Victoria Returns Ch. 02

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{Hi, I’m Victoria the oral, bondage, humiliation slut. This is part two of Victoria Returns. Best to catch up with the previous episode where I sucked three guys off and did a self bondage dare. I ended up fucking another one of the pizza guys, Larry, from my regular place for getting caught.}

The problem with doing something so dirty and so thrilling like I did in my previous story, is that before I physically recover, my mind and psyche already want more. I’m always hoping for that “next thing,” that next thrill. My horniness tends to get me in trouble, though often in a good way.

I often have to fight the urges I have. I’m a cocksucker and I love humiliation. I love it more than anything in the world and I have to fight just calling up the pizza place to get my “fix.” Then there’s my neighbor, Georg (no “e,” European spelling). On the other night I sucked three cocks, then fucked Larry, I knew Georg was listening in. I do tend to get loud with my moaning. Then, I purposely vibrated myself to numerous orgasms in the living room, even though I knew he was probably watching through the crack in the door. As I’ve described before, he’s Greek, he’s fat, hairy and sweaty. I call him Super Mario, because of his resemblance to the Nintendo character.

Because I was so excited from what I’d done I was in a constant state of horniness which would last until the next adventure. As I’ve said before, the LAST thing I want to do, intellectually, is suck that guy off. It’s gross just thinking about it. My problem, though, is that I love the thrill, the humiliation of HAVING to do it. I’d managed my lust to that point, thankfully. I hadn’t been on my knees for him. I truly wanted to keep it like that but in the back of my head, I feared that I couldn’t control myself, that I’d end up doing just that. In order to combat that, I needed something else, to satiate my lust.

I’m also a slave to creative use. I knew I could just continue to call “my” pizza place and service the delivery guys, including Larry and Cam. Cam was fully aware of my activities and now has become my “go to” guy when I need a guy for part of my plan or for protection. The shop had delivered to my apartment so often the guys stopped even bringing the pizza. It was an embarrassing thing to realize, after about the third time. It was just as well, though. I didn’t eat pizza, I wanted to stay fit for my play activities. I could do that, I just wanted something…else. Something more embarrassing.

I still do love teasing, though. I had stopped closing the door between apartments. Georg always liked it cracked open, for obvious reasons. I had started wearing sexy underwear and I pranced around when I knew he was looking. I even walked around naked on occasion, when I was particularly horny. I knew he knew every inch of my body. Plus, whenever we talked, face to face, his face was fixated on my tits, I rarely saw his eyes. I jokingly told myself I should just tell him to cut a big hole in the wall between apartments and install a one way mirror to get better viewing. I was getting myself worked up about all the teasing, too. I had to do something or else this guy was going to get something he shouldn’t. I was like Pavlov’s dog, I was now getting wet just from any contact with him, just because of so many things I’d done, in connection with him.

Whatever it was It needed to be big. I went back through some of my favorite old stories about self bondage and danger and I began to formulate a plan.

I had plenty of party requests, it was Halloween, after all. But, I wanted something different. I’d already done the Halloween party “thing,” last time. Oh, I picked up one interesting tidbit from Larry the other night. Turns out they have a private office at the pizza shop and on the wall of they have pictures of women. They call it the “slut wall.”

The guys collect pictures for their wall. Most of it is taken up by pictures of women in sexy Halloween costumes. When they delivered to a woman wearing such an outfit they’d ask if she wants to get into their private Halloween contest, sexiest costume of the night. The winner got free pizza for a month.

However, there was also a “Hall of Fame,” part of the wall of women who did more than tease. Larry said they were women who had pleased them, like I had. He said they “only” had three of those kind of pictures. He also said that they blurred out the women’s faces. I was surprised there were more women out there like me. He told me that I was on the wall, but it was a picture of me, tied up, from behind. My face couldn’t be seen. Cam must’ve taken it from one of the first times I called them.

I had costumes from previous years still in my closet. I knew part of my game was that I had to try to win the costume contest, or at the very least, get my picture, post blowjob.

