VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 02

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After returning from her trip to the nursery school to drop off her daughter, Vijaya waited tensely for Ashok’s arrival. Maybe he’s changed his mind, she thought, her hopes rising as the minutes ticked by.

It could be that he and Rama had decided to do something else today instead.

Her hopes were soon dashed, however, at the sight of Ashok’s red sports car pulling up to the curb. The nervous Slut stood by the window to watch Ashok and Rama get out and start up the front walk together.

Taking a deep tremulous breath, Vijaya straightened her shoulders and went to the door to let the unwelcomed pair in. “I take it Jill is in nursery school,” Ashok said, sauntering into the living room while Rama followed sedately.

Vijaya nodded, stealing a sidewise glance at the tall slender pussy behind him. What, she wondered once again, did Ashok have in mind? “Take off your coat, honey,” Ashok told his lovely companion, as he shed his leather jacket. “And make yourself right at home.”

While Rama removed her coat, revealing a delicate willowy figure, Vijaya had to bit her tongue to keep from saying something caustic to her hateful brother-in-law. How dare he act as if this were his home instead of his brother’s!

Her tension etched in her face, the nervous young wife perched on the edge of a chair, waiting for them to make the first move, to offer some clue as to what was in store now that the moment she had dreaded had finally arrived.

Her green eyes darted to Rama again and the beautiful dusky slut smiled sympathetically, lowering her slender form onto the sofa with feline grace. “You seem uncomfortable about all this, Vijaya,” she said in her soft-spoken voice. “Please don’t be,” she urged, her liquid brown eyes reflecting concern. “Ashok here has explained everything to me and believe me, dear, I understand perfectly.”

Vijaya gasped, her incredulous gaze shifting to her brother-in-law. Ashok looked back at her with a smug expression on his thin face, obviously enjoying her discomfort. “He did?” she asked in a high-pitched voice. What right did Ashok have telling anyone else about the photos? He shouldn’t have said anything about them to anyone. Vijaya had thought he understood that. Especially when she was going along with him, doing everything he wanted her to do in order to keep him silent!

Rama nodded, her face softening.

“You mustn’t be embarrassed by any of this, my dear,” she assured. “After all, it’s perfectly understandable that you should be sexually frustrated after living with an impotent man for such a long time.”

Vijaya’s jade eyes widened as they slid back to Ashok. “Uday … impotent?” she echoed, glaring at her brother-in-law. “You mean you told her that?” she demanded in a shocked tone.

“How else could I explain the fact that you’re so hard up for sex?” Ashok asked in an innocent voice, his eyes mocking. His challenging gaze seemed to be asking a silent question. Would you rather I tell her the ugly truth, dear sister-in-law? That I’m MAKING you do all this because of some dirty pictures you posed for?

“It’s all right, Vijaya,” Rama said, misinterpreting the dark-haired girl’s reaction. “I know exactly how you must feel. Just as I understand your natural curiosity about a homosexual experience. I felt the same way once. Before I converted to lesbianism.”

Vijaya felt as if she were on an elevator that had just plummeted from the penthouse to the lobby in record time. Her stomach lurched at the impact of the young woman’s words. Rama was a lesbian!

And Ashok expected Vijaya to have sex with her! The thought of having anything to do with another woman made the shocked dusky’s cheeks flame and her stomach churn with nausea.

Noting her hostess’ flaming face, Rama smiled reassuringly. “It’s going to be all right, Vijaya,” she assured. “I’ll make certain of that!” Vijaya listened incredulously as the fine-featured dusky beauty explained how Ashok, knowing that Rama was a lesbian, told her all about his frustrated and curious sister-in-law, showing Rama the wedding photo he carried in his wallet. Impressed by Vijaya’s sultry beauty, Rama eagerly offered her services.

“You’re about to cross the threshold leading to a new and beautiful experience, Vijaya,” Rama concluded. “After today, you may not be troubled by your husband’s inability to have sex with you.” She gave Vijaya a warm admiring look, her brown eyes settling on the voluminous breasts rising so proudly under her sweater. “Like me, you may prefer women in a tear.” Vijaya’s hand flew to her mouth.

“I … I don’t know …”

“Don’t worry,” Rama interrupted, silencing her with her slender hands. “You don’t have to make any decisions today. And I won’t pressure you either. But if you do decide that you want to see me again, Vijaya, Ashok has my telephone number.” She smiled warmly. “I work as a hotel waitress from six until three but you can reach me during the day.” Her voice deepened. “If you want to, that is.”

