t matter, right? And these people included the hot and sexy intern, who was his senior, his neighbor and her sister, etc. Some ended well and some did not. (Maybe I’ll share it in another chapter.) a few months, maybe 2 or 3, later, he and Priya were working together on a project. As usual, he started flirting with her, in his own way and she used to get irritated. Later, she told him that she had heard about what he was into. Grapevine is such a bitch. (For those who don’t know what grapevine is, it is the form of communication, generally in offices, where gossip spreads faster that an airborne disease). He quickly mustered words and told that he really liked her, unlike others with who he had been just for sex. He had to save his image and it was definitely going to be a hell of a task. Anyway, long thing short, he finally convinced her and before he knew it, she had fallen for him. He too developed feelings for her, but unfortunately, during his effort, she left for a better job. They kept in touch. His job had also become steady at the firm. They got close gradually and they hung out often. (It was slightly different in his case. Mostly it was she who arranged the meeting.) This brings us back to this night.

They had planned to meet at a park near his office and he roughly had an hour to get there. Though the restaurant was close, his apartment was a few miles from the firm. He hurried down the stairs and got into a taxi. He had to wait a little but he was lucky he got into one. Usually he preferred to walk home. He enjoyed the sight and it refreshed him from the hours of sitting at the firm. He was into data entry lately and this made him quite lazy. As he got home, he jumped into the shower quickly and spent the best of twenty minutes in it before hurrying to his room to get dressed. He chose to go casual, so just settled for a T-shirt and jeans. Taking a final look in the mirror and making minor adjustments, just as he was leaving, a porn CD caught his eye. Suddenly, all his lustful desires rushed into his head and he felt his dick getting erect. It had been quite a while since he had had sex and he always tried, since he got involved with Priya, to control his dick. Taking a minute to cool down, he left for the park. On the way, he grabbed a can of Pepsi, to keep him cool.

When he finally made it to the park, he stopped to take in the view of the park. Though he had been here quite often, there was a refreshing view and a refreshing breeze from the sea. The park was close to the sea and you could see the silhouettes of ships sailing during the day and some cruise liners dock near the park. You see, there was a port, not very far from the park. As he walked in, he moved directly to the restaurant which was on the sea-facing side of the park. It was an open restaurant. He spotted her strolling by the sea, enjoying the view. He went closer and stopped briefly to admire her once again. Priya was 5’9 and had a sexy body. She had a brown hair which reached down just below her shoulders and was in her casual attire. She was wearing maroon sleeveless top and black trousers. That was the kind of dress which she wore often and seeing her in that reminded him of the first time that we had met; he couldn’t help but stare. As he stood there staring at her, he was startled on the istanbul escort sound of his phone. He checked it and realized that it was Priya. He was so busy admiring her beauty that he didn’t notice her making the call. He quickly ran towards her. Just as she turned, he pulled her to a dark area nearby, pulled her close, pushing his lips against hers indulging in a deep long kiss. It had been a couple of weeks since they last met. He used his hands to caress her and he felt her thin bra straps. He traced it over her shoulders and to her breasts. She had one of the ideal breasts. They were neither too big nor too small, maybe it was a 34C or a 34D, but he was not sure. But whatever size they were, he liked it. Just as he reached her breasts, he started squeezing them. Instantaneously, she snapped out of the kiss and quickly ran in and took a chair in the restaurant. He followed her and took the chair just opposite to hers.

“What happened? He asked. It was kind of interrogatory than just a question. Even though he liked her, snapping out of a kiss like that would make anyone angry, wouldn’t it?

“Nothing…. It just… felt awkward… kissing there like that… and you touching me like that, publicly, was disturbing…” she responded after a few minutes of silence, hesitantly.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that it has been so long since we met and when I saw you in this dress, it reminded me of the time we first started going out. And also, I haven’t had sex since. So, I just couldn’t stop myself. Sorry.”

“No. No. you don’t have to be sorry. I missed you as much as you missed me. It’s just that….”

“Just what?” he snapped in. just couldn’t help it.

“You see, I really like you and I enjoy your company…”

“She wants to have sex” he thought.

“…and I like sex just as much as the other girl, but …” she stopped abruptly.

“Are you a virgin or something…” he couldn’t stop his mouth and he had said it before he realized what he was saying. (He had not asked her about it).

“No. As I was saying, I like sex just as much as the other girl and have had sex too. I must add that I have not had sex as much as you.”

It struck him like a bolt of lightning…he had tried to be nice to her and here she was, testing his patience. Now the desire for sex was building inside him and it effected in his Trousers.

“So do you want me to screw you or not?” He lost his patience for a minute.

“Vishal, watch it!” she interrupted.

“Sorry… I just…” was all he could muster at the moment.

“It’s fine. Just be careful next time… Anyway, now that you mentioned it…”she paused briefly.

Suddenly, he was all ears.

Before she could complete it, her fucking phone interrupted it. She looked at it; it was her college friend, Sheila. She took the call and moved towards the dark corner, where he had kissed her.

