Very Hot at 43

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I walked into Applebee’s in Rockwall to the bar, sitting four stools down from is this very attractive blonde. Paula glanced at me as I stood there, my stance is on the edge of relaxed, With a hint of a natural tension in my wide shoulders. I walked with an air of authority, my tall frame half a head taller than the majority of those in the bar, my hair is cropped close to my head. It is gray, from what she can see in the dimmed lights, then our eyes met, ice against burning coals. My stare is possessive, many have difficulty breaking the gaze. Paula felt her lips quirk upwards, wanting to grin, but she kept herself passive as she looked further into the crowd surrounding the bar. Paula turns in her seat, nursing her wine, she feels me as I approached her from behind and stood behind her bar stool. My large hands resting on the sides of her seat, trapping her somewhat in my arms, I lean over her shoulders as she fought the growing urge to grin.

” Are you alone?” was all I said, a deep voice that flowed not only teasingly into her ear and warmed the back of her neck, but pulsated through her back, where my chest hovered. She took her drink and took another sip, suddenly thirsty, she didn’t answer me, only waited, sitting patiently. I leaned away from her and took a seat to her left, nudging her knees with mine. My stare is molten, I see in her eyes she is tempted, she has been so bored recently. She licked her lips and looked up at me, staring me straight on, she looks me over, a small smirk breaking free over her lips, yes, she definitely likes what she saw. ” Are you?” She asked issuing her challenge, her defeat, her utter surrender. Paula is 43 never married blonde with a petite slender body, in a strange apartment her back slammed against the wall in the darkness, Her eyes locked on mine as I walk towards her, towering over her. Paula steps backwards, intimidated, but finds herself backed into a wall. My arms come up above her shoulders, leaning against the wall, trapping her, my eyes still keeping her ensnared.

I smile warmly at her natural naiveté, as I snake an arm around her shoulder. ” You see Paula, even though I’m 12 years older than you, means I like the idea of seeing ‘more’ of you.” Paula recoiled from my touch; her face now upturned and a scared look crossed her. I languorously let my arm fall down behind her back till my right hand nudged the black skirt she wore. ” John! I…I…what are you….?” Paula protested, but I raise my left index finger and pressed it to her lips. ” Paula,” I said using my best man-in-charge voice, ” do as I want, as I say, and you’ll get a new job. I promise.” My hand stroked her small firm ass as I drew her closer. ” Okay.” ” But …we…I…um, we can’t. I don’t know…don’t wanna…” Paula is now confused, scared, also aware not just of how sexually charged the moment is, but also that I held the cards. ” Don’t wanna!” doesn’t mean anything Paula. Either you play by my rules or you don’t play at all!” At which point as I mumbled this into her right ear I lean in and kiss her cheek, my hand on her butt sliding along the fabric-covered cleft of her crack. ” Mmmm…you feel great baby.” I can’t help myself…my brain is now controlled by my dick, and the touch of this 43 year old woman is giving me a hard on that would cut diamonds. ” But…John.” Paula’s protests grew stronger, and a hand balled into a fist punches at my chest. ” Stop please! I can’t do this!”

” Too late Paula,” I drooled as I put both my hands around her tight backside lifting her towards me, rubbing my penis throw my suit pants against her belly ” what I want is what I get. Or Paula goes home…” My throaty voice is muffled by Paula’s mouth as I clamp my lips on hers and kiss her. Greedily and with a force that surprises her.
” uhhh…John….” Paula’s plea is lost as I latch onto her mouth and hungrily kiss her. I feel the globes of her tits squish against my chest, her silky blouse rubbing against my chest as I hold Paula tight in an intensely erotic grasp. Her legs kicking futilely as I keep her pinioned against me, my right hand now sliding down between the waist band of her skirt and her back. I didn’t care about her resistance, I wanted to fuck this 43 year old tease so bad damn the consequences. ” God…wanted you so bad when I walked into the restaurant Paula,” I breathed as I briefly stop kissing her ” feel how rock hard you’ve made my prick.” Paula twisted and squealed a little cry as I push against her, again and again. Her eyes are darting round the room and her fist keeps smacking against my chest. But I’m too horny to pay that much attention. My only concern is getting this teasing blonde out of her skirt and blouse, then doing what I want with her naked, vulnerable body.”

