Virgin Honeymoon

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I was a virgin. But then so was Holly, and tomorrow was to be our wedding day! We were both excited, and a bit terrified. I mean, I had no “experience” at all….Oh yeah…I had seen lots of pictures…even as a teenager I was able to get hold of dirty magazines…but I had never REALLY seen a pair of boobs. Well, that wasn’t totally true. There was a door in our old farmhouse that separated my room from my younger and developing nicely, sister’s room. I had watched through the keyhole a few times as she got ready for bed. But I don’t count that. I had never had the opportunity to touch a girl’s body in that way…and as far as below the waist was concerned, I had only seen that in pictures.

Holly on the other hand was a little ahead of me. She had worked for a hospital as a Nurse Aide since getting out of high school. Part of her job of caring for patients involved giving “sponge baths” to patients who could not bathe themselves. She had at least seen “guy’s equipment” up close and handled it. But she was far from experienced in these matters, like me, she knew what was supposed to happen, but doing it was another thing all together. She had never allowed a guy to feel anywhere he was not supposed to, and had ended more than one date early because a guy would not take no for an answer. She was so innocent about “such things” I found out later that just a week before the wedding, her foster mother found out she had never established birth control for herself. She just didn’t think about it…the thought of getting pregnant never crossed her mind.

Now, I am a normal guy, I just grew up being taught strong moral beliefs. Holly lost her parents at an early age and grew up in foster homes. These families also held strong moral beliefs, and she and I…well…we just never got “involved” that way with the opposite sex.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the desire to have a sexual encounter, the fact is I thought about it all the time. I heard all the “talk” about girls at school, and undressed them with my eyes just as much as any other guy. I had many “sessions” as a teenager “taking care of the need’ the way most boys my age did. In my late night fantasies, I made love to every girl in the school! Yep, like most boys my age the Sears catalog was my first “Playboy” magazine! But somehow I just could not bring myself to try and take that step. Maybe a lot of it was not having the opportunity, and being a bit on the shy side as well. I never had any dates while in high school, and was so shy that I never had any girlfriends. The first time I kissed a girl was after high school, if that tells you anything about how shy I was!

We dated a lot, and we did a lot of very heavy kissing, but it didn’t go beyond that. There was one night that we got very hot and heavy in her apartment. We were on the couch kissing up a storm and it got uncomfortable. She got up, took my hand and led me to her bedroom. Now our wedding was 2 weeks away, and even though she led me to her bedroom, It was more of a “We’ll have more room to kiss” thing than an invitation to make love to her. But it was getting pretty heavy and I must admit I was more than willing to go further, though I was not (yet) trying to get further. Then the doorbell rings…it’s my brother…he saw my car and dropped by to visit. He didn’t stay long, but it crashed the mood. I have wondered to this day, just how far it might have gone if we’d not been disturbed. I knew that she wanted to stay a virgin till she was married…and no matter how much I wanted it, I could not bring myself to push her into sex. Besides that…I loved her…and didn’t want to do anything to lose her….she trusted me…and she was worth the wait.

We didn’t talk about sex much, even when it was just days before the wedding. We both knew it was going to happen and I think we were both excited about it. But we just didn’t know how to bring up the subject with each other, both of us shy I guess and afraid of offending the other. The only discussion we ever had about sex was in how we wanted to wait till marriage since we both saw it as an ultimate gift, one we could only give once, so it needed to be THE time and with THE person.

I lay there that night in bed…thinking about the ceremony in the morning….and thinking even more about that night ahead. I had no idea how to go about it. How do you go from checking into your motel room and taking your luggage in, to getting naked for the first time in front of the opposite gender and having sex? Once you were naked, when was it the right moment to actually “do it”? I had no clue! Everything that had been “taboo” and “inappropriate” was now in one short ceremony going to become allowable and expected and acceptable! How would she react? I mean…I am sure she was having some of the same questions.

Morning Şerifali Escort came….I got dressed…butterflies in my stomach as I waited for time to go to the church. It was going to be a small wedding, just our closest family members. My mother, father, 2 sisters, brother…she had a brother and 3 sisters, though they didn’t spend many years together as kids…growing up in separate foster homes. The clock seemed to crawl…I was excited and very nervous…and wishing it was over with…but then comes the “other” part….and I was even more nervous about THAT!

The wedding began. Holly came down the aisle looking beautiful in a dress my mother had made for her. The ceremony was very simple, nothing fancy as we just didn’t have the money for the frills and fluff. We said our vows and exchanged rings, a kiss and that was it. The wedding was short and sweet, but beautiful in its honesty and simplicity. It fit us perfectly…honest and simple.

My mother had put together a reception, and there was about 30 people waiting for us. We did the usual “feed each other cake and punch” business…opened some gifts….and then we went to change and get ready to take off on our honeymoon. We were now married, but she changed back in the bride room, I stayed just as I was.

