Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 12

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Rachel and I, with Jeanie in tow, arrived at Oscar’s ABS around 8 PM. It was Halloween and Jeanie wanted to get fucked, multiple times tonight.

Jeanie was costumed as a monkey. She was completely naked underneath her fuzzy, dark brown jumpsuit, complete with a small, attached tail and a matching hood with attached vinyl ears.

Rachel had cut a six-by-six inch hole in the rear, so that Jeanie’s smooth, white cheeks would be enticingly and erotically framed against the dark brown jumpsuit. The short tail hung between my bare cheeks, keeping her legal.

In the front of the costume, Rachel had also cut a four-inch slit. The slit would allow engorged penis access to her sweet, wet pussy.

Oscar was at the cashier’s desk when we arrived. Of course, he teased Jeanie about her costume, but not too much. It was good for business. We chatted for a while and then he took off. Oscar had a hot date.

We spent several minutes looking around Oscar’s Adult Store. The fascinating magazines and DVD’s covered every imaginable variation of sex. Also, of particular interest to us were the displays of sexual aids, dildos of every size and description, synthetic pussies, rubbers, French ticklers, creams, and ointments.

After looking at everything in the store, we decided to check out the small theater rooms. Disappointingly, there was not much going on. With all the cars in the lot, I had assumed there would be more horny folks around.

When I saw a man enter a one of the private rooms without knocking, I decided to peek inside. The room was dimly lit and I really could not see much.

I took a chance, stepped inside, and stood next to the door. Since no one said anything, I patiently waited for my eyes to adjust.

As my eyes began to focus, I saw several men in the room. I smiled at them to be sociable, but no one responded back, so I watched the porn movie showing on the big flat screen TV. A black woman was slurping a white woman’s pussy, while the white woman sucked a big, black cock. She was taking him all way down her throat. When she pulled him out of her mouth to breath, the ebony monster glistened with saliva.

I watched the movie for a few more minutes, until my eyes could focus. I wanted to see who was in the room and what was going on, if anything.

Eventually, I could make out that most of the men were rather nice looking and relatively clean cut. Some of the men had their cocks out and were stroking as they watched the movie. Most of the cocks that I could see appeared to be above average size. A couple of the men were hung like horses.

Having seen enough, I exited the room and described what I had observed with the women who had been waiting outside the door. The women decided to go for it.

I knew a big man was sitting by himself in one of the sofas in the theater room, so when we entered the room, I herded the women towards the sofa he was sitting on. I placed Jeanie by him.

The big man knew that the women could not, yet, see and that I was with them, so he patiently waited to see what was going to happen.

After the women’s eyes began to focus, the big man began rubbing his cock through his pants. I didn’t want to stare, but it looked like he was rubbing a big bulge.

Thinking someone needs to start the ball rolling, I whispered to Jeanie to look down at his crotch. When she did, the big man unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.

We all stared as he alternated between pumping his thick meat, rubbing his hand over the head of his cock, and massaging his balls. I whispered again to Jeanie, saying, “go for it.”

Before Jeanie could react, the big man reached his free hand out and gently rested it over her ass. She froze for a second, before leaning forward.

Sure enough, the big man’s strong fingers began kneading Jeanie’s firm, butt cheeks. It have felt good because she sighed and then slowly leaned over, opened her mouth, and began licking and sucking the big cockhead. Encouraged, the big man began to toy with her anus.

After a brief anal massage, Rachel and I watched as he tried to enter Jeanie with his finger. It took him a few attempts before the tip of his finger broke through her tight, dry, anal ring.

“Hot ass” he growled and then pushed his finger deeper inside her.

Jeanie groaned around the visibly stiffening cock in her mouth. You did not have to be genius to figure out that his penis was anticipating the rapture of a merciless butt fuck that would conclude in a mind-bending orgasmic explosion. My insight proved flawless.

“I want to try that ass! Stand up and turn around!”

Jeanie quickly slipped his cock out of her mouth and loudly whispered, “Not here… It’s too risky! We are right by the door! Geez!”

“Fuck that!”

“It’s okay,” I reassured Jeanie.

As she stood up, I quickly glanced around at the men. I could see the lust in their eyes as they focused on the bare, white ass prize behind her.

The big man then motioned for Jeanie to turn around. Kütahya Escort When she did, he gently eased her up against the wall, and as he unbuckled his pants, he said, “Spread your ass out.”

