Valentines Gifts

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L wakes up slowly and stretches ……. she can’t feel Michael behind her, but that’s not unusual at all, as he tends to wake up before her most days. She rolls over away from the windows, still hasn’t opened her eyes yet …….. L slowly opens her eyes and is confused, as there is a red Blurriness in front of her that she can’t work out. She reaches over and gets her glass as she shakes off the sleep ………putting on the glasses and refocusing she sees the bunch of roses …… St Valentines Day!!!!!!!! of courses, a smile breaks across her face.

Yes there is a card in the flower, she reaches for it and looks at the card ….. it has the standard flowers and hearts on the front. She opens it and reads, “L the love of my Life, my passion, my muse the only woman for me” …………. there is the standard verse next and Michael’s name under it. She then notices that there is a ps. written down the side “stay in bed lover, I have arranged with work for you to have the day off with me” …… she looks at the clock and sees that its an hr latter than when the alarm should have woken her.

L sits up in bed and wonders what he has planned ……. she hears him coming up the stairs. He walks through the door carrying a tray, on it is breakfast pancakes with all the things she likes with them …… he sits on the bed, puts the tray down between them, leans over it and kisses her lightly on the lips. Pulling back from her she sees that he is smiling at her “morning lover I have something for you” …….. he reaches into the pocket of his shirt and pulls out and envelope and gives it to her.

L looks at the envelope then at him, she opens it and inside there are tickets for “Phantom of the Opera” its on tonight …….

Michael has a huge smile on his face as he watches her face light up with surprise “lets have breakfast hunny and then have a shower together” he takes the tickets from her and puts them on the desk, leans forward and kisses her ….. then starts on the pancakes. When they have finished the food Michael picks up the tray and heads out the door …. looking behind him at her in bed he says, ” go start the shower hunny I’ll be there as soon as I put these things in the kitchen”

L’s in the bathroom and has the shower turned on and at the temperature that she likes, she hears Michael walk in and then feels his arms slide around here and pull her up against him ……… still right behind her he starts to undo the buttons on the old blue shirt that she found. As he is undoing them he is also playing his fingers along her skin, teasing her breasts and nipples as well as having forced her head to one side with his so that he can bite and kiss her neck.

She closes her eyes and feels the kisses and bites ….. the hands working down the buttons on her shirt, the last one is undone and his right hand slides down and cups her cunt. He squeezes its and slides his middle finger in-between her cunts Tuzla Escort lips and slowly pulls it up her cunt to her clit he whisper “your wet hunny” there is a deep throaty chuckle in his voice ….. his body pulls away slightly and he runs his hands up her body to her shoulders. Opening up her shirt he then slides it off her shoulders and down her arms, throws it onto the floor he then steps back from her and quickly undresses ……. his cloths are in a pile on the floor with L’s shirt.

He looks up her body ending at her face, stepping forward against her she feels his erect cock poke her in the tummy then slide up between them as he pulls her into him …….. kissing her lightly on the lips he forces her backward into the shower. She feels the warm water on her back then her head; splashing her and caressing her …… his lips are still locked against hers as he keeps moving her backwards. The pattern of the water hitting her body now changes as she get the water that’s hitting him bouncing off his body onto hers …….. water flowing down off his head and onto her face then down between their bodies.

He breaks away form the kiss and reaches for the shampoo ….. turning her around he puts some shampoo in her hair and then begins to lather it up and massage it into her hair. It foams and lathers as he massages her head, kissing her neck now and again as he massages her head ……. directing her back into the main stream of the shower he rinse out her hair by massaging the water through it. When all the soap is rinse from her hair he pushes her from under the water stream ……. he finds the conditioner and puts that in her hair, massages it in and piles her hair on the top of her head.

Looking at L he smiles ” its going to be a couple of minutes before we can rinse that out” he drops to his knees and pushes her back against the wall of the shower ……. he lifts her right leg and puts it over his left shoulder, puts his hand against her tummy and pushes her firmly into the wall to balance her. L’s cunt is open and right at the level of Michael’s face, she can’t move or do more than holds onto his head …… he bends into her and starts to tease her open with his tongue. Long slow licks for the bottom of her cunt right up to the clit, again and again ….. with each lick he pushes her cunt lips wider and he gets deeper into her

Michael change his hand that supporting L …… now his left forearm and hand is supporting her and pushing her into the wall. He sucks her clit into his mouth and starts to bite and chew on it gently …… rolling it around in his mouth and flicking it with his tongue. His right hand slides up L’s leg his fingers brushing her bottom and began to explore her bottom and arse hole …… he works one finger into her arse, no more than 1/2 an inch he rotates and slides it in and out, teasing and relaxing it. Michael can feel that L’s breathing is getting harder and Tuzla Escort Bayan faster …. he lets her clit slide out of his mouth but then presses in against it.