Paula sobbing, ” oh please…please John…stop please.” as she begged I keep her clasped tightly. Then as she tries to kick me and squirm free, my hand finally dove deep between her skirt and her panties from behind, invading her ass crack with my fingers. ” Oh no!” Paula’s cry is matched with a shudder, as I dig deeper, guiding a finger between her wriggling cheeks, trying to find her pussy lips. Like a cruel joke, she tries to escape my hand by shifting, violating her till, with another sob and my gasp of success, I wedged a digit into her dry vulva.
” Shit yes….gotta finger your clitty Paula,” I babbled as I start to rub and finger her cunt lips. Tears streaming down Paula’s face as I assault her pussy lips, but her flailing legs are now immobilized. I took the opportunity to slowly push and pull her with me to the edge of my sofa as I masturbated her labia.
” John….I don’t…uh…don’t like this. Ow…no…no!” ” Be quiet and do as I say or I’ll make damn fucking sure your job and career disappears.” With this cruel observation I use my left hand to tug down her skirt, exposing her bare thighs and curled up panties as I keep fingering her. ” Rub my cock or something worse is gonna happen.”
Paula stares at me with a look mixed with hate, fear, sadness and something else…something distant, as her fist that had been hitting me uncurls. Tentatively, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she tries to put her fingers down my pants. ” Stop teasing…get with it!” At my command she reaches in and found my 9 inches of hard cock. ” Rub it Paula.”

” I don’t…ah, like touching…this.” Paula whimpers. Still her fingers flex round my shaft and as we stood there, stomach-to-stomach, her small hand pulling at my prick as my fingers piston into the nub of her clit. With each thrust of her hand my cock shook, and her mouth let out soft ‘Oh’s, tinged with pain, surprise and a little pleasure. When Paula grasped the shaft of my erect prick I feel a shock of sexual electricity burrow deep into my groin, and my balls tighten involuntarily. I’ve been masturbated, touched, caressed and sucked by plenty of women. From my earliest hand job, to the infrequent tugs my ex-wife Mina gave me when she was too tired to fuck, I can say none thrilled me as Paula’s efforts right now did. Her hand held me as if it is wrapped round a snake’s head; too scared to do anything to aggravate it, but even more scared to let it go. I look down into the wet pools of her blue eyes and whisper; ” You even had a man’s gaziantep rus escort penis in your hand Paula?” ” Y-yes…yes.” She stammers, going beet red as she shifted against my fingers between her labial lips. ” Do you like the feeling? Like how hard and fat my prick is?” ” Um….do I have to?” ” It depends sweetheart,” at which point I refocus my energy on massaging her clitoral bud, ” because if you want me to help you with a new job, get a opportunity to go to work for a International Corporation…well, you have to play by my rules.”

Paula opens her mouth in a noiseless ” oh”, and then grasps my cock shaft a little more firmly, gradually pulling back and forth. ” I want a new job with a big company. Honest…I do!” ” Well then, let’s make sure you do baby.” Paula’s eyes closed in what I took to be a capitulation to my lust, while her body isn’t totally betraying her I made an extra effort to get her wetter than she is between her thighs. ” Open your legs a little more for me Paula…open ’em for me.” As Paula did this, with some reluctance, I lowered my head back to her face, and then nuzzled my mouth against the nape of her neck. My tongue briefly touching the skin, leaving a slick spot of saliva, before I crush my lips against her neck just under her ears kissing her feverishly. My free hand went to the back of her head, pulling her closer to me as I feasted on her 43 year old body. And as I did this, her fingers curled round my cock yanking nervously and with a reluctant eagerness. Her ass cheeks grazed the edge of the sofa as I assaulted her pussy and clit with my exploring fingers.

” Uh…uh…oh John…please…don’t…don’t…” Paula’s tremulous voice sounds like she is in fear yet also likes she is ready to let go of herself. I’ve been told by a few of my lovers that when I kiss their necks and at the same time gently circle their clits with a caressing finger it’s one of the best ways they get aroused, and as Paula is 12 years short on experience compared to me it is no real contest. I may not have got her panties pushed aside willingly, and her cunt isn’t opening up to my violation with any ease yet. But I feel the rubbery wet skin round her vulva moisten slightly, and her breath came in shorter gasps. ” You know Paula,” I return to gazing into her eyes, as we keep mutually masturbating ” Maybe you need to do more than just stroke my cock, or have your clitty rubbed. Maybe if I’m going to help you make your dreams about career change come true, well I need to find out how flexible…how fit you are.” I knew these were silly, almost school-boyish double entenders but Paula is not focused on my jokes. Instead she is now lost somewhere between sobbing against the sexual assault I’m forcing on her, and letting go so she can relax and enjoy the ministrations of an older man on her petite slender body. I didn’t care; I just wanted to fuck her now.

