Us and the Waitress

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“Baby, I’m home.” I yelled as I entered the house that particular Monday afternoon.

“I’m in the computer room!” Sandy, my big, beautiful wife, yelled back.

I removed my shoes in front of the kitchen counter as I sat the cooler I carried my lunch and water for work in on it. I walked to the computer room to give Sandy a kiss. She was checking her e-mails when I entered the room.

“How was your day, love of my life?” I asked after giving her a big kiss. “Do anything exciting I need to know about?”

“No, silly!” Sandy giggled at me.

“What about calling Tiffany?”

“You did hear that this morning, then?”

“Yes, I did! I even figured out who Tiffany is, I think.” I replied in as serious a tone as I could muster. “She was our waitress at the steakhouse Saturday night, right?”

“Yes, that’s her!” Sandy answered me. “I did call her today. We are having lunch together Wednesday.”

“What made you ask for her number anyway?”

“I saw the look of shock on her face when she saw me and Maggie kissing minutes after seeing you and Maggie doing the same thing. I wanted to make sure she was alright. You saw me talking to her, right?”

“Yeah, I saw the two of you talking. I thought you were complimenting her on the good service.”

“No, I asked if she was alright. I told her I had seen her expression of shock at seeing Maggie and me kissing. I told her I was sorry if it made her uncomfortable. She told me it didn’t make her uncomfortable, only shocked her. She said she hadn’t seen two women kissing like that in public before. She blushed as she told me that. I asked what she thought from seeing us. She turned even redder and started stammering. That was when I leant in and whispered in her ear.” Sandy explained to me.

“What did you say to her?”

“I told her you and I were going to have sex with Maggie later. I asked if that idea turned her on a little. She shook her head yes. That’s when I asked for her phone number. I was surprised when she gave it to me.”

“What are your plans pertaining to Tiffany?” I inquired of my sweet wife as my penis hardened in arousal.

“Why us fucking her if she’s up for it!”

Sandy unbuttoned my work jeans and in one yank, had them below my knees in a flash. She had my turgid organ in her mouth as soon as it sprang into sight. She began bobbing her head up and down my rock hard dick. She slowed and slowly lowered her head until her nose was against my belly and her lips were around the base of my 6″ rod. That was my signal to fuck her face. I began thrusting my hard cock in and out of her mouth. She looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes. I began spurting my steaming and salty load down her throat. She tenderly sucked the last bit of my seed into her mouth and swallowed.

I grabbed Sandy under her arms and urged her to stand up and gave her a big kiss as I reached to fondle her breasts through her house shirt. She did not have a bra on and I could feel her erect nipples with my hands. I tweaked each in turn getting a loud moan from Sandy. I broke our kissing and asked if she wanted to go to the bedroom and she smiled her big, beautiful smile. She grabbed my right wrist, stepped around me, and headed toward the bedroom. I stopped her, releasing my wrist from her grasp. I stood behind her and pulled her back to me as I took a breast in each hand. I massaged her breasts until she moaned and turned her head to me for a kiss. I followed her to the bedroom as she removed her shirt. I was removing the rest of my clothes as I walked.

“Eat me, Mikoli! Lick my pussy! Make me cum with your mouth!” Sandy said to me excitedly after lying down and spreading her legs, exposing her pink center to me.

I got into position and began licking up and down her moist slit. I stuck my tongue into her hot hole and stabbed it in and out. Sandy began breathing faster. I spent ten minutes licking and sucking at her pussy. I ignored her clit during that time. When Sandy’s breathing increased again, I moved to her clit. I grabbed it with my lips and alternated sucking it and lashing it with my tongue. Sandy began grunting and moaning in that familiar way. I knew she would be cumming soon. Her body went rigid as she lifted her ass off the bed. She shuddered through one orgasm as I continued to worry her clit with my lips and tongue. I didn’t stop until she begged me to. I was hard again so I rose up and slid my dick into her slick hole. We fucked each other with slow easy thrusts. I didn’t speed up when Sandy urged me to. I fucked her nice and easy until I heard and felt her orgasm again. When her peak was almost passed, I lifted up and started pounding her pussy hard and fast. Sandy ramped back up immediately when I did that. I couldn’t concentrate on my fucking and her orgasms too. I knew she had multiples before my second one hit after fifteen minutes of hard, fast fucking. After I had splashed her inner walls with my semen and she had stopped esat escort fluttering beneath me, I held myself buried into her until my member had shrunk and fell out. I lay down beside Sandy and we cuddled. I had almost drifted off to sleep when Sandy nudged me.

