Virginators: College Buddies’ Quest Ch. 05

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“What is it that you need, pledge?” I asked the young man standing in front of my desk.

Jeff was a new pledge to the frat and was fitting in nicely. His bringing in ceremony was in almost 2 weeks and he seemed to be handling the pressure very well so far.

“I am having trouble with something, sir.” He stood straight, his hands behind him, and stared at the wall behind me. He had been taught well.

I was sitting at my desk, Carl sitting at his. We loved our office in the attic of the frat house, it was perfect! It made us feel so important, and would later on mold us into the positions we had in the business world.

“What is the problem, pledge?” I waited for him to say something, but he hesitated to talk. This annoyed me, even though I had nothing to do, I was wanting to get out of the house and head into the game room on campus.

“It has to do with a woman….sir.” His eyes wandered for a moment and I knew this was a serious problem for him. I sat up straight in my chair and rested my elbows on my desk.

Since Jeff had began the pledge process to get into our frat, rumors had been circulating through the other members and pledges that Jeff was either gay or still a virgin. For a few weeks I had seen him walking around campus with a freshman girl in his class named Claire Thessby or something like that. “Is it about Claire?” I asked.

“Yes sir,” he replied. He paused and then continued, “She is wanting to be my date for the ceremony of my official membership to the fraternity.”

“That is fine,” I said, “we would love to have her be our guest for the evening.”

“Thank you sir,” he said, but then coughed. “I’ve heard stories though….sir.”

I knew what he was getting at and considering his uptight position, I gave him a break. “Sit down, Jeff,” I motioned to the chair in front of my desk and he nodded and sat down.

“Thank you sir,” his voice was quieter now. “Sorry if I am speaking of something that is supposed to be a secret, but,” he looked towards the door to the stairs to the second floor of the house and then looked back at me. “I’ve….I’ve heard that if you bring a guest that you have to…well, share her with the head members of the house.”

I chuckled. Last year, a few pledges girlfriends and guests got a little tipsy after the ceremony and ended up taking part in a glorious ménage a trios, which I was happy in taking part in. I figured at the time that Jeff talked to me about the situation, I felt that if he really liked Claire, he wouldn’t bring her to the ceremony and risk something happening. I explained to him the ceremony from the year before and he nodded, understanding what I was trying to say.

“So,” I finished up, “if she wants to come and you are willing to understand that she’s an adult and if she wants to break loose and have fun, you need to let her and not get upset with your “brothers” if she does anything with them.” I waited for what I said to sink in and then asked if he understood.

He nodded his head and looked at me square in the face. “Then I’ll really need your help, James.”

Jeff then confided in me that he was wanting his first time to be with her, that he felt important with her…and oh la da la da la da. I ended up not listening to most of explanations about his feelings towards her. I shook my head to let him know that I understood and that he could stop explaining it.

I told him that he could use the guest quarters with her if he liked, but to understand that the door is stay unlocked for in case of emergencies.

He thanked me over and over and I gave him a few self help books about sexual positions and proper ways to lead up to the special event. He was thankful again and left the office. After door closed and I could hear his footsteps descending the stairs, I looked at Carl who had a giant smile across his face.

I nodded, already knowing what he had in mind for the pledge.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next week, Jeff came to me again and asked a few more questions. This time, he was worried about oral sex. I laughed a bit and said, “Hey, if she’s wanting to suck your cock, let her. Right?” but he shook his head no.

“I mean how to give her oral sex, sir.” He sat there and waited for me to give him answers.

“Alright, Jeff,” I leaned back in my chair. “You wanting to test out some techniques you think will work, or are you asking for some ways to help her cum?”

He waited a moment, thinking over what he really did want to know. “I would like to hear about any techniques you use,” he looked over to Carl who was filling out some tax reports for the house.

Carl looked up, realizing that Jeff was looking at him. “And same with you as well, Carl. I would like to hear what you guys do because I hear so much from many girls on campus about you two. You guys are notorious for being good in the sack and well…” he sighed. “Like I said, I really, really like Claire. I want to make her feel good—“

“Alright,” I interrupted him. I was getting sick of his babbling şişli escort about his feelings towards the girl, I figured I’d give him a short cut through talking about it. “I’ll give someone a call, she can help.” I picked up the phone and started dialing a “maids” service. I asked for Charlotte and when she got on the phone, I cleared my throat and talked low so Jeff couldn’t hear me. When Charlotte and I agreed on a time, I said good-bye and hung up the phone.

