USL Wrestling: Match 03

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Match 3:

Pinfall Match: (Achieve three pinfalls)

SPECIAL RULE: If knocked out or submit in a hold, the effected wrestler is not allowed to fight back in next hold for a minute.

Aria Haruka


Okami Onikuma


It was another night within the USL, and after the first few matches it was time for the main event. Okami was standing on the ring after being sent in, and was looking around from his corner to the current full crowd. The first few matches had been good, but he knew they were all here for this next match, the one that pit him against the USL’s very own Nekomata.

He himself hasn’t seen any of her matches, but he has seen the numbers. She’s currently been in three, and out of them only one wasn’t fully packed, and that was likely only because she wasn’t listed as the main event. ‘Freaking perverts.’ Okami thought as he waited for his opponent to be introduced.

It wasn’t long after the girl’s name was announced and she appeared, getting a rise out of the crowd instantly. With her flawless body hidden just by her skimpy kimono, every move she made had risked revealing her bare self. But even then, she showed little worry for that, even less so then someone who would walk into public in less.

When she reached the ring and entered her corner, the Nekomata took time in studying Okami’s whole body, leaning slightly to show her full and large breasts. “Nya, so you’re my playmate for today then? You certainly look better then the last few boys I’ve had spent these public times with. Based on my senses I can already tell you’re dick’s a little bigger than those I fought in my official matches.”

The nonchalant way the girl presented herself and spoke slightly embarrassed Okami, a faint blush on the boy’s cheeks. “Why did you bring that up?”

Aria saw the boy’s slight embarrassment and gave a cat-like smile, lowering down more to show her breasts further. “Because I really like doing sexy stuff with my playmates silly. Although they usually become closer to playthings before the end, usually not even objecting to what I do after awhile.”

“Well don’t expect me to be the same!”

“Oh, I don’t.” Aria said, winking as she stuck her tongue out. “I think you’ll feel a lot better in me then most guys here so far.”

After the referee gave the usual repeat of the match rules and got a ready from both wrestlers, the match started, with the two slowly approaching each other at the center. Before getting too close, Aria’s smile returned with a clear intent. “Hey Okami, do you want to know a secret? It’s a really good one.”

“We’re in the middle of a match, save secrets for-GASP!” Okami started, expecting his sentence to be completed before Aria made her move. She shot her leg high, not aiming to hit Okami. No, what was brought on instead was the reveal of Aria’s lack of clothing underneath, her lower lips visible for everyone to see.

This caused a large uproar of excitement in the crowd and completely stunned Okami, shocking him with her clear debauchery. Seeing this opening, Aria shot out and tackled him once her foot came back down, knocking him over with her on top. The Nekomata then wasted no time to wrap her legs around his and hold his hands down as she placed her soft breasts on his face, starting a smother hold quickly.

“How do my breasts feel, Okami?” She asked as she moved her shoulders, rubbing her breasts across Okami’s face. “They’re really soft, so soft that tons of guys here have passed out with them.”

“Mmrphh!” Okami protested, trying to knock the girl off of him. Unfortunately though, with her solid grip on him. The early smother was a smart move, as it would drain him quickly for the future of the match. It was distracting to have the soft embrace over his face and cut off his breathing, which would leave him vulnerable. Not to mention if she goes all the way with the smother and knock him out.

Luckily for the boy though, he managed to push his body up enough to free his face. He wasn’t able to get her off him, but he was at least able to breath again. This however caused Aria to pout slightly, looking down at the panting boy. “Ohhh, why’d you want out? That hurts my girls’ feelings.”

“G-girls?” Okami questioned, slowly getting his breath back.

“Yeah, the ones you so rudely pulled your face away from.” She responded, pushing down to cover his face once more, his face hugged more than before. This time she was set on taking his breath away. “Also fair warning, my girls are natural boxers and love messing up opponents in any way possible.”

She then began to shake her shoulders, pummeling Okami’s unprotected face with her warm bosom. “Mrph… mmmphh… mmrphmph!” The boy mumbled as Aria’s breasts knocked him back and forth, seductively beating him while draining him of his oxygen.

As she continued on with the breast pummel, the Nekomata moved her tails down to Okami’s calves. The initial contact was unnoticed by the boy, he shivered slightly as they moved up each leg. Eventually they rested on his Kadıköy Yabancı Escort crotch, slightly pressing down through his shorts.

