Unwanted: Part 6

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When Tiffany came downstairs, she was surprised to find her father in the kitchen wearing an apron over his pajamas rather than his normal work attire. “How’s the business?” Tiffany tried to make small talk with him. After finally getting used to their newfound relationship, she had become less scared of him.

“I decided to close up for the holiday and give all the boys a week off,” Randy explained.

“I bet they think you’re the best boss ever,” Tiffany chuckled.

“They would, if I paid them more,” he laughed as well.

“What’s for breakfast?” Tiffany asked while sitting down at the kitchen table. There were already four plates of food set on each side it.

“Just waffles and fruit,” Randy admitted. He was not used to cooking when it did not involve a grill. Pouring batter into a waffle iron was the extent of his ability.

Tiffany sat down on the side of the table that was normally hers. She frowned when she saw the waffles set in front of her. “What is this?” she asked while pointing at several strands of white glistening on the top.

“I added something special to yours.” Randy winked at her.

“Why would you ruin perfectly good food like this?” she demanded while pushing it away.

“It’s still edible.” He slid the plate back toward her. You’ve swallowed this stuff before.”

“During…” Tiffany began to shout but suddenly lowered her voice to a whisper. “During sex only. Why do I have to eat your cum for breakfast too? I don’t even like the way it tastes.”

“Which is why I thought about mixing it with your food,” Randy explained. “You may gain a taste for it this way.”

“You are so cunning,” she groaned. “This is exactly like when you said I should take an enema in the morning.”

“That reminds me, did you?” Randy asked with a greedy glint in his eye.

“I thought you’d be at work today and I’d be going shopping with Mom and Jon,” she explained.

Randy eyed her pajamas up and down. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, both with non-matching flower patterns. “Any panties on under there?” he asked while crouching down in an attempt to peek up her shorts.

“You know I don’t wear panties to bed,” she admitted. “Wow, just listen to me. A month ago I would have never dreamed of telling my dad if I was wearing panties or not. You really are a horrible father.”

“Then don’t think of me as your father,” Randy suggested.

“Believe me, it wasn’t that hard to start,” she grumbled. She had never really respected her parents to begin with. They did not hide their disdain for her so she never felt obligated to love them.

“Ah, youth,” Randy sighed happily. “Fucking you makes me feel so young again. I wonder if this is what boys at your school think about.”

“I’m sure it is, in a way; just less creepy and incestuous.”

“Like you really care about that anymore. I’ve watched you and Jon get it on. You’re an animal with him.”

Tiffany did not respond. Instead, she began to eat her waffles. She drenched them in syrup to try overpowering the taste of his cum on top of them but just knowing it was there convinced her mind she could still detect it with her taste buds. Eventually Jon and Lauren joined Tiffany and Randy as well. The four of them ate breakfast as a family, while Randy kept touching Tiffany with his foot beneath the table. He worked his way up her leg until he was pushing his foot into the crotch of her pajamas. Eventually Lauren left the table and went to get ready for their planned shopping trip.

“Why don’t we do something different this year,” Randy interrupted the end of Jon’s meal with a suggestion while his mom was out of the room. “Every year you three buy gifts together and I’m the only one who doesn’t know what I’m getting. How about, since I’m actually home for the holiday for once, we split up. You and Lauren go shopping this morning and get gifts for us while we go shopping in the afternoon to get your things.” Randy patted Tiffany on the shoulder as he spoke so Jon would not mistake who he meant would accompany him.

“Aw man,” Jon groaned. “I was really looking forward to going out with Tiff today.” Tiffany’s cheeks turned red as she recalled the last time they went shopping together. They ended up together in the dressing room of a certain store. The result was a predictable one. She had to walk home without her panties on, dripping cum from her cunt, and limping slightly.

“You two really like spending time together, don’t you,” Randy laughed. “You know Lauren hates being near Tiff though, right?”

“Who cares what Mom thinks,” Jon grumbled.

“Be nice to your mother,” Randy raised his voice. Tiffany rolled her eyes while continuing to struggle to stomach the food on her plate. It was ironic to listen to Randy acting like a good husband when he had been cheating on his wife with his own daughter for over a month.

Reluctantly, Jon went to go get ready at the same time Lauren returned to the room. Randy pitched the idea to her at that time. “Well, I can’t say it’s not a welcome break. I’ve always had to put up with her more than you because of your work. I just feel bad. You finally decided to spend the holidays with us and you end up being with her more than me,” Lauren tried not to be too excited about the idea of not having to go shopping with her loathsome daughter.