“You are in luck, Jeff,” I said. “A good friend of mine will be over to help you out.”

Jeff smiled, but it soon faded away. “I am not going to have sex with this woman, am I?”

“Nah,” I said. “Unless you want to….but no, she’ll be here to help you out with some ways to give Claire the best oral she’s ever had.” I smiled at the poor guy and he nodded and said thank you. “Now just be here at nine tonight, that’s when she’s available. So come back up here at nine sharp, tonight. See you then, pledge you are excused.”

Jeff left the office and I told Carl what was going to happen with Charlotte. He offered to watch and help “critique.” I laughed along with him and we started to get the attic ready for the “study session” for Jeff that night.


Sure enough, at nine sharp, Jeff knocked on the door to the office and Carl let him in. “Have a seat, pledge.” Jeff came in and to his surprise, the office was completely different. A massage table was set up where my desk usually was and all the chairs were out of the room, kept away in the basement until we would be finished. Jeff looked around for a chair then realized Carl had meant on the table. Jeff scooted onto the table and looked around. That was when he first noticed Charlotte.

She stood by the doorway in a maids outfit, a pink dress that clung to her skin and was way above her knees. A cute apron helped to accentuate her hips and her breasts nearly fell out of the top of her dress, just a few buttons helped to keep her contained.

Jeff mumbled something and began to get off the table, but Charlotte walked up to him and pushed him back on. He sat there, dumbfounded.

“You are Jeff, yes?” she asked. Her sweet French accent making her even more sexy. Jeff nodded to her, looking down her top. She held under his chin and moved his face up, bringing his eyes up to hers. She smiled warmly at him. “Don’t worry, my dear boy,” she kissed him lightly on the chin. “You will get to my girls soon enough.”

She stepped away from him and turned to me and Carl. “Shall I do this alone? Or will you critique?” Carl smiled.

“We’ll stay,” Carl said and looked at Jeff. “Ya know, just to make sure everything goes okay and that Jeff learns all that he needs to know.” Carl and I stood off to the side and watched as Charlotte got to work.

Now, of course, Charlotte isn’t really a maid. She’s a stripper that had come to one of our graduation ceremonies a few years earlier and had liked our frat so much that she was always willing to come back for a pretty good discount. She pulls off the French maid so well that you’d think she was for real.

Charlotte took Jeff’s hands in hers and pulled him off the table. “You need me to show you the ropes, yes? How to make a lady just melt in your arms?” Jeff nodded, completely speechless. “Have her succulent juices just pour into your mouth as you get her ready for your wand?” Again, Jeff nodded.

Charlotte smiled at him and turned him around to where her ass was against the side of the table. “Don’t worry, my big boy,” she said and put his hands on her chest. “I will go slow if you like, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you learn lots.” Jeff just stayed frozen with his hands on the woman’s luscious tits. He swallowed hard and Carl and I could tell that his mouth was dry as he salivated at the mounds in his hands.

“Come on boy!” Charlotte exclaimed to him. “Get me ready for your mouth to make love to my pussy. It is ready for you, Jeffrey!” She smiled at him and adored his awkwardness.

Jeff wasn’t for sure what to do and clumsily began to undress her, his fingers having trouble with the buttons to her dress. When he finally got it off, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I came up next to him and told him to watch for a moment, to take mental notes as I got her ready for him.

Jeff stood back next to Carl and watched as I ran my hands over her body, running my fingers over the lace on her bra and thong panties. I turned her around and bent her over the table slightly and ran my hand over her buttocks. She cooed as I pried her cheeks open and licked down her crack. Jeff watched as I then turned her around and ran my hands up her body as I stood up. When I got to her bra, I reached around and unclasped it, letting it release from her body and let her tits come free.

The loud gulp from Jeff was heard by the rest of us and we didn’t pay any attention, all eyes were on Charlottes massive tits that were resting in my palms. I moved my hands around her tits, pinching the perky nipples and sucking them in, causing them to harden and bring the areola out more. Charlotte moaned as I brought my kisses lower down her body, bringing her panties down as I licked over her stomach and then over her mound.

