Vickie’s Venture

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Author’s Note: Some of my more astute readers might recognize a few names in this story. Yes, this is the same Vickie and Heather from “An Empty House and A Full Pussy” and “Audacious Aunt Alexus”. Trying a little experiment, the stories can be read as Chapters of an ongoing story or separately. Enjoy!


Vickie sat in the stretch limo, long legs crossed, one leg swinging in nervous anticipation. The pretty ex-cheerleader knew that tonight was going to be unique, she could sense that from the minute the car had arrived to pick her up.

Under the trenchcoat, she was wearing a black teddy, black stilettos with the steel tips and black stockings with garters. Daddy had told her the customer had requested them.

Vickie smiled as she always did when thinking of her father. Not many girls had the kind of relationship she shared with her parent, but not many girls had a father as sexy as Nathan.

The pretty 21-year old had been raised by a single parent, her mother having left when she was a bit past her first year. Nathan never told her why, nor did he speak much of her mother. That part of Vickie’s life was a total blank slate. She had absolutely no memory or knowledge of her mother, there weren’t even wedding photos. It was as if Vickie’s mother had never been.

Vickie never lacked for a thing though. Her father had nurtured her, encouraged her artistic bent, helped her with her homework, came to every football game she cheered at, consoled her when she was dumped by her football-player idiot boyfriend. He even had the dreaded “sex talk” with her, although she giggled uncontrollably throughout most of it – she was sixteen at the time!

Because she was tall, cool and slender, with flowing blonde hair and long legs, there had been plenty of boys. They flocked around the house, but Vickie didn’t give them too much encouragement. She went out enough to be happy, fucked around a little and enjoyed it, but she seemed to enjoy spending time with her girlfriends more over the years, Heather becoming her best friend. Vickie’s warm, outgoing and peppy nature endeared her to other girls as well. Popularity among her schoolmates had never eluded Vickie, not even for a moment.

On her eighteenth birthday, her fondest wish came true. She’d been given a very generous gift certificate by her dear friend, Heather. It was for Les Bontemps, an upscale lingerie store that Heather frequented. Vickie came home ecstatic, arms overflowing with packages. Her father noticed immediately, and she showed him all the pretty, frilly things she’d bought. It was then that the idea crossed her mind. It was truly perverse, did she dare?

“Would you like me to model them for you, Daddy?”

“Oh Kitteen …” he teasingly called her that over the last number of years ” … I don’t think that would be a good idea. I’m your father, for goodness sakes!”

Vickie clapped her hands together and smiled. “Exactly Daddy. I know I can trust you!” A slight smile crossed her full, red lips. Vickie was hoping exactly the opposite, she felt flush with excitement.

Vickie scampered upstairs, nervous – but she knew her own innate sexiness would make everything work to her advantage. She selected the tamest outfit first, a white satin negligee, slit thigh-high on the side. She pulled on the lacy matching stockings and put on her highest heels. Pushing the butterflies in her stomach way down, she made her way down the stairs to the living room and her waiting father.

He let out a low wolf-whistle when he saw her. “Baby, you better not wear that around any men. They might get ideas!”

Vickie smiled coyly. “What kind of ideas, Daddy? Naughty ideas, I bet. KINKY ideas?”

Nathan choked on his coffee, Vickie giggled and ran upstairs again to change. The next outfit she selected was a slinky leopard skin top and matching, tiny miniskirt with a matching thong. She also selected black, thigh-high boots. She put an extra bit of wiggle into her hips when she entered the living room again. Vickie smiled inwardly as she saw her father’s manly reaction, thinking that this time, she noticed a slight bulge in his pants.

“Wow” were the only words that Nathan uttered. His beautiful, blonde daughter was making him very hot. He’d had a few lovers since his wife left, but none could compare with the blonde beauty in front of his eyes. She whirled around and he noticed her fine, round little ass, lusciously tanned from being outside by their pool. She was so delicious, he envied whoever was going to be her first lover. He bet she’d be a wild fuck, he — stop it, he shouldn’t be thinking this way!

Vickie knew she was getting to him, one more sexy outfit ought to do it, she thought. She ran back upstairs, pondering which of the remaining outfits would enable her the wish she desired most this birthday, to have her father fucking the holy hell out of her horny, wet pussy!

Vickie scanned the remaining boxes, then she found it, the outfit that would do the trick! A black leather bra, with silver studs, a tiny, barely-there leather Silivri Escort thong and black, steel-tipped stilettos. There wasn’t much to the outfit, she was counting on her father’s innate masculinity to overcome his common sense.

