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It was like fishing only a lot more fun.

I had seduced Vicki and stolen her away from her husband. The slender English blonde and I had set up house in an apartment building along with her sixteen-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son.

Her husband had been heartbroken at the loss of his beautiful wife and children and begged her to take him back.

I did not cut Rick off completely. It helped me get my rocks off knowing Vicki was still fucking her husband. Graciously I allowed her to meet him to spend an evening at a bar and fuck her before bringing her home.

Vicki had strict orders to fuck in Rick’s car parked in the school parking lot across the street from our apartment. From my vantage point on the seventh floor I could watch them park and time how long they were fucking. When I saw them lighting up their cigarettes I knew they had finished.

Weekly I allowed Rick to dump his load into his wife and then bring her soaking wet pussy home to me. My cock would slide into her freshly fucked pussy like it was a warm jar of raw liver.

While we fucked I would question her how she enjoyed fucking her husband and if she had climaxed with him. Invariably she had an orgasm whenever a cock entered her. The only restriction I put on her was she was not permitted to suck his cock. She didn’t mind that as she didn’t like doing it when they were together.

“Rick wants me to spend a night with him.” Vicki said.

“What do you want?” I asked her.

“I wouldn’t mind.” She smiled.

It would be a bit of a risk, allowing them to spend an entire night together in a motel room.

“No problem.” I grinned.

The Red Rose Motel was located on the outskirts of the city. It was nothing special and an economical place to spend a night fucking your estranged wife. Vicki and I had used many motels during our affair so she was quite at home in a motel room.

Rick booked them a room for the night and showed his wife into their unit looking forward to a night of fucking his wife in a proper bed again.

Vicki was not hesitant stripping in front of her husband. After sixteen years of marriage he had seen her naked countless times. While Rick poured their drinks she went into the small bathroom and removed her clothes.

Minutes later she emerged naked ready to allow her husband to use her body. Sitting on the side of the bed she drank her vodka a Wink and lights a Demaurier Special 100mm exhaling the blue smoke into the air.

Rick admired his wife’s breasts. At thirty-three they were still shapely with only slight sag. Her pale pink nipples with their three inch aureoles had always been his favorites. Rich thought her breasts were getting larger, was she pregnant?

Vicki did not take the pill as she had used a diaphragm for protection when they were together. It could be in her new lifestyle she was fucking bareback and leaving herself open to pregnancy.

It seemed to Rick that his wife had become hornier since they parted. Vicki had always been a cock hungry bitch but since she had left him she couldn’t get enough of his cock in her.

The preliminaries out of the way Rick stripped and joined his wife in bed. Vicki spread her legs as he mounted her and his cock slid into her waiting fuck hole. She wrapped her long legs around his hips and drew him securely into her warm, wet depth. She started to buck under him as they begin to fuck.

Vicki always had been a good lay right from the time he took her virginity. He had coached her on how to act under a man to make him blow his brains out into her cunt. He had taught her well as she thrashed like a wildcat beneath him.

Many guys had hit on his attractive wife in the past but she had always remained faithful. Having been brought up in a strict Catholic home she took her wedding vows seriously but Rick had constantly neglected her and taken her for granted. Too many nights out late illegal bahis drinking with the guys and eventually I was able to seduce her.

Rick and Vicki fucked for two hours steady before he exhausted himself. Load after load of his hot sperm he fired into her unquenchable cunt. Finally they fell into a deep sleep and lay together in each others arms until morning.

Rick was awaken by the bright sunlight beaming through the window. Vicki was still asleep with her bare back pressed against him. Reaching down he guided the head of his morning hard on between my wife’s pussy lips. She was still wet from the night before and his cock wormed its way into her without waking her up.

Rick’s arm encircled his wife’s waist and he buried his face in her shampoo scented hair as he begins to slide in and out of her. Vicki let out a soft moan of pleasure as the cock brought her back to life.

“We have to go because the kids will wonder where I am.” She hurried her husband.

It was almost ten o’clock and they were still in bed fucking.

Later that night Vicki gave me a detailed account of her night with her husband. She had come seven times, once a multiple orgasm. Rick had come fifteen times, once shooting onto her tits and the other times in her pussy. He had attempted to get her to suck his cock but she had refused but agreed to give his a hand job instead.

We really enjoyed our love making that night but I wanted something more.

