Uptown Fitness Ch. 01

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Latecomers. She hated latecomers. It just seems that if you have any respect for the workout, your own fitness, much less the teacher, you would show up on time! Body pump is not for wimps. And latecomers are wimps.

Brandy had been teaching body pump at Uptown Fitness in Chicago for 2 years. She took her job and her fitness seriously. Her body was toned and trained and she could push her students hard. Her 5’6″ frame and long blonde hair exuded confidence. She was in charge here. She would make the latecomer pay for his tardiness!

After the initial annoyance of having someone come into her class late wore off, she noticed that this latecomer was actually pretty fit himself. Making him pay for his untimeliness might be fun. She wondered if he could keep up with her for the remaining 40 minutes of class.

Brandy stepped up the intensity of her usual class workout a couple of minutes after he arrived. By the time Lady Gaga’s “Me & You” had finished, some of her regulars were starting to look at her as if they were a bit annoyed by the intensity that she was setting, but the latecomer seemed to keep up just fine, without breaking much of a sweat. Going into the home stretch of the workout, the playlist hit “Burn” by Ellie Goulding and Brandy decided to take it up another notch. With this move, almost everyone in the class was backing off a bit from the intensity that she was setting. Except for the latecomer. He seemed able to match her move for move for the rest of the class.

By the end of the workout, Brandy realized that while she had been trying to out do this newcomer, she had been focusing on him almost exclusively. And while she focused, she realized that she much enjoyed watching him work out. He was almost six feet tall with brown wavy hair that seemed to tolerate quite a workout without getting too messed up. His arms were smooth and well toned with well defined biceps and triceps as well as forearms. His thighs bulged with each step move making Brandy’s heart pump a bit harder that the workout necessitated. Yes, he was no stranger to working out, and she found herself wondering what it would be like to touch his well toned musculature.

As the class ended, several of Brandy’s regular students said, “bye” and joked about the likelihood of being sore the next day before leaving through the door. After just a few minutes, Brandy found herself alone in the room with the newcomer.

“Nice class” he said.

“Thanks. It would have been better if you had been on time.”

“So that’s what got under your skin and made you want to run all of the students into the ground!”

“Actually, I wasn’t concerned about them, just trying to teach you a lesson.”

He laughed, “Lesson learned. I won’t be late again, Brandy.”

“I’m sorry, you’re a step ahead of me. You are…?”

“Oh, your name was listed on the class schedule. I’m Aidan” he said as he extended his hand to her.

She took it and replied, “Nice to meet you. Next time be on time!”

“Yes ma’am” he replied.

As the conversation Artvin Escort was going on, she found herself continuing to survey his body. Those arms were a sight to behold. She thought about reaching out to touch them, but realized how inappropriate that would be. But the thought alone seemed to make her heart skip a beat and her tummy to feel a bit odd.

He continued, “I was wondering, do you do personal training sessions?”

“Occasionally” she replied. “For a few clients.”

“I was wondering if you could take me on as a client. See, I’m new to town and in the past few weeks of transition, I’ve not had much time to work out. I really need to catch up and it seems that you’re more that up to challenging me!”

“I suppose I could take one more client” she said with a small grin. “Would next Tuesday at 8:00 be ok?”

“Tuesdays at 8:00 would be great, but I was really hoping to get started right away. Are you free to stay for a session right now?”

A bit surprised, she replied, “Wow, you are anxious to get back into the routine, huh? I’m staying around a bit, but the gym closes in 15 minutes so tonight seems to be out of the question.”

“Oh, no worries, I spoke with the manager when I came in and explained that I would like to arrange a personal training session late tonight. I must have been persuasive because he agreed to let me stay if I could find a trainer that was willing to work late.”

“So that would mean we will be here alone after everyone else leaves?” she replied just a bit nervously.

“Yes, but you can trust me. The manager has my driver’s license and there are video cameras all around here it seems!”

“You’re right, I’ve certainly never felt in danger here. I’ll admit that the idea of making you pay just a bit more for being late to my class does seem interesting!”

“So it’s settled. You have me for an hour starting right now. You’ve been working out aerobically for a little bit now, so let’s head to the resistance machines.”

Brandy knew exactly where she was taking him and quietly to herself admitted that she was being a bit selfish with her choice. She couldn’t wait to see those arms in action and she was sure that her own heart rate ticked up a notch as she led him to the biceps curl machine.

“Set the resistance at 60 percent of what you think is your maximum.” she told him.

Aidan moved the pin almost half way down the stack of resistance plates. He sat on the seat draping his upper arms on the arm rest and grabbed the handles of the machine with both hands. As he gripped the handles, his forearms flexed and as he started the exercise, Brandy couldn’t keep her eyes off of his upper arms as his muscles tightened and bulged against the load.

“Ok, let’s do 15 reps at this weight.” she instructed and he continued without too much difficulty through the set.

