Verna the Ponygirl Ch. 02

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It is Sunday. A lot of the days go by in a blur but Luke’s presence in the stables is always a tell tale sign of what day it is. Sunday’s are always more relaxed than Saturdays. Sometimes I used to think that was because Luke was always so desperate to arrive on a Saturday and get started with the day which seemed to put more of an energetic feel to the day. Or maybe it’s not Luke being desperate to arrive but rather the ponies all desperate for him to arrive. All of the ponies seemed to get more hyped up when they saw him walk through the barn doors. Maybe that’s just their mareish hormones acting up when they see a stallion. It’s like a chain reaction of whinnies and nickers when he walks in and I’m pretty sure he relishes the attention. I wouldn’t know for sure because I’m normally at the back of my stall when that happens trying to get a sleep in but its a hunch. There’s no luck for a sleep in on a Saturday that’s for certain anyway.

Today is more relaxed and Luke shows up later. By the time he’s made his way down to my stall and opens the top door I have just woken and am in mid stretch when he clicks it back. Startled I offer him an indignant snort. He ignores the snort and looks at me, with a slightly different look today. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it feels as if he respects me more that he knows I can behave as a pony and aren’t a waste of space. I turn my back to him and go back to my corner and settle down in the hay. “Another hot day out,” he tells me, the constant weatherman he always seems to be to me. However he does get the hint and moves on.

Vander comes earlier today. I’ve finished eating my breakfast mash and have just spread my legs to take a piss on the hay when I hear his voice over the stall door.

“Hey Dime,” he greets casually and I turn my head a little to see him and greet him with a soft whicker. His eyes don’t stray from me as he watches my finish my business and I feel embarrassed at being caught off guarded but not enough to shy away from him. Moving to the door I press my head into his offered hand and he fondles my head gently and pats my head and mane. To my surprise he doesn’t just leave it at that as he normally does before attending to other ponies and farm business. Instead he breaks routine and slips into my stall. He undoes the wrist cuffs before exiting the stall again with a promise of returning in just a few moments. I’m thoroughly confused. The routine, although it can be somewhat interchangeable, is normally the same and I wasn’t expecting to have his attention until much later in the day.

True to his word he does arrive back a few minutes later. He opens my stall door and leaves it open a little bit behind him, as if offering me the chance to try and escape. I don’t even think about it and just crawl over to him, probably irrationally excited to see him. He’s my master though, I want to please him, I want him to be proud of me and the opportunity to see him and do so pleases me immensely. He offers me my bit and I take it between my teeth and he fastens the bridle around my head before leading my out to the aisle again. My body is clean Kadıköy Olgun Escort from the good shower down I got after yesterday’s session so he doesn’t spend too much time cleaning me down but rather just gets to it putting equipment on.

He puts on the breast harness again and he fusses around with my mane and seems to hesitate a while before leaving it at that and untying me. I didn’t know what to make of all this but I crawl along behind him anyway, and follow obediently to where he leads me to the indoor arena this time. Its a place I’ve only been a few times. Most of my training with Vander has been in the outdoor pen or in the paddocks or he takes me for walks through the forest where we practise long reining or a bit of cross country jumping over fallen logs and stuff. In the time I’ve been here Vander hasn’t had too much spare time to train me excessively much and I think he plans to change that, especially after his words during our session yesterday. That’s the only possible reason as to think why I am here so early all harnessed up in an arena on a Sunday morning.

Clicking twice to me he signals me to stand which I do quickly. He runs his hands down my shoulders and then to my breasts where he cups them and weighs them in his hands which sends an involuntary moan escaping out my mouth. My breasts have always been relatively sensitive and the wetness already starting to run down my legs is just typical of how him touching me turns me on. He pinches a nipple and I squeak, a little surprised and a lot horny. Yesterday’s session didn’t work out half of my pent up sexual tension in my body and him tweaking my nipple sends a course of heat straight to my core. He crouches to the ground and it is only then I see the lunge line he has on the ground. So we’re going to be doing some lunging today… He picks up the line and the end, instead of a clip has a nipple clamp to attach to me. I start to shy away a little but he takes my ponytail in an instant and forces me to stand still as he attaches it to my left nipple. “Ahhhhh,” I moan against the bit, starting to salivate against the bit with want as he clips it on and it hangs down. He takes the reins from bridle off now that he has me clipped and I moan again as he reorganises the lunge and it causes my breasts to jiggle. Pleasure spirals through my nipples and I stamp a little, sexually frustrated. Vander doesn’t mess around and he sends me out in a left circle around him, keeping some guiding tension in the lunge line. Despite how wound up I am I don’t mess around with him, yesterday has fresh in my brain what I am supposed to do and I watch him carefully as I walk, trot and then canter around him. As I am cantering my breasts bounce heavily, and the nipple clamp and tension pulling it spikes my core. I am throbbing, literally throbbing with the need for release and I know that Vander can see the juices running down my leg. “And woah, Dime.”