Over the years Rick had fucked Vicki numerous times from when they were dating until she left him. I wanted another man to fuck her, someone who had never felt their cock in her beautiful cunt before.

As I have said Vicki’s upbringing had been strict and there were certain things “nice girls” didn’t do. Being promiscuous was one of them. As much as men longed for her she could not bring herself to submit to their wicked ways.

The tall attractive English blonde had an Achilles heel, booze. She could not hold her liquor. A few drinks and her clothes fell from here gorgeous body. All I had to do was set her up.

Donna Dickson was a wild little blonde who was a workmate of Vicki’s on the shipping line where she worked. Donna was also married but an uninhibited whore fucking any guy who asked, black or white. I knew Donna would be the key to getting Vicki laid.

Soul City was one of Donna’s favorite hunting grounds. It was a club where black studs hung out looking for white women who were addicted to blacksnake. On a good night Donna could have as much as twenty-five inches of black cock in her, one in each of her openings. This is where I convince Vicki to go with Donna for a girls’ night out.

I must have jerked off a hundred times that night wondering what was happening to Vicki. I called Donna’s house to ask her husband Jim if he had heard from his wife. Sometime she called him to come and pick her up if she was having a bad night. Jim said she hadn’t called.

It was almost three in the morning when the cab dropped Vicki off. I waited in the hallway for her to come out of the elevator. Fortunately the hallways were deserted at this hour as Vicki stumbled out of the elevator with her entire left breast bare. Her silk burgundy dress had fallen off her shoulder dropping to uncover her tit.

She was pissed out of her head and wouldn’t have cared if she were completely naked. I hurried her into out apartment and closed the door.

Vicki collapsed on the living room couch and passed out.

I lifted the hem of her dress up to her waist and saw she had no panties on. Her pussy glistened with a swamp of cum, she had been well fucked.

I couldn’t help spreading her legs and burying my face in her crotch. My tongue scooped mouthfuls of cum out of her sloppy cunt.

Vicki was totally incoherent for the rest of the night while I fucked her sloppy cunt until I had no more cum left. The following morning illegal bahis siteleri I couldn’t wait to question her about the preceding night.

She couldn’t remember what happened too clearly but told me she and Danna had goner to Soul City where they had been picked up by a couple of off duty cops. The cops had taken them to a motel to fuck and a fight had ensued while one of them was fucking Vicki. The other guy was screwing Donna but preferred to get is cock into Vicki and had wrestled his partner off of her and taken his place.

The two had taken turns fucking the girls for almost two hours before loading their asses in a cab to send them home. She remembered giving one of them her telephone number.

It was tow day later that he called requesting a return match. As I instructed her Vicki invited him to come to our place that night and fuck her in her bed. She said her boyfriend wanted to watch her getting fucked by another guy.

She gave him her address and told him to come after 10 pm when her eight-year-old son would be in bed sleeping, her sixteen-year-old daughter was in England visiting her grandmother.

Vicki was very apprehensive about whether she could go through with it. About 8 pm I started pouring the vodka into her and convinced her to change into a floor length transparent red negligee and put on her pretty face

It was precisely 10 pm when the intercom buzzed announcing the arrival of Vicki’s stud. She buzzed him in and greeted him at the door.

I hung back so as not to frighten him off and was delighted to see a massive man standing in the doorway as black as the ace of spades!

The guy looked like a pro football player and must have weighed close to three hundred pounds of muscle.

Vicki invited him in and introduced him to me.

Vince told me he was on the local police department and worked traffic on a motorcycle. He said he and his partner had picked the girls up at Soul City and fucked their brains out. Vince went on to explain Vicki had been such a good screw he had to have her again.

I told Vince I enjoyed watching Vicki getting fucked by other men and would love to see him make her come in our bed. Vince smiled at the thought of putting on a show with the tall blonde.

I put some music on the stereo and suggested they dance to get warmed up for their session in bed. I watched while Vince took Vicki in his arms and holding her closely glided around the living room while I watched.

I could see his big hands cupping her buttocks through the thin material of her gown and press her pussy tightly against his package.

Vince looked in my direction and I gave him the nod. Casually he slipped the straps of Vicki’s gown off one of her shoulders and then the other letting it fall to the floor. He took her naked into his arm, his right hand reaching for her exposed pussy.

“Take her into the bedroom.” I told Vince.

