Valedictorian: Best in the Class

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She was everything a teacher would want in a student. She was smart and respectful. She asked precise questions in class and was active in class discussions. Her homework was always turned in on time and was neat and readable. She arrived to class on time and was in her seat reviewing her notes before the bell rang every day.

And she was beautiful. Carly had a kind of classic beauty that was not trendy, but not old fashioned. She had dark brown hair and eyes, both of which looked soft and warm. Her hair had a gentle curl like the curls of girls in magazines. She had full lips and a perfect nose.

And her body was as lovely as her face. She was athletic; a volleyball player, a basketball cheerleader and a varsity golfer. This gave her body a slender toned look. Her breasts were not huge. They were just right. I guessed a C cup or so, which showed nicely on her muscular body.

Carly was perfect in almost every way. She was friends with everyone, athletic, smart, talented and accomplished. Her only imperfection was that she was my student. I would give almost anything to have a girlfriend like her, but I am not so lucky. And as a high school biology teacher in a small town, the chances didn’t look good.

Which is why I was surprised to see Carly standing in the doorframe of the biology classroom well after classes were over. I glanced at the wall clock. It was 7:14.

“Carly! This is unexpected! Come on in and have a seat.”

She walked in appearing a bit less confident than usual. She slid into one of the desks.

“What brings you here so late after school?” I asked, still putting on my teacher’s smile.

“Well, I had golf practice, and I sort of wanted to talk to you privately.”


She hesitated, clearly trying to choose her words carefully. She bit her lip and looked at anything in the room but me. Finally she started.

“You know I have worked very hard in high school. I mean, I kill myself to get good grades and to be a leader just so I can use the words “well rounded” on my college applications.”

“Sure. I know you put forth great effort in my class. Hell, in all your classes.”

“Right. And you might or might not know my family doesn’t have the money to send me to college. Which is why I work so hard: to get scholarships.”

“I wasn’t aware.”

“That doesn’t really matter. But the thing is, I really need to be valedictorian. And I’m currently tied for it.”

“Well a tie isn’t so bad. Then it just goes to a vote by the faculty. And I am sure the faculty will vote fairly.”

“See, now I don’t think that is in my best interest. I have looked at all the faculty who would vote and the way I figure it, Hunter would win by two votes.”

“Oh. Well you know you would have my vote, right?”

“Well, I sort of figured on yours. I was sort of hoping maybe we could make… some sort of a deal.” Her face turned a deep shade of crimson. Something was up.

“What sort of a deal?” I asked slowly. I wasn’t sure I liked where this was going. Bribery was not something I would submit to.

“I want you to give Hunter a B in your class.”

“Really? But he is also an excellent student. I can’t just arbitrarily give someone a grade subjectively. Especially not in science. There is homework involved and tests and quizzes, all of which are graded along the way. He knows he has a solid A in here. I could change his grade on the system, but he would know it wasn’t right.”

Carly pulled out a sheet of paper. She had clearly studied it. There were marks and notes all over the page. It was the course outline I had handed out at the beginning of the semester. She turned to my grading scale.

“You can grade subjectively somewhat. 15% of your grade is classroom participation. Plus the final is worth 5% of the final grade. That is 20% of the grade still left to play with.”

“You can’t play with someone’s final.”

“Sure you can. Most of your questions are essays. A point here and there… the final could be a B, easily. And, as far as class participation goes, you know he is obnoxious in class. He is loud and rude and asks pointless questions to waste your time.”

“All of these things are true…” I said hesitantly.

“So look. He gets an 85% on the final and say, 9 out of the 15 percent for participation… He already has like a 98%. So if these things happened, he gets a 91.25%… a B+.”

“But why would I do all this just to make a student upset with me?”

“This is where it becomes a deal.” She got up from the desk and went to the door. Carly looked outside and pulled herself back in the room. She shut the door. “I am prepared to make you very happy.”

“Carly, stop. This is going someplace that is inappropriate. I can’t allow you to pay me to lower another student’s grade.”

She laughed. “I don’t have money. Not like that spoiled brat Hunter. But I have something he definitely doesn’t have. And it’s something you want, more than money, more than anything tangible I could bribe you with.” She moved Artvin Escort close to me. Too close. I had a feeling I knew what she was talking about.

