Vegas Ch. 1

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The flight, steady and calm. The sun was beating down as I left San Francisco, I was smiling, nervous but happy. The nerves, not from the flight, not at all, but from the thought that at last, the day had arrived. The day I was going to meet the blonde I had exchanged words with over the screen these past few months. The blonde that had brightened my life, the blonde I loved chatting to, laughing at, laughing with, smiling at, smiling with, the blonde I had made love to, made love with, the blonde I had fucked, licked, the blonde that fucked me, sucked me. Yes, the day had finally arrived.

I sat in my seat, my thoughts during the short flight, causing a familiar stirring in my Levi’s, wondering if you were as nervous as I? Wondering if you were having a similar feeling? Wondering if your nipples ached, if your pussy ached, just like my cock ached? I wonder. I wonder indeed.

Eyes closed, the thoughts, the images, the smiles all coming back. Thoughts of the first sighting, thoughts of the first kiss, thoughts of the first touch, the first smile, the first time for everything. The thoughts, bright, light, happy tinged with a little trepidation but also with the knowledge that we will be fine, we will be happy we will have fun.

The seat belt sign flashed, that didn’t concern me, mine had remained on, but I sighed and smiled. I was arriving, I was nearly here and so would you be in less than an hour. That hour would give me time to relax, have a beer or two, settle the nerves.

The landing smooth and soft, as smooth as I envisaged your skin, as soft as your hair, hair that I would, over the weekend, during the relaxation time, during the rehabilitation time, be stroking as you lay there, on my lap, watching the television. As soft as the skin I would be stroking, fingers idly tracing over your soft body, idly running over your nipples, your breasts, your hips, relaxing. Yes, that soft and smooth.

The luggage glided around, I spotted my small weekend case, smiling at the cute blonde as my arm, unintentionally, brushed the swelling of her breast. Thoughts turning directly to your breasts, the 34C breasts that soon, so soon would be mine to see, touch, kiss, fondle and later, fuck. Breasts that would be adorned by hard nipples, nipples that I would stroke, kiss, twist, suck, tug, roll, nipples that would be, at sometime over the weekend, be covered Artvin Escort with my cum, splattering your breasts, nipples, lips, face, hair.

I smiled as I made my way to the nearest flight information screen, looking, heart racing, for details of your flight. I smiled, no delays reported.

Taking the bottle of Budweiser, I drank, thirstily. Maybe it was the nerves too? Maybe because I knew that within 45 minutes, your sliver bird would be landing, big black tires screeching along the asphalt runway, coming to a halt, bringing my blonde to me, bringing to me a sweet, beautiful, sexy, slim blonde, the blonde who will be sharing the bed with me, the blonde that will be held close to me during the night, the blonde that would be awoken with my cock gently easing into her pussy as I wake. The blonde whose pussy I will be filling with the explosion needed, craved, wanted. An explosion that she would feel, the pent up explosion, powerful.

The second bottle, drunk at a more leisurely pace, savoring the cold liquid, the cooling liquid, settling the stomach churning, the nerves. I look around, looking at the milling of the people, the weary people, the happy people, but surely, surely no-one is happier than I at this moment in time. I am at the top of the world, at the top of Everest. I am happy, so happy, but nervous too.

The clock approaches the hour, the flight screen tells me your silver bird is still on time. Just 10 minutes from now, that bird will be landing, bringing you to me, me to you, us together. I order a Jack and coke, pay the tab and turn on the stool, trying to spot your plane arriving, so many to choose from though. I smile as I take a deep drink of the whisky.

I see the aircraft pulling into the designated gate. Draining the glass, wiping my lips, I move to the gate in question. My nerves, jangling, stomach churning. Negative thoughts. What if she isn’t on the flight? What if she tuned away at the last moment? What if she suffered last minute nerves? What if?

The what if’s left. I smiled as I saw the vision, the blonde hair, the smiling sweet face, the slim but full body. I smiled, you smiled. I looked, you looked. Our lips met, even before a word was said. Our kiss, short, but lingering. “Hi” I said as I took your luggage, feeling the weight and laughing. “Hi” you replied. We stood there until I Artvin Escort Bayan said “Ready?”.