Her heels clicked noisily on the staircase, she knew she had her father the moment she walked into the living room. “Oh God baby, do you know how beautiful, how sexy, you are?”

Vickie got as close to him as she dared. “Am I, Daddy? Really?”

Growling, Nathan pulled his eager teenage daughter to him and fused his lips to hers with a savage kiss. For a fleeting moment, she thought he was going to stop, but he scooped her up in his arms and carried Vickie up the stairs, to his bedroom.

He placed her gently on the bed and saw the look of trust and desire combined in her lovely aquamarine eyes. “Are you sure Vickie?” he asked. She nodded eagerly.

“The surest I’ve ever been, Daddy” she smiled at him, aching with want. “I’m not a virgin Daddy … I should have waited for you, but I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck me NOW!” She leaned forward, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his swollen cock. She was right, it HAD been hard. Gently, she took it in her mouth, but a natural talent for cocksucking took over. She laved it with her tongue, licked it, tasted his meaty balls, practically inhaling his manhood. He tasted salty, musky, manly.

“Oh fuck, baby girl, that’s amazing! You’re amazing!”

“I’m a good little cockslut, huh Daddy?” Vickie purred. Her lewd words inflamed her father even more, she felt his cock jerk in her mouth. This was the culmination of all her lewdest, most lacivious ideas. She was having illicit, incestuous sex with her beloved Daddy!

Nathan pulled away, but seeing the disappointed look in Vickie’s face, he grinned. “I just didn’t want to cum so soon, baby. I wanted to fuck my little girl and make HER cum first.”

Vickie nodded at Nathan eagerly, practically squealing with joy. She couldn’t wait to feel her first man-sized cock, but she would have to. Her father pulled the leather thong aside and ate her pussy with expert skill, feasting on the forbidden fruit of his daughter’s snatch. Oh lord, she was delectable!

For well over thirty minutes, Nathan ate Vickie’s neatly-trimmed blonde muff, sucking and slurping noisily, teasing her with the sounds of his cuntlapping. Vickie was a sexual feast and he was gluttonous. Finally, his cock and his daughter’s pussy were united. Her greedy cunt took him all in, her buried himself to the hilt in her pussy and fucked her, gently at first, but with depraved lust shortly after. They were insatiable for each other, Vickie gave as good a fuck as she was getting.

“Oh Christ baby, I’m glad you weren’t a virgin. You’re a great little fuck, you know that?” Vickie grinned at her father and arched her cunt upwards at Nathan, taking in more of his hard prick.

Vickie wasn’t sore at all afterwards, and after cleaning up, they fucked again. In the morning, she stayed home from school and Nathan took her in the shower, in the kitchen and by the pool. That night, she moved into her father’s bedroom and became his mistress permanently. Her sexual appetites were voracious and her father did his best to satisfy them, but she was nearly a sex addict. The more he fucked her, the more Vickie seemed to crave.

It was about a year later that their lives changed yet again.

Nathan came home one evening, crestfallen. His publishing company had downsized and he was out of work. He was given a nice severance package, but truly didn’t know how they were going to manage financially.

Vickie’s friend Heather gave her the idea that got the ball rolling. Heather told Vickie “Hon, have you thought of becoming a high-class Call Girl? I do a little fucking on the side and I LOVE it!”

Vickie was aghast at first, she didn’t think she could cheat on her father with any other man. “My – boyfriend – might object” she stammered. But Heather had the solution for that.

“So? Sleep with women.”

That thought sent shivers through Vickie’s body. From time to time, she’d thought of sharing another woman with her father, she’d enjoyed a few dalliances with some of her fellow cheerleaders. Later that night, his fat cock deep in her wet pussy, she broached the subject.

“Baby, are you sure about this? We can get by.”

“Daddy, let me help out. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll figure something out. NO other man is going to touch me, EVER, but oooh – I have to admit, the thought of sharing a bed with a sexy girl is … oooohhhh! And now I’ll be getting even more sex, oh Daddy, the thought is getting me so fucking horny!”

Nathan smiled at his kinky daughter-mistress and drove his shaft deeper within her wet cunt. Vickie bounced her tight, nubile body up and down, taking him deeper and squeezing her pussy muscles around it. Finally, Nathan’s cock spewed it’s load into her eagerly sucking lips. The next day, they placed the ad in the Şirinevler Escort “Playmates” underground newspaper. Within a week, their newly-installed private line was ringing off the hook.