The honeymoon was going to be simple. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend, and in 3 days we both had to be back to our jobs. We were going to drive to a larger town about 50 miles away, and would be checking into a nice motel, we even got the Bridal Suite. I never quite understood that….the only difference from other rooms was it had a bigger bed, now that I could understand…but it also had a second room to it…sort of like a living room….what newlywed couple needs that? I mean…you spend your time in bed right? If it had been winter and it had a fireplace, well, I could have understood that. But it was summer and there was no fireplace. We looked inside, but never went into that room at all. The motel had a pool and we did take swimsuits. She had a great bikini…and a great body to wear it on. We’d gone swimming many times while dating and I still remember how she looked in that bikini!

I was not prepared for what I saw when she came out…she was dressed in a tight navy blue hot pants outfit! The top was white with little navy blue hearts all over it. It was a one piece outfit that zipped up the back. Man…it was short…and tight…and those black pantyhose…I always was a sucker for black pantyhose.

We said our goodbyes and got in the car and sped away. They didn’t mess up our car….I was pretty proud of it and made it clear I didn’t want it messed with. My brother gave chase on his motorcycle all the way to the city limits, and then we were alone. Married…man and wife…heading for our honeymoon…in just a few short hours…..oh my goodness….this was really happening!

Nerves, stress and excitement equal exhaustion. Holly fell asleep about half way there. She lay there with her head in my lap and those beautiful legs all stretched out across the seat. It was almost more than I could bear! I wanted to run my hands up and down them, but it was funny, still thinking “dating” I maintained the same “respect” I had always done. As I drove along I thought about how I would soon see her totally naked and about the things we were going to do…I still could not believe it was happening!

We got to the motel, but our room was not quite ready…the last couple was late checking out…we had to kill an hour while the maid worked on the room! I could not believe it! Looking back..I can imagine that that couple just had to make love again and hence the “delay”. By now my hormones were driving me wild! We took a short drive to a small nearby town and she showed me where an uncle of hers used to work and where an aunt used to live. It was hard to be very interested, but I did my best. By the time we got back, our room was ready; I carried her across the threshold, took our stuff in, and locked the door. The room was comfortably lit by the light that filtered in through the curtains…Holly said that her outfit was a bit tight and uncomfortable so she was going to go change. It was an outfit she had worn for her senior photos, and that was 2 years ago…she looked hot in it, but I am sure it was not that comfortable for her. I know it was making me uncomfortable, but in a good way!

She went to change and I tried to figure out the next move…..I thought of all the TV shows I had seen…the honeymoon stereotypes…the couple would out to eat, dancing, and all sorts of things…then that night…she goes into the bathroom and comes out in a really sexy and revealing gown….or she holes herself up in the bathroom and finds excuses to stay in there, Göztepe Escort being afraid to come out. I thought about the options…since I was expecting the whole sexy nightgown routine…maybe…go for a swim…and then out to eat…and then come back and then…? I was not prepared for what happened next!

She came out, but clad only in her bra and panties! It was only about 3 in the afternoon…so…I guess what I was expecting was not the way it was going to play out. But that was fine with me! My eyes must have been big…..I had only seen this in the Sears catalog, never in reality! We stretched across the bed…and began to kiss, gently at first, but then it became hot and passionate. We were deeply French kissing and I was rubbing my hands over areas I had never tried or had opportunity to touch before. I felt like I was going to explode inside! It was heavenly!

I finally got bold enough to unhook her bra…she offered no resistance…and let me slide it off and made no attempt to cover herself. I began to caress her breasts, and gently kiss and suck her nipples. I was touching breasts for the first time in my life! It was fantastic…and sucking her pert nipples was so delightful and I could tell she was enjoying it as well. Her breasts wee not large, but very shapely and very firm. I was amazed at their softness and overwhelmed by her beauty. I slid my hands down further and on inside her panties. This was another first…she flinched a bit….it was a first for her too, but she opened her legs for me. Since I wanted to experience her fully as I had never actually seen a woman “down there”, I slowly slipped her panties off…and then hurried out of my own clothing. We pulled the covers back and began to kiss and caress each other.

She began to caress my penis, amazed at how it “grew” to her touch…and at the softness of its head. She had washed many men in the hospital, but that was a “go over it quickly” sort of thing. She had never actually “explored” a man before in this manner. Being touched this way by a girl was an exquisite feeling! I ran my hand up her inner thigh and she opened her legs for me so that I could fully caress her in her most private area. We were kissing passionately and giving each other hickeys and just totally lost in each other. We explored every inch of each other’s bodies and the rest of the world just didn’t exist.

As I was sucking her breast and rubbing between her thighs I noticed that she was really wet and even felt sort of slippery “down there”. I didn’t know that this was the way it was supposed to be…we were ignorant about so many things. We didn’t know about orgasms, never heard of oral or anal sex, we were pretty innocent. But tonight we would learn about a lot of things.

I began to slip one finger and then another inside of her vagina, and finally getting brave enough, decided to attempt “going all the way” with her. I slowly rolled on top of her; she seemed to understand my intent and spread her legs almost as if by instinct. I began to feel around and finally guided myself into her well lubricated opening. I began to push into her but once I was half way in, it seemed as if that was as far as I could go. I was sort of disappointed as I had thought that the man’s penis would go all the way in, deep inside of the woman. I began to thrust gently, not sure how hard I could or should actually do it. I knew a virgin girl was one who had never “done it” before…and I knew for some reason it hurt her the first time, and sometimes they bled. But I had no idea why…I didn’t know that I was just coming up against her hymen…and I needed to push on through.