As Brandy watch Aidan work out, she couldn’t seem to keep her mind straight. She found herself unusually attracted to this man whom she had only met about an hour Artvin Escort Bayan previously. These feelings were very unexpected and caught her off guard. After the set was over, she was a bit flustered and for the first time ever wasn’t sure what to instruct her client what to do next. So, she told Aidan to grab a swallow of water and repeat the same set at the same resistance.

As Aidan resumed the exercise, Brandy moved up behind him and without thinking place her hands on the outside of each of his upper arms. “You need to make sure that you don’t let your arms move outward as you move through the full stroke of the curl” she said. Her subconscious was screaming in one of her ears that his form was perfect and that it wasn’t necessary for her to touch him. But the other part of her was screaming just as loudly, “but I need to touch him!”

She kept her hands on Aidan’s arms through the set but found her hand caressing his muscles more than steading his arms as he got closer to 15 reps. She realized that without noticing she had moved closer and closer to him until her abdomen and breasts were pushed up against his back. He hadn’t objected and it seemed that by this point her subconscious had given into to her other side and she was proceeding almost without thinking.

“Let’s bump up the resistance by about 10 percent and do 15 more reps.” she instructed.

Aidan moved one arm down to the pin holding the resistance plates in place and adjusted it as she had told him to do. He resumed the curl exercises and as he did so, she sat on the back edge of the seat just behind him, letting her breasts push a bit more firmly into his back. She moved her hands up his arms and slowly under them to his chest. She felt him flex is pecs as he lifted the weight, but she knew that he didn’t have to use them for this exercise. He was responding to her hands on his chest.

She whispered to him, “don’t stop until I tell you to stop. No matter what.” He was at 8 reps and he seemed to subtly nod in agreement but remained silent.

Brandy started massaging Adan’s chest and found her hands slowly working down his torso. She was leaving his pecs and moving into his upper abdominals when he passed 14 reps.

By 20 reps Brandy’s hands were almost at his waistline, and on 22 her left hand moved to the middle of his belly, and her right hand slipped under the elastic of his workout shorts. He started breathing just a bit heaver but continued with the exercise as instructed.

At rep 28, she made her move. Her right hand pushed further under Aidan’s waistband and she grabbed his manhood finding it firm, erect and bulging slightly with each of the reps of the bicep curls that he was continuing to execute with near perfect form.

She started stroking his shaft in time with his bicep curls and after 5 more reps, whispered in his ear, “you can stop now.”

She kissed his cheek, rose from where she was still sitting behind him and motioned for him to stand up.

She turned him around to face Escort Artvin her and slipped each of her index fingers under his waistband above each hip, pushing his shorts down letting them fall to his ankles making it very obvious that Aidan was perhaps almost as excited as she was!

Brandy motioned for him to sit back down, this time facing backwards on the machine and leaning his back on the armrest. Without thinking, she kneeled in front of him grabbed his engorged shaft with her right hand and licked him with her tongue starting at the base of his shaft moving to the tip.

Aidan gasped just a bit as she reached his most sensitive spot just to find her look up at him and smile. She said, “50 reps. You can come then. Not any before and not any after.”

Brandy’s subconscious shouted briefly in her head, “What are you doing???” But the other side of her was clearly in control and suppressed this question immediately without even pretending to respond.

Her lips took Aidan’s swollen head between them as her tongue caressed the sensitive tip. Her hand stroked up and down in time with her mouth’s motion and she counted silently to herself knowing that Aidan would be counting too.

At 20 reps, she felt him shudder just a bit and she squeezed tightly with her and reminding him to keep control.

She started circling his head with her tongue at 30 reps and by 35 he was breathing faster and much harder.

When she hit rep 45, she grasped more firmly with her right hand and became more deliberate with each of her strokes.

At 48, he was starting to moan and she knew that the timing was working out perfectly.

On the 49th stroke, Aidan inhaled deeply as his manhood swelled even larger – beyond what Brandy had expected.

As she finished the 50th rep, she pushed Aidan’s cock deeply into her mouth just in time to feel his orgasm begin as hot, salty fluid forced its way into her throat.

Brandy continued her motion slower and slower until after 20 more reps Aidan sighed and relaxed.

She swallowed the last of his sweetness and released her mouth and hand from him.

She looked up at him and smiled a smile that only the other side of her would allow.

As Aidan smiled back, Brandy glanced up behind his head and developed a panicked look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Aidan asked.

“I’m screwed!” she replied and pointed to the blinking red light on the security camera just over Aidan’s shoulder. “Everything that just happened is recorded on video! There’s no explaining this tomorrow! I’ll lose my job for sure!”

Aidan smiled just a bit. “I don’t think anyone would want to get rid of the best instructor at Uptown Fitness.”

Her subconscious started to take back over, “Good instructor or not, I should have never done that! No boss will put up with this kind of behavior!”

Aidan continued to smile, “I think there might be an exception this time.”

“What do you mean?” she replied.

“I didn’t tell you why I was late to your class today. See, I was finishing a very fruitful business transaction. I was buying Uptown Fitness. I think that makes me your boss and I think you are the best trainer i’ve ever known!”

As he finished talking, Brandy swallowed hard and the other side of her said silently, “this is going to be fun!”

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