Vanilla and then Chocolate

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This is a true story that started several years ago.

Johannesburg, South Africa – My wife Anita and I were lying in bed one night after a good fuck session, just cuddling together. I asked her what she thought about us swinging with another couple, as I felt that we were doing the same boring thing every time we had sex.

She was rather hesitant at first, but eventually agreed, after I had managed to persuade her to at least give it a try. I know that she had really wanted to do this, and that this was a secret fantasy of hers, because I noticed her pussy really got wet when she talked about a young male customer that she and a few other girls had gotten friendly with at work.

Two weeks later she came home from work and told me how this young male had been trying hard to get into the ladies panties at work, and how good looking he was. She also told me that he often suggested to the girls that they spend their lunch hour with him, and how he wanted to “Fuck” this one girl who was also happened to be a good friend of my wife’s. She also told me that she had accompanied her friend to the drug store to buy condoms, during their lunch hour after he had been into the shop that morning. She let slip by saying.

“This guy really wants to Fuck me. I mean fuck, Karen.”

All the time that she was telling me this, my 6 1/2″ cock had become as hard as steel. We couldn’t fuck that night, as she was halfway through her monthly cycle. So I made an excuse to go to the bathroom to jerk myself off.

I went the bathroom and closed the door, and I pulled my hard cock out my underpants, and only managed to give it a dozen or so strokes, when all of a sudden my balls tightened, I knew that I had reached at the point of no return. My cock erupted four or five times. I shot a massive stream of cum against the bathroom wall, as I imagined this young guy’s cock pumping in an out of my wife’s hot tight pussy. I some how just knew that it was my wife that this guy wanted to fuck, more than her friend.

Later that night I wrote a letter to a young married couple in response to their ad’ in a local “Swingers Magazine”. On the Monday after work, a week or so later I went to clear our post box and found their reply in the post. They indicated in their reply that they were keen on meeting us, and would be available the following Friday.

After supper that evening I showed the letter from Wayne and Mari to my wife, as well as the photos that they had also sent. The photo of Mari really turned me on, she was a young petit blonde, just turned 21, and 15 years younger then me, she had small pouting tits with long erect nipples that, just longed to be sucked. She had a shaved pussy with a thin landing strip.

“Yummy, and very sexy” I said to my wife as I showed her Mari’s photo.

“I suppose you can’t wait to fuck her,” she replied.

I looked at Anita and smiled.

My wife Anita was rather keen on Mari’s husband Wayne, who was 22, and eight years younger than, my wife. She said she liked his nicely shaped up-turned cock, which was about 7″ long. My wife immediately took a fancy to it, licking her lips.

“I can’t wait to suck and fuck it,” she said, looking at the photo with a lustful mischievous look on her face.

My wife and I discussed all the pros and cons and finally decided that we should to go through with it. This would also be our first swinging session with another couple. We decided not to have sex for the rest of the week so that we could save up the excitement for the Friday night with Wayne and Mari.

I telephoned Wayne from work early the next day and we immediately clicked over the telephone. We made arrangements to meet with them the following Friday evening at around 6pm at their place. At 2pm that afternoon I decided to drive to one of the shops in the city, as I wanted to purchase a few things for Friday night. I found the shop and managed to get the things that I wanted. I was feeling a bit thirsty and decided to have a quick beer before the 25km drive back home. I stopped off at a pub, sat down at one of the outside tables and ordered my drink. My beer arrived a few minutes later and I gulped down a few mouthfuls. It was then that I noticed her.

She was sitting alone at a table in the corner reading one of the women’s magazines. I could not help but stare at her. She looked absolutely stunning. At a guess, I say she must have been about 5’10”. Dark chocolate colored skin, long curly black hair, a delightful pair of 36c boobs, pretty face with lovely kissable red lip stick lips. She wore a white top with thin straps over the shoulders, an extra short white mini skirt to match her top, and to finish off a pair of white 5″ high heel stiletto shoes. She must have noticed that I was watching her, as she opened her legs a little and turned them in such a way that I could just see her white panties. I quickly turned around to see if there was anyone else looking. I saw no one. I looked at her, she looked up at me, and she smiled. I got up, picked up eve gelen escort my half drunk glass of beer and wondered over to the table where she was sitting.

“Hello,” I said, “My name is Richard.”