“You want to spend time with Jon too, don’t you?” Randy asked.

“Well, I miss the way we used to be but… I’m finding it hard to look him in the eyes now that…” Lauren trailed off. She was glaring straight at Tiffany. It was no secret that she blamed her daughter and not her son for inappropriate relationship that had blossomed between them.

“That’s another thing. Less time with the two of them together,” Randy added.

“Alright, quit selling it to me. I already feel like a terrible mother as it is. You just make it so easy to get around actually dealing with my problem child.”

After Jon returned to the kitchen in full winter gear, the mother and son pair left for the garage to go shopping for holiday presents. As soon as Tiffany heard the car pull out of the driveway, she dropped her fork onto the table and promptly spit out her most recent mouthful of cum and syrup covered waffle. “Eww,” Randy exaggerated his disgust while draping his arms over Tiffany’s shoulders from behind her.

She leaned her head back and let him kiss her face and neck for a while. She had her eyes closed and was moaning softly. “You’re feeling awfully docile today.” Randy was slightly confused but also intrigued. At first Tiffany was afraid of her father’s advances but once she became comfortable with them, she also started to complain.

“Who does she think she is, calling me a problem child,” Tiffany muttered through her teeth. “You two are the problem.”

“Is that so?” Randy slid his hands under the waist of Tiffany’s shirt and began to poke and prod her stomach and eventually her breasts and nipples.

“You’re using your own daughter as a sex toy right now,” she accused him. “Don’t you think that makes you a bad father?”

Randy lifted her shirt up above her breasts and then pushed on the back of her head, forcing her down onto the table. Her chest sunk into the mess of syrup and waffle on her plate. Her hard nipples were now sticky with sugar and semen. “You’re so ungrateful,” Randy sighed. “We actually thought gaziantep escort tanıtımları of putting you up for adoption, did you know that?”

“I wish you had,” Tiffany spat back.

“I didn’t want the bad publicity for my business,” Randy explained. “We sold ourselves as a wholesome family and I’ll keep that image if it kills me.”

“So you’d rather fuck your daughter than divorce your fridged wife?” Tiffany snarled.

“Don’t get me wrong, I still love your mother. I just realized I could learn to love you too this way.”

“Is that your excuse? Do you actually love me… as a girlfriend? If you went out and found another woman, would you love her more than me?” Tiffany turned her head and stared at her father with water in her eyes.

“Of course not.” He patted her head. “You are so pretty and so sexy. I can’t get enough of you. You’re like a miniature version of Lauren.”

“You really like that, don’t you?” Tiffany’s face was softer yet still full of accusation. “You love the fact that I am so easy to manhandle. You like that I am smaller than you so your dick seems bigger. You like stretching your daughter’s asshole and making it bleed. You like the fact that I am your daughter and not some stranger. It’s all part of your sick fetish.”

Tiffany’s reward for being so outspoken was a slap to the face that pushed her down into the table more. She felt her father lifting her up by her hips and setting her feet down on her chair. He slid her pants down and off, leaving her bare crotch exposed to the morning air. Despite how much she hated it, being touched by her father always turned her on. Her cunt was already opening up in anticipation.

Tiffany shivered as she felt the chill of her wet insides meeting the cold air. She wanted nothing more than to beg her father to fill her aching hole with his warm cock but she restrained her desire. So far he had done nothing more than touch the outside of her cunt. She had made him promise, under pain of Jon finding out what they often did, that he would only use her asshole.

Randy continued to explore his daughter’s body with his hands, making sure to pinch her nipples roughly and to poke his sticky fingers into her mouth. Tiffany twitched and spasmed repeatedly as she anticipated his penetration of her. She wiggled her ass in front of him, just begging him to stop teasing her.

Randy could tell that his daughter was getting impatient but he had no intention of sticking his cock into her just yet. He pulled the chair out from under her quite suddenly. Her chin hit the table as she fell. She landed on her side on the floor but he grabbed her ankles and lifted them so she was in the air except for her shoulders. She stared up at her father in confusion as he stared down at her exposed crotch. She could see the bulge in his pajama pants and wondered why he had not pulled his cock out yet. She tried to reach up to his waist but he dropped her ankles and let her hit the floor again.

“Why,” she groaned as she watched him stalk over to a cupboard. It was the one he and Lauren kept their alcohol in. He came back with a bottle of red wine that had only been opened recently. He popped the cork out with ease and then took a quick gulp. Tiffany was even more confused when he lowered it to her head and popped the end in her mouth. Her tongue wagged around the lip as she struggled to swallow the liquid pouring into her. Some driveled down her cheek when he removed the lip from her mouth. She was coughing and unable to ask him what he was doing.