She began to unbutton my shirt. I suddenly felt dense for not reading the subtexts of what she was saying. I had to stop her. I could lose my job and she could lose everything she had worked for. “Carly…” I began. She put her finger to my lips, shushing me.

“I’m eighteen. I’m of age. Still, I know this is a dangerous move for both of us. But really, all I am asking for is for you to give someone who thinks the world should be handed to him what he deserves.”

She was offering me two things I desperately wanted. I did, in fact, want to see Hunter struggle just a bit. And I wanted to be intimate with Carly in an overwhelming way. The benefits were clear, but the risks were deadly.

“Carly, we can’t.”

“But…” This time it was my turn to shush her.

“Not here.” I picked her light frame off of my lap and sat her on a chair. I went back to my desk and pulled out a pen from a cup. I scribbled a few lines on a piece of paper, unable to believe what I was doing.

I held up the paper. I pointed to the first line. “Meet me here.” It was my address. “At 9:00 tonight.”

She reached for the paper.

“No. No evidence. Memorize it.”

She looked at the paper and repeated my address a few times. Finally, she nodded. “I will be there.”

* * *

I was nervous. Nervous as all hell. This was beyond any sort of college test nervous or first date nervous or losing your virginity nervous. I was more on edge than I had ever been. I was about to do something so incredibly wrong, the repercussions of which could follow me forever and make me unemployable.

And I was excited. God was I excited. It had been at lest 6 months since I had even kissed a woman goodnight, much less sex. I didn’t even want to think of how long that had been. And tonight, I had been offered the perfect body to touch, to kiss, to make love to. I found myself imagining how my cock would feel resting against her flat tummy. Or how nice her lips would feel around it. How amazing it would feel just to press her smooth skin to mine. My cock was stirring, and she wasn’t even here. It was 8:47.

There was a knock on the door. She was early. I opened the door a little too eagerly. And there stood the school principal, Mr. Tobias. Never has there walked such an erection killer. In a moment of panic, I was sure this had all been some sort of setup. I was going to jail, I was sure of it.

“Uh, hi.” I said, dumbstruck.

“Hi Mike. I’m sorry for coming by so late, but I was so excited I couldn’t wait until morning.”

I relaxed. Unless he was excited about firing me and sending me to jail, I might be okay. “Excited?”

“Yes. You know you lost your father’s watch in the school and we feared it had been stolen?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Well, I was getting some papers together at my desk and I spotted it under my desk. It must have slipped off when you were in for the staff meeting. Anyway, here you go. Rest easy.”

“Oh, wow! Thank you. I was so worried.” I said. I wanted him to leave, but he had other plans.

“Is that coffee I smell?” He patted my shoulder.

“Oh yeah, where are my manners, please come in.” I stepped out of the doorway and was dismayed to see him take off his coat and shoes. We made our way to the kitchen. It was at this moment that I decided I hated the layout of my home. Every feasible place to drink coffee offered another view of the front door. And Carly would be here in a short seven minutes. She was always punctual, after all.

I made small talk with my boss as my brain worked overtime to come up with some sort of feasible lie as to why a teenage girl would be showing up at my door on a Friday night. Another knock on the door almost made my heart stop.

“You’re a popular man tonight!” The principal joked. I got up and walked to the door. I opened it and there was Carly, a full five minutes early.

“Hello Mr. Carlson.” Carly said seductively.

“Carly! I am so glad you stopped by! I keep forgetting to give you the donation for that charity thing you asked about.” I gave her a look that screamed “DON’T SAY ANYTHING.”

Principal Tobias rose from his chair and came into the living room. “Ms. Patterson? I thought that sounded like you.”

Surprisingly, she kept her cool a lot better than I had. “Well hi Mr. Tobias!” She said brightly. She laughed a bit. “Party at Mr. Carlson’s house, it seems.”

He looked at her a bit suspiciously. “What exactly ARE you doing here, Ms. Patterson? Because to me the situation looks somewhat improper.”

“Oh! Heavens no. The opposite in fact. I am raising money for the relay for life that is happening in June. Tomorrow is the date we need donations turned in by, and I have been reminding Mr. Patterson, but he always seems to forget.”

“You know how absent I have been lately.” I jumped in. “She called me a bit ago and reminded me Artvin Escort Bayan she needed it.”