The cab ride gave us chance to chat, to talk about the flights we had, the fun we will have. Pulling up at the jointly chosen hotel, I looked at it in awe. I have seen many hotels in many countries, but none like this. This was like you, beautiful. The room, taking my breath away, was perfect. The large kingsize bed, dominating. The bath, sunken, marble, the large TV screen. Perfect, perfect for the weekend we were about to have, the weekend of our desires.

I could sense we were both nervous. Taking you into my arms, I lowered my lips to yours, the kiss was gentle, building up to one of intensity. My tongue, your tongue, touching, pressing, dancing. The kiss, the first real kiss, releasing the anxiety, the nerves.

As we broke the kiss, I stepped back, looking at you, then stepped into you again, unzipped your dress, smiling as I unclasped the brassiere, watching your wonderful breasts fall loose, the hard nipples. Taking your hand, I lead you to the bathroom, to the large shower. You smile as I lead you to the double headed shower, I smile as I stand there, turning both showerheads on, the cooling warm water jets out. I undo my shirt, slip it off of my body, the Levi’s follow. You in your panties, me in my boxers. My cock, swelling, your nipples, solid. Taking your hand again, I lead you into the water, it hits our bodies as I take you in my arms again, as I press my bare upper body against yours, feeling your hard nipples pressing into me, feeling my hard cock straining under the now wet boxers, straining against your panty covered pussy.

We kiss as the water cascades over us. Our bodies meet, my fingers roam over your body, over your nipples, down to the waistband hiding your pussy from me. Hooking my fingers, I pull them down, my tongue, my lips trace down your body, sucking your nipples, licking them, kissing your breasts, down, down over your stomach. The panties around your ankles, my eyes spot, for the very first time, the sweetness of your pussy, the freshly shaved lips, the tiny tuft of blonde hair above those wonderful lips. My tongue traces down, running through the blonde tuft, down to your lips. Bringing my fingers up to you, I open your lips, revealing the pink insides, revealing the hard nub of your clitoris. Escort Artvin My face, my mouth, my tongue, an inch away.

I lean forward, my tongue touches your clit, your hands grip my hair, pulling my mouth onto your pussy. I feel your thrust, the thrust of your hips as you grind your pussy onto my hungry mouth. Parting your lips wider, my tongue slides inside you, tasting the wonderful sweetness, a sweetness I knew would be there, one that I wanted for so long, one I wanted so long to taste. Heaven, my tongue at long last, in a place I craved for. Licking you deep, sliding the tongue up and down your slit, licking you, taking the clit into my mouth, sucking it deep, taking your pussy lips, taking them into my mouth as my hands reach around, cupping your ass, parting your ass as I drive my tongue deep, deep into your pussy, your fingers gripping my hair, pulling me tight and deep, your hips moving from side to side, grinding your pussy onto my tongue.

Your body, shaking, your moaning spurring me on, driving my tongue in and out, my fingers moving into your ass, pulling your ass cheeks open, my finger, wet finger, pressing against your tight hole, driving it inside your ass as my tongue continues to fuck your pussy. I feel your body shuddering, I hear your groans as the first wave hits you. Faster, licking you faster, driving my finger into your ass deeper, sliding it in and out, feeling your orgasm, feeling, tasting your juices as they flow. “Yes baby, yes Carol, cum for me” I growl as my finger drives into your ass, as my tongue licks you. “Yes baby, cum for me”.

Your orgasm subsides, you smile as I stand, as I take off my sodden boxers. My hard throbbing cock springs free. Kicking the boxers away, I take your arms, turn you round, push you against the white tiling, pushing your against it, your breasts squashing against the wall a I open your legs, as my fingers run along your slit, sinking them deep into your wet pussy before taking them out, replacing them with my cock as I move in behind you. Slipping my hands around your body, cupping, squeezing your breasts, taking your nipples in my fingers, pinching them as I pound in deep and hard into you, driving in deep, deep and hard.

The months of chatting, the months of playing, all coming to the boil. Fingers gripping your nipples as my thighs stiffen, as the orgasm build up, as my balls ache. “Yes Carol..nowwwww” I growl as I feel my cum rising from my balls, as my cock twitches, as I cum deep inside your pussy, spurting long and hard, shooting it deep and powerful.

Our first of many orgasms, joint powerful orgasms. I whisper to you “Welcome to Vegas Petal.”

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