Suddenly, he seized one of her ankles again and lifted her back onto her shoulders. With one hand, he pressed the lip of the bottle against her asshole. She felt her own wet saliva helping lubricate it as it slipped inside. He tilted it up and shook it. Like a freshly unplugged drain, the bottle emptied into her bowls in less than a minute. “Oh god,” she groaned as she felt her insides swell. The tissue of her intestines stung as the wine was absorbed. “What are you doing to me?” she managed to wail.

“Got to clean you out real good, don’t I?” he laughed while slapping her stomach, causing her insides to churn. Her eyes crossed as a buzzing sound filled her ears. She was becoming drunk from her intestines absorbing the wine.

When he slapped her stomach again, she screamed. “Please don’t. You’re going to make it all come out.”

“That’s the point.” He lifted her and flipped her right side up at the same time so that she was now in his arms, being carried like a child. She wrapped her legs around his waist instinctively while clenching her anus. Gravity was threatening to pull the wine, and anything else already in her bowls, out of the tiny hole. She could feel the bulge of her father’s cock through his pants and in her drunken confusion she decided to grab it.

“Hey now, slow down, little slut,” Randy teased her while brushing the sweat drenched hair away from her face. She was still cross eyed and her cheeks were burning red. She was halfway between gritting her teeth and smiling. The buzzing sound in her ears was drowning out her thoughts. All she could do was feel; feel the sloshing of the wine inside her, feel the twitching of her anus as it threatened to open, feel the stiffness of her father’s cock as she stroked it through his pants.

She was shocked when Randy pulled his pants down slightly so that his cock was exposed. “Man, it’s cold,” he shuddered. She stroked his warm member for a while before bringing the tip close to her dripping cunt. More than just her face was red now. Her whole body seemed to be covered in a rash. Sweat was running down her chest and her nipples were as stiff and pointy as they had ever been. She was practically humping her father’s waist as she tried to push the tip of his penis into herself.

“Hey now, that’s the wrong place, isn’t it?” he reminded her while pulling back slightly and jabbing into the outside of her twitching anus.

“Oh no, it’s gonna pop,” she whimpered.

“Not if I plug it up.” He shoved his cock through the opening of her anus. Some wine leaked out but one flex from her asshole to adjust itself and the hole was sealed airtight.

“Oh my god, it’s inside me,” she wailed as the invading member sloshed everything in her stomach around. She looked down at her own stomach in horror as it seemed to expand. “It’s going up further. I need to use the toilet.”

“Not yet.” Randy continued to comb her hair lovingly as he watched her unfocused eyes. Tears were pouring out, leaving cool streaks of white amongst the warm redness of her cheeks. Her mouth was open as she was quietly groaning constantly. Randy lifted her up and dropped her back down on his cock to tease her. He could see her throat flexing in preparation to throw up due to the jostling of her stomach.

Tiffany’s earlier statement had been correct. Randy loved watching his daughter’s face twist in anguish every time he used her. He loved knowing that she was in pain because of him. He loved that she hated being raped by her own father. He wanted to watch her drown in her despair.

“You’re burning up. Shall we get you into the shower?” he asked with the concern of an actual father. She struggled to respond but could do little more than gurgle. Eventually she just nodded. He carried her out of the kitchen and through the living gaziantep escort telefonları room gently, but each step still jostled her wine filled stomach. She covered her own mouth as she hiccupped, very nearly vomiting all over the living room floor.

When they reached the downstairs bathroom, Randy set her feet down on the edge of the tub and spun her around so that she was no longer facing him. He poked two fingers from each hand into her mouth and pried it open as wide as he could. He then pulled back as far as possible without popping his cock out of her anus before shoving it back in as far as it would go.

Tiffany’s scream was cut off by her own vomit shooting out of her wide mouth. Randy pounded into her ass from one end while cum and syrup were expelled from the other. Each time he slammed all the way into her, more would pour out. Eventually it was just sliding down her sweat drenched chest and into the tub below her. She could do nothing but curl her toes and blink away the tears filling her eyes.

Finally, she had no more puke inside her and was left just jolting every time Randy’s thighs slapped against her butt. There was a suctioning sound made alongside the loud clap of her ass rippling that she had not been able to hear over her own gurgling before. She let her head fall loosely as she listened to it.

Her rest was short lived though as Randy suddenly pulled his cock out of her ass and spun her around on the edge of the tub so that her butt was facing the away from him. “No, it’s going to come out,” she sputtered as she tried to close her asshole, which was gapping after the fucking Randy just gave it.