” John…you promise I’ll…um…you know, get the…ohhhhh…a new job?” The little minx may have been more of a thinker than a tease, she knew that her body is at least part of the leverage in our illicit sexual transaction. She didn’t want me to fuck her, but if she found my molestations pleasurable and it got her where she wanted, she can take some satisfaction from that. ” I promise you, I’ll do what needs to be…ohhhh…done. I won’t let you down.” Paula’s eyes looking back into mine now with a gaze that is part defiant, part resignation. We both knew that what I want and what she wants were two mutually beneficial things. But what I’m going to get isn’t being given; it is being taken. ” Let go of my cock Paula,” I ordered my new minx ” and turn round facing the sofa.” I remove my fingers from her pussy, the scent of her juices is sweet. Paula did as I said, but she can’t help but ask in a frightened tone ” What do you want? Is there something more I have to do?” ” Uh huh Paula,” I replied ” let’s get these panties off.” I lean down grabbing the sensible white cotton panties at the hem, tugging them downward. Paula’s small trim ass wriggled as she looks back at me as I almost tore her panties off with eagerness. ” Please don’t tear my panties,” she whines. I just want to bury my dick deep into her 43-year-old pussy.

With her naked butt now exposed, my cock shifting with a big twitch in my pants. I know what I’m going to do. When I drop my pants and reach round Paula’s hips, all concerns melted away. With my 9 inch penis brushing against her left inner thigh, I whisper into Paula’s ear ” Lean forward and put your hands on the sofa. And spread your legs.” I grasp my hard dick pushing the glans against her clitoral hood. ” Ever had a cock there Paula?” ” Yes…yes…it has been a long time,” Paula shudders as she replies ” I’m a…” ” What?” ” I’m a…”, Paula’s head drops ” I’m very tight like a virgin.” I suppress a cry of excitement. The object of my lust, this 43 year old woman I want to force fuck is going to have her small tight vagina stretched by me. By a 55 year old man ” Thank God!” I mumble to myself, as I stroke my cock head along her slit. A few wisps of blonde pubic hair brushes against my cock,as I reach up to grope her ripe small tits. My hands reaching under her blouse, as she shifts in some discomfort from my mauling, her ass bumping against my groin. My dick feels thicker and harder than it has felt recently, and it is dying to sink into Paula’s small tight cunt.

” One thing Paula,” I spoke as I cup her boobs, feeling the small nipples of each breast against the palms of my hands ” I never wear a condom. I hate them.” ” What?! Oh….no John!” Paula almost yells in shock and disgust. ” You gotta wear one John…you just have to!” Paula leaning over my sofa, bare-ass and being groped is literally twisting and quivering in fear. Earlier moments of willingness, of making a deal with herself and with me to let me fuck her are now something she regretted. I didn’t care, though I guessed immediately the concerns she had. ” You’re not on the pill are you Paula?” “No…oh god…please don’t John…I’m not.” ” Too bad…just have to take your chances,” I smirked as I start to stab my cock into the folds of her pussy, slowly with great care not to rush and cum too early, ” got a hard on that’s ready to bust your tight pussy Paula. So shut up and take it!”
My cock inches inside her tighter-than-tight vagina, and as it did I see the bluish-purple skin of the head and shaft gradually disappear into her pink cunt. Paula starts to cry, her weeping giving me a perverse thrill as she sobs and begs ” Please stop John. Please…please…don’t John….I don’t like this…I don’t enjoy sex.” It is the most powerful, the most sexually aroused I have felt with a older woman. The feeling grew exponentially as my cock hit the tightness and partial membrane that marked her as still a girl.

” Hmmmm…I think John has found Paula’s tightness,” I laugh as Paula cries ” I think it’s ready to be broken and stretched. What do you think Paula?” My rhetorical question is met with a shake of her head and a move forward that almost unseats my cock from her tight semi-dry-wet pussy. ” Now now…don’t be such an ungrateful, ice queen. I’m going to help you with a new career sweetheart.” I probe back harder, and as I sink my cock in again into her invaded pussy I squeeze her tits. ” Ow…oh NO!” Paula squeals. ” Oh YES!” I emphatically said back. It is time; with the body of my new 43 year old minx almost impaled on my uncovered cock, I decide it is now or never. ” This will be painful honey.” I said to Paula, then with a grunt I rammed forward. The first feeling I have is of a lot of resistances, then, as Paula cries out in pain and shame, I stretch and tore her small narrow vaginal tunnel, ripping her tightness and making her pussy mine. ” NO NO NO NO…PLEASE STOP John…PLEASEEEEE!” Paula cries out in a high-pitched anguished scream. ” HELP ME…PLEASE…SOMEBODY STOP HIM!”