Vijaya lowered her Escort Kıraç eyes, her cheeks still burning. She felt her brother-in-law’s eyes upon her and knew, even without looking up, that he was grinning. Ashok had a right to gloat, for he could not have chosen a more effective way of degrading her.

He must hate me even more than I hate him, she thought, fighting back tears. To make me submit to something as perverse and unnatural as this! For a few frantic indecisive moments, Vijaya wondered if she should make them leave, refuse to go along with Ashok’s bizarre scheme. No wonder Rama was playing a willing part in this sordid affair. The young woman was under the false impression that Vijaya hungered for a lesbian experience.

But Vijaya was not at all certain that she could force herself to submit to the sexual advances of another woman. Should she refuse to cooperate and risk the possibility of letting Ashok tell Uday about her sordid past? There was no doubt whatsoever in Vijaya’s mind that her brother-in-law would do just that. And as quickly as he could. The mental picture of her husband’s shocked face, his hurt and disillusionment as he gazed at the lurid photographs that Vijaya had posed for, however, told the distressed dusky that she had only one possible decision.

Her shoulders slumped in defeat. “Well,” she asked, turning to her smug- looking brother-in-law with an air of resignation. “Shall we get this over with?”

Ashok’s smile became a leer and his beady eyes narrowed with glee. This is gonna be good, he thought, licking his lips. Not only do I get me a free sex show, I get to pay Vijaya back for always actin’ so high and mighty with me. Cracking his knuckles, he eyed the two women, eager to see the pair in action.

Vijaya will not be so uppish with me after today, he thought with perverse satisfaction. His lustful gaze traveled over the blackmailed young wife’s ripe curves while his eager prick stiffened in anticipation. After Rama was through with Vijaya, Ashok planned to have some fun with her as well.

I already fucked her mouth, Ashok mused, remembering how pleasurable his sister-in-law’s warm grasping lips had felt around his swollen hunk of meat, how thoroughly she had sucked him off until he shot his steaming load into her mouth. But I ain’t fucked her pussy. Ashok planned to take care of that oversight today. But first, he wanted to watch the beautiful dusky beauty lesbian have her way with Vijaya. He had never seen two women make love before and the thought of having a live performance made his balls tighten.

“Let’s start out by gettin’ to know each other better,” Ashok suggested, getting up to close the drapes. Turning, he grinned at the two women while he tugged at his sweater. “And I can’t think of no better way to get friendly faster than in the shower!”

Vijaya sat unmoving while her brother-in-law quickly shed his clothes while the lovely Rama began to remove her dress. It wasn’t until Rama had stepped out of the garment, standing in front of them in just her sheer petticoat that Vijaya’s trembling hands began to fumble with her own clothing.

Knowing that she could no longer postpone the inevitable, the reluctant dusky beauty peeled off her sweater and skirt. By the time she was unhooking her bra, Ashok and Rama were both completely nude. Vijaya’s eyes quickly darted from her lanky brother-in-law, his growing erection swaying and bobbing menacingly, to the naked young woman beside him. Vijaya gasped at the undeniable beauty of Rama’s long lithe form. Her slender body was exquisite and Vijaya could not help but stare. Her figure was so different from her own. While Vijaya was tall and voluptuous, Rama was statuesque and willowy, almost regal in her bearing. With her long golden hair billowing about her shoulders, the beautiful young woman reminded Vijaya of some mythical goddess.

Gazing hypnotically, Vijaya removed her bra, spilling forth her magnificent boobs in naked splendor, the melon mounds of firm flesh rising proudly. The half-naked dusky saw the way Rama’s liquid brown eyes flickered in warm appreciation as they lingered on her mammoth tits. Feeling her rosy nipples tighten into twin rosebuds, Vijaya reached for the elastic waistband of her black lace panties, a strange inexplicable tingle coursing through her body. The back of her knees suddenly felt weak and the fuzz-covered mound between her legs fluttered softly.

Once she had shed her panties, Vijaya stood in total nudity. The open hunger in the dusky beauty’s face as she quickly appraised Vijaya’s delectable curves made the naked dusky’s checks grow bright.

“Ah, that’s better,” Ashok praised in a husky voice, his eyes devouring the two tempting nudes. Ashok’s big joint felt hot, growing rapidly at the twin treat before him.

Vijaya and Rama were such complete opposites that his hungry gaze slid from one naked Slut to the other, taking mental notes. Vijaya’s enormous tits were gorgeous, a good three times the size Kıraç Escort Bayan of Rama’s, he quickly judged, licking his lips at the sight of the pale mountainous protrusions with the berrylike crests topping them. His beady eyes slid back to the fair-haired young woman. But Rama had an understated beauty that made his extending prick throb just as hungrily.