I knew Larry and Cam had already seen the slave princess thing. I had a better one, from years back. It was Minnie Mouse. Not sexy? It was, the way I wore it. It had istanbul escort cute mouse ears with a red polka dot bow. I had a red skin tight tube top with cute white mouse ear designs all over it. I had Lycra bottoms with black in the center and the same red and white pattern as stripes on the side. I’d bought it when I was 18 and now that I’m 21 I’ve filled in a little (guys seem to love it!) but it meant that it was now totally form fitting and was short enough the bottom of my ass cheeks would hang out. There were black suspenders that hooked from the sides of my waist going up around my tits, centering them nicely, all the way up to form straps at my shoulders. I had over the knee white socks with cute red and black garters. I capped it off with my sexiest red high heels. I didn’t wear a stitch of underwear, the things were so stretchy and tight, all the lines would show. In the mirror I could see everything, my nipples jutting out, and the shape of my pussy lips.

I’d been invited to Deke’s apartment, no doubt because of my past with the guys there, especially the last time. Also, I heard through Cam that the pizza shop was fully expecting something from me on this Halloween night.

I wanted all that, of course. but I wanted something else, something exciting. I wanted it to be thrilling, even “dangerous.” I don’t mean dangerous like I could get killed or hurt, but dangerous like I could end up getting banged, good and hard. I had an idea. It was the type I’d read before in one of my favorite author’s stories. There was a bridge over our river. There are ferries that run back and forth from one side to the other. It was meant for tourists, but most often they end up being kind of “party boats” that carry drunks from the bars on one side of the river, to the other. It was perfect for my idea.

The bridge is maybe a half mile long. Walking to the middle of it would take less than ten minutes and if running, half that. I’m no runner, however, but I knew I could, if motivated. I drove to it early in the morning on Friday. I walked out to the middle with a bag. Inside the bag was a handcuff key. Once I reached the middle I placed the bag under the edge of the bridge and I taped the bag to the bridge, out of sight. I had the sudden scary thought about what would happen if the duct tape failed. “Oh well,” I thought. “That just adds to the thrill.” I walked back to my car. I jogged a few times, just to see how long it took me. The plan was set.

I needed a safety net. I’d never been gang banged, I wasn’t planning on starting, though because of the thrill I need in the chance of “getting caught,” it was still possible. My safety net was Cam, the pizza guy. As usual, he was all for it, knowing he’d get something at the end as a reward.

The plan was this. Cam would drive me to the bridge on one side. He’d fasten on my leg cuffs (and old present from Jessica, my old friend and domme). They gave me just a little bit of slack so that I’d have to walk in a shuffle. Then, he’d drive to the other side and wait. I then would handcuff my hands. I had to walk the bridge, stripping along the way until I got to the middle. I had a task to do before I would get my key. Then I’d get the key and try to make it to Cam on the other side. Not so hard, right?

Here’s the issue. The ferries run back and forth all night. There’s two of them. When one is on one side, the other is across the river. They usually cross in the middle. I was going to have to sneak, naked, to the middle of the bridge. To make the game “interesting” I had to time it so that when I got to the key, I had to at least wait and exhibit myself to the boat that was passing by. I had an idea of how to display myself there. If I timed it right, both boats would be passing by at the same time.

Once they saw me, I’d have to get the key, unlock myself and run. Why run? Because there was always one ferry coming or going. Even if I flashed the one heading away from the shore with Cam, the OTHER one would be coming the other way. The piers on both sides were just yards from the end of the bridge. If I didn’t make it there might be quite a number of drunk, horny guys waiting for me at the end of the bridge. It was dangerous, it was thrilling. I know Cam would be there but that didn’t rule out the risk entirely.

Cam licked his lips when he saw me in my overly tight, stretchy Minnie costume. He especially loves my ass, and in this, there was almost nothing hidden. I told him my plan and as expected, his eyes almost bugged out of his head. Still, to his credit, and probably due to his own horniness, he didn’t protest. He drove us to the bridge. It was after dark. Most parties were in full swing.

I stepped out and felt the cool night air. I knew its crispness would just add to the excitement level my nipples were already displaying. Cam smiled and he fastened the leg cuffs on me. It was basically two leather cuffs, attached with a short leather strap. He grinned and felt me up istanbul escort bayan before he broke away reluctantly.

“See you on the other side…hopefully,” he chuckled.