While I knew that no one can hear her, thanks to the secure nature of my apartment and the relatively late hour in the evening, I still had to make Paula stop. As I thrust back and forth inside her pussy, the mixture of blood and vaginal juice lubricating her torn cunt, ” Stop complaining Paula…it’s either this,” at which point I thrust deep inside her vagina, ” or staying in your current job. YOU UNDERSTAND?!” Paula responded by simply sobbing again, and looking back with her big blue eyes brimming with tears. ” Oh…but John…I’m not on the pill…I’m not dating, I have not be in a relationship for a long time. I find sex disgusting and dirty.” Paula murmurs this plea as I keep fucking her. ” What am I going to say to a boyfriend or possible husband if I get married? What if…” Paula shudders, and I not sure if it is agony, pleasure or fear. ” What if you ejaculate and….I get,” she whispers ” pregnant.” ” Well I guess then you will have a problem.” I cruelly smile, dismissing her begging look with another ferocious push up inside her cunt. ” Now push back…enjoy it Paula…let yourself go. Anyway…women in their forties don’t have periods often right?” Paula looked back at me and grimaced ” I had one….ahhh…about two…oh no…weeks ago,” she gasps.

So, my blonde 43 year old minx and fuck toy is possibly fertile. This put me in two minds, should I keep fucking her and fucking her brains out, and hope to hell when I came she didn’t get knocked up. Or should I pull out? Or should I just stop. ” Nah,” I said to myself ” so what if it happens.” I lean back down so my mouth is level to Paula’s left ear. ” Tell you what my dear, I will come in you so you better enjoy it.” To reinforce this I shift my right hand down and around, so I stroke her pubis and massage her clit from the front.” This should make you feel better…uhhhhh.” I panted and groaned as Paula’s pussy involuntarily reacts to the new stimulus, tightening and flexing. ” Oh God! Uh…uh…uh…oh no…don’t.stop.” Paula begged and cries out as I fucked her from behind. ” It’s not right…not fair. I don’t want it. Don’t…..please….stop.” ” Don’t stop you just asked?” I pointedly questioned her as her legs buckled a little and her ass jutted back against my groin. ” I think you like this. I know I do!” I then thrust in hard and deep without uttering a word. Just groans and moans escaping my lips as I repeatedly ram my cock deep inside Paula’s moistening vagina. Though her movement is minimal, though she keeps whispering in a chant she didn’t want me to cum in her, I sense her pussy grasping at me every now and again, and her butt bobbing back to me. Her mind is saying no, but her 43 year old body is getting use to the idea of being fucked.

” Reach back and feel my balls Paula” I ordered after 5 minutes of lustful fucking. ” They’re heavy with sperm, all for you.” Paula shuddering again and again; I wasn’t sure, it could have been a wracking sob of shame, or maybe a small tremulous orgasm. ” Did you just cum Paula. Huh…did you?” My blonde 43 year old minx impaled from behind on my cock didn’t say a word, but her head nodding imperceptibly. I’d brought Paula to her first climax, albeit a small one. It is at this point I knew I can do what I wanted. My cock is slicing into Paula’s freshly violated pussy with a staccato of thrusts, as the bulbous head of my cock tore through the last vestiges of her tightness it seems to quicken her cries, her moans, her contortions. I’d brought my little minx to her very first vaginal orgasm, impaled from behind by my hard 9 inch older man’s cock, and with her tentative first climax subsiding I decide she needed more than a hard fast ramming. ” How was your first cum Paula…did I make you feel good? All twitchy in your tummy and pussy?” I probably sounded patronizing and teasing as I probed both with my questions and my cock, but Paula is too absorbed in her physical reactions and her vulnerable position to pick up on my inflection. ” It pleases me no end I was the one who stretched your very pussy Paula, helped you to cum for the first time with a man’s cock wedged deep in you.” I wasn’t sure, but as I uttered these words the lithesome body of Paula seems to shudder, and I feel a stronger grasp by her sticky-walled cunt around my phallus.