“Oh, Hi, I’m Wendy,” she replied.

I asked her if she minded if I join her, and also asked if she would like a drink. She nodded and I sat down. I ordered a dry martini for her and another beer for myself. I learnt that she was a 27yo student from Nigeria, and was studying economics at the local university. We talked about all sorts of things, and after an hour. And a half we had become quite friendly with each other. She also told me that she had just broken up with her fiancé back home, and that she was feeling rather lonely, and sad. She also said that she needed someone to cheer her up.

“Would you like to come to my place for a mug of coffee?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

She asked me if I would like to walk her to her place, which was about three blocks away and across the road from where I had parked my car. We got up from the table and walked arm in arm, to her apartment. I just knew that that soon, I would be naked with this beautiful creature, and that we would be all over each other. I followed her up the stairs and she opened her front door.

“Come on, in,” she said, as she looked and smiled at me.

I went in, and sat down on the sofa. She put her bag down on the coffee table closed the door. She said she needed to go to the bathroom and when she returned, I swear I could smell the familiar fragrance of hot pussy, as she walked past me. She sat down in a lounge chair opposite me and slowly opened her legs. As she turned, to switch on the TV. I noticed that she had taken her panties off. By this time my cock was rock hard, as all I could think of, was fucking this beautiful hot chocolate babe. She looked at me and smiled, her lovely big brown eyes wandered down to the huge bulge in my pants.

“I see that there is something that needs to taken care of,” she quite calmly said in a sweet seductive voice.

I nodded, and smiled back at her. She stood up from the chair that she was sitting in, and reached for my hand.

“I need this so badly, come it will be better for us on the bed,” she said, as she led me into her bedroom.

She then turned and faced me. I moved my mouth towards hers and our lips and tongues touched, lustfully playing with each other. As we were kissing she undid my trousers and let them fall to the floor, pulling down my underpants at the same time. I took off my shirt and kicked off my shoes and socks.

“Would you like to see my smooth hairless pussy?” She asked. “I shaved it this morning.”

“Yes Please.” I replied.

We broke apart from our kissing, and she gave me a show as she seductively removed her top and skirt.

“You like?” She asked.

“Yes, I like,” I said, as I nodded my head in approval.

“My pussy is itching and very hot, and needs plenty of attention,” she said smiling at me.

“Please will you keep your shoes on in bed, for me?” I asked her.

I have always fantasized about fucking a sexy lady in bed whilst she was still wearing her heels, something my wife had not yet done. I put one arm around her waste and pulled her into me. My cock pressed hard into her soft hairless pubic mound. As our bodies touched there was instant electricity between us. With the other hand I caressed her hard chocolate nipples, and then sucked on each of them in turn causing her to moan softly.

“Ahhhhh. Ummmmmm.” She mumbled, and took hold of my cock, giving it a gentle squeeze. She then she lay down on the bed, spreading her legs wide open, revealing her shaved engorged wet pussy fully to me.

“Come on, eat me.” She said in a sexy Nigerian accent. I noticed that, she had a far away look in her eyes.

I got down on my knees and started lapping away at her delicious pussy, Her cunt lips were fully swollen, and were sopping wet from her sweet nectar, I started nibbling her cunt lips and slowly worked my way up to her huge clit. Probing her all the time with my tongue, I slowly sucked her clit into my mouth and gently massaged it, with my tongue. Her breathing increased, and all of a sudden I heard her scream

“Oui Oui Oui Oui Fuck Meeeeeeeee!” she cried.

Her body had shuddered in an enormous orgasm, which flooded my mouth with her delicious sweet cum. I got up, and lay down next to her on the bed, and kissed her so that she could taste herself on my lips. She sat up, positioned herself, and then bent down taking my hard cock into her soft hot mouth. I was in ecstasy as I felt her soft lips on my cock. She sucked away, and I could feel my balls beginning to tighten, and knew that a load of my cum was on its way.

“I’m cumming,” I shouted, as my cock began to pulse and pump cum into her mouth. She kept her lips tightly around my cock and sucked up every drop.

My cock was still rock hard even gaziosmanpaşa escort though I had just cum. She then leaned over and kissed me depositing a glob of my own cum into my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm thick texture of my own cum, I actually enjoyed the taste. I swallowed the cum. We continued to “French Kiss,” as I sucked out the globules of remaining cum from her mouth.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked.