“Go get cleaned up. Mom’s having us for supper.” Sandy informed me.

“You go first.” I told her. I laid and watched as she exited the bed. She was still slightly flushed from our fuck session. Her 40DD’s had begun to sag a little more, but I didn’t care. I loved her even more than I did when we married if that was possible. Her enthusiasm for sex had finally returned. For me who was a dirty old man at age fifteen, it was heaven again.

We went to dinner with the in-laws and everything went well. I had a little worry that someone had said something to Sandy’s mom about the steakhouse Saturday night. I decided we needed to be more discrete in the future, but that didn’t happen.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by fairly quickly. When I saw Sandy’s mischievous grin upon entering our house, I knew something good had come from her lunch with Tiffany. I went straight to my recliner after removing my shoes and depositing my cooler on the counter and Sandy came and sat in my lap.

“I had lunch with Tiffany today.” Sandy purred at me.

“I thought you were.” I replied back trying to stay serious. “Were you afraid she’d back out?”

“The thought had crossed my mind. I thought before that she wasn’t very experienced sexually the way she acted Saturday night. I know that for a fact after today.”

“Wait, you’re not thinking about corrupting a teenage girl are, you?”

“No! Tiffany’s twenty two. She told me she had one boyfriend that she thought was serious in high school. He joined the Army as soon as he turned eighteen and she hasn’t heard from him since.” My beautiful wife said grinning at me. “She told me she had been out with a few guys since then, but as soon as they got into her pants they never called again.”

“Okay, what’s the grin for?”

“I’m pretty sure Tiffany doesn’t realize how good sex can be!” Sandy exclaimed. “We need to show her.”

“Did you ask her if she had ever had sex with another woman? Do you think she’s ready for that if she hasn’t?”

“Yes, I asked her! No, she hadn’t done anything with another woman before today!”

“What did you do, Sandy?!”

“We made out in the back seat of the minivan for a little while is all!” Sandy giggled as she rubbed her hip against my erection. “Tiffany was really turned on after the initial hesitancy. I’m sure she’ll be up for anything when she comes over tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow night! Dang, Sandy you know tomorrow night is a work night. I won’t be worth a damn at work Friday if you and Tiffany wear me out tomorrow night!” I exclaimed in mock anger.

“You’ll survive. Friday and Saturday nights are the biggest nights at the steakhouse Tiffany works at. She has to work because the tips are better those nights.”

“What about tonight?”

“Why I have no idea what you are talking about!” Sandy laughed out at me as she continued to rub her hip on my rock hard dick.

“You know exactly what I am talking about!” I laughed right back at her. “You’ve been rubbing against it for the last five minutes!”

“Will a blowjob be enough for tonight, Mikoli?” Sandy asked in her sexiest voice. “You can make me come with your mouth afterward.”

I was agreeable so we went to the bed and pleasured each other orally. Sandy brought me off with her mouth. I brought her off multiple times during two oral sessions. I went to sleep early not even having had my supper.

Sandy and I had a little time to finalize our strategy before Tiffany got to the house that Thursday evening. Sandy had had more time to think on it and told me what she wanted to happen. I readily admit that Sandy was/is the boss in our relationship within reason. Whatever Sandy wanted, Sandy usually got.

I greeted Tiffany at the door and per Sandy’s instructions, I gave Tiffany a big kiss and a full body hug before I led her to Sandy then disappeared into the kitchen. I situated myself where I could see the couch through the glass partition between the two rooms.

Sandy and Tiffany were sitting on the couch with Tiffany’s back toward the kitchen. Sandy started kissing Tiffany, but Tiffany was showing some signs of reluctance. Sandy whispered something into Tiffany’s ear. Tiffany stopped being hesitant after that. She and Sandy started kissing with more passion at that point. I knew it was going to be a good night when Tiffany helped Sandy in taking off her own blouse. Sandy began kissing and licking Tiffany’s mammary flesh that was exposed above her bra. Sandy took Tiffany’s bra off and began kissing and licking Tiffany’s breasts. I could clearly hear Tiffany’s moans of pleasure as Sandy sucked first one then the other nipple. Sandy etimesgut escort started working Tiffany’s pants and panties off. I removed my clothes and waited for Sandy’s signal. Sandy laid Tiffany back on the couch and began licking the outer lips of her pink center. I could hear Tiffany begin to gasp and moan in pleasure.