” Oh John…John…Mr Malone,” Paula moaned ” I…I don’t… this. Please don’t cum in me.”
Paula stammers as she begs, but her pert backside pushing back at the same time, and her left hand didn’t leave its shy grip on my semen-heavy testes. I stop squeezing her perky tits, relax my control of her waist, and brush my right index finger along the cleft between her ass cheeks. ” What’s that?” Paula asks, a low sob in the back of her throat. ” Just a little extra stimulation Paula. Lean forward, take a deep breath, and think of all those dollars you’ll get when I give you a new job.” My finger touches the brown pucker of Paula’s anus, and when I did this she involuntarily shakes. ” Oh please John…please stop this. I wanna go home!” I can’t stop; my dark side is impelling me to first take Paula’s innocence, then to penetrate her without a condom, now made me rim her butt hole, dipping slowly inside the taut rubbery ring. Paula squeals and shifts, her knees buckling and her torso twisted against my sofa. Yet even though she is sensing a new degradation of her 43-year-old body, and she knew she is being taken against her will, her physical stimulation counterbalanced all this shame and she utters a low moan of pleasure.

” Uhhhhh…ohhhh John. Stopppppppppp.” Paula’s half-yearning, half-wailing prayer came from her like a sigh, and as I inch forward with my finger inside her ass, my cock rams deep, bashing against her cervix.
” Fuck me back Paula…push your sweet ass towards my cock and finger. Uhhhh…fuck yes…opening you up so you’ll always remember the feeling of me fucking you.” Paula’s body twitching once…twice…three times. As it did, I feel a stronger pulse around my cock, buried as it is a good 6 inches past her pinkish, thick cunt lips. ” Yes…good Paula. Cum for me.” My free hand strokes her ass, then returning to massaging the erect nipple on her right tit. ” You learn fast sweetie…very very fast!” ” Oh John,” Paula mewled ” I don’t like this…I hate you, but….oh no…fuck…” Her faint voice is wrought with her confusion, sexual desire and shame. She whispers, as if she is talking to herself or to the gods themselves. ” Fill me John…don’t hurt me, but make me cum again.” My ears burning, my balls rose in my sac and my cock seems to harden further as I hear Paula’s reluctant request for another orgasm. So, as I thrust rhythmically inside her pussy, my index finger inside her anus popped out, and I guided it under my shaft and put the tip against her clit. My uncovered cock speared inside her now sopping cunny, as I begin to circle her bud with my finger that had previously opened her anus.

Paula’s blouse is now bunched up at her shoulders, exposing her back to me and letting me glimpse from an angle the crushed flesh of her tits, pushed down against the back of the sofa. Her groans and moans of protest are more and more intermingled with gasps of pleasure. The wailing and sobbing that marked my first hard stabs up inside her now stretched pussy are no longer heard. Paula is whispering a guttural mix of low sensual cries, the occasional ” no, oh no” or “please…John” and for one heart-stopping moment, I swore she said ” Fuck me deep…bang me harder!” I lean over her exposed butt, my stomach pressing against her bare skin. ” Paula…baby…you want me to give you a new job? Give you anew career? Want me to…” punctuating my questioning with three fast hard thrusts of my cock and a rub of her clit, “…want me to give you more orgasms sweetie? Tell me what you want…go on.” My mouth is close to her left ear, and I nibbled the lobe after I murmured my queries. Paula’s eyes closed and opened, the blue corona round each pupil expanding with what I took to be erotic pleasure. ” Yes Paula…take my cock and feel how big and filling it is.”

” Oh John…I never ever knew…uhhhhhhh.” The woman under me let slip a whimper and firmly jutted back into my lap, her thighs shaking and her cunt getting wetter. ” I want you to use me…mold me…make me cum. Make me a career…just FUCK ME.” I’d won; the blonde who had excited me, teased me with her hot 43 year old body and her naïve willingness to do what I wanted had been tricked, ravished and now conquered so that she knew that she had only one goal; to do what I wanted, her new job and career would always be mixed in with her submission to me. it made me feel alive and desired, as I keep poking, probing, pushing my unsheathed cock into Paula’s tight sopping cunt. ” Love fucking you Paula…love drilling your cunt,” my voice grew hoarser, my breath a little labored, your pussy loves my cock huh?” ” Yes,” Paula sighed ” want another orgasm…want you to fuck me deep and long and hard John. Just….” I withdrew my cock slightly from between her satiny inner folds ” Just what Paula?”

