Victorious part 9

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Victor swung by the house and picked up Simon for the weekend. Taris’ light was off so he quickly bolted out after packing a quick set of clothes. Meredith had the dogs sitting inline with Jan on her knees with her hands flat on her thighs waiting patiently when he got over to the house. Her apron barely covered her body and this time she was bare foot. Meredith held a black leash and a wine glass. Her dark body contrasted to the pale Nordic blond. She gave him an almost haughty expression in her black stockings, black five-inch high heels, and quarter cup bra. Her naked pussy glistened, and looked recently licked. She stood with her legs open easily so he could see she was now completely shaved. Simon ran up and sniffed her curiously before checking on Jan and the other dogs.

Victor also hugged and kissed Meredith before patting Jan, and the other dog’s heads.

“What’s for dinner?” He asked sniffing the air.

Meredith tugged the leash and looked at her pet to answer. “This girl has prepared a steak dish of ribeye, mashed potatoes, steamed cauliflower under three cheeses, and stuffing with cranberry sauce.” Jan reported.

“Good, we’re eating meat.” Victor said idly.

Meredith wasn’t finish and tugged again sharply. “This girl will take your bag and undress you. The Mistress wishes for your pleasure this evening.”

Victor nodded impressed and handed over his bag as he addressed Meredith. “…and she’ll get it.”

Jan rose and took a bag and Victor took Simon’s toys back into a guest room. Meredith watched them with an odd look and seemed happy about something. In the spare bedroom he uses while her mother is in town, Jan demurely placed his bags in the closet and hung his suit. She moved to help him undress and unbutton his shirt. Kneeling she pulled down his pants, underwear, and helped tug off his socks. She didn’t move as he stood nude before her and tentatively she moved in for his cock.

Victor spotted Meredith watching from the door. She stayed out of Jan’s view as she downed her wine with an odd smile. Jan struggled with the flaccid mass of his dick and worked it into her mouth freehanded. Lightly, she placed her cool hands on his knees and started sucking faster and faster on what she got. Her voluminous breasts swayed into his thighs as she negotiated his hardening length. She seemed to get lusty as she continued and she even pulled off of him to lick the underside. She bobbed more and even endeavored to push him into her throat before backing off, and swirling and suckling his balls.

Reluctantly she stopped and pulled back once he was at his full hardness. She locked eyes on him and smiled shyly before standing. For a moment, she froze face to face then went in for a quick kiss on his cheek. Victors cock caught her pussy and she gasped into his mouth as she felt him slide under her vestibule between her chubby white thighs.

She seemed to really melt in his arms from the gaziantep escort tanıtımları heat her pussy gave off. Victor sensed her need and pushed her back to a desk by the door. She sidled up onto the desk and looked at him with a serious look of open desire. It wasn’t lust on her face, but rather an open eyed expectation of something.

As Victor lined up Meredith busted in and snagged Jan out before tugging her to the bathroom by her ear.

Victor came to the door and listened as Meredith scolded her on some imagined offense. He only caught half the conversation since Jan seemed to be by the door.

“…But this girl did as was asked, Mistress…Yes, this girl enjoyed it…yes, this girl enjoyed that too…Yes Mistress anything…Yes Mistress…” A long pause was heard.

“Yes Mistress, oh thank you! This girl was scared, but this girl will do everything to become your sister…” She nearly shouted. “Yes Mistress, we will. This girl understands your love now Mistress, it is pure and it warms a girl’s heart to know it can be apart of a girl’s life… He shall have mine too, this girl see it clearly as well.” Victor was shocked at that.

“No Mistress this girl agrees of all the sisters it cannot be her, or Misty… Oh well, Its just that this girl has been out with Misty and found out something odd about her…No, just kissing when this girl was very drunk…Just once for a little while until this girl left in shock… This girl was very drunk and always thought a girl was drugged but she felt something… No Mistress, something like a penis Mistress… Not as big…No, this girl was never made to enjoy it…Fear Mistress, just as it always was before… This girl always fled on sight…Just like this girl mentioned, the memories of when a girl had grown these nasty udders the evil cocks, cold eyes, grabby hands, and fake smiles and words came for the girl…”

Victor stood up and backed away and went into the kitchen for some wine. Chasing the dogs away from the food, he looked out over the spread in admiration.

Idly he enjoyed some music from the radio, and turned it on low for some atmosphere while they ate. As he tuned it, the women came out. They both looked changed in that intangible way women move and act. Now they seemed casual, like they dropped the act and had reached a decision that they weren’t yet acting on.

Victor watched them warily throughout dinner. His senses screamed as the conniving women treated him to toothy smiles and were so overly helpful. He noticed Jan took the lead in the hospitality department and Meredith mimicked her. On the large table, there was two of everything so Victor did a lot of shakes and nods as he ate.

Finally with dinner done, Jan cleaned up as Victor was given a shoulder rub. The heavy wine and Meredith’s angelic touch put him to sleep. Hard nipples pressed to his back roused him and he was led upstairs by both women. He could only lay gaziantep escort telefonları back as they sucked his to standing. The heavy food weighed him down as the women moved over him.

