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A few days ago, I placed an ad in Craigslist, “fit attractive, 60-year-old divorced white male, seeking an attractive, intelligent, female, for safe sexual activities.” I had placed some similar ads in the past and while I had received a few responses, most had turned out to be either spam, women looking to get paid, or other scams of one type or another. So, when I got a response the other day from a “32-year-old, sexy, fit, fun, Latina,” I was skeptical to say the least. Why would anyone who fits that description be interested in me?

But what did I have to lose. So, I responded back and after a few more short emails back and forth she actually agreed to meet the next day after work at a nearby Starbucks. At this point in time I thought there was maybe a ten percent chance she would actually show up, so the next morning when she texted me that she would have to work late and wouldn’t be able to make it, I wasn’t really that surprised or disappointed. She did say she would like to reschedule though, so we tentatively agreed to meet later on during the week. To up the ante so to speak, I asked if she had a picture of herself she could send and whether she could possibly describe herself a little further. This is how she responded: 5’4″, 117 lbs., brown hair and eyes, perfect teeth, nice smile, stylish clothes, etc. She also sent a picture, neck down of herself on the beach in a string bikini. The woman in the picture had an almost perfect body which made me even more skeptical that she was for real, but the picture did fit the description of herself that she had given me. It really was just too good to be true.

Around dinnertime that night, I thought I would text her and see how her “late work” was going and whether perhaps she might want to talk on the phone as a prelude to our planned meeting later in the week. I told her I could also still meet her later on that night, if she was up to it, after she had finished her work. Surprisingly, she said she would give me a call in a little while, and after a few minutes my cell phone actually did ring, indicating a private number was calling. We talked on the phone a few minutes and everything seemed to be checking out, perhaps she was actually the real thing. I asked her why she responded to my ad and she said she had a fantasy about being with an older guy and wasn’t really interested in getting into any kind of relationship at this time. She said she would probably be finished work around 9 pm, would contact me when she was done, and that maybe we could still actually meet that night.

Again, this was sounding too good to be true, so rather than get my hopes up I decided to just watch some TV, and when I hadn’t heard from her by 1030 I gave up and went to bed. Luckily I was still awake when I finally got an email from her around 11 saying she had just finished her work reviewing documents (she had told me on the phone that she was a paralegal). She also said her back was hurting from sitting so long and she could use a massage. I told her to call me and again we talked on the phone, at which time I offered some “massage services” to help her out. After a couple of more missteps where she at first she said she wanted to meet and then how it was too cold to go out, she agreed Dikmen Escort to meet me at a nearby MacDonald’s which was close by to both of us. She said if we both liked each other after meeting, she would be willing to come over, so I got out of bed, got dressed and ventured out, not knowing for sure what was to become of the night.

I was really nervous, still not expecting her to actually show, wondering whether the picture she sent was real, whether she would take a look at me and decide to go home, whether this was some kind of set up for something I could only imagine. I was actually hoping she wasn’t as attractive as she described herself and how she appeared in the picture, thinking that perhaps then I would have a better chance of her actually agreeing to go home with me.

I pulled into the parking lot at MacDonald’s and a few minutes later I saw her car pull in. When she got out of her car I got really scared, she was fucking gorgeous. At that point in time, I really expected her to make some kind of excuse to go home or alternatively, was waiting for her to tell me she was some high-priced prostitute and what this was going to cost, but neither of those things occurred. Instead, we both just went inside, made some small talk, and she ordered some food and asked for it to go. She then turned to me and asked if it would be ok to bring the food to my house to eat. I was still in shock, still thinking that there has to be a catch to this.

From the picture she had sent I already knew what her body looked like and now from what I could see in front of me, I could verify that that the picture she had sent was real. She had on nice jeans, boots, and a fluffy white sweater, kind of a girl next store look, that is if the girl next store is a 32-year-old Latina “10.” She wasn’t overtly in your face sexy which made her even more desirable. She was soft-spoken, seemed intelligent, and best of all was apparently willing to go home with me.

She followed me to my house, parked behind me in the driveway and we both went inside (it was now around 1130 pm). She took off her coat and boots and sat down on the couch and asked if she could eat some of her food. I was fucking shaking, partly because it was so cold out and partly due to the thoughts racing through my head about what might soon be to come. I just sat there for a minute and watched her eat, in total disbelief that this was happening to me. I made some hot tea to warm up and drank it while I watched her finish eating.

After a few minutes, she said she was done with the food and I asked her if she still wanted that massage we had talked about. She nodded her head yes and I walked her into the bedroom. We both sat down on the bed, me behind her, and I began to just massage her shoulders and back, on top of her sweater. She didn’t say anything but seemed to be enjoying my touch. My adrenaline was on overdrive now, and I had to really pace myself, stopping now and then just to take a reality check, smell her hair, kiss the back of her neck. After a few minutes, I told her to lay down on her stomach and take her sweater off which she did without hesitation. I unclasped her bra so her back was now bare, warmed Elmadağ Escort up some massage oil in my hands and began massaging her back. I wanted to take my time and stretch this out, taking time to fully explore her whole body, knowing full well that I might never have something so perfect in my hands again. I massaged her back, working my way down to the top of her jeans and her amazing ass which fit perfectly into her jeans. Occasionally after massaging her back and arms, I teased her by lightly caressing her sides, letting my fingers slide just underneath.