Rachel and I looked at each other and smirked as Jeanie swallowed hard and looked around. The big man not only wanted her to bend over and submit her smooth, round ass to him, he wanted to take her right in front of all these strange men and us, as well.

I knew that if any of these men ever saw Jeanie again, they would know her as the woman who takes it up the ass. If they ever felt like ass fucking a warm, tight hole, they would expect her to bend over and willingly bareback their cock up her ass, until they were satiated.

Although my own lust quickly overpowered my concerns, I was determined that I was not going to let the man fuck her without lubing his cock first. When I heard him spit a few times, I did not feel any less concerned.

I decided I had better do the same. I spit into my hand, got up, and rubbed the spittle on Jeanie’s anus even though Rachel had greased her ass internally before leaving home. I even slid a finger into her anus and gave it quick swirl to loosen it up as much as possible, before she spread her taut cheeks.

Glancing behind me, I saw the big man patiently sizing Jeanie up as she steeled herself for his penetration. Since she was much shorter, he would have to crouch down, in order to take her standing up. Moments later, he shoved his hips forward and his swollen cockhead eased into her slightly loosened anus. “Take it easy!” Jeanie gasped as she rose up on her tiptoes, to escape the initial pain.

As soon as she said that, the big man began making small thrusts into her. They almost seemed like reflexive jerks on his part. It worked. It did not take too many of those baby thrusts for his big cock to be buried completely up her delectable ass. I could tell by the look on Jeanie’s face that the feeling was incredible.

After the big man paused, he looked at me and I nodded my head okay. The big man then began fucking her at a leisurely pace. I quickly glanced around the room. Everyone was watching, of course.

At some point, Jeanie wiggled her ass back and forth. When Jeanie and the big man simultaneously grunted, the big man told her to do it, again. She kept on doing it every time he pushed into her.

Eventually, Jeanie asked him to fuck her harder. Rachel looked at me and smiled and I put my arm around her and gave her a squeeze.

“Are you sure?”


“Thank gawd,” he muttered as he grabbed her hips up in a vice-like grip and began hammering away. It was primeval sex and we loved every incredibly hot, nasty, and dirty second of it. I am sure the big man did too. What man wouldn’t want a tight, warm ass gripping and milking the entire length of their throbbing penis?

Every so often, the big man would pull almost all the way out and then grossly spit on his shaft. That worked, too. Eventually, we began to hear a moist slurp whenever he pulled out and after a couple of minutes, he was able to easily slide all the way in and out of her ass at will.

Evidently, the big man became overtaken with passion. He began licking her ears and neck! Although I am not into kissing men, I felt goose bumps run up and down my back. Jeanie felt my reaction and rubbed my back.

With increasing roughness, the big man’s hips pounded Jeanie’s firm butt harder as his cock pushed in deeper. If that were not enough, he began slapping her white buttocks red, while her asshole spasmed around his attacking penis.

Jeanie had to hold onto the wall to prevent herself from being fucked through it. I am sure she thought he was going to expand her asshole ten times its usual size after this ass fucking. Then to our surprise he stopped fucking her.

“Sit down” the big man commanded. Jeanie sat down by him and for some reason became entranced when she saw the video action. A small, curvy woman was taking a large, black cock up her little, round, white ass. I glanced at her just in time to see her eyes flutter as the monster cock opened small woman’s pink asshole up.

My own throbbing rectum involuntarily clenched a few times as I continued to watch the penetration. I knew the sensation she was feeling. I also imagined her clit was probably just as hard as my cock. As soon as I thought that, Rachel reached down and began rubbing by erection through my shorts.

I then glanced around the room, again, as I gently rubbed Rachel’s breasts. This time I looked more purposefully. The men ran the gauntlet of ages and sizes from young to a grizzled, old, fat man, who appeared to be in his late 50’s. The men were mostly white, except for two Mexican looking men and two black men. One of the black men was very large and sat quietly in a corner. The men, I surmised, were just waiting for the big man to finish with Jeanie.

The big man stood up, also as if reading my mind, and placed his thick cock inches Kütahya Escort Bayan from Jeanie’s face. The one-eyed monster had a large bubble of precum oozing out and his nuts had swollen to the size of cue balls. I imagined that they contained an enormous amount of cum.