“I would like to remind both of you that a student at a teacher’s home is very improper. Given that you are such an upstanding young lady, I believe you, you needn’t worry. But you simply cannot be too careful these days. If I even get a rumor that a teacher and a student are getting too close for comfort, I have no choice but to take it seriously.”

“Yes, sir.” I said. “I am going to get the donation I promised and Carly can be on her way.” I left the two in the doorway. I went to my bedroom, wiped the sweat from my face and pulled a twenty out of my wallet. I grabbed a pen from the nightstand and wrote “wait” on the corner of the bill.

I came back to the living room, where Principal Tobias was also giving her a twenty. I handed her the bill and she pulled an envelope out of her purse and put both inPrincipal Tobias was also giving her a twenty. I handed her the bill and she pulled an envelope out of her purse and put both in.

“Have a nice night!” She said brightly to both of us.

“Ms. Patterson, it’s late, do you want a ride home? I will be going pretty quickly too.”

She laughed. “Wouldn’t want any rumors of impropriety. It’s only three blocks and it is a nice night. I will walk.” She made her way down the steps and turned left.

“You know I should probably be getting back to the misses.”

“Well, I am sure glad you found my watch! That makes my night.”

“I’m glad I found it too. You have a good night.” He slipped his feet into his shoes and got his coat on.

“Thanks for stopping by.” I said as he made his way down the steps. “I will see you on Monday.”

I watched him get in his car and drive away. I paced, sweating. I had been centimeters away from being caught. I wanted her, but that had been too close for comfort. I hoped she didn’t get my note and would not return tonight. My heart was beating hard, practically leaping through my chest.

I spent a good thirty minutes anxiously pacing and worrying before I realized she wouldn’t be back. I breathed a deep sigh of relief. It had been an exciting, exhausting night, but it was time to go to bed.

I brushed my teeth and stripped down to my boxers. I picked up my clothes and threw them into a basket next to the washer. I shut off some lights and felt my way into my bedroom.

I moved next to the bed to turn on my bedside lamp. My heart jumped when I saw Carly sitting casually on my bed. She smiled.

“You almost scared me to death.”

“That’s what you get for inviting the principal over the same time you invite me over.”

“He wasn’t invited. God, I just don’t know if I can take anymore tonight.”

“Well hopefully I can relieve some stress tonight. We should probably get going anyway. My parents think I am at a friend’s. And the friend thinks I am out with a guy and is covering for me.”

“You are with a guy.” I said, calming a bit.

“I certainly am.” She indicated my boxers. Apparently seeing her in my bed made blood race through more than my heart. “Since you are already in your underwear, it is only fair that I be too.”

I watched as she pulled her tight black shirt over her head. She was kneeling on the bed, undoing her jeans and sliding them off when I realized just how delicious this was going to be. She wore matching panties and bra. Both were white with black polka dots and both had pink lace on the edges.

I wanted to touch her so badly. Never had somebody so perfect and sexy been in my bed before. Her skin looked so smooth and tempting in the lamplight. She set her clothes on the chair next to the bed and lay down, one knee bent and one straight out. I stared at her another moment, a moment too long.

She crawled to the edge of the bed where I stood. Once she had reached me she straightened herself, dragging her nose along my stomach and chest as she rose to her knees. Finally we were nose to nose. She leaned forward and put her soft lips to mine, wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

I placed one hand on the small of her back and the other on the back of her head, nestled in her soft hair. Her skin was so warm to touch and had the tightness and softness that only youth can possess. I pulled her closer, feeling her stomach against mine. I felt her leaning back, indicating that I should lie down.

I lay on top of her and brushed her hair from her face. As the kiss broke, I looked down to see what a beautiful girl she was. I was straddling her, an amazing girl in playful panties. As much as this was supposed to be my payment for a grade change, I wanted to watch her writhe and squirm underneath me. I wanted to pleasure her.

I slid my hands around her back and undid her bra. Free were her lovely white breasts, pink nipples se lovely. I moved my hands down her sides and slid my thumbs into her panties. I moved off of her and slowly pulled them off her beautiful hips and ass. She was hairless except a thin line of Escort Artvin hair that led straight to her pink pussy.

I moved up and kissed her again, hand on her cheek. I moved my right hand all the way down her face to her lovely neck, finding my way to Carly’s left breast. My fingers made their way to her nipple. I pinched it lightly between my forefinger and thumb as I started probing her soft lips with my tongue.