Next, I told her I wanted to take off her pants. While still lying face down she unbuttoned her jeans, raised her hips, and allowed me to pull them off. Underneath she had on white thigh high stockings and a little cheetah print thong that barely covered her perfect ass, which was comprised of two perfectly shaped symmetrical globes, separated by a distinct space that was clearly visible from outside her thong. The camera in my mind was now overheating, taking picture after picture of what was in front of me. I slowly took her stockings off but I wanted it all now, immediately, and it took every ounce of my discipline to not just rip her thong off and start devouring her. I wanted to bury my face in her cute trimmed pussy and ass, but instead I held back and just continued slowly and deliberately massaging her tight beautiful ass before moving on to her legs, her feet, and then back up to her back and her sides.

At this point I figured she was all in, so I just reached down and slowly pulled her thong off providing me the perfect view of her cute brown ass hole and then further down, her taught pussy lips. Again, I found myself in awe and had to stop to let my mind’s camera catch up. Her ass and pussy were almost too perfect, like someone computer animation of what a perfect ass might be. She was like a true goddess, a fantasy that had appeared over and over again in my head, but without ever actually thinking that being able to touch something so perfect, would ever be a reality for me. I continued the massage, kneading her globe-like ass deliberately between my hands, spreading it open, lightly stroking up and down her crack, teasing her, arousing her, but not yet allowing her any real relief from the tension building between her legs. Her soft moans were a signal for me to continue.

I told her to turn over and take off her bra and she did as I instructed her. She was totally naked now lying before me in a state of total relaxation and total arousal. I knew from the bikini picture she had sent earlier that day that she had nice breasts, but now uncovered I could see that her 34 c’s were capped with the most perfect taught nipples I had ever seen. She could be a centerfold, a model, an actress, whatever fantasy I wanted her to be, so again I stopped for a moment to take it all in, let my brain catch up, before continuing on.

At this point, I figured I better take off my clothes, part to better equalize the situation and part because my cock couldn’t stand being restrained in my pants any longer. Both of us naked now, I continued the massage focusing on those amazing breasts, gently stroking them, drawing Elvankent Escort little circles around her nipples, teasing her, before finally putting one of her nipples in my mouth. I knew from one of the emails she had sent that her nipples were really sensitive so I took my time licking, sucking, and lightly biting one, and then another, while at the same time pinching the other one that was still wet from my saliva. I could tell she had reached the point of subconscious consent, and she started to let out little moans as I gradually increased the intensity of my actions, biting a little harder at times followed by softer licks and strokes.

I could think of nothing else other than how much I wanted to make her cum, so I reached down between her legs and for the first time felt her hot, wet pussy. I pulled her ass against me as I sucked her nipples and fingered her tight pussy and clit. She was totally on board and soon she was moaning softly, telling me I was going to make her cum. As I stroked her clit, I could feel it getting harder and her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She was totally mine now, this perfect creature, hot, wet, and waiting for release. After a few more minutes, she said to me, softly and sensually, that she was going to cum, after which her body started to shiver and she just collapsed into me. I held her close against me for a while, quiet, and still in some altered state of reality about what had just occurred.

After a few minutes, she gained her composure, sat up and asked what she could do for me. I really had to think about that as although my cock was hard my head was still a little blurry. “Maybe just use your imagination,” I said, not knowing just what that might entail. She began by just mimicking a lot of what I had done to her. She told me to lie face down and started to sensually massage my body with her soft hands, occasionally letting the tips of her taught nipples brush against my back. She spread my arms and leg out on the bed and then just laid on top of me, her body weight pressing my hard cock down against the mattress. After just lying there for a minute or so, she slowly slid her body down my back, so that her face was now even with the top of my ass. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen next.

Almost in-perceptually at first, I felt her soft wet tongue beginning to lap at the top of my ass. As she continued, her tongue strokes became more pronounced, slowly working their way down from the top of my crack to just before my anus. The overall effect was amazing, as not only did it just feel physically great, but knowing that this Aphrodite-like goddess was now licking my ass was really beyond comprehension. I was on fire and just started grinding my cock into the bed hoping to get the release I needed. Sensing I was about to cum, she stopped and told me to turn over. Squeezing a little more massage oil into her hands she reached behind me and slowly and sensually worked one of her fingers into my ass while taking just the head of my throbbing cock into her beautiful mouth. As she encircled my cock with her lips, her tongue began drawing little circles around the head, while at the same time she began to finger fuck my ass. Slowly she began to take more and more of my cock into her mouth and it didn’t take long before I could feel my whole body start to tremble, my cock erupting, my ass tightening around her finger.

Vanessa left that night around 2 am, and I went to bed a new man, confident, spent, and with a new awareness of how amazing sex at this stage in my life could possibly be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32