Although the tall dusky beauty’s breasts were small, the pale spheres were perfectly shaped, their delicate nipples jutting perkily. Her waist was extremely small, accentuating the gentle curve of her hips. The bright tuft of her dark triangle made her fair skin appear almost alabaster by contrast. Her parted legs were long and well-shaped and her pert little ass protruded saucily as she stood watching the horrified housewife, two bright spots of excitement dotting her high cheekbones. Too bad Rama’s queer, Ashok thought with a twinge of regret, his fiery cock twitching in appreciation. She’d make a real tasty piece! “Now whaddya say we head for the bathroom!”

Leading the way, Ashok sauntered down the hall, his dark crimson cock bobbing in front of him. Vijaya and Rama followed, padding down the carpeted hallway in silence. When the naked trio entered the bathroom, Ashok slid the shower doors open to reach for the bright nozzles. His pale buttocks jutting boldly at the two women, the lanky young man bent over the tub, the hairy slit of his asshole winking merrily. He tested the temperature of the water, then switched the lever so that a fine spray came from the shower head. “Okay, gals,” Ashok announced, grinning over his shoulder. “Ladies first.”

When Vijaya shot Rama a hesitant glance, the beautiful dusky beauty flashed an encouraging smile, gesturing for Vijaya to go ahead of her. Vijaya turned to her brother-in-law and shot him a venomous look when she saw the salacious expression on his face.

Taking a deep breath, she tensed and stepped into the glass enclosure. Rama quickly followed, standing behind her.

Ashok entered the stall last, closing the glass door behind him. Vijaya gasped at the feel of the warm spray upon her naked body. Ashok stood in front of the dusky so that she was nestled between him and the tall dusky beauty. Reaching for the bar of soap in the dish beside them, Ashok rubbed the bar between his hands to create a foamy lather. He gave the fragrant bar to his sister-in-law, ordering her to lather up. “Soon as you get some suds, pass it on to Rama, sweetie.”

Vijaya did as she was told, turning the slippery bar over in her hands until they were thick with foam. As she turned around to give the bar to the woman behind her, Vijaya suddenly uttered a small cry of protest. For Ashok’s soapy hand had slid unexpectedly into the slit of her unsuspecting pussy.

“Feel good, Vijaya?” he taunted, his fingers digging into the sensitive folds of her inner cunt. “Spread your legs, sweetie, so I can get at you better.”

Feeling trapped, Vijaya split her thighs, gasping at the feel of her brother-in-law’s probing fingers. They slid across the entire length of her parted slot, flicking across the nub of her clitoris before moving backward along the grooves and crevices of her open cunt, titillating and caressing. The lather on his hands made his fingers slide easily and Vijaya felt her gaping tissues swell in response to his probings.

A warm pleasant sensation swirled across her pelvis and her sensual lips parted. The combination of the tingling spray of water on her shoulders and breasts along with Ashok’s exploring fingers was turning her on.

Ashamed of her reaction, the naked dusky tried to still the growing response of her body, the gentle throbbing that was starting between her outspread legs. I’m not enjoying this! she tried to tell herself. This whole sordid affair is disgusting and humiliating. But the steady palpitations of her stimulated cunt ignored her silent lecture, increasing in strength and tempo. Her thigh muscles tensed when Ashok forcefully thrust his forefinger up her vaginal opening, swirling it deliciously before withdrawing it to tease the tight ring of her inviolate anus.

He circled the puckered aperture several times, making Vijaya suck in her breath. No one had ever caressed her asshole before and the new sensation made her tingle with delight.

Even though she detested the man who was touching her tight sphincter muscle, Vijaya could not control the quick response of her treacherous body. She felt a stab of disappointment when Ashok drew his hand away. In moments, however, he was rubbing both his hands over the rounded curve of her buttocks, caressing and kneading the pale mounds of flesh with eager fingers.

“You’ve sure got a nice ass, honey,” he whispered in her ear as the fine spray of warm water kept splashing across their shoulders. “But don’t you think Rama looks kinda lonesome? Whaddya say you soap up those pretty little tits of hers.” Even though Ashok had chosen his words carefully, for the benefit of the Kıraç Escort phony story he’d given the willowy dusky beauty, Vijaya knew all too well that her brother-in-law had just issued a command.

And if she knew what was good for her, she better obey it. Vijaya looked up to find herself gazing into the liquid brown eyes of the lovely dusky beauty. The naked desire reflected there gave Vijaya a strange feeling. She lowered her eyes to the twin hills of Ramaininity rising so delicately from Rama’s bosom and felt an inexplicable flutter between her legs.