I locked the handcuffs on me. Normally, I love having my hands bound behind me, but since I had to remove clothing and get the key I needed to be able to use my hands so I had them cuffed in front of me. I had to take a long, deep breath as I saw Cam’s taillights get smaller as he crossed the bridge. It was done, the only way to get to safety was to make it across. If I didn’t fulfill all my tasks completely or had to “cheat” (more on that later), I had a penalty to pay. I always make myself play the game within the rules. The penalties are often tougher than the game itself.

I looked over the rail. One boat was docked and picking up passengers, that meant the other boat must be docking on the other side as well. It was time to go. I shuffled laboriously down the walkway on the side of the bridge. I picked the dark side of the bridge so that I wasn’t instantly spotted. Farther down, I was going to require myself to stay on the more lighted side.

This bridge is not frequently used, it basically connects two industrial areas. However, cars DO cross on occasion, it’s a small, two lane passage. There are a few “scenic” rest spots that are under the bridge along the way. You just need to go down the stairs. This would be my only way to avoid being seen by cars. I just had to be able to make it to one of them before a car passed.

I shuffled along slowly. It was far slower than I’d figured. I saw one boat pass on the side. I ducked down behind the rail to avoid being seen. I thought I’d have already beaten the boat to the middle but it was taking twice as long as I thought. Suddenly, I saw the headlights of a car approaching. I frantically lumbered along until I got to the rest area. I jumped down the steps, two at a time, barely avoiding falling as the car above passed by. I was gasping for air as I listened to see if the car had slowed, or worse, stopped. I poked my head over the stair, the car was still going. My heart was already pounding from the exertion, mixed with the fearful thrill of almost getting caught.

I took off my Minnie top as I’d planned and threw it in the wastebasket. I really loved this outfit, I had to see if I could retrieve it later. I was now topless. My large, firm boobs were bouncing as I went back to shuffling/hopping down the bridge again. I made it to stop number two. It was only then that I realized a flaw in my plan. I’d planned to take off the bottoms and discard them as well but I couldn’t. You see, I had leg cuffs on and I wasn’t able to remove the bottoms and get them free over the cuffs. As a punishment I made myself slip them down to my feet, which further restricted my movements.

I saw the two boats approaching each other. I only had a few moments to be ready. I rushed towards my destination in the middle. The bag with the key was taped directly underneath. There was a street light right overhead. It would illuminate everything quite nicely. I made it to the spot I needed to be. I looked left and right, the boats were almost passing. Quickly, I stepped up onto the bench as I’d planned. There was a flowerpot, hanging from a hook. I removed it. I took a deep breath before I looped my cuffs over the hook. I was now fully on display. I was topless, bottomless, with my shorts around my ankles and I was almost dangling from a metal hook. It was all directly under the street light. I was totally exposed. I was immediately noticed. I heard guys yelling from the first boat.

“Whoa! Look at that, some naked slut is hanging from the bridge!” someone yelled.

I heard hooting and hollering from a number of voices. Then, the second boat passed, going the other way. Again, guys took notice. I heard quite a commotion even though I couldn’t see anyone’s face, directly. Suddenly, the boat horn sounded loudly. It scared me so much that I slipped off the bench with my feet. My hands were still bound and hooked above me so now I was dangling, with my feet kicking wildly. The guys below were having a field day.

“Man, look at that! She’s naked!” said one.

“Yeah, and she’s stuck!” said another.

The boats passed and I kicked frantically in the air as I dangled. They seemed to be going faster than I’d originally thought, either that, or they sped up. Either way, I was in trouble if I didn’t get free and get going. I realized after a minute of frantic wriggling that I wasn’t strong enough to unhook myself. I cursed myself for not having the core strength. I always knew my lack of sit-ups would cost me! I had to give up. I had the extra cuff keys in my sweaty hand, it was my bail out, for safety. I lifted up the best I could and, using my mouth, teeth, and all my strength I managed to unlock the cuffs. I fell to the ground with a thud.

“Fuck,” I thought, “there’s a penalty for that.” But even that wasn’t escort istanbul the biggest of my worries. I now had to run. I removed the cuffs from my legs. I had to leave them behind. I saw the boat on the “safe” side getting closer to docking. I took off running. I’m a horrible runner, I get winded after 50 yards, but I made myself run, my boobs bouncing wildly as I went. I caught up to the boat, again they saw some crazy naked chick running on the bridge. I heard the hollering. I saw my car in the distance, and Cam standing outside of it, casually.

