Vintage Port School for Girls Ch. 04

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Erica Chambers high heels clicked steadily as she marched towards the lab area of Vintage Port School for Girls. Her D cups bounced even more than usual in her hurried pace. Melvin tried to keep up while continually adjusting his throbbing boner in his slacks. Even though it was normal to see men walking down the halls of the all-girls school with thick bulges in their slacks, he still felt it necessary to draw as little attention to his as possible.

The young woman in the white lab coat turned down a hallway and pointed at a set of double-doors. “In there,” she said.

Erica put a hand to Melvin’s chest that told him to wait here and entered the laboratory.

Inside the lab was a complete mess… The walls were covered with a white substance that Erica knew all too well. A man she also knew was sitting on a exam table cleaning himself with a wet washcloth. Next to him were two young women also covered in semen. Their lab coats were open and breasts exposed. One, a tall brunette, was still wiping a load of the man’s cum off her face as she tugged at her small top to bring it back up over her tanned mounds. The other girl, a small chest redhead, was trying to catch her breath while bent over another exam table. Her ass was as red as her hair.

The man smiled at Erica sheepishly. “Hello, Miss Chambers.”

“Ronald, what’s happened here?” Erica replied, slowly trying to watch her step and take in the state of the lab.

“I suppose you could say the fertility pills need some more research.” Ronald put the washcloth down and began looking for his pants. Erica finally noticed the redhead and hurried to help her up, careful not to slip in the sperm-covered floor.

The brunette, whose nametag read Carla, finally succeeded in encasing her melon breasts again spoke up. “He came for a full five minutes, Miss Chambers. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“How long before had he taken the pills?”

The redhead pulled down her tiny skirt and answered, “About half an hour.”

Erica sighed. “All right. Tell me exactly what happened…”

Carla and the redhead glanced at each other. Carla shrugged and turned back to Erica. “Well… I came in for the appointment and Kim was already here…”

Kim had been in the lab early, Carla said, continuing grup escort her story. She had been going over some final statistics on the pills that they had studied for so long. Both girls were very excited about finally being able to put the fertility pills to a field test. Kim was wearing a pink shirt covering her B cup breasts and a tiny blue jean skirt under her lab coat. She could already feel her pussy juices stirring between her legs at the though of further tests and the projected success of her research. Successful projects made her wet.

Carla stepped into the lab followed by Ronald Jenkens, a long-time professor at the school. Carla was also wearing a lab coat, but underneath hers was a tight halter top barely concealing two massive globes of perfection. Also, she wore a black skirt that, while snug, went down to her knees. Her rounded ass, although covered by the coat, looked marvelous in her favorite skirt.

“Are you ready to begin, Kim?” she asked as Ronald stepped over to an exam table and began to undress.

Kim smiled and nodded. She looked back at her charts. The purpose of the test was not to get the two young girls pregnant, but to test them during performance. Hopefully no side effects would be present.

Ronald sat up on the exam table and lay down. His middle aged cock was flaccid along his thigh as Carla came over to him. “Did you take your pills after lunch, Mr. Jenkens?” The man nodded and Carla smiled eager to get to work on the test. She felt Kim next to her as she looked into the man’s eyes, reaching for his cock.

“I’m just going to start by helping you become erect, Mr. Jenkens,” she purred, wrapping her long tanned fingers around his limp shaft. Kim walked around to the other side of the table and began to massage his chest, smiling down at him as she let her hair down.

Ronald sighed as Carla took hold of his growing penis. Her long hot pink fingernails slid up his shaft and down to his balls, tickling them as she watched his cock grow. Kim watched and pulled her skirt up over her hips, desperately needing to give her wet little pussy some attention. Ronald noticed her rubbing her shaved cunt and slid a hand around to her ass, massaging it as she masturbated.

When Ronald iranlı escort looked back down his cock was fully hard and being stroked expertly by Carla’s talented hand. She smiled at him with her full red lips and let go of it long enough to pull her tight top down to reveal her perfect melon tits. Her pink nipples were hard and puffy. She tweaked them in her fingers before returning to please Ronald’s cock.