Sandy motioned for me to move toward the couch. I slipped as quietly as I could toward the two big, but beautiful women on the couch. Sandy grabbed onto Tiffany’s clit with her lips and began to suck on it hard. Tiffany began to yell as she came. Sandy moved so that I could get into position to fuck Tiffany before her orgasmic peak had waned. I slid my steely rod into Tiffany’s slick, hot hole and it was tight. Maggie’s brown eye was the only thing tighter than Tiffany’s snatch that I had ever stuck my dick in.

I stopped to let Tiffany’s vaginal walls get accustomed to my girth. When I felt her relax, I started to stroke in and out with long easy thrusts. Sandy had stripped off her clothes, knelt down beside Tiffany’s head, and begun to kiss Tiffany and fondle her breasts.

“Does my husband’s dick feel good in your little pussy?” Sandy asked Tiffany. “Do you like being fucked by him? Are you going to cum again on his rigid tool?”

“Yes! Yes! Oh God! So good! Never been this good before!” Tiffany screamed as her orgasm began. Tiffany was thrusting her pelvis to me with force equal to my thrusting into her. My own release was near so I lifted up on my forearms for more leverage. After half a dozen fast, hard strokes, my balls tightened and loosed their contents up my shaft and deep into Tiffany’s tight vaginal cavity. I withdrew my spent organ from Tiffany’s clutching inner muscles. Sandy was on top of Tiffany in an instance. She began kissing her and rubbing her heated sex.

“I’m going to turn around, Tiffany!” Sandy explained to the super excited young woman. “Please lick me while I lick you, okay?”

Tiffany could only nod. Sandy turned so they were in 69. Sandy started licking Tiffany and my combined juices from Tiffany’s upper thighs were they had leaked out. Tiffany hesitated when Sandy hot, dripping sex was in front of her face.

“Go ahead lick her!” I told Tiffany in encouraging tones. “Sandy told me the thought of eating another woman’s pussy turned you on! I am sure doing it will be as exciting! I promise I will finish Sandy if you don’t like it! Please go ahead and try eating her out!”

Tiffany started licking Sandy with tentative licks at first. After the initial taste of Sandy’s juices, Tiffany began to lick and suck Sandy’s pussy with enthusiasm. I sat and watched the two ladies as they pleasured each other orally. Tiffany had multiple orgasms from Sandy’s oral ministrations. Sandy had a small orgasm from Tiffany’s efforts. Sandy joined me in the floor when Tiffany begged her to stop.

Sandy began kissing Tiffany while kneeling on the floor. I had the perfect opportunity and took it. I got behind Sandy and pulled her hips up. My rejuvenated phallus was buried to the hilt within Sandy’s depth in one stroke. I plunged into her with hard, fast strokes. Sandy began to grunt and moan as she continued kissing Tiffany. Sandy slammed back hard and started to spasm on my hardness. I held buried deep inside her as her vaginal walls clenched and unclenched around my dick. Sandy began to calm after her peak.

Sandy pulled away from me and turned to face me. She bent her head and took my penis into her mouth. I heard Tiffany gasp as I began fucking Sandy’s mouth with the same frenetic pace as I had her pussy. I was thrusting into her mouth and throat for a couple of minutes before my second eruption was close. I plunged my rod down her throat and blasted my seed straight down her gullet. I had forgotten about Tiffany until I heard her gasp again. I glanced toward the couch and saw she was furiously rubbing herself to another orgasm. Sandy gently milked me dry with her mouth.

Sandy and I collapsed back against the couch. We all three were breathing hard. Tiffany joined us on the floor on the other side of Sandy.

“That was so hot!” Tiffany exclaimed. “I’ve never seen that last bit before. Did he hurt you when he was fucking your mouth like that? Did you enjoy it? How can you take his whole length like that?”

“No he didn’t hurt me! Yes, I did enjoy it! It took practice to relax my throat enough to be able to take the whole length!” Sandy answered with as much excitement in her voice.

“I don’t like giving blowjobs.” Tiffany stated dejectedly.

“I didn’t either until my loving husband showed me how enjoyable giving one could be!” Sandy told Tiffany.

“How did he do that?” Tiffany asked my big, beautiful wife.

I could feel the big, goofy grin on my face. “You’re going to give me the big head if you keep bragging about me like that!”