Carly’s nipples became hard. I loved the feeling of her hard nipple in the very palm of my hand. I rubbed my palm against her breast softly. She arched her back, pressing herself into my touches. I felt her warm feminine skin against mine. Her breast felt so perfect in my hand, I could have cum right there.

I held her closer to me, loving the feeling of her body pressed against mine, her hips melting into mine. Our tongues danced in my mouth, then in hers as I rubbed her breast harder. She began to rub her hips into mine seductively. Feeling her enjoyment encouraged that I should please her more. She slid her hand so close to my cock. One buck and she would be touching it. She was so close to my balls I could feel her energy and warmth pressing into me and yet her hand did not touch me. I met her advance by placing my hand between her thighs.

She ran one finger along my cock, almost imperceptibly. It sent jolts of excitement through me. I loved how she was teasing me as I trailed my fingertips over her thighs to her pussy lips. I traced her slit, which was nicely moistened, with my finger. On the way back up, I slid my finger just a tad inside her and I ran my forefinger between her pussy lips, dragging it up to her clitoris.

I broke our kiss and ran the same finger into her mouth. She sucked on my finger, just as I hoped she would. The sensation was incredible. I began to kiss her again.

Savoring the aftertaste of her sweet juices on my lips, I started kissing down her neck. They soon found her left breast. I traced my tongue around her areola, feeling it grow harder under my tongue. I brought it between my lips and sucked on it gently.

I slid my middle finger inside Carly and felt her hungry pink flesh devouring my finger, pulling it inside. My hand rested on her labia and the middle finger slid in and out. My thumb touched her clitoris as my finger fucked her tight young inner flesh.

Carly was moaning, dually pleasured by my lips on her nipple and my hand working her tight hairless pussy. I got more aroused with every passing second as she moaned, yielding to my finger and pressing her hips against my hand. My arm lay on her soft tummy and I found her to be in constant motion beneath me. It was time to go in for the kill.

Tensing my throbbing cock, I kept my middle finger inside her and ran the tip along the roof of her pussy, feeling the warm wetness hold me inside. I gently rubbed her clitoris with my thumb and arched my finger, sliding it along the inside. I suddenly sucked her nipple hard and then backed off.

She began to lose control. I felt her begin to contract around my finger. I rubbed her clitoris hard and fast and used maximum suction on her nipple. Her wetness began to flow around my finger that wiggled inside her.

I slid out after a few moments and ran my wet finger up from her belly button, dragging it across her stomach, up over her tummy, and between her breasts. I kissed her once more as her breathing slowed.


“Yes?” she asked as she caught her breath.

“At this point hunter would be enormously lucky to even pass.”

She looked me in the eyes and grasped my cock so suddenly, I had to restrain myself from shooting cum all over her teenage body. She rubbed the head along her now soaking slit. Her warm juices made me throb as they touched the swollen head of my cock. It became even more rigid.

She slipped the head between the lips. I knew I was on the brink of cumming, but I didn’t want the pleasure to end. I slowly pulled my hips back and whispered “Not yet.” in her ear.

I slid my mouth down her body, kissing her neck, between her breasts, her abdomen, and her bellybutton. I slid my lips to her right hip bone, then her left, moving more slowly the closer I got to her pussy. My nose traced the line of hair above her slit. My lips had arrived.

I rested my tongue against her lips. She let out a primal moan of frustration and pleasure. I allowed my tongue to slip in and touch her clitoris. This was met by a violent thrust of her hips. Her pelvis hit my chin hard.

“Someone anxious?” I asked with my pussy wettened lips.

Placing my hands on her thighs, I leaned my face into her warm mound. I ran my tongue between her bare slit at I tasted her juices. I trailed it slowly up and down, making sure I tasted the length of her lips before I moved in and locked my lips to hers. I snaked my tongue into her warm, wet pussy, feeling her heat against my face as I pleasured her with my tongue.

I stiffened my tongue and slid it inside her, fucking her with it. I pushed it in and pulled it out and then slid it in and shook my head. My tongue licked her insides slowly with deep, slow, long licks. I could feel she was close to cumming again. I held her to my face, nose pressed on her clitoris and tongue inside her as she flew into another orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32