“Very much.” I replied.

She grabbed hold of my cock with her hand, and seductively whispered to me,

“Stick it in me, I want you to fuck me with your cock, right now.”

She lay down, and I got on top of her in the missionary position. I pushed my cock towards the soft, moist and glistening entrance to her pussy, and then deep on into her hot tight cunt. She pushed back hard onto my cock, trying to get as much of my length into her as possible. As we fucked, she had another three massive orgasms. After about 10 minutes or so, I was ready to deposit my cum deep inside her pussy. She could feel my cock as it sprayed her inner depths with my cum, which then also triggered her fourth orgasm.

“Oui Oui Oui Ahhhhhhhh Fuckkkkk. Give it to Meeeeeeee,” she screamed, as she orgasmed.

Her pussy squeezed my cock, and she dug the heels of her stilettos hard into my sides. I knew that her stiletto heels would leave marks on my back. I could hear loud squelching noises as I continued to move my cock slowly in and out of her cum filled sopping wet cunt. We kissed, and after a while we slowly uncoupled from each other. There was a loud “plop” sound as my cock disengaged from her pussy. As I withdrew, cum poured out of her cunt, rushing through her thighs to her arse. I kissed her and got up, then went to the bathroom, as I needed to pee. When I got back, she was sitting on the bed in a white bra and red panty.

“Would you like to come and visit me again?” She asked, with a big smile on her face.

“Yes. Most definitely.” I replied. “I hope that we will see much more of each other.” I said as I looked lovingly, into her eyes, which were now filling with tears.

“Why are you crying?” I asked, feeling a bit concerned about her.

“They are tears of joy, and happiness.” She replied. “At last I have found what I always wanted.”

I bent down, and kissed her.

We exchanged phone numbers. I got dressed and headed for the door. We hugged, and lustfully kissed each other at the front door. I noticed that she had something in her hand, which she pushed into my pants pocket. She rubbed my cock through my pants as she removed her hand from my pocket.

“See you soon my sweet,” She said as, she smiled and closed the door.

I got home four hours later than what I had anticipated. I felt in my pocket and pulled her rolled up white G-string panty, out of my pocket, which had a folded piece of paper inside, and a key to her apartment, the note said; “Keep it Safe, and please use it next time — Love Wendy.” I raised her panty to my nose, and slowly inhaled her sweet smelling nectar, which gave me another erection.

This is certainly one secret, I was going to keep from my wife.

[I still see Wendy two to three times a week. We have been fucking each other for the last sixteen years. She is still as sexy as ever and still remains single. She now works for one of the local banks. Thirteen years ago I managed to get her pregnant. Our daughter is now almost twelve].

The rest of the week passed by without any further incidents, my wife Anita did not ask about the marks on my back either although they were clearly visible. I could see that she had noticed them, but did not ask where they came from.

My wife decided to take the day off on Friday from work, as she wanted to have a day to herself to prepare for the night ahead. I got off work at about 3pm that afternoon, went home and had a shower. I pulled on a golf shirt and a pair of semi-formal trousers so that I looked decent and smart, as we were going to barbeque with Wayne and Mari at their place that evening. My wife was dressed in a red mini-dress, which had a slit up the one side, and red stiletto heels. She spent a long time preparing herself, her make-up and hair looked stunning, she was not wearing a bra and her hard nipples were clearly visible as they pressed through the dress.

Anita almost had me cumming in my pants as we drove to Wayne and Mari’s place. She pulled her dress up to her panty line on the car seat, and smiled at me. I could see a wet spot on her crotch of her red panty, which meant only one thing! She was hot and ready for the action that lay ahead later that evening.

“I can’t wait to get hold of Wayne’s cock,” she said, giving me a mischievous grin.

“I bet you can’t,” I replied.

I reached over, and massaged her pussy lips through the panties. I could feel, and smell that she was now highly aroused.

“You had better stop that, or we won’t make gölbaşı escort it to Wayne and Mari,” she said.

“You taste delicious,” I replied, as I licked her juices from my finger.