Even though Charlotte is French, she keeps her bush very trimmed. It is so sexy and I grew in love with it the first time I’d seen it. I pulled her panties all the way off and let it join her bra and dress on the floor. I had her open her legs slightly and licked up her leg.

I heard Carl from behind me say to Jeff, “Watch what he’s doing, pledge. You are learning from the master right now.”

I didn’t care that they were watching and I knew that Charlotte didn’t mind either, in fact, she was getting hot from it. “Yes, big boy,” she said to Jeff. “Watch the master..ohhh, he is making me so wet and hot!” Her voice was so sexy right then that it was making my cock harder and harder with every lick I put on her body.

I then lifted her up onto the table and had her sit down with her legs open towards Jeff and Carl. I got on my knees and Carl pushed Jeff towards me to get a closer look from above. He looked down and watched as my tongue stroked over Charlottes hood and crossed over her outstretched clit. She moaned softly and told Jeff to hold her breasts as I licked her pussy. Jeff took her tits in his hands and began to mold them in his palms while watching me bring “the maid” close to an orgasm.

She moaned louder and louder and soon was shaking as I kept her lips open and darted my tongue in and out of her crevis. She bucked her hips upwards, trying to make as much contact with my mouth as possible. She groaned as she started to cum and Jeff pulled his hands away from her tits to only slap them back on when she commanded for him to not stop.

Carl stood behind us rubbing his cock under his pants as he viewed Charlotte begin to cum. She moaned out loud that she was cumming and Jeff almost bust a nut in his pants as he looked at me lick up and down her clit while finger fucking her roughly. She came harder and harder on my fingers and her clit strummed against my tongue. When she finished the explosive orgasm she pulled away and laid back on the table. She laid there, her chest heaving as she caught her breath and brought herself back down to earth.

I stood up and wiped my face on my hand and then looked at Jeff. “Think you can do that, pledge?” He nodded. I wasn’t convinced. “Need me to stick around and make sure you got it okay?” I asked him. He nodded quickly.

I stood next to Carl and watched as Jeff climbed onto the table with Charlotte and got between her legs. Before long, she was moaning directions to him, occasionally getting caught with a gasp in her throat and forgetting about giving the inexperienced boy directions and let him roam free over her pussy. She ran her hands through his hair and pulled him closer to her. “Don’t be afraid to hold your breath, big boy, and dive into my pussy.” He pulled away and brought his breath in and dove back in between her thighs. Charlotte expressed a loud moan and sighed as we could tell he was licking her fast and hard.

We chuckled that he hadn’t understood that was using a figure of speech about holding his breath, but we felt he was doing a good job and decided not to tease him about it. We watched as he kept licking for some time when we grew bored. Charlotte noticed and put her hand out to us, extending a finger and then summoning us towards her. Carl went to one side of the table and I stayed on the other.

She groaned to us to help her with her legs to give, as she put it, “sweet pussy boy” a better angle on her cunt. Carl wrapped his hands around one thigh and I did the other and we held her legs up and out to the sides. I couldn’t resist the urge and I unzipped my pants. “Jerk me off!” I commanded to the “maid” and she quickly put her hand to my cock and began to stroke it. Carl unzipped his pants and with out asking, Charlotte quickly put her free hand to his cock and began to jerk him off in the same fashion she was using on my dick.

I moaned and gasped along with Carl as she made my dick harder and harder, teasing every few seconds by leaning over and licking the head of my dick then leaning over to Carl and licking his head. We held her legs tightly upwards and Jeff was enjoying dipping into her pussy with his hard tongue.

Charlotte thrashed around on the table, moaning and grabbing our cocks. She begged to have “pussy boy” fuck her and for moment, I could tell he was wanting to, but then remembered about his precious Claire. He just shook his head no to her and began sucking on her hard clit. She roared and moaned and bucked her hips against his mouth. She pleaded with him to fuck her and he pulled his face away from her pussy.

“If I can’t make you cum in a minute,” he said blatantly, “I’ll fuck you then.” Charlotte was game and told him to continue. I watched the clock and told Jeff to start and watched as the seconds ticked away on the clock on the wall. Charlotte grabbed Carl’s and my cock tightly and kept pulling them towards her slutty mouth.

