Valentine Candy

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For the man who is Evan

Even before Evan knew what plans his girlfriend had in store for him, he was certain that it would

be a sensual experience. Because Elen was not only an imaginative lover, she also shared his liking for all kinds of sweets. And she worked in the cheerful Sugar Sugar Land, the (if you asked Elen) best candy store in all of England. So when, three days before the 14th of February, she asked him if he wanted to have this Valentine’s celebration in private with her, and also surrounded by all of his favourite treats, Evan couldn’t do anythingbutagree. And because she had hinted that their own little festival would take place after dark, he had a vague idea of what would probably be his actual dessert – a buxom redhead with the tendency to shower him with presents, and the general disposition of a nymph, or other lustful feminine woodland creature.

When he arrived at nine pm. at the Sugar Sugar Land, all the curtains were drawn and the shutters closed. But when he rang the doorbell gingerly (not because he was hesitant, simply because that was his way of handling things), the sky-blue door immediately opened, and light green eyes peered out at him. Elen pulled him in by his arm, closed the door and locked, bolted and double-checked the locks and bolts with utmost care. Just when he wanted to ask what all the security was about, he reallylookedat Elen. She was wearing her brightly-coloured shop clerk’s uniform, but had foregone shirt, bra, pantyhose and shoes, standing there in only a purple vest and (tiny) skirt, as well as a pink bow around her neck that made her look quite like a cat. After he had somewhat recovered from the quite breathtaking sight of his half-clad girlfriend, he looked around the store. As always, it was nearly as stunning a sight for him as a barely dressed and willing woman, especially considering his sweet tooth. But only nearly.

On either side of the room, the shelves went from floor to ceiling. On the right-hand side, there was an extensive collection of bonbons in over thirty flavours, liquorice, candied ginger, jelly beans, bubblegum in colourful packages, fresh-scented peppermints and gumdrops in heart or flower shapes, to name just a few. To the left, the shelves were stacked with dark, milk and white chocolate, truffles filled with sweet intoxicating liquor, toffee in small metal boxes, all kinds of dried, chocolate-coated fruit, tiny chocolate figurines such as kittens and other small animals and a special corner for chocolates with extraordinary flavouring such as lavender, chilli, hibiskus flower or black pepper. Behind the counter, the season-related sweets were arranged in a glass display. For Valentine’s day, there was a large collection altyazılı porno of hearts and roses, smiling cherubs and candy hearts, all in shades of white, pink and red. Additionally, Elen had set a bowl of strawberries on the counter, next to which a heart of white chocolate, adorned with marzipan roses, tiny bows and the words “I Love You” in dark chocolate. In a corner near the bonbons and lollipops, Elen had put a few of the colourful rag-rugs she made herself. It looked quite comfortable.

His attention was drawn back to her when she slipped an arm round his waist and gave him a kiss that left him reeling. She tasted of candied ginger.

“This one’s for you, sweetheart.” Elen said, a tint to her speech telling of her Irish origin.

She handed the chocolate heart to him before taking the bowl of strawberries, which she placed on the wooden floor before sitting down cross-legged on one of the rugs. The nails of her bare feet were painted bright purple. Evan went over to her and noticed that there were several small bowls containing truffles, lollipops and other assorted candy arranged around the rag-rug-nest. He sat down as well, his dark eyes widening when Elen’s position showed that she wasn’t wearing any underpants beneath her skirt. She followed his eyes and smiled impishly.

“Nay, what you’re lookin’ at is not th’ main course. T’is dessert. But no worries, you’ll be gettin’ dessert soon enough.”

“Oh, so I get to have candy as the main course, and ginger and Irish Cream for dessert? Lucky me.”

“Stop with the craic, sweet. If I’d wanted to be the focus of your attention, I’d have been waitin’ in me bedroom for you. You can be lucky I dared to use my keys after closin’ hours. That’s not quite legal, you see.”

Evan sobered. “I’m sorry. I really appreciate the effort you put in this. It’s just that you’re looking especially delicious tonight.”

“T’is fine. Well…have a strawberry?”

Evan accepted the sweet red fruit that his equally sweet and red girlfriend unceremoniously shoved into his mouth.

“Hmm…those are nice.” he said, red juice running down his chin. He took a truffle and held it to Elen’s lips. She took a bite, enjoying the way the chocolate melted on her tongue and filled her mouth with the creamy, rich taste of milk and cocoa. Another bite, and her mouth was full of the fresh and spicy ginger-and-orange filling. Leaning over to Evan, she captured his lips with her own and kissed him deeply, the flavours of strawberry and truffle mingling pleasantly in their mouths. Elen sucked on Evan’s tongue and was rewarded as he moaned into her mouth and wound his arms around her neck. She groped blindly for another strawberry, and, having zenci porno finally gotten hold of one, opened her vest with one hand and squeezed the fruit until the sweet red juice dripped over her bare breasts. Evan looked at her curiously before following the silent invitation in her eyes. Leaning down, he started to lick the strawberry juice of his lover’s creamy skin, chuckling at the way her body turned rigid when his teeth latched onto a nipple.