With his finger in L’s arse and his lips against her clit he blows a raspberry against her …….. L screams and cums her supporting leg buckles and all her weight is supported on Michael’s arm and shoulder. Her body is shaking and her cunt is twitching ….. there is a low moan coming from her, I support her while she gets herself under control. I start to move my finger in her arse again. I pull back my head and look up her beautiful body …… I slide a second finger into her arse as she gets more control of herself. L’s leg is supporting some of her weight again so I start to let the weight come back onto it.

I remove my arm and hand from her tummy, my two fingers in here arse are still working in and out slowly opening her arse, relaxing it and getting her ready for latter ………. watching the look on her face I lower my self even more so that she can slide her leg off my shoulder and down onto the floor of the shower. As her foot touches the floor of the shower I remove my fingers from her arse …… move back from her under the water stream and stand up. L’s face is flushed and beautiful, I reach forward and put my hand on her face, cupping her jaw line I lean in and kiss her ….. sliding my hand behind her neck I pull her into the water stream and start to rinse the conditioner out of her hair.

Turning off the water I get the soap I lather it in my hands and begin to soap down L’s beautiful body ….. turning her around I soap her front and back, enjoying the feel of her breast, tummy and that glorious bottom of hers. I soap between her arse cheeks, allowing my fingers the pleasure of just penetrating her arse ….. I move up against her and let the full length of or bodies touch. Moving against the slickness of the soap I keep washing her, then I give her the soap and let her do the same with me. L takes her time soaping up my body, she seems to enjoy soaping my cock …. its so hard not to cum as she’s doing that, to distract her I slide two fingers into her arse.

I hear the sharp intake of her breath as I do that …… pulling her against me I start to move and gyrate against her while fucking her arse with my fingers. She is getting more relaxed now so I slide a third finger into her arse, L pushes down onto them wanting them deeper in her …… I’m getting harder by the second I know that its not going to take much to make me cum now. I pull away and turn the water back on ….. it sluices away the soap and leaves us clean.

I pull away from L and turn her to face the wall of the shower; I grab her hands and bend her forward …. putting her hands on the wall and telling her not to move them. I stand behind her, spread her legs a little and place my cock along her cunt ……. I slowly slide it back and Escort Tuzla forward along her cunt lips. The bell head of my cock is just nudging her clit as I slide it forward …… she pushes her butt back into me to get better contact on her clit. I smile this is what I have been waiting for, I pull back and put my hands on her arse cheeks and open them …. I put my cock against her arse hole and push, not hard but firmly.

The head of my cock slides into her arse ….. there is a sharp intake of breath from L as it goes in. She turns her head towards me and smiles, her hands are firmly against the wall but she still pushes back against me ….. wanting more of me inside her. I slowly start to push in and out getting a little deeper each time, working my cock into her and stretching her. I know that I’m not going to last long but I don’t want to push her to hard and make it painful but I do want to be all the way in when I cum …… the rhyme is building now. The strokes are getting longer and harder, we are both breathing harder and faster too ……. suddenly I feel my balls slap against her thighs; I look down and see that I’m all the way in her.

I start to really fuck L’s arse now ….. pulling back so I’m almost out of her then slamming back in until I feel my thighs hit her arse and my balls slap her thighs. L is working hard too; there is a low moan that sounds like “harder, harder” to me ….. she’s grinding her arse against me when I’m all the way in. It also feels like she is trying to suck me into her more as well ……. I know that I’m going to cum any second now. I lean over her and reach between her legs to find her clit ….. I start rubbing it and teasing it trying to make her cum as quickly as I can as well.

I’m not sure that I’m going to make her cum as I start to feel the twitching in my cock, I pull back and thrust into L as hard as I can and explode inside her ….. she screams and starts to shake as she feels my cum spray into, I think she has cum too. I rest against her feeling myself tremble and the small after pulse of my cock pumping cum into L’s arse ….. I can feel her deep ragged breathing in time with mine. I can feel the tremors in her thighs, but maybe that’s me. I start to move again gently in her, I’m no were as hard as I was but I am content to move slowly and give her a chance to relax.

As I’m moving I feel the cum start to ooze and drain out of my lover …. I pull out of her and watch the cum dribble out. Smiling I turn her around and hold her tight, kissing her and caressing. I pull her under the water and quickly clean L and myself off ….. I turn off the water and get one of the big bath towels. Wrapping it around her I find a smaller towel to wrap her hair up in ……. quickly drying myself off I pick her up and carry her back to the bedroom. As I get there I’m amazed that I can still walk, I’m shaking and content ……. I lie L on the bed and snuggle in behind her

Holding her in tight against me I tell her “happy Valentines Day” and that I love her. As we lie there I think of the wonderful night we are going to have at dinner and the theatre afterwards …… we fall asleep content and happy in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32