“Oh, Mikoli I love bragging about you. You’re the best husband etlik escort in the world!” Sandy gushed at me as she turned to give me a big kiss. I saw Tiffany began to blush beside Sandy. I got Sandy’s attention with my eyes and nodded toward Tiffany. Sandy broke from kissing me and turned to Tiffany. Sandy pulled Tiffany to her and gave her a bigger kiss. I arose from the floor and watched them kissing each other. I headed to the restroom and used the facilities and washed up a bit. I threw on a robe and carried two more to the living room.

“I’m going to go find something cold to drink and a bite to eat.” I told the two women still kissing on the floor. I threw the robes down beside them and headed to the kitchen. I had cold cuts, mustard, and bread on the table by the time the two ladies wondered in. I had drunk and refilled a glass with water before getting the food together. Sandy and Tiffany both wanted Pepsis. We sat around the kitchen table talking and laughing like old friends.

“You haven’t told me how Mikoli helped you to enjoy giving blowjobs.” Tiffany stated after we had eaten.

It was Sandy’s turn to blush when Tiffany said that.

“I gave my first blowjob to an older man when I was a teenager.” Sandy started to say.

“Baby, you don’t have to tell her that! I know how painful it is to talk about that!” I grumbled.

“Yes, Mikoli I do have to tell her!” Sandy spat getting angry.

“Okay! Okay!” I stammered shocked by her reaction.

“Sandy, if it is too painful you don’t have to tell me.” Tiffany interjected.

“I’m going to tell it so you will be able to understand how I began to enjoy giving blowjobs.” Sandy answered Tiffany in a gentler tone. “Like I said I gave my first blowjob when I was a teenager. The man who talked me into doing it was a neighbor. I babysat his son and then the son and his sister. He had been touching me and talking about sexual things for about a year. We crossed a line when he coaxed me into giving him a hand job. He did reciprocate by giving me an orgasm with his finger. The first time he talked me into sucking him, he hurt me. He got carried away and tried to shove his entire length down my throat. It hurt and I gagged and almost puked. I finished him by hand. It was a long time before I sucked him again. He controlled himself the next time and I finished him with my mouth. I pulled off his penis when he started to spurt. He spurted all over the side of my face and in my hair. I thought it was nasty at that time. My kind and caring husband changed me though.

Mikoli was very patient with me. He explained how exciting getting a blowjob was for a guy. He always warned me before he came. He helped me by encouraging me and praising me. He showed me how much pleasure I could get when he ate me. He never backed off when I came and would lick and suck up all my juices. I would have to beg him to stop. He would smile at me, smack his lips, and tell me my juices were delicious. I wanted to please my man. I wanted to see that same sparkle in his eyes after I had sucked his dick. After the first couple of times swallowing his load, I began to enjoy it. Learning to relax my throat came later.”

“Please, Sandy don’t go any further!” I gasped starting to get uncomfortable as bad memories started flooding back into my brain.

“Tiffany, can I asked you something?” Sandy blurted out.

“Yes.” Was Tiffany’s whispered answer.

“You had a bad experience during a blowjob didn’t you?” Sandy asked our young inexperienced guest.

“Yes!” Tiffany gasped as she started to cry.

Sandy and I both rushed to Tiffany’s side. I pulled her from her chair and Sandy and I gathered her into our arms. We hugged her and each whispered soothing words to her. After she had stopped crying, we released her. The mood was broken for that evening. I cleaned up the kitchen as Sandy helped Tiffany back into her clothes. I went and gave her a kiss. I returned to the kitchen and watched as Sandy and Tiffany whispered to each other at the front door. Sandy pulled Tiffany into a hug and kissed her passionately before opening the door for her.

“What were the two of you plotting, woman?!” I asked my gorgeous wife.

“You and I are going to teach Tiffany about sex!” Sandy answered me with a laugh. “The lessons start Sunday afternoon.”

“I’m going to die before this is over.” I thought to myself as I headed to bed. Sandy joined me in bed and we snuggled together as we drifted off to sleep.

Since the near loss of my marriage to Sandy, my big and beautiful wife, we had a “date” every week. Usually we went out on a Saturday night. We would have a good time and better sex when we got back home. I wanted to talk to Sandy about where the situation with Tiffany was going so I took her out on Friday that week instead. I took her to the nice Italian restaurant she liked. The hostess knew us and gave us a secluded table in the corner when I asked for a table with a little privacy. After we had eaten, I moved my chair close to Sandy so we could talk.

“Sandy, my love, we need to talk about Tiffany.” I explained to her. “I have so many questions and concerns. I need you to be totally honest, okay?”

“I promised to tell you the whole truth.” Sandy answered me. “I never want to hurt you like I did before.”

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