Sheila was a bitch. She never really liked Priya. She envied her; she had innocently spoiled almost all of their evenings. Vishal had met her once and immediately he knew something was fishy. He had done some research on her, and apparently she was the reason that Priya’s previous relationship ended; he had tried to explain it to Priya but she never really understood his point.

After a while, Priya came back. She seemed to be in a hurry. Apparently, she had gotten a call from her boss also and she was asked to report to the office for some urgent work.

“I’m sorry dear. I have some urgent work to attend to but I promise I’ll make it up.” She said “Why don’t you come to my apartment for dinner this Friday? We could have a chat, and maybe watch a movie.” Saying this, she left.

“I definitely don’t want to have a chat, I want to have you… and maybe I will” he thought as he smiled at her as she left.


He had a hard time waiting for Friday even though it was only two days away. After two long days, finally it was Friday. And since it was the middle-east, Friday was a holiday. He spent the whole day planning. He rehearsed a hundred ways on how he would proceed with her that evening.

“just as she opens the door, push her in, kiss her, tear her clothes apart and fuck her brains out…..oh no..That won’t be nice. She would think I’m some kind of pervert…but she already knows that. So it shouldn’t matter…no. that would be rude…..let her open the door, we’ll have a few drinks, talk for some time, wait for her to make a move and just lift her, take her to bed, and make love…but what if she doesn’t make a move…..what if it is just a dinner…” was what Vishal thought about all day. He would have tried on a dozen dresses before finally settling for a semi-formal light blue shirt and a formal black pant.

Finally it was seven. She had asked him to come by half-past eight. Her apartment was in Qurm and he lived in Masqat. So to avoid delays, and, since it was Friday, he left his house by seven. On his way he stopped for some roses and a bottle istanbul escort bayan of wine; considering it a standard dinner procedure. He also managed to get a packet of condoms. From his experience, if there was the one thing that he had learned, it was precaution. Somehow he reached her apartment by eight twenty. He didn’t want to seem needy, so he waited for the best of the next twenty minutes before getting in the elevator. Just as he was about to press 4, he saw someone entering the building. It was a woman (or girl as you may want to put it).He held the elevator. She came inside the building and entered the elevator.

“Thank you” she said, entering the elevator.

He noticed that she looked more like an Indian and she was so damn sexy. She looked like she was in her early thirties, but he couldn’t tell. She was about 5’11 and had a stunning body. She was milk-white and was a brunette. She was wearing a plain red blouse, which was loose at the top and a slightly frilly skirt that fell just above her feet. Her top enhanced the way her breasts looked; and they were really big. Bigger than priya’s! He noticed that she had a big plastic bag in her hand, which mostly would have been supplies; and also a paper bag in her hand. Overall, she was a sex-bomb.

“Which floor?” he asked.

“Fourth floor” she said.

He pressed four.

“Hi. I’m Vishal.” He said, offering his hand.

“I’m Flavia.” she answered.

“So, I see you have a date. Are you here for Tanya?” she questioned, after a while.

“No. just for Dinner, at Priya’s.” he answered, trying not to sound rude.

“Oh. I see. I’m sorry. I just asked because most of the boys I’ve seen here come for Tanya. I didn’t know that Priya had a boyfriend.” She continued, “Generally, we talk a lot, but I don’t remember her mentioning your name?”

“Ehh, I don’t know, maybe she wanted to show me to you instead of telling.” he managed to find an answer, suffixing a chuckle. They both had a laugh.

“Anyway, I’m happy for her. She’s a really nice girl.”

He nodded in agreement.

Just then, the door opened and they parted ways, he went to priya’s door and she went to hers; the doors were opposite to each other.

He rang the bell and waited. After a while, he rung it again, this time, a couple of times. Losing his patience, he swayed around, fidgeting his legs. This was when his phone whistled. It was his favorite message tone. He took a look. It was from Priya. It read,

‘Sorry babe. I’m in my Office. I’ll explain it later. Sorry. I’ll make it up to you later.’

“What the fuck?” was all that came out of his mouth. He kicked her apartment’s door.

“What happened?” Flavia asked.

“Ehh… It’s… Priya is not coming, apparently she’s busy” he answered.

“Oh! I’m sorry.” She continued, “Why don’t you come over for a cup of coffee?”

“Sure, why not” he answered, as he walked to her door. He was slightly mad and hence he switched off his phone. She closed the door behind him and went on to switch on the Air conditioner.

As he entered the house, his eyes scanned the house. It was bigger than what it appeared to be from the outside. The house was furnished lightly but had a royal appearance to it. A red carpet, red curtains and the couch too had a red shade to it. Overall, it was one of the best places one can afford for a moderate income.

She brought him them both a cup of coffee and they started talking. He learned that she was from Mumbai and was working as a HR manager in a company here. It’d been a few years since she had come to Oman. She loved it here and didn’t really want to go back any time soon. As time passed, their conversation got more personal.

“So, how’s your sex life?” She asked, all of a sudden.

He nearly spit all the coffee he had just sipped. “Excuse me?”

“Why are you so shocked? You’re not a virgin or something. Are you?”

Her questions had put him in an awkward situation. He was trying all he could to control his desires for other women but Priya and here she was, testing him.

