Veronica In Love

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Veronica Sinclair starred out of her apartment window. She had always admired the view of the Charleston Battery, in fact that was one of the main reasons she chose this apartment. Sipping her coffee, she started thinking of her family. She had been so busy lately, that she hadn’t even seen them.

Veronica was the daughter of Phillip and Carrie Sinclair. She had grown up in Charleston, South Carolina, and relished in her state’s history. Her family had always been close knit, just as most of the families of the South. Her father, Phillip, was a senator for the state, and her mother, Carrie was a lawyer. Veronica had a brother, which everyone called Trey.

Phillip Xavior Sinclair III was Veronica’s best friend in all the world. They had been in the public eye for almost their entire life, and sharing that expirence brought them close. Trey was a lawyer just as their mother was, and he practiced in a small firm in the bisness district of Charleston. Trey was married to his high school sweetheart, and all seemed to go very well for him.

Veronica was happy with her life at the moment. She was a clinical psychologist, and worked at Tall Pines General Hospitial. She delt mostly with children and teens, but she could handle anything she had to face. Her boyfriend was a doctor at the hospital, and was rumored to be the best cardiologist in the state. Veronica still stood infront of the window when she stopped day dreaming.

After grabbing a quick shower, Veronica ran out the door and headed to work. She enjoyed her work. She felt accomplished when she helped someone overcome a disorder or tendency. The twenty min. comute to work didn’t give her much time to think, but she just relaxed and listened to the radio. Just as she popped her Temptations CD in her cell phone rang. She answered it in her formal voice, “Veronica Sinclair.” The voice on the other end of the line began laughing and replied,”Little sister, why do you sound so strict the morning?” Relaxing a little bit, she realized it was Trey and felt realived to here from him. “Sorry Bubba, I thought it was the hospital calling. So, how is everything on the Emek Escort other side of town?” Trey became silent, but finally responded,”Everything is okay, but it could be a lot better. Emily went to the doctor Monday and found out she was pregnant. Then she started to get cramps really bad, so I took her to the emergency room last night. V, she miscarried.” All she could do was start crying.

Trey and Emily had been married for five years, and Emily had miscarried every pregnancy she had. Through the long line of miscarriages she had lasped in and out of deep depressions. Veronica was overwelemed with the news she just recieved, but slowly started to reply to Trey. “Aww Bubba, I am so sorry. How is Emily taking it? What did the doctors say?” Trey said that she was fine, and the doctors just could not explain what had happened. Veronica inched her way into the hospital parking lot, and ended her conversation with Trey.

Another day had come and she must make the most of it, even though she had just recieved Trey’s bad news.
Her work day started as all others did- a cup of coffee, a doughnut, and a stack of messages. Veronica made her way to the board room and took her useal seat. She was early as always, and that gave her time to look over her papers. Not long after she started reviewing her papers Hampton walked in and took a seat beside her. She glanced up and said, “Hey Love, have a good night?” Hampton kissed her lightly on her lips and said, “It was okay, very restful, but the house was too empty without you.” Veronica laughed and said,”I am sure you fared just fine.”

It didn’t take long for the board room to fill up and the meeting began. It had to be cut short because a city bus had been hit by a truck, and all doctors were needed in the ER. Veronica headed back to her office and got started with the day. Veronica got a call from Hampton around 2:00 pm wanting her to meet him at five under the oak tree in the center courtyard. She aggreed, and soon found the clock nearing five o’clock. She closed her office up and went to the courtyard.

Hampton Eryaman Escort was already there, and happy to finally get a puff off of a ciggerette. Veronica sat down next to him and he put his arm around her. “Hey Baby, how was your day?” “It was good, except Trey called and told me that Emily miscarried again.” “Aw Baby, I’m so sorry.” “Yeah, it will be okay I guess, I am just glad today is Friday!” “So, would you like to come over to my house and let me cook for you tonight?” Veronica thought a moment and then replied that she rather have Hampton cook at her apartment, he aggreed to it and they parted ways.

On the drive home Veronica was thinking about Hampton. She thought about how lucky she had been to be with him. He was sucessful, sweet, and very caring. He knew everything about her, and she everything about him. They had been together for a year, and he kept laying the idea of marriage on the table. Somehow, Veronica hesitated because she was afraid everything would change, but she had decided that if he asked her again, she would say yes.

When Veronica got home, she headed straight for the bathtub. It was a ritual for her. Every Friday night when she would arrive home, she would be in the bath tub filled with lilac scented bubbles. After Veronica had been soaking for about ten mins. she heard Hamp’s key clicking in the lock. He yelled that it was only him, and he was going to start dinner. Veronica sunk down in the world of bubbles and drifted away only to rise when her lungs started to betray her. Soon she started to smell some heavenly scents drifting from the kitchen. Veronica decided to cut her bubble bath short and go see what Hamp was cooking.

She glided sliently up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Smells delicous, Love. What are you cooking for me tonight?” Hamp swung around and hugged me, then replied to me, “For my lady this evening, I have prepared Tossed Salad, Chicken Alfredo, and delicous Chocolate Cream Pie.” All Veronica could do was say “YUMMY!” Hampton served them, and they ate the delicous meal. Veronica left the table Esat Escort and sat on the sofa in her living room. “Baby, you want your desert in there?” Hampton called out to her. “Yeah, but only a small piece because I am stffed!”

Hampton brought out a big piece of pie with a fork. “I told you I wanted a little piece Hamp.” “Ahh, yes but this is for both of us.” As he said that he picked up the fork and fed Veronica a bite of pie. “Ummmm, this is really good Hamp.” Hampton alternated from feeding Veronica and himself untill the pie was gone. Veronica snuggled in the crook of Hampton’s arm and let out a soft sigh. Hampton gazed at Veronica’s face and said, “You know I love you more than anything in the world, and I would do absolutely anything for you.” Veronica shifted onto her arm and looked at Hamp’s face. “I love you too.” Hampton hesitated and then said,”Baby, I have asked you before, but I am going to ask you once more. Veronica, will you marry me?” With a small smile, Veronica nodded her head yes.

Hampton couldn’t contain his excitment any longer, he gracefully picked Veronica up and carried her to the bedroom. There he placed her on the bed and began kissing her passionatly. Veronica started letting her tongue dip into Hamp’s mouth, allowing her to taste the very essence of him. Hamp slowly removed his jeans and tee shirt, and pulled the belt that was holding Veronica’s bathrobe on. Veronica’s nipples hardened instantly in the cool night air. Hampton stepped back and in one sigh said,”Veronica,…. Veronica, you are so beautiful.”

With that Hamp kneeled between Veronica’s legs and gently slid them apart. Using his tongue he tasted the nectar that was now flowing out of Veronica’s pussy. Hampton kept licking, nibbling, and prodding Veronica’s pussy until she moaned loudly and let out a small scream of pleasure. Veronica whispered to Hampton, “Baby, I love you so much.” Then Veronica allowed Hampton to lie on the bednext to her. Veronica climbed onto of Hamp and positioned his huge cock directly to her wet pussy. With one swift motion, Veronica slammed down on Hamp. After getting over the shock, she slowly started riding him.Building their rythum didn’t take long, and loud moans were being released from the two.

After Hampton and Veronica clasped Veronica sighed a sigh of satisfaction, and hugged Hampton’s hard chest. “I think everything will be okay. I have you to love me, and make me feel so damn good.”

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