Carla glanced at Kim. Her fingers were working diligently on her clit and her moaning was becoming louder. “Suck him, Carla…” she moaned.

Carla liked the idea and bent over at the waist to let Ronald’s thick dick slide between her lips. His head slipped between them as her fingers continued a pumping motion on his shaft. As her warm tongue bathed the head, Ronald let out a moan and reached for the young brunettes ass through her coat and skirt, patting it as she began slurping on his dick.

“Mr. Jenkens… you’re penis is extremely rigid,” Carla said pulling her lips from his spit-covered rod. Ronald only nodded and murmured something about making a note of it. Carla glanced at Kim who was near orgasm and returned to sucking the man’s shaft. She cupped his balls and fed his member into her mouth, humming softly as she blew him.

Kim shuddered and came as she watched Ronald pleased orally by her colleague. She let her hand slide down Ronald’s thigh and took over massaging his balls while Carla sucked faster. Ronald began to moan as the two girls worked him.

Carla let his cock slip from her lips and looked at Kim. “It’s time for insertion, Kim.” Kim smiled and stepped over to another exam table and bent over it, revealing her lily-white ass and prepared herself for a good hard fucking. Ronald got off the table and held his dick as he walked over to the waiting redhead. He slid his tick cock into the young woman’s tight wet vagina and they both sighed in pleasure.

He began to rock softly into her, feeling her wetness around his hard throbbing shaft. Carla stood beside him, stroking his back and pressing her melon tits against him as he fucked away at her co-worker.

“Mmmmm, does she feel good, Mr. Jenkens? Her cunt is so tight and wet, isn’t it?”

Ronald nodded and began keçiören escort moaning louder. Kim joined in as the man’s hands pushed down on her hips, holding her as he built up speed, pounding her. He slapped his hand across her bare ass and she yelled louder.

“Oh, yes, spank that naughty girl, Mr. Jenkens,” Carla moaned, feeling her own pussy juice as it began dripping down her leg. She reached for it and began diddling herself. Her fingertips pressing hard against her engorged clit as she leaned against the man fucking her co-worker.

Ronald was spanking Kim harder as they both neared orgasm, slapping his hand down across her round ass cheeks. Carla watched her ass jiggle just slightly after each spanking. It made her even wetter.

The man then held onto Kim’s small hips as he fucked her madly, slamming his hips into her ass. Carla let go and sat in a chair, masturbating as she watched, her tan D cup tits free from her top.

Suddenly, Ronald pulled out of Kim’s pussy. He pumped his cock over the young woman who begged him to cum all over her. Her moans drove him even wilder as his hand milked out a humongous load of white cum. The load shot out over the girls head and Ronald moaned out at the pleasure and the distance of his cum. But it didn’t stop. He continued spraying cum over the young girls back and ass, his orgasm extending even further. He looked over at the busty brunette finger fucking her cunt as he came and stepped over to her, grabbing her hair and jazzing over her beautiful face and tits. She moaned out as she came.

Ronald started to get nervous. His cock was still spraying cum out over the girls and the room. It felt amazing but he couldn’t quit. Both the brunettes tits and face as well as the redheads ass and lower back were covered in his semen. Ronald began to lose control and his cock shot wads of cum all over the lab. Just then another woman entered the laboratory. She gasped and looked at the two young scientists covered in cum. She turned and ran down the hallway…

“And that’s when I came to get you,” the woman finished…

Erica sighed. “I see… So it seems that we will need more money for researching the pills.”

Kim nodded. “Well, yes, but it could be something to look into… extended male orgasms. If we could control the sperm level but retain the orgasm… that could be a huge discovery. We just… need more money for research.”

Erica smiled and looked back at the double doors. Melvin’s face was peering into the small rectangular window curiously. “Well,” Miss Chambers said through a full lipped smile, “we may just get that money…”

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