Meredith enjoyed the privilege of taking him in her pussy and sank onto him gleefully. She faced away and embraced Jan as the horny blonde ground her pussy against Victor’s shin.

“Fuck baby…” Victor slurred as his cock gave out and his balls spurted a heavy load into Meredith. She ground down as his pulsing cock pumped out her thick sticky reward. As she undulated, Jan came over to him offering water and a pill from the bathroom.

“Sleep Victor.” She said and pushed the pill and water into his mouth as he tried to ask what was happening.

Slowly he relaxed and Meredith got in another round from his autonomous dick. His body felt hot along his chest and legs as he suddenly noticed Meredith had spun to face him. She still bounced hard along his hard cock as Jan moved around them rubbing both of their bodies freely.

Victor went into a haze as the women used him the entire night. As he woke in the seemingly harsh light of morning, he stood feeling energetic and attacked the window blinds trying to keep the room dark.

On the bed, Meredith and Jan lay in a tangled heap over the sheets. The sight was so erotic his cock jumped like he was a teenager again. The lines of the women’s forms drew his eyes around hungrily and his cock drooled as he moved back to the bed drawn like a moth.

Victor didn’t even try to get penetration as he crawled over the bed like a beast, and fumbled over the bodies. His cock drooled and dripped as he lowered himself and slid onto the warm flesh of the females. Arms came around him and legs opened as Jan clutched for him. Her body wriggled into position under him and her warm body accepted his tentative lunges.

A faint wafted scent of vanilla caught his nose as she hugged him and put her head over his shoulder. Some part of him felt her body as just a familiar scented texture as he slid up into her sheath. Gladly he moved over her and struggled to relieve the tension. His heavy hard thrusts were well received by the jiggling blonde as he tried to satiate his overwhelming need.

The sound of her struggles for breath excited him to push harder into her and relish her moans. Jan tensed and tightened her arms around his back as she came. As she came down, she whimpered and licked the side of his face. Oddly, it was one of the only things he felt in his burning desire for release.

Her cool tongue was like a salve and a plead for his wet offering. She had a primal need for it and he had a primal need to urgently deliver. With her urging, he went into overdrive and forced himself deeper into her. Jan’s long wide tunnel took him but he still battered her cervix with indirect blows as he slid past it. With only seconds to go as the base of gaziantep escort videoları his cock started it familiar burn he leveraged his hips to point himself right at her core. Like a drill, his strokes became short and deep as he repeatedly sought entrance to her vault.

Her wall stayed firm but in the last moment as she felt his rising spunk, her instincts flattened her hips and gave him a direct shot for one more slam. Without any pause, he backed out slightly and raised onto his toes and he trucked into her. As his cockhead pushed through her gate his first spurt flew out, pooled into her womb, and he clamped around her and bit down onto her neck as his body seized her tight as his cock balls did all they could to dump everything into her.

His twitches as the base of his cock unloaded its streams were assisted by Jan’s milking movements. Her tunnel had collapse onto him in the height of her climax helping to create a straight frictionless corridor for his seed. Nature had provided him his opening in the moment of need but Jan herself was unique in being able to have cervix wide enough to swallow his cock. The moment of frenzied passion passed, and they both breathed hard eye to eye as her body facilitated proper joining and his carried out its transfer.

Both lovers were mostly unconscious of how they worked together at the lowest levels for a successful mating. They locked around each other with Jan holding Victor and Victor clamped onto Jan.

She licked him again as her head cleared and the climax faded. Victor looked at her again and rose off of her and backed up looking at her hole. Jan’s instinct to protect her self ran counter to her urge to display her condition as Victor slid his gaze down over her body. Her heavy breasts wobbled as she rolled and released him.

Victor silently picked up her feet and had her hold back her knees as he inspected her pussy for several moments he was satisfied all his seed had gone in but annoyed there was not enough to be displayed after their coupling. As Jan pulled back her legs further a gurgle released a thin line of white that Victor rubbed onto her pussy satisfied. People would know she was just fucked full of cum even if it was just Meredith.

At the thought, he snapped over to look at her. She still slept in her black quarter cup bra and stockings. Victor unsnapped the bra and let her breasts free to fall out to the sides. Her dark nipples were still tall and seemed to eye him crazily before she rolled to the side. Her pussy was caked in heavy doses of his seed. She was well and truly fucked it would seem.

For some reason he couldn’t explain, he pulled her over to lay on her stomach under him. His ever ready cock needed little direction as he dropped down to take her. Meredith moaned as he slid into her pussy. He could feel the effects from the night before. Her vagina was wet but swollen, it didn’t yield very much to him. He gave her deep thrusts that only pulled back slightly before pushing back into her. Despite his prior eruption, her tight warm pussy brought him off quickly and he gladly surrendered his load.

Standing up Victor showered and dressed in haze as he drank more water. Walking out he got to his car and tooled over to the office.

“Just one more day,” He told himself.

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