She then smirked as he let a moan out into her breasts, leading her to stop the pummeling of his face and focus more on pressing down on him again. “Nya. Have you calmed down now, Okami? Did my girls teach you enough of a lesson that you’ll stay still and let them hug you instead?”

Obviously incapable of responding, Okami could do little more then desperately try to get a breath in, sucking on her tit flesh. She purred lightly at that, using her tails to rub his crotch lightly, getting him to moan more into her breasts. “But I’m sorry when I say they aren’t yet done. A boy’s face is fun for them, but they prefer a much more… hardened opponent.”

Keeping the smother for another minute, Aria felt Okami’s movements slow and weaken, signaling his weakened state. Releasing his face, Okami’s panted heavily as he took the chance to breath again, knowing likely that the woman over him wouldn’t let it last.

“Hmmm… you’ve stayed awake longer than the last boy.” Aria commented as she continued to rub his crotch with her tails, getting the aroused squirms from him in response. “I guess have to work if I want you to sleep, huh?” She would then stop the rubbing almost instantly, changing her strategy. Wrapping her arms around him, Aria sat Okami up, sitting on his waist as she looked at the boy in the eyes.

Then without even a word, Aria kissed Okami wildly on the lips, surprising him with her action. As she did, she started to grind her hips against his, rubbing her already moist crotch over his protected groin. She added on to the move my licking his lips, trying to get him to open his mouth for her. Despite her efforts, Okami was able to stay his moans, biting on his lips to stop himself.

While it slightly annoyed her, Aria admitted the boy’s resistance was impressive. He was the only one to stop himself from moaning in the middle of a lip-lock with her. But she saw that more as a challenge, and doubled her efforts in her grinding, moving her hips in a circular motion. And to add on to it, she moved her tails up and down his body, massaging his muscles to try and relax him further.

The Nekomata was really working her way on Okami, slowly breaking away his resistance in one of the most pleasant ways. Each motion brought further pleasure to him, and each time it chipped away at Okami’s psyche. She brought him closer to her, pressing her soft breasts hard against his bare chest.

The combined methods of pleasure had then worn down Okami’s resistance, a faint moan coming from him. Feeling the moan, Aria pounced on the opportunity and shoved her tongue into his mouth. The action caused Okami to moan again, giving the sweet sound of pleasure that was always welcome to her ears. As she prodded and messaged his tongue with hers, Aria stared seductively into Okami’s eyes, making him lose himself in their green glow.

Something he didn’t notice however was that her eyes really were glowing. And while he continued to see Aria on top of him, grinding onto him while pressing herself hard on him, she was actually disconnecting their lips, a faint trail of saliva between their lips as she did.

“Nyaaa~” Aria moaned faintly, laying Okami back down as she remained mounted on his hips. “That was really nice Okami, you’re a good kisser.” She then purred as she rubbed her hands on Okami’s chests, knowing that the referee was counting the time she was allowed to use her allusion on the downed boy. “But I’m starting to think we need to start turning things up. And I know a good way too.”

Getting off him, Aria pushed Okami over to lay on his stomach with her foot, being mindful of her allowed time before she had to drop her illusion. Sitting back down on Okami’s back, she faced towards his legs, a mischievous smirk on her face as she looked at his pants. Deciding the clothes had already overstayed their worth, she made a show of removing them by using her tails.

Exposing his bare body, she giggled playfully as she spun his shorts around her right tail. “Fufufu~” She laughed gently as she flung the shorts across the ring, now preparing her next move. Gripping his legs, she pulled under her arms and began to pull back, initiating a boston crab. “I think it’s a good time to wake up Okami~”

Her eyes then stopped glowing, and life seemed to fill Okami’s eyes again as he began to process what was happening again. “W-what the-!?” He was then cut off as Aria pulled back more on his legs, increasing the pressure. “What just… happened?”

“I made you feel pleasure for a little while longer silly~” Aria teased as she would periodically stop pulling before going again, alternating the pain’s time. “It’s something we Nekomata’s do through allusions. I made you continue to think what was happening rather then notice what actually happened. Imagine what I could do to you when I’m really pleasuring you~”

Instead of letting the boy respond, Aria Kadıköy Yeni Escort showed the skill she could preform with her tails by wrapping them around his neck and pulled up, executing both a boston crab and a camel clutch by herself. The sudden application of two submission moves completely took the boy off guard, adding even more pain as his back bent more then it should.