“Suck it hard and keep it hard…so I can fuck that tight ass some more.”

Jeanie licked her lips and opened her mouth as he placed his hands on the back of her head. The precum tasted good as said “Yum” before her mouth enveloped the large head. She swirled her tongue around the head and then worked her mouth up and down the hard, fat shaft, sucking her way along the thick length. I wondered how she liked tasting her own ass.

Apparently, the big man wanted even more stimulation. He pressed into Jeanie, pushing his hard shaft way past her lips, until his huge balls rested on her chin.

With that much cock lodged in the back of her throat, Jeanie couldn’t wrap her lips around his cock. All she could do was make an ‘O’ with her mouth. “That’s right,” he said and began to thrust in and out.

Rachel and I knew Jeanie was a good cocksucker; however, I am sure the big man was surprised at how easily she took his full length without gagging. I proudly glanced over at the full-length mirror and watched her tight throat expand and contract as he fucked it. Occasionally, I could see the outline of his big cockhead on her cheek as he worked it down her tight throat.

The audience of men did not need a mirror to see the big cock going in and out Jeanie’s throat. I heard a few comments about “face fucking” which, probably only encouraged the big man to advertise his ‘skills’ by slamming his cock even deeper down her throat.

While Jeanie’s mouth was being fucked, one of the men indicated he wanted to mount her. He had made eye contact with me, as well, and I had nodded my approval.

Trying not to disturb the big man, Jeanie re-positioned herself on her back, in the missionary position. She spread her legs and then lifted them up.

When I saw her gaping asshole, I surmised that cool AC was flowing right into it because Jeanie was rubbing her breasts as if she had the shivers. I thought about her luscious tits and her smooth pussy and ass as she continued to rub herself.

As the man crawled on top of Jeanie, he also spit into his hand, reached down, rubbed his cockhead, and then aimed his long, hard cock down toward her hairless, swollen pussy. Jeanie was ready for him and told him, “Push it in.”

The man acknowledged her request began slowly pushing into her cunt. When his walnut-sized balls rested against her ass, he began to fuck her.

As Jeanie’s arousal gained momentum, she opened her legs further and then wrapped them around his waist, giving the man complete, deep access. The big man took advantage of the situation and began pushing his swollen into both their mouths. He even began caressing the shoulders of the man on top of her!

Jeanie looked so relaxed, that I thought anybody watching from afar would think she was a porn star as her mouth and ass gracefully moved back and forth on the two hard cocks. No wonder, the men who were watching were stroking their cocks hard in anticipation.

Both men continued to work her hard from both ends, for several minutes, until the man fucking their faces, let out a growl. He then grabbed her head, and forced her all the way down on his cock. “Swallow it all,” he moaned.

“Thar she blows,” I sarcastically thought as we watched Jeanie swallowing as fast as she could to keep up with the tsunami sized waves of semen. The big man looked to be emptying his balls like there was no tomorrow.

Despite Jeanie’s best efforts, she could not keep up with the non-stop river of cum that was being ejaculated into her mouth. Cum began flowing out from around the base of his cock and down her chin as tears streamed down her face.

Apparently, when the man who was so lovingly fucking her ass saw all the cum dripping and bubbling out of her mouth, he quickly closed in on his sure fire orgasm. “Milk my cock. Squeeze it. You want me to cum in your hot pussy…don’t ya? Fill you up with my cum?”

Obviously, Jeanie could not speak with the big cock still in her mouth. She nodded her head as her tear filled eyes looked at him imploringly. What a sight that was!

Luckily, for Jeanie, only Rachel and I were present. She would have been embarrassed if anyone else had seen her this vulnerable.

“Don’t take all day,” a bystander said to the man in Jeanie’s pussy. “Give it to her!”

He did. Seconds later, he groaned loudly and began emptying his own sperm filled nut sack deep into her unprotected pussy.

When I saw his cum, begin to leak out of her tightly, plugged hole, I knew a lot of cum had been shot into her. These two men must have been storing it up for awhile!

Amazingly, the man in her sperm-soaked pussy did not go soft. He kept fucking her. The big man, not to be out done, quickly began Escort Kütahya stroking his still semi-hard cock.

Without taking his cock out of her, the man in her pussy rolled her over so that she was on top of him. After they had completed their acrobatic move, all he said was, “Tap that ass. Go ahead. Lets DP her!”