She had never touched a Slut breast before, even innocently. Now that she was about to caress another woman with the intent of bringing her physical pleasure, Vijaya found herself becoming aroused.

The way her nineteen-year-old brother-in-law’s hands were massaging her bare ass added fuel to the fires of her passion.

Her pussy throbbed with greater urgency and Vijaya felt the warm nectar of her womanhood trickle from her vagina. “Don’t be shy,” Rama said in a velvety voice, a small smile curving her lovely lips.

“I want you to touch me, Vijaya. Just like I want to touch you.” Her dark eyes growing dreamy, the naked young woman reached down to cup her lathered hand over the curly mass of pubic hair between Vijaya’s outstretched legs.

The dusky gasped as Rama’s hand applied pressure, then moved in slow sensuous circles, lovingly shampooing the voluptuous young woman’s fuzzy cunt. The fact that another Slut was touching her in such an intimate spot brought color to Vijaya’s cheeks. Suddenly she longed to touch the beautiful dusky beauty’s exquisite breasts, to feel the soft mounds of forbidden flesh under her fingers. Moaning, Vijaya’s hands reached out to cup the twin globes.

The firm smooth flesh felt pleasant and Vijaya found her hands moving in slow wet circles. Almost as if they possessed a will of their own, her fingers kneaded the ivory tits, creating a foamy lather that the shower spray quickly washed away. Rama’s delicate nipples tightened under Vijaya’s ministrations and the excited dusky let her fingers slide across the pink rosettes. The stiff nubs felt nice under her fingers, a totally new sensation, and Vijaya was pleased at the way they rose in quick response. Eager to bring Rama greater pleasure, she opened her hands to aim her palms at each distended nipple. Moving her hands in quick circles, she rubbed her palms across each fiery nub.

She heard Rama gasp then felt the dusky beauty’s fingers move downward to slip into the gaping folds of her inner pussy. Vijaya’s legs trembled and she split them even further to accommodate the beauty’s searching fingers. While Rama fingered her throbbing cunt, Ashok reached from behind to enclose Vijaya’s mammoth tits in his hands, kneading them vigorously, making her breath come in hot little gasps.

Vijaya abandoned the palming of Rama’s distended nipples in order to grasp her pert little breasts the way Ashok was grasping hers, good and hard. Whimpering, Vijaya squeezed the twin hills of flesh enthusiastically, her excitement mounting. She heard her brother-in-law chuckle in her ear but suddenly it did not matter that he was laughing at her.

Nothing mattered now except the wonderful way that Rama was exploring her throbbing pussy while Ashok played with her tits. The combined carnal treat, along with the thrilling new experience of fondling another woman’s breasts, was almost more than the excited dusky could bear. Her heart pounded and her breathing grew ragged.

She forgot her solemn oath to refrain from displaying any signs of physical enjoyment in front of her vile brother-in-law. She forgot everything but the frantic beat of her steaming cunt. Ashok’s fingers moved to her nipples, twisting and pinching the fiery nubs while Rama’s fingers toyed with her oily slit.

Finding the stiff nub of her clitoris, the beautiful dusky beauty squeezed it between her fingers. Vijaya’s hips began to move in heated circles while catlike mewling came from her throat. Encouraged, the lovely dusky beauty flicked her forefinger back and forth across the fiery nub until Vijaya arched her back and cried out in orgasm, her hands still kneading Rama’s breasts just as Ashok was squeezing her big tits. “Aghhhhhhh!” she cried, her pelvis bucking.

“Did you cum good, honey?” Rama asked when at last the dusky’s hips grew still and her heavy breathing subsided.

“Sure she did,” Ashok answered, dropping his hands from his sister-in- law’s delectable boobs. “Christ, couldn’t you tell? She was jerkin’ so hard I could hardly hold onto her goddamn tits!”

Rama looked pleased. “See, Vijaya?” she said, smiling at the dusky. “Didn’t I tell you it would be all right? Just wait till I get you into bed, honey,” she added her dark eyes thick-lidded and bright with lust. “I’m going to make you feel even better!”

“Then what are we waitin’ for?” Ashok asked, turning the knobs to shut off the water. He could scarcely wait for the show to begin. He opened the glass door and stepped onto the soft oval rug. “C’mon, ladies,” he said, reaching for a towel. “Let’s get nice and dry, then head for the bedroom. Here,” he said, handing Vijaya a towel as she emerged from the stall. “You dry me first, then you and Rama can have a go at each other.”

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