“D-damn…” Okami choked out as the Nekomata’s tails kept him from breathing, adding onto the amount of problems he already had. It surprised him of how strong her tails were, not to mention how well she was preforming two submission holds, given how submission wasn’t in her preferred moves.

“Now I know what you’re thinking.” Aria spoke up as she pulled more on his legs. “Why is the sexy cat lady on me currently using a submission hold? Well the answer is simple.” She then released one of his legs, going to a half boston crab instead to free one of her arms. “This is the only way I can do this without any chance of you fighting back.”

“W-what do you me-ahhhh.” Okami was interrupted as a moan came from his throat, Aria now using her free hand to pump his growing cock. The slow, methodical strokes across his member served as a means to work him towards a humiliating climax.

As the hold continued, the Nekomata began to speed up her strokes, causing the boy’s member to twitch as it reached its full length. “Sorry Okami, but I can’t let this move last for too long. If I wait too long I might let go, and then you’ll be stuck so hard without cumming.”

The smooth, quick strokes of Aria’s hand seemed to almost drain Okami’s muscles of his strength and transferring it to his hardened member. He could do little more than moan and gasp for breath as she worked him over. ‘C-crap… I can’t… hold it much longer!’

“Don’t fight it.” Aria spoke softly, her voice seductive as she looked back to Okami. “Just let yourself enjoy the pleasure. Don’t bottle it up too much, I think you can actually hurt yourself if you stop yourself from cumming for too long. Why not get it over with and bask in the warmth?”

With her handjob combined with her words, Aria then smiled as Okami’s penis twitched and shot out several spurts of cum. “Oh, I wish I could taste that right now.” Aria purred as she kept her handjob going, trying to get every last spurt of his first climax out. “But there’ll be time for that later.” The Nekomata then released Okami, letting him lay on the canvas as he panted, attempting to get his breath back.

Having an idea, Aria lightly waved one of her fingers, her eyes glowing for a second as she preformed another spell on Okami. However, it was noticeable that unlike the last spell, Okami appeared more “clear” minded. Something unexpected however was hearing Okami moan, followed by a giggle from Aria as her spell came and left quickly.

Getting to his hands and knees, Okami was visibly shocked as he noticed his girth was back to full length. “What… what happened?”

“Remember how I made you feel me rubbing on you a minute ago?” The Nekomata asked with a seductive wink. “I can tone down that illusion to only effect your senses. So, I made you feel good again to get you nice and hard.” She then went down to be at his same downed height, smirking mischievously as she stared into his eyes. “After all, I want to taste your seed, and working you will be more difficult since you already came once.”

“Don’t think that’ll be easy!” Okami responded, lunging out in an attempt to tackle her. He however didn’t expect the woman’s fast reflexes, having dodged to his left with surprising grace. She then made her way to wrap her legs around his neck, causing him to land on his back with her on top.

“Are you so sure? Fufufu~” She laughed as she tightened her legs, putting pressure in the head-scissors with a clear smile. “Cause from here, I think I have a perfect chance at feeling your seed go down my throat.” With the threat set, Okami attempted to push up against her, trying to force her off of him. “Whoa! It seems this ride’s a little bumpy.”

Putting more pressure in the scissors, Aria would attempt to weaken him as she moved her hand down to lightly poke his member. While it did weaken him, she could still feel resistance from the boy, and knew she would have to put more pressure on to get him docile. “Sorry Okami.” She said as she upped the pressure, aiming to actually knock him out. “But I don’t want any resistance when I’m milking you. So you’ll have to sleep for me, okay?”

Feeling his head slowly get lighter, Okami would desperately try to pry her legs apart, seeking air in the vain attempt. Feeling his hands on her thighs, Aria would give a faint moan, enjoying the feeling of the boy massaging her. “Nyaaa~. What a good boy Okami.” However, knowing that he could possibly get himself free, Aria moved her tails to wrap around his wrists and remove his hands from her, pinning them on the canvas.

Without any way to free himself, Okami was left to suffer in the hold as she held him down, Kadıköy Masaj Salonu actually starting a pin count with his shoulders down. “One!” The referee started. Aware of the rules, Aria then focused completely in knocking Okami out, feeling him start to pass out between her legs. “Two!” As the ref prepared to finish the count out, Okami’s eyes closed as his conscious vanished. “Three!” The bell then rung, signaling the first fall of the match.