She would put the head of one in her mouth and suck for a few seconds then pull it out and give the other head the same treatment. She continued this for as long as she could until her orgasm began to rock her a few seconds before the minute was up. She moaned and gasped and pulled to get her pussy hit harder by Jeff’s tongue and he slid two fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck hard like I had done earlier.

She moaned and screamed and began to splash her juices on the virgins fingers, gasping as her orgasm rocked her body. She didn’t care anymore about the minute and told Carl and I to make him fuck her. We both began to chuckle but knew she was serious. I glanced up at Carl and he nodded. Carl looked down at Charlotte and said, “Let us cum in your mouth and we’ll think about it.”

Jeff continued to lick her pussy softly as she came down from cumming and Charlotte took Carl’s cock in her mouth first as he admitted he was very close. I watched her suck him off and she stroked my cock strongly as Carl began to moan and then held her face in his hands and began to fuck her mouth wildly, spurting his cum down her throat. She gagged but swallowed every drop of his sticky seed.

When Carl was done he pulled his cock free from her mouth and let her cover it with kisses before she turned her head and took my hard dick in her mouth next. Carl walked down to the end of the table and told Jeff to go get his cock jerked by “the maid” and Jeff quickly moved from her pussy and went to the side, unzipping his pants as he walked to her.

Charlotte grasped his cock once it sprang free. She moaned against my cock as she stroked his and I shuddered as I felt her tongue give my dick a thorough bath. Carl was between her legs, licking her sweet cum soaked pussy and rolled his finger around her asshole. She sucked down the sides of my shaft and bobbed lightly on the tip then opened her mouth wide and let my cock enter her throat. She sucked hard on my head and I moaned as I held her head tightly in my hands. I soon began to spurt cum down her wet throat and was amazed at how much I blew into her.

Charlotte gagged on my cock but was a good “maid” and gobbled down every drop making sure nothing escaped from her mouth. I pulled my cock from her mouth and leaned over and began to suck on her precious tits as she then took Jeff’s cock into her mouth. She looked up at him dotingly as she sucked on the virgin cock. He rolled his eyes back and was in obvious signs of ecstasy as she sucked long and hard on his dick.

I finished sucking her tits and stood up. Carl noticed I was done too and stood up from between her legs. He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and gave Charlottes open pussy a light slap which made her suck down harder on Jeff’s cock which made him let out a gasp of delight. Carl and I talked quietly about what to do next. We decided to give Charlotte a nice tip and we walked over to Jeff and stood on either side of him.

With out warning, Carl grabbed one of Jeff’s arms and I grabbed the other and we pulled him away from the table. Jeff fought against us and threw out filthy names at us, confused at what we were doing and unsure of what our plans were. Charlotte didn’t need any prepping. She rolled off the table and told us to put him on the table. We struggled to get him on the table but were able to get laying down. Carl held down his arms and I went to his legs, holding his ankles together. Charlotte climbed a top of Jeff and straddled him.

She looked down at him and smiled. “Shh,” she said with her soft, sexy voice, “calm down, pussy boy….I’ll be gentle.” She put her hands on his chest and moved her pussy down to over her still hard cock. His shaft still glistened with Charlottes saliva and she let it nestle between her puffy lips.

She moaned as she settled down a little bit more, pushing his cock head against her opening. “Now, now,” she moaned to him. “Calm down.”

He tried to pull away, telling her he wanted to loose his virginity to the girl he loved. Charlotte didn’t care and only leaned over to his face. “You want to make her happy, don’t you? When you fuck her, don’t you want to know what you are doing?” she asked. She opened her thighs more and let his cock gain better access to her opening. She moaned and Jeff’s eyes rolled and I could tell he was beginning to enter her.

Charlotte leaned back up and racked her nails lightly down Jeff’s chest, reminding him that fucking her wasn’t that bad. “Stop fighting, boy. I’m not punishing you or anything. Just enjoy it as much as I am.” With that, she rocked her hips and his cock slid into her pussy. Jeff moaned and said under his breath, “Oh god…..that feels….oh god…..” he was moaning and stopped resisting. Charlotte looked at Carl and he let go of Jeff’s arms. Jeff didn’t try to push Charlotte away and I let go of his legs. Charlotte moaned out to us to suck on her nipples and we didn’t waste anytime and we were both latched on her nipples in no time. Jeff moaned to Charlotte and told her how amazing she felt and that her pussy was so incredibaly warm against his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32