I came much too quickly…and the first time was over. She had not seemed to have felt any pain, I had heard that virgins always did…and that they always bled, but none of that happened. I didn’t say anything, but I was a bit disappointed, thinking it would be more than what I experienced. I thought about some of the pictures I had seen in magazines and wondered why they showed the man so deep inside the woman…maybe I was doing something wrong? She didn’t understand why I was all “soft” again…and why a man could not just stay hard or get hard again quickly. We talked and discussed our bodies, learning more about each other. She began to “explore” me, tracing every curve on my penis with her fingers and gently exploring my balls. Then it was my turn, she allowed me to look at her…she spread her legs wide, and I pulled open the lips of her vagina looking deep inside of her. It was the most amazing and beautiful thing I has ever seen, We began to kiss and caress each other again and soon I was hard again and ready to make love to her.

I rolled on top of her as before and after a few fumbling attempts, inserted myself into Ümraniye Escort her. I put my hands under her back holding onto her shoulders from behind and pushed in harder. Something was different this time, I felt something give way and she let out a little gasp and flinched a bit. I felt myself go all the way inside of her and I began to thrust again, gently at first and then harder and harder. She was moaning and clutching my back and meeting my thrusts with her body. This was more like it, this felt so good, I wanted to do it again and again and so did she. After I came, she wanted to go to the restroom for a moment; I noticed there was a spot of blood on the bed. But she soon came back ready for more.

We went on like this for several hours; the light was fading so we turned on a lamp. We didn’t want to stop or break the mood, but we were both getting hungry. I took a shower, dressed, and drove to McDonald’s to get us some food and bring it back to the motel. While I was gone she also showered and put on a pretty but modest night gown. I sat the food down, kissed her, we began to French kiss and then she pushed away…laughing, saying that while she knew that I was going to stay hot, our food was going to get cold! We ate, threw away the mess, and then as I started to take off my clothes, she came up and asked if she could undress me. It was quite exciting to have her remove my clothing, especially when she removed my undershorts. I then helped her out of her gown and panties and we went back to bed.

We made love again and again, with lots of foreplay and sometimes just talking about our new life in between sessions of making love. We tried several positions, she got on all fours and I entered her from behind, thrusting for all I was worth in her nice tight but no longer virgin pussy. We decided to try it with her on top, and she wanted to put it in herself. She took a gentle but firm hold of me and guided it up inside of herself and began to rock up and down and back and forth. It was delicious, and I was able to caress both of her breasts at the same time. After I came, I pulled her down close so that I could suck them; I ended up making her nipples quite sore by the time the night was through!

We had started making love around three in the afternoon and it was now about four in the morning. I didn’t want to let this first night go, but she finally asked if we could go to sleep. We slept in late, and made love again as soon as we awoke. We showered and dressed, and since it was Sunday, the Sambo’s restaurant just across the parking lot had a special brunch. As we walked across the lot, hand in hand, she told me she felt sort of embarrassed, feeling that people could just look at us and know what we had been doing all night. Well, that night have been true, we both had “hickeys on our necks!”

After breakfast, we went back to the motel, and made love again several times. We both were a lot more experienced and comfortable now… we knew just what to do and what to expect. We had made reservations for two days…but we started talking, and came to the conclusion that everything we were doing here, we could go to our new home and do for free. We were both looking forward to our first time of making love in our new apartment, the same one we almost made love in before. (I still haven’t forgiven my brother for that interruption!) We decided to check out and head for home. We spent that afternoon making love, then went out to eat at a nice restaurant, and then spent the evening making love, but this time we didn’t stay up much past midnight.

I have never known anything as special as that night. I’d love to say that we lived happily ever after, but since this is a true story, I must admit that life doesn’t always work out as you want it to. We were together for 23 years, had 2 sons, but then the conflicts and frustrations of life took their toll. Children who got into booze and drugs and in trouble with the law, debt that piled up and consumed every cent we made, these things eventually took their toll on our marriage. She eventually ran off with someone she met on the internet…someone 10 years younger than her…we divorced…I got the kids…and the debts….and a lot of loneliness…and sad memories of all the hopes and dreams we once had…and the intense love we shared. Sadly, the relationship she took off for didn’t last…she has been alone for the past 15 years…and has become very unhappy and bitter. I still hurt for her, not to have her back, but in wishing she could find someone who would love and cherish her and treat her as a princess. I have little contact wither, I am no longer in love with her, but I do wish for her to be happy and loved.

I eventually met someone else, and remarried. We’ve been together for 13 years now, and very happy. I have also written an account of that story and it was posted several month ago. It is titled, “How I Met My Wife”.

Treasure your mate…love them…and love them enough that that love can carry you through the hard times. While you are at it…have some great sex too!

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