*Aria: KO pinfall*

“Oh, this is perfect~!” Aria cheered as she released Okami’s from her legs, letting his head fall back. With him knocked out, she’s allowed to preform any move she wants on him for a solid minute without him being allowed to fight back. And with the ref having an ammonia inhalant stick, she wouldn’t have to wait long for him to wake up.

Aria then got off of Okami, but remained laying on her stomach between his legs. She waited patiently as the referee pulled out one of the salt sticks and snapped it open, holding the strong scent up to Okami’s nose. His nose then began to twitch as his eyes slowly opened, seeing the referee step away. “Wh-what’s happening?”

“I got the first pin on you, silly.” Aria giggled as Okami’s head snapped to her, tired shock clear on his face. “And since you were knocked out just before the pin, that means the penalty rule is in effect.”


“Oh, don’t worry.” Aria said as she gripped his dick, rubbing it against her cheek as the timer started. “I’ll be sure you feel nice and good before the minute’s up. So good that you won’t even try to get out if you last long enough.” Then, she began to lightly jerk him off again, now giving small licks to go along with the slow motions. Her tongue felt much different than the rest of the girls, almost like that of an actual cat. But even then, the drag it gave actually amplified the pleasure, causing Okami to moan as a result.

The crowd was loving the use of the penalty minute, seeing the Nekomata pleasure the boy’s cock with expert licks. She would lick from the base of his cock all the way up to his tip, purring lightly as she did. Her tails wagged happily as she made sure every side of his cock was getting attention, getting a small twitch from the appendage.

‘Shit… it feels good.’ Okami thought as he started to run his hands through Aria’s hand, causing her to smile. He was starting to lose himself to the pleasure. He wouldn’t likely forget about the match, but keeping him in sexy holds should be all the easier for the woman.

“That’s a good Okami~” She purred as she stopped her licking, still having thirty seconds in the penalty. “Keep rubbing my head like that, and I’ll continue to give you pleasure.” Lowering her head, Aria slowly swallowed his cock, getting him to roll his head back from the new sensation.

Starting slow, she would take her time to bob her head up and down his shaft, using her tongue to lick the base of his cock. She would pause every time she made it to his tip to gently suck on it, going back down and continuing the cycle of her blowjob.

The increase in pleasure lead Okami to start rubbing Aria’s cat ears, causing the Nekomata’s eyes to widen. An aroused blush formed on her as something seemed to take her over, now sucking his entire length as she bobbed up and down faster. To a Nekomata, their ears are highly sensitive. Rubbing their ears is just as arousing as rubbing their clit, which sends them into an aroused frenzy.

The sudden amplification to her blowjob completely caught Okami off guard, getting him to stop rubbing her ears and place his hands on the canvas. He was fighting off an orgasm he felt could incredibly damage his strength, but was fighting a losing battle as pre cum was oozing out of his tip.

Even with her ears no longer being rubbed, Aria continued with vigorous fervor. Just the small time was all it took to make her wild with lust, currently not interested in making a show of the intense blowjob. Each bob of her head lead to his dick going deeper and deeper until he felt his tip hit the back of her throat.

She however didn’t even gag as she began to deep throat him, letting his cock completely fill her mouth as she worked crazily for his cum. The penalty was over by now, but Okami couldn’t find the strength to try and free himself as the pressure from Aria’s blowjob kept him from even thinking straight.

“Ahhhh… shit.” Okami moaned as he felt himself reach his limit. “Too… much… pleasure.” With a thrust of his hips, Okami bursted into a large climax, his seed shooting right down Aria’s throat as she kept sucking him off. As she sucked him clean, she rubbed her thighs together in arousal, desperately wanting to go further with the match.

Once she finished cleaning him off, Aria slowly pulled herself away from his cock. As she looked at Okami, she was panting heavily with arousal, her blush intensifying as Okami’s eyes weakly looked back at her.

She then slowly crawled her way to be face to face with Okami, moving like a predator stalking its prey. Her gaze was clearly flooded with lust, evident enough with the distant gaze she had. “Oh silly, silly Okami.” She panted as she stared into his eyes. “You’re really making this difficult for me. I really wanted to save this for the end, but my insides are too hot, I need to take this a step further.”

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