Elen’s skin was tingling from the slow laps and little bites, and when Evan began kissing his way down her stomach, she sank down on the floor, abandoning herself to his ministrations.

She sucked in a breath as his hands found their way under her skirt, sliding over the small patch of curly hair before pulling the textile down and tossing it away carelessly. Her blood felt like liquid fire, his touch a soft tingle on her heated skin. She lifted her hips, trying to push the moist heat of her sex against his fingers.

“A little eager?” Evan asked, bemused. Following a sudden inspiration, he took one of the lollipops from a bowl, and fumbled the wrapping off. Elen gasped when something smooth and cool was suddenly pressing against her slick folds. As the bulbous object slid in completely, the sensations running through her intensified ten-fold. Evan began pushing the lollipop in and out of Elen’s pussy, caressing his girlfriend’s breasts and stomach with his free hand. He alternated between sliding the lollipop in and out of her body, and massaging the whole of her wet sex with it. Elen’s hips lifted off the floor when he pressed the sweet that was now slick and melted smaller in her slippery heat against her clit and drew tiny circles with it. She was quite frustrated when the pleasurable ministrations suddenly stopped. Cracking open her eyes – they had been screwed shut in pleasure –

she saw Evan sitting on his heels and casually licking her juices off of the lollipop.

“What’s that?” She said in a slightly strained voice “Are you plannin’ on eatin’ this whole damn sucker while I lie here and go mad?”

By way of answer, Evan bit the candy right through, chewing and swallowing. He leaned down to her again and proceeded to lick the traces of sugar from her pussy. Elen’s hips twitched upwards again, pushing into Evan’s face. The whole world seemed to fade around her, only her boyfriend and the incredible thing he was doing with his tongue standing out sharply. Finally, the dam inside Elen broke and she saw stars as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed from the center of her raw, sweet heat. All of her muscles clenched and relaxed and every nerve in her body was singing and she thought she might lose her mind aldatma porno from this sheer, wonderful feeling when she finally sank down again, exhausted and panting. As Elen recovered from her mind-blowing orgasm, Evan drew back and licked his lips. His girlfriend looked up at him, her eyes slightly glazed. Her look cleared instantly, however, and she got the devilish little smile that signalled she’d just had an idea.

“Now, sweet, that was very good indeed. How about you’ll now get back what you’ve been givin’?”

Elen said, reaching up and pulling Evan right down with her. He obidiently lay down and let Elen pull his clothes straight off of him. The Irishwoman reached for the bowl of strawberries, taking out a handfull and squeezing them out over her lover’s naked body. Evan let the sensations wash over him as Elen’s tongue travelled over his body, paying close attention to the pink nipples made redder by sweet juice, sliding lower, still lower, not touching his by now rock hard manhood and ending up on his inner thigh. From there, Elen worked her way up again, until she licked slowly along the whole length of his shaft, and then took the head into her mouth, sucking with such a force that Evan twined his hands into her hair in pure reaction. She aroused him with licks, kisses and soft bites until he was shuddering from the sensual overload. Before he could reach his peak, however, Elen drew back and very calmly started to eat truffles. Evan had been on the brink of orgasm, and when the ministrations stopped, he relaxed a bit. Just when he was about to open his eyes and ask why thehellElen wasn’t continuing, she leaned forward and french kissed him deeply, so his mouth was filled with the taste of chocolate and sex. Now he did open his eyes, and saw Elen squatting above him, slowly sinking down until he was buried to the hilt in her hot body. She grabbed his hands as she began to move up and down, their heated flesh sliding together, musky juices mixing with traces of sugar until the whole room and it’s two inhabitants seemed to be filled with sweetness, within and without. Their slick, hot connection, his hard shaft deep in her pussy, this bare sensual burning became the focus of their whole beings. They shuddered as the sensations built up, filling them with fire and sugar and pure sex until it became so good it was almost unbearable. Elen was the first to reach climax, she came with a high cry of completion that set Evan off also, he gripped her hands hard as his hot seed was buried deep in his lover’s body. Elen sank down on him, and after catching their breath for a while, they disentangled and lay down comfortably, reting their bodies together and enjoying the afterglow. A few minutes passed, until Elen turned around, her light eyes burning into Evan’s dark ones.

“Hey, sweetheart. Have another strawberry?”


Author’s Note: I hope I got the Irish accent right. Please point out any mistakes. “Craic” is an Irish word meaning joke.

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