Naked Vicki willingly went with his to the bedroom where he placed her across the bed and begin to undress. Vicki lay there motionless as Vince took off his clothes piece by piece. Finally he pulled down his boxers and out sprung the biggest cock I had ever seen, he must have been wielding at least ten inches of cock as big around as Vicki’s arms.

“Oh my God!” I thought, “How is she going to take that?”

Of course she had taken it just a few nights before and now I knew why her cunt had been so stretched.

I stood fascinated in the doorway with my cock in my hand as the giant blackman climbed on top of Vicki.

Her eyes popped wide open as he plunged into her pussy. With one mighty thrust he filled her with hard black cock. The initial shock over her legs closed around Vince’s hips. As I watched she began to fuck the black bull.

Vince’s weight forced his black gigantic cock fully into Vicki’s hole right up to his massive balls. I expected top see the head canlı bahis siteleri of his cock coming out of her mouth.

Vicki moaned and groaned as Vince’s cock piston in and out of her. She tried to thrash herself out from under his relentless cock.

“Let me on top.” She pleaded.

Vince rolled over taking Vicki with him, I an instant she was on top riding his cock. The contrast was beautiful, Vicki’s slender white body astride Vince’s muscular ebony hulk. She started riding him like a cowpoke in a Braymer bull.

“Oh God, I love it!” she cried out.

From my point of view I could see Vicki’s hole stretched around the girth of Vince’s thick cock. As it slid out it pulled her pussy like turning a sock inside out. The gigantic black cock was stretching her cunt to new limits.

With a cock that size I doubted her diaphragm would remain in place, when Vince fired is volley of black baby batter into her it would likely breach the barrier and rush to find her eggs.

“Fuck her hard, fuck the bitch!” I encouraged Vince as I stroked my cock.

We came in rapid succession, Vince blowing his load into Vicki, Vicki soaking up his sperm and my cock spitting out a huge load of cum.

Vicki collapsed exhausted on top of the black man, his spent cock still in her soaked cunt. As I watched she kissed him on his thick lips, “I love you!” she moaned.

Vince’s cock came to life again as they lay there tied together like two dogs. Feeling the life flowing into his member Vicki begins gyrating her hips once more. In minutes they were fucking again, I could hear the squishing noise over their moans as they worked for another orgasm.

“Oh God yes!” Vicki screamed as she rode Vince’s resurrected cock once again.

Vicki was bent forward over her lover and dragging her nipples across his lips. Like a hungry Bass he lunged his head up and swallowed her right teat. Sucking on her delectable nipple his hands cupped her buttocks pulling her cunt down onto his thick root.

It was a picture of divine ecstasy, Vicki swooning as she was filled with more cock than she was accustom to.

Much later that night after Vince had left Vicki completely fucked out I dipped my cock into her sloppy cunt. It was like dropping it into a jar of warm gelatin, there was no resistance at all.

It was late when I tried to enter our apartment. I had been working until two in the morning and when I unlocked the door I found the safety chain was stopping the door from opening. I called for Vicki to come and open the door so I could enter.

Much to my surprise Donna Dickson came to open the door completely naked. She smiled as she opened the door for me.

“Where’s Vicki?” I asked.

“In bed.” she replied.

I went through to the bedroom and there was Vicki in the bed with some guy I did not know. Both of them were also naked.

Donna introduced me to the stranger; he was Gord, one of the guys they worked with. Apparently Donna had brought Gord to our place to fuck him.

Vicki had welcomed them in and joined them in the shower where the girls took turns sucking his cock. They then moved to our bed where Gord enjoyed a threesome fucking both of his blonde workmates.

“C’mon and join us.” Donna said jumping back into the bed.

What was I to do? Quickly I stripped and snuggled up to Donna’s naked back. Guiding my cock into her pussy I slid smoothly into her freshly fucked cunt. Gord’s cum served as an excellent lubricant as I sank balls deep into the petite blonde.

As I fucked Donna I watched while Vicki went down on Gord’s cock, filling her head with his erection and slurping his pole like a dog with a bane.

Gord come first and as I watched Vicki slurping down his jism I released my load into Jim Dickson’s wife’s pussy.

We spent the next hour fucking and having our dicks sucked in every imaginable combination.

Donna Dickson has been a regular fixture around our place and out of courtesy Vicki invited her over with her husband Jim to participate in a threesome with her and his wife. Jim thought it was great unaware of how many guys his wife had fucked in that very same bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32