Wayne met us at the gate and Mari came out of the house to meet us. Wayne kissed Anita, and put his arm around her as we went into the house. I did the same to Mari. Mari was just as stunning as my wife, she had on a black extra short mini dress, with black stilettos, and was also braless. We had a few drinks and as the food cooked on the barbeque we got to know each other better. I could see that Wayne had the “Hots” for my wife, as he kept eyeing her, I lusted after Mari. After supper we settled down around the pool and our hosts asked us if we felt like a swim.

My wife and I looked at each other and said that we did not have any swimwear with us.

“We don’t normally use swimwear around here,” said Wayne as he stood up.

Wayne stripped off his clothes, I decided to join him, and we jumped into the pool naked. I looked at the two girls. They got up from the table, on the patio and teased us by pretending to go back into the house. They stopped half way, held onto each other as they steadied themselves whilst removing their high heels, they stripped their dresses off, kissing and tonguing each other, and joined us in the pool. Seeing the girls naked had Wayne and myself sporting rock hard erections.

After swimming around and lustfully playing, teasing and, touching each other in the pool for about twenty minutes or so, we decided to get out and lie on the air mattresses. The girls had gotten out of the pool first. Mari grabbed and held onto my cock as she pulled me to the nearest mattress. Anita moistened her lips with her tongue and did the same with Wayne. After I lay down on the mattress. Mari took my cock into her mouth and fingered my balls at the same time, she started to deep throat me. I soon felt my orgasm starting to build. Mari sensed it too, released my cock from her mouth. I stood up, and she lay down on the mattress. She opened her legs, and pointed to her pussy with her index finger, sticking out her tongue. I knelt down, crawled over to her and greedily started to eat her pussy, she orgasmed within a few minutes, and flooded my mouth with her sweet tasting nectar. I then moved up and started sucking on her long erect nipples, whilst fingering her clit.

“Please! FUCK ME. Fill me with your cum, I want to feel your cock deep inside me,” she whispered in my ear.

At this stage my cock was rock hard and my balls were ready to burst. I slowly pushed my cock into her hot tight and wet pussy and started pumping her, she immediately orgasmed. After I had pumped her a dozen or so times, her pussy squeezed my cock and she came for the second time.

“Yes Yes Yesssssssssss.” She screamed as she came.

I could feel the cum beginning to boil in my balls as her pussy clamped down harder onto my cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer, my cock pulsed and then spurted deep inside her, flooding her pussy with a torrent of my saved up cum.

“Fill me! Come on do it now!” She cried.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” I shouted, as I creamed Mari’s inner depths. Mari and I then lay down next to each other.

“I felt you explode in my pussy. It was a big one too,” she said, as I looked into her eyes.

“Ummmmm,” Was all I could say as I kissed her.

We then coupled, and lay on the mattress, in the “Spoons Position”, with my cock head 2″ inside her pussy.

“That was awesome,” she said as we cuddled together.

I looked over at my wife. Her legs were high in the air. Wayne was on top of her thrusting his cock in and out of her. Mari and I could hear the loud wet squelching as he thrust his cock in and out of her, and as his balls slapped against her arse. She was lying there whimpering in ecstasy as his cock kept touching her G-spot every time he thrust into her. Mari and I heard her orgasm as she came hard. Then it was Wayne’s turn, and he let out a roar as he flooded my wife’s pussy with his cum.

I then reached over to Anita, and squeezed her hand, as she in turn squeezed mine. We looked at each other not saying a word, and smiled, our relationship well, and truly cemented.

We decided to go into the house to the bedroom to fuck some more. Wayne and Mari took us into the main bedroom, which had a large queen size bed. Anita licked her lips as she eyed Wayne’s hard cock.

“Oh my! Look what I’ve found. It looks swollen and dry. Maybe I can soothe it,” Anita said, as she knelt down and slid her mouth over Wayne’s twitching erection. He sucked in his breath, as she took several inches of his cock into her mouth.

“Oh, Yeah suck it baby,” he moaned. Anita then pulled back sensing he was about to cum, and licked Wayne’s balls.

“I think you’re ready for some place that is a lot tighter,” she said as she stood up, and backed up to the bed. She lay back and spread her legs. Wayne moved over to her. He took hold of her legs and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and ever so slowly pushed himself in.

In the meantime Mari had got onto the bed and lay on her tummy, she pushed her arse into the air. I got on the bed behind her, and she grabbed hold of my cock and stuffed it into her wet pussy, I started pumping her doggie style holding onto her with one hand and spanking her softly with the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32