Vickie practiced in that week with Heather every chance she could, finding her redheaded friend and eager and adept teacher. She feasted on Heather’s cunt hungrily, and invited her home one evening, letting her friend in on their incestuous secret. Heather revealed a secret of her own, which bonded them even closer. Vickie loved watching her father’s club sliding deep into Heather’s eager little twat, the wild redhead looked so sexy fucking her Daddy!

The next week, with her father’s encouragement and support, Vickie embarked on her new career. She realized swiftly that she loved playing with girls and women, they ignited depraved, carnal lusts within her. They came in all shapes and sizes, petite, curvy, tall, black, white, Asian – she loved all of them!

Vickie’s favors didn’t come cheap, she valued herself too highly for that. Nor would she allow herself to be booked for anything less than a few hours. Within six months, their fortunes were beginning to reverse. She even had money to buy some new lingerie, which her Daddy proved he enjoyed by fucking her senseless in every new piece of sexy attire.

Sometimes, a female client would request a male companion join them. Then, Vickie would gladly bring her beloved father along for the fun. She never charged extra for that, seeing Nathan fuck the horny women and sexy girls always made her drip with lust. Sometimes the woman would be giving her father a blowjob and diddling Vickie’s clit or fucking her with a dildo. Vickie didn’t think her sex life could get any better, she had her sexy clients, her studly father and scrumptious Heather.

Her mind came back to the present, the chauffeur opened the car door and let Vickie out into the cool night air, which made her nipples tingle slightly. She was given the number to buzz and went up in the elevator to the penthouse. She knocked and the door opened.

The woman who stood before her was a vision, stunning. She had skin the color of butterscotch, long dark hair, firm toned legs with sexy, tapered calves. Her breasts were large, ripe and firm, Vickie couldn’t wait to taste them. This gorgeous creature exuded sex from every pore, she was sultry and desirable. The cream colored teddy and high black heels she wore added to the woman’s allure.

The woman, who was likely around 40, took her hand and drew her into the room. “Hello, I am Lucinda. My, you’re more beautiful than your ad said. This will be a lovely evening for both of us, I am sure. Wine?”

Vickie nodded, not sure of what to say. The room was spectacular, rich and elaborate, yet inviting nonetheless. The fixtures, furnishings and decorations all spoke of someone with exquisite taste. Even her lingerie bespoke a woman with money.

“You’re so beautiful, so lovely – you could have any woman you wanted. Why did you call me?” Vickie wanted to know. Lucinda answered her.

“My ladyfriend is out of town on business. I saw your ad in the paper we both read and was intrigued. I figured, why the hell not?”

Lucinda sat down on the loveseat beside Vickie, handing her a glass of chilled white wine. She took a drink and looked into her client’s dark, rich eyes, almost smitten. Lucinda smiled warmly at her, with her soft lips gently parting.

“I must kiss you. May I?”

Vickie nodded and felt Lucinda’s lips press into her own. Her senses reeled, she was so aroused, nearly feverish. Vickie felt Lucinda’s hands squeeze her breasts through her teddy, she imitated the movement on Lucinda’s body, loving the round breasts. Lucinda might be close to forty, but her body was that of a much-younger woman.

The couple drank their wine, kissing, teasing and getting to know each other. Lucia finally stood up and took Vickie’s hand. “I have a bath ready for us to play in. Would you let me bathe with you? It is very sensual.”

Vickie enjoyed disrobing for her newest lover, seeing the delight in Lucinda’s eyes as she revealed her young body. She made a little show of it, strutting around the candlelit bathroom. She let Lucinda get in the huge tub first, then joined her. Lit with the scented candles, the bathroom was warm and inviting, Lucinda even more so.

She felt Lucinda’s arms around her as she snuggled into the woman’s sapphic embrace. Lucinda soaped Vickie’s body lavishly, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as she did so. Lucinda’s caresses were gentle and knowing, she kissed Vickie’s soft neck, ran her fingers down and inserted one into Vickie’s quivering slit, which caused the girl to groan loudly.

“You’re very passionate, that’s good” Lucinda intoned.

“You’re fucking wonderful” Vickie told her through moans and groans, which were growing louder and reverberating off the bathroom tile.

“Oooh, I love a woman who can talk dirty!” Lucinda encouraged her.

“Baby, Şişli Escort I can be a fucking slut!” Vickie growled as Lucinda continued diddling her. Lucinda chuckled. “I think we’ve played enough here. I want to get your cute ass into a bed!”

The playmates dried each other quickly, stopping only a few times to exchange a kiss. Lucinda took her into the lavish bedroom were a large bed awaited their lesbian love-fest. Vickie didn’t think she’d ever wanted a woman more, what WAS there about this stunning, caramel-skinned beauty?