I work from a canter to a trot then a walk then a halt in a few strides, blowing heavily through my nostrils and my eyes widened at the strength of my arousal. “Look how worked Kadıköy Sarışın Escort up you are mare…Was yesterday not enough for you?” He says teasingly and comes over to where I have stayed on the perimeter of my lunging circle and releases the clamp. The blood rushes back to it and I hiss at first with pain and then find myself keeled over, almost at the brink of climax but with not quite enough stimulation to push me over the edge. I am so close and my knees give out and I roll around on the ground, knowing I’m not allowed to touch myself but needing some stimulation. Looking back up at Vander my eyes are pleading for him to get me off. “Mppphhhh, uurrrggghhh,” I scream against the gag, pleading with my eyes for him to mount me. When he frowns a no in response I can’t help myself and push my breasts against his legs and rub up and down to create some friction. It isn’t enough and I rub my pussy along the sand of the arena and continue working myself against him. He pulls away and lays a firm smack upon my breast and I squeal in indignation.

“No Verna.” His voice is cold even as he reprimands me with a few more swift spanks that cause me to moan at the sting of them. He used my actual name, not my nickname which means he is serious.

“You wait until I give it to you. Those are the rules.” I huff in frustration of the rules but I don’t ave time to dwell on it because Vander takes my hair and drags me across the arena to the the perimeter. He has rope on the rail and he takes it and binds my hands behind my back and then binds my ankles. I moan loudly as he pinches and grabs my tits in his hands roughly. Even with my body bound I arch myself into his palms and make thrusts in the air with my hips, desperately trying to get him to give in and give me what I want. I’m a true mare in heat, wanting nothing than a good mounting by a stallion and getting pounded from behind until I cum.

I watch as he seems to pause for a few seconds and think something over before he looks down at me again.

“You want me to give you your release?” I nod and moan loudly.

He smiles ruefully and nods. “Okay then.”

He leaves my side for a few minutes and I steel myself to wait in stillness for a few minutes to prove I am a good girl for him. God I really am as pathetic as some of those other ponies who fawn over Luke. He goes to the door and someone is waiting just on the other side because there is a low talking of voices and then he comes back over. I look up at him and then upon hearing another set of footprints I tense because I have a sneaking suspicion I know who it is.

“Verna.” It is exactly who I thought it was.

And then I panic because if Vander thinks that he is going to let Luke give me my release he has got another thing coming. I scream and cry out and try to roll away, struggling against my bindings as I do so.

“Luke, stay back,” I hear Vander yell and then the next thing I know he is next to me. I struggle but not as much when I feel him try to stop me. “Easy now Dime, trust me. He won’t touch you, I promise.” If there’s anything about Vander Kadıköy Şişman Escort its that I trust him with my life. And when he promises something he will keep that promise. I stop struggling and he undoes my bindings but grasps the side of my bridle so I can’t escape. I’ve calmed enough that although my body remains tense I’m not going to run.

“Follow me,” he instructs and leads me back to the middle of the arena. When we get to the middle I glance at Luke who has followed us over and stood a few metres away. I snort and paw at the sand anxiously.

I’m distracted however when Vander clips the clamps back on and pulls me back to my feet. “C’mon mare, don’t let him throw out your mood. Ignore him and focus, that is an order.” Because it’s an order I obey him and watch his body as he sends me out on a circle around him, first at a walk then a trot for a couple of circles before finally a rolling lope. As I canter he pulls more on the lunge. I moan in response, my head already lowered in submission as I canter along. He slowly bit by bit draws me into a smaller circle which makes me work harder. I salivate against the bit and let out a long lengthy moan. My breasts bounce up and down, and they always seem heavier after I have been working and am sexually aroused. The bouncing and pinching of the clamp causes me to have to clench my pussy to try and quell all of the juice flowing. My orgasm seems to come closer and my legs wobble. It becomes harder to stay upright at how sensitive my body is to all of the feelings right now.

“Halt Dime. That’s enough.” I halt and Vander is on me almost instantly attacking my skin with kisses and bites with an intensity that leaves me a moaning and quivering mess. He thrusts his fingers in my pussy and pounds in and out roughly. There is no relent and I scream and cry out in pleasure, bucking my hips to meet his thrusts.

“Look at Luke, and cum,” Vander growls at me harshly and I’m taken aback for a few seconds. When I don’t do it immediately he pauses to grab my hair and yanks me to look in Luke’s direction. I take in Luke’s facial expression before fixing on the bulge in his jeans and then Vander releases the clamps from me and I reach the tidal point where my orgasm comes crashing upon me and in the moment it does I accidentally lock eyes with Luke before closing them in bliss and let my body ride out the waves of ensuing pleasure.

When I finally come back to my senses and I’ve stopped cumming I’m relieved Vander is the first person I see and I can’t see Luke. I can’t even comprehend what just happened. I had the most intense orgasm I’ve have in so long and Luke watched me as it happened. Hell, I watched him back for a second there as I came undone.

“You did well Dime.” Vander says and coaxes me to all fours where he attaches my reins to my bridle and places a blindfold over my eyes. I am sweaty and covered in sand as well as my own cum. More than that I can still feel Luke’s eyes on me. They were intense and fulled with lust, but it was more than that. For the first time since he’d been working here I felt like he would be able to dominate me. Not that I wanted him to, but that look in his eyes had made me feel that if Vander persisted with his idea of getting me used to Luke it wouldn’t be long before I was pinned underneath Luke and he would wait me out until I gave in to him. That was what I saw in his eyes. A promise to dominate me.

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