The boat docked while I was still running. I was so close, but so were they. The dock and my car were probably less than a hundred yards from each other. I saw people getting off the boat. Sure enough, some guys were heading right for the end of the bridge. I did one last sprint. I heard the guys calling out for me to stop but I barreled ahead and dove into the backseat of the car as Cam hit the gas. We hightailed it down the road. I sat up to see 4 guys run, then stop, their hands on their knees. “Good, so I’m not the only one who doesn’t like to run,” I giggled to myself.

“Stop the car!” I said, still huffing and puffing.

“Why?” he asked.

“You’ll see.” He stopped, I could still see the guys in the distance. I got out, totally naked. I posed for them. I showed them my tits, I cupped them and licked at my nipples. It caught their interest again. I saw them coming forward. I bent over and smacked my ass so they could see and hear it. They were running again now. I waited until the last moment, then I jumped back in the car and Cam took off.

“Whoa, that was fucking close,” Cam said. “Including on the bridge.”

“I know,” I panted. “I got stuck out there.”

“Yeah, I saw,” he grinned as he showed me his binoculars.

“What? And you didn’t help?”

“You told me NOT to help,” he reminded.

“I did,” I said softly. “God, those guys, they looked so…wild.”

“Yeah, they had some evil thoughts, no doubt. That is why I always wonder why you dig this kind of shit.”

“I don’t know. The combination of the bondage, the embarrassment, and then the real risk of having to give guys what they need just drives me crazy with lust. I can’t really explain it.”

“I know, just from our experiences I know you love that stuff. But, you usually love pleasing.”

“I do,” I sighed. “It’s always a big part of the thrill.”

“But if you love being caught, isn’t getting away kind of…unfulfilling?”

“It kind of is…” I said before a anxious thought crossed my mind. “Shit,” I said.


“I have to …pay a penalty. I had to use my spare key to get free. That was against my rules.”

“Penalty? What kind of penalty?”

I took out the die I had for this possibility. “Turns out I didn’t get off free and clear,” I said, remembering my penalty. “Toss this die. If it’s a one or a two, I have to go to your shop. If it’s three or four, I have to go to my old neighbor’s party. If it’s five or six…shit…”

“Then what?” He asked, with lustful interest.

“Then you go down to the bar at the pier, where those guys were just let off.”

“Ok, interesting, then what?”

I sighed. I was a humiliation slut, why was this always so hard for me, even though I know I’m going to love the outcome? “First roll tells me the “where.” Roll it!”

He rolled, five.

“Oh fuck,” that was the worst one, in my mind. They would be strangers. “Ok, now roll again. Whatever number is the number of guys I have to…you know…please.”

“Fuck,” he grinned. “Seriously? At the bar on the pier?”

“Yes, with some help from you, of course.”

I always pray for the lightest way out and probably secretly crave the hardest way out. It was in the middle. “three,” he said with a smile. I had him drive us down the bridge again so I could pick up my Minnie top and the leg cuffs. Then, we headed back to the dock and the bar where my chasers had been.

I was now in full costume again. However, Cam had his own pervy ideas. When we got out, he twisted the top and rolled it so that it was no more than a thin strip that went across my nipples. The top and bottom of my boobs stuck out obscenely. Then, he rolled the top of my shorts down to well over my hips. As a final indignity, he yanked the shorts up my crack, giving me a wedgie but also exposing nearly my whole ass, making it like a thong. Then, per my penalty he cuffed my hands, behind my back this time, and cuffed my legs again, which I hadn’t asked for.

“That’s better,” he grinned. “So now I go in, and …what?”

“See if anyone in there is talking about the crazy naked slut on the bridge.”

“And if there is?”

“See if you can convince one to come out and…you know…see for himself, close up.”

“Oooh, I have an idea,” he grinned evilly. He took out his phone and took a picture of me in my full slut gear. “That should do the trick.”

We were parked in the far corner of the lot. He put me on my knees and made me stay like that until he returned. I waited. It seemed like forever, but I’m sure it was only 20 minutes or so. I saw Cam walking out, followed by another man. He was big, overweight. He had a full beard and mustache, he looked like a logger or outdoorsman.

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