She looks back at me, her face flushed, her eyes red-rimmed but sparkling. ” Just…please don’t make me pregnant. Please…” I’m almost touched by her plea. ” You want me to pull out? Maybe cum on your back, or face…or somewhere else?” ” Uhhhh…my back please John…anywhere but inside me. I know I’m probably ovulating. And if I get knocked up, people will ask questions.” Even now, with her pussy dripping and stuffed full of my invading cock, her molestation turned into a submission to my own libido, Paula still wanted to win some concession from me. Retain some dignity, some control, some innocence. ” We’ll see baby…we’ll see.” I thrust again and again. ” Perhaps even if I do shoot my spunk up you, there’s no guarantee you’ll be knocked up.” The tone of our conversation is laden with sighs, grunts and groans. ” Never ever wear a raincoat when I take a shower” I said partly to myself. ” Oh god…John. John…you’re hitting my cervix. I swear…uh uh uh uh. FUCK FUCK!” All the talk of my cumming is giving me that mad desire to shoot my load. My balls, hanging heavy with sperm, bounced against Paula’s inner thighs, and I slow down my fucking just enough to pull out totally from her ravaged cunt, to then slip it back in with a messy ‘slurp’ sound. Watching my 9 inches disappear between her pussy lips is the most beautiful, most erotic, most fucking hot thing to see. I feel it too!

” Paula…” I groan. ” Yes John…ahhh…sir?” ” Cum for me and I’ll cum too. I’m nearly there.” ” Ohhh John…remember…ahhhhhh…fuck…on my back please. Please…please.” Paula panting and her body again begins to shake. Her ass jumped and shuddered, and I feel her cunt walls close tighter round my engorged cock. ” Don’t cum in me…I beg you!” My minx’s begging aroused me more and more. I feel her pussy quivering, and as I reach back to cup her tits I drawn deeper in her, not shallower. I not keen on knocking Paula up, but the urge to dump my semen up in her womb is incredibly hard to shake. ” I’ll try…uh uh…try to pull out baby. Fuck…Fuck…yeah fuck me…FUCKING YOU…UHHH YES YES.” ” OH NO…DON’T CUM YET!” Paula squeals, her body trying to pull away one last time. ” Not inside me…not inside,” she chanted, gasping, ” not in my pussy…uhhhh…” ” OH FUCK YES…CHRIST ALMIGHTYYYYYY!!” My cock retreated from its deeply nestled position at the opening to Paula’s womb. As I feel the first incredibly powerful contraction in my balls, my cock slides out of her ravaged cunt, covered in a glistening film of juice, blood and pre-cum. ” Thank you John…oh thank you…” Paula lowly keen as I grasped my cock and pointed it straight at her pulsating anus. Her butt hole is opening and closing a little, and her sobs indicated to me she is cumming, possibly just as much from relief as from sexual stimulation.

” Not this time,” I growl to her and to myself, semi-consciously promising us both another fuck session where maybe I would fill her. But this time I wouldn’t. ” Gonna cum on your ass…YEAH…CUM ON ass.” Almost yelling out my wicked promise, the first pulse of hot sticky cum swelled my cock, then came splashing in a wet jetting spurt, hitting her on her asshole. ” UHHHHH…..FUUUUCK YES…CUMMMMING!” Then another clump of creamy cum spat on Paula’s ass. And another…and another. It felt like a flood of cum was draining from me and dribbling down from Paula’s goo-spattered ass. ” Thank you John…oh yes….ohhh…thank you.” Paula moaned with relief and orgasmic pleasure. Looking down I saw her right ring finger caught between her thighs, diddling her clit. Lost in my own humongous orgasm, I lost track of pleasing my minx. ” OHHHH YESSSS!” Paula shouted with a bestial cry, experiencing one last stomach-churning climax. Slowly, I pull away from Paula’s cum-streaked ass, seeing a few rivulets of my spunk dribble down over her pussy lips. ” Clean yourself up Paula,” I said harshly, with my own dirty desires satisified. Paula looked back at me, rising gingerly semi-naked from the sofa where I had violated her. Her face only just a lighter shade of red and her erect nipples.

” Was that okay John?” she whimpers. ” I did what you wanted didn’t I? You’ll help me get a new job won’t you?” Paula looked into my eyes, she scrambled for the cotton panties and her skirt that lay a few feet away from the scene of her sexual submission. ” Yes…I you did Paula. But maybe,” I came back closer to her and cupped her tits, then kissed her gently on her lips ” maybe we will need more ‘training’, more one-on-one sessions. I have to fill you in on some advanced…uhhh…techniques.” My guttural laugh sounded cold in the room, but Paula knew deep down that what I wanted, from now on she’d do what I wanted. Her dreams of a new career served as a vehicle for my fucking her again and again and again.

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