Jeanie quickly glanced behind her and saw the big man moving into position directly behind her. He smiled down at her as he stroked his glistening meat stick.

“Uhhh, no!” Jeanie said. “I’m not ready for that!”

With a, “fuck that,” the big man pushed down on Jeanie’s shoulders, which made her ass shoot up. Seconds later, Jeanie groaned loudly as his already well-lubricated cock forced its way into her anus.

Although, I knew Jeannie had been ass-fucked before, I wasn’t sure about DP. I looked at Rachel and she just shrugged her shoulders. I had promised Jeanie that I would only intervene if necessary. That promise was later interpreted to mean that unless Jeanie was going to be hurt or treated rudely – I should not interfere.

After what appeared to be some initial discomfort, the threesome quickly got into synch. Jeanie’s two fuckers developed a rhythm and began alternating their strokes. When one pulled back, the other would plunge back into her. This prevented their swollen cocks from simultaneously stretching the thin, malleable walls of Jeanie’s touching, parallel tunnels. Jeanie was a fragile human female, not a female hippo.

Although from time to time Jeanie winced, I could tell she enjoyed being fucked by the two rough men. She was grunting and moaning as much and as loud as they were. In fact, it sounded like a grunter’s convention. Nevertheless, I doubted Jeanie would ever share this unique experience with her immediate family.

Two men, who were standing close, began memorializing the event. Although it was illegal, I could not get upset as I watched them use their cell phone cameras’ to record Jeanie’s pussy and ass being plugged. The fascination on their faces was priceless. Besides, they knew better than to record faces.

I wasn’t lost to the visualization of the threesome fucking completely. I was able to notice the looks on the other men’s faces standing around as they watched Jeanie being fucked like a wanton whore.

My eyes fell on the man standing closest by me. He was slowly moving his hand up and down an erect, big veined cock. I then looked at Rachel. She appeared deep in thought. I could imagine her little mouth watering at the thought of sucking his fat cockhead like it was a straw in order to drain his balls of all their cum. I am sure she was already tasting the creamy cum that would spew out.

I quickly motioned the masturbator over to Jeanie. She could suck the cum out of his balls, while the other two men banged away in her.

Without hesitation, Jeanie opened her mouth wide and devoured the masturbator’s fat cock. I could tell by the look on his face that he’d probably never received a better blowjob.

Watching Jeanie greedily suck on the new man must have too much for the big man. He thrust as deep as he could into her ass and then held himself balls-deep in her.

“Oh, yeah. I’m gonna shoot my cum right up her fuckin’ ass…yeah…here it comes!”

“Yeah, buddy…I’m gonna cum too…”

“Yeah, fuckin’ shoot it all!”

The bodies of the two men shuddered, as they came in Jeanie. I was impressed, especially, since one of the men came a second time!

Seconds later and without a word, the man Jeanie had been sucking on, grabbed her head, and let his load go. “Congratulations Jeanie,” I thought to myself. “You have just completed the sexual hat trick.” Jeanie had just been fed cum from three different men in each of her three orifices at the same time.

The sounds of people shuffling around behind us in the dark room caught my attention. I looked around and saw about nine men sitting in folding chairs around us. Apparently, they had arranged the chairs in a semi-circle, during the live sex show.

Some of the men were passing around a liquor bottle while others were slowly stroking their erections. They seemed to be waiting because whoops and whistles rose from the circle, when the three men disengaged from Jeanie. On the other hand, maybe all the hoopla had something to do with the large amount of sperm that poured out of Jeanie’s open asshole and pussy, when she was unplugged. Regardless, Rachel and I smiled at each other like proud parents.

Jeanie did not get a breather. As she was digesting the cum in her belly, she was mounted by another man. Despite the fact he was well endowed, he easily penetrated her, and started butt fucking her with real zeal. Unfortunately, for him, he came very quickly in her ass as he grunted and groaned his way through his orgasm.

All Jeanie had done was start wiggling her ass and he started cumming in her as if his cock was a live fire hose. Public sex will do that. I came three times in about thirty minutes, once, in an adult theater. She was a beautiful blonde. The prettiest woman I have ever fucked. I came in her pussy, her ass, and then ate her out. Afterwards, she gave me one hell of a BJ for her clit ‘O’. I came even more the third time. She relished every drop she swallowed. She was so hot!

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