“Well…” He stammered a little. “I’m definitely not a virgin…my sex life is…”

“You and Priya do have sex. Don’t you?” she interrupted.

“Oh. Yes. We do have sex every time we get a chance. In fact she is the one that makes the first move.” He tried to convince her. Anyway, he couldn’t tell her that he hasn’t had sex with Priya yet; but all his attempts went in vain.

“Darling, Exaggeration only makes it worse.” Saying this, she brought her hand to my thigh, with an I-can-understand-what-you’re-going-through smile.

“Oh my God, She’s making a move.” He thought to himself but he kept quiet, just nodding in agreement.

“You know, I know exactly how you feel. Trust me. I’ve had similar problems.” She paused to notice my reaction before going on, “There is a way to solve it, if you wish.” She stopped, pressing her hand on my thigh, lightly grasping it. A naughty smile escort istanbul appeared on her lips.

“No. please, I love Priya so much. Only I haven’t told her yet.” He told her.

“I know you love her. I saw it in your face, in the elevator; but you see, at times, such as what you have been going through, it is not wrong to relieve yourself. After all, you too are a human being…trust me; it’s my experience, not me that’s talking.” She gave a quick lecture.

He was confused, dumbstruck and aroused all at the same time. Deep down, he did not want to cheat on Priya but his dick thought otherwise. It started showing what it could do, by gradually creating a bulge on his Trousers. He was in the most troubling, most awkward situation he had ever been in. In all of the flings he had had, he was the one to make moves but now, he was being cornered.

On one hand, he wanted her badly but on the other, he didn’t want to cheat on Priya. As he got tensed thinking of all this, beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

“Oh, you’re sweating. Let me just adjust the AC, while you think about it.” Saying this, she stood up and walked to the AC to adjust it. Just as she took the remote, it slipped from her hand and fell down. It rolled under a cupboard from the force. She gave him an oops-sorry smile before she bent down to take it. This exposed her cleavage to him. He could see her bra-held breasts. She was wearing a pale push-up bra. This made him even more uncomfortable. He bent his head down in confusion. The bulge in his Trousers became more visible now. When he looked back up, he saw Flavia, staring down at him, his bulge specifically.

“Well, well. Looks like someone here understands what I said better than you. Come on.” Saying this, she took him by his hand and led him to her bedroom. He followed her, reluctantly.

He noticed that her bed was big, centrally placed. Actually, it was very big, in comparison to the room. There was just enough room for a person to walk around conveniently.

He tried again in vain (actually to hide his desire for her body) to stop her. As he was about to open his mouth, she pushed him against the wall, holding both his hands down using hers and kissed him lightly. She gradually moved her hands from his hands to his head. Using her hands skillfully, she brought his head closer, and intensified their kiss. She pushed her tongue inside and he accepted it with his. They played with their tongues as their hands worked on exploring each other’s bodies. This was getting intense.

“Aahhh (sigh of pleasure)… you have no idea how much I’ve missed this” Vishal said as he broke their kiss. He pushed her to the adjacent wall, in an attempt to take control of the events. He stretched her hands on both sides using his, pressing him against her. She gave out a soft moan. He pulled his hands from hers, to hold her by her head. He started by kissing her lips and slowly kissed his way through her chin, going down to her neck. He moved his mouth horizontally and then vertically down, covering all the uncovered area of her chest. Then, he slowly moved to her breasts. He kissed them over the clothing. He used his hands to press her moulds together and kissed them. He was literally licking them. He could feel her pointy areolas under her clothes. When he was finished with her areolas, for now, moved slightly above her firm breasts and nibbled all over. Soon, her breast area was wet from his saliva. The red color of her blouse turned dark from his wet kisses. Gently, he moved down to her abdomen and now holding her by her waist, pushed his mouth to her stomach. He lifted her blouse to get better access to her belly button. She had it perfect. It seemed like she worked out regularly. He used his tongue to tease it. He wetted her stomach before moving upwards. She was moaning all the while in pleasure. She tried to tell something but all that she could muster were moans.

He lifted her blouse over her shoulders, pulled her hands up to ease it out and threw it aside. Seeing her huge breasts made him wild. He had been craving for sex, for nearly 2 months now. He wasn’t going to let this opportunity get away. He put both his hands on her breasts and started to squeeze them. He kneaded them. He did everything he thought of at the moment, and she stood there, without a word of objection, enjoying it. Then, he settled for a breast. He kissed the open part just above her cups, while his hands worked on her cups, trying to pull her girls out of the nest, without unhooking them. He could feel her nipples, so erect and stiff, in all of its glory. He kept this up for quite a while before she unhooked her bra from behind.

“All you needed to was ask, you silly boy.” She said, instantly pulling his head between her breasts. He licked and kissed all over the ‘valley’ and shook his face, causing her breasts to jolt vigorously.

He had now lost all sanity. He played so wildly with her tits that she gave low groans of pain. “Oh, how much I have missed this, and now I’m going to screw you, fuck your brains out, and I will do it in the most erotic manner.” He spoke with his face still between her two big tits.

“We’ll see about that. Let me see what you’ve got.” She said, managing to get him away from her tits.

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