“Who starts?” Vickie asked.

“Me, please” Lucinda said. “I want to eat that fabulous pussy, I want to devour your pretty cunt.”

The naked young blonde positioned herself on the bed and let the sensual woman devour her. Her hands ran all over Vickie’s body, fondled her round, firm breasts and moved down the girl’s flat tummy to her wet pussy. Lucinda was a natural at eating pussy, the woman’s tongue slithered in and out of Vickie’s pussy, touching deep recesses, nudging the clit, sucking juices that flowed copiously from the girl’s sweet snatch. Lucinda would look up at Vickie from time to time as she ate her, arousing Vickie more and more each time.

“Oh fuck, you’re a great cuntlicker, lick me you gorgeous bitch, eat my slutty cunt!” Vickie yelled, hoping her words would arouse Lucinda. They had the desired effect, Lucinda attacked her even more ferociously.

“I want you too, please, let me suck your beautiful cunt!” Vickie yelled. Lucinda nodded and the women moved into the `69′ position, feasting on each other, fingering each other as their passions heightened. Lucinda’s clean-shaven pussy was the sweetest she had ever tasted, she wanted more and more.

The women hunched and writhed on the lavish bed, their shadows performing an illicit dance on the wall behind them. Vickie sensed that Lucia wouldn’t mind their lovemaking becoming a little more savage, so she plunged another finger into Lucia’s round, sexy asshole. Lucinda squealed in delight. “Oh, you fucking hot bitch, you’ve found my hot spot!” she yelled.

The two women pulled away from each other, lusty grins covering their faces, along with a generous amount of pussy cream. “Do you have any toys?” Vickie grinned.

“Of course darling, would you like to be the fucker or the fuckee?”

“Have a double?”

“Ah, a girl after my own heart” Lucinda grinned.

“Not your heart that’s making me horny, lover!”

Lucinda scampered over to a nearby closet and came back to the bed with a large, flesh-colored double dildo. She slid one end into Vickie’s eager cunt, the other into her own. The two women began moving together in synch and kissed as they shared the big toy together. To Vickie, this was the best session of lesbian sex she’d ever had, she was so in tune with her new lover. Every movement Lucinda made with her body made the dildo move inside Vickie, treating her to trickles of erotic pleasure.

“Fuck me with that toy, you depraved bitch!”

“I am fucking you, want it harder, you wild slut?!”


Lucinda slammed the dildo harder into the girl’s warm cunt, driving it deeper until Vickie tensed with orgasm. Lucinda’s own orgasm followed seconds later.

Vickie saw the time and realized she’d gone over the allotted time she was to spend with Lucinda, but she didn’t really care. She snuggled into Lucinda and kissed her sensuously, their tongues dancing together. Lucinda had been well worth the extra time. Vickie was just getting re-dressed when the buzzer sounded. Her father had come to take her home, as he often did when she didn’t call immediately after a session.

Lucinda smiled and hugged her warmly, then walked to answer the door. She heard an audible gasp come from the doorway, from both her father and Lucinda. She wasn’t sure what she heard next.

“Hello Lucinda.”

“Hello Nathan.”

It took a second to register that the pair had called each other by name. “Daddy, you know this woman?”

Vickie heard another audible gasp, this time from Lucinda. “Daddy?”

The two women were confused. “What the hell is going on?”

Nathan gestured towards Lucinda and then back at his daughter. “Vickie, your latest client just also happens to be your mother.”

Vickie was in shock, she nearly fell over as her father continued. “Your mother named you Valentina, Marissa is your middle name. She had no way of knowing who you were, I hadn’t spoken to her since she left.”

Lucinda smiled at her ex-husband. “I am sorry Brendan. I did love you. I did. I never wanted to hurt you, but I was denying that I was more comfortable with women. My current lover has given me all this, and so much more. I’m very happy.” She sighed. “I hope you can forgive me someday Nathan.” Lucinda glanced at Vickie with a lusty smile. “She’s very lovely, you’ve raised a wonderful daughter. And … ” she winked at her daughter ” … she’s very sexy!”

“I know that quite well!” Nathan also winked at his daughter, who stuck out her tongue naughtily.

Lucinda registered her ex’s words, then smiled over at her daughter.

It was Vickie who broke the tension. “Daddy, do you think we could have a little family reunion? I think LUCINDA and I can promise you, we won’t be doing a lot of talking … and you won’t be walking out of her without a BIG smile. Ooh, and do you think she’d like Heather?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32