Randy did not care if she would be able to stop from expelling the wine from her bowls. In fact, he wanted the exact opposite. He punched her in the stomach as hard as he could, nearly knocking her off the edge of the tub. He managed to grab her by the wrists to keep her from falling in. The force of his punch was enough to push all of the liquid inside of her down toward the opening of her bowels again.

Tiffany screamed as red wine shot out of her asshole and into the tub. It came out in a long gushing stream that eventually petered out into a drivel. Eventually she stopped trying to keep the liquid in and switched to forcing it out by clenching her stomach repeatedly. The rest of the wine came out in short spurts. Finally, when there was nothing left inside her at all, front or back, she collapsed forward, leaning against her father’s chest.

He wasted no time pulling off his shirt and pants completely, as well as her vomit covered shirt. He then pushed on her shoulders until she was squatting on the edge of the tub. She opened her eyes in time to see him pushing his stiff cock straight into her open gasping mouth. She squealed in a muffled tone as she felt it fill her more than Jon’s ever did. Randy loved having her scrape her teeth against his shaft until he came in her mouth but he never put it all in her at once before.

She felt the tip hit the back of her throat, the same way Jon’s always did. It never went any further though. Her throat closed up and refused to accept an entry, just like when she tasted something she did not want to swallow. “Come on, don’t be like that,” Randy teased her while tangling his hands in her curly hair and pulling her toward him. His tip smashed into her closed throat painfully. It was definitely longer than Jon’s as well as wider. “Try swallowing,” Randy instructed her.

She did her best to shake her head in refusal. He just pulled on her hair harder. After several minutes, Randy began to get tired. He had a burning desire to deepthroat his daughter just to prove he could. Why was she so resistant in this one and only aspect? Slightly infuriated by her perceived rebelliousness, he pinched her nose, cutting off her only path of air.

Tiffany just stared up at him at first, not reacting at all. Eventually her red face started to turn bluish. Finally, involuntarily, she swallowed, allowing his cock head to slip into her throat. He took full advantage, pulling on her hair and sliding a whole two inches past the once closed opening. Tiffany squealed into his crotch as she felt the bulge in her throat grow. Randy even touched the outside of her neck to confirm that he really was the cause of her newfound suffering.

Not wanting to give her an opportunity to close her throat again, Randy only pulled out until the head of his cock was at the opening of her throat again. He then slammed down into her, stretching her Adams apple painfully. He did this repeatedly, causing the bulge in her throat to expand and shrink at the same rate. Tiffany’s eyes were spinning in her head and she was passing out from a lack of oxygen.

Randy did not stop fucking his daughter’s throat, even after she went limp on his cock. When she was completely unconscious, her throat stopped resisting at all, allowing him to slide all the way out so the tip of his cock was at the lips of her mouth. He then slammed all the way back in, waking her up when her airway was cut off again. She had no time to reorient herself before she felt the first hot spurt of cum sliding down her throat. “Swallow it all,” Randy ordered her as he came straight into his daughter’s throat. He had already cum on her breakfast that morning so there was not as much as when he normally filled her asshole or mouth.

She swallowed as much as she could while simultaneously trying to vomit out his cock. She was only successful when it went completely limp. She coughed and sputtered for a whole minute before looking up at her father with hateful eyes. “If you’re trying to kill me, just get it over with already!” she screamed at him.

“Oh don’t be so dramatic,” he scoffed. “Blowjobs are just like brushing your teeth with a dick.”

“My toothbrush isn’t two inches wide and I don’t have any teeth in my throat!” she continued to yell.

Randy pushed her off the edge and into the tub, forcing her to catch herself. She barely managed to keep herself upright. He climbed into the tub after her and turned on the water. She watched as the red wine from her ass as well as her vomit was washed down to drain. After most of it was gone, Randy plugged the drain so the tub would fill with water. “Are we taking a bath?” Tiffany asked in confusion.

“You need to cool off,” Randy answered as if she should have known already. Tiffany looked up at the showerhead and let the cold water hit her face. She was still incredibly numb and could barely feel it. She felt her father rubbing her shoulders as if giving her a massage. He eventually moved to her breasts and nipples but she did not seem to mind. She just moaned and leaned her head back against his chest.

They sat in the bottom of the tub as it filled with water. Tiffany was able to reorient herself but her drunkenness remained. Randy slapped his limp cock against her ass a few times before resolving himself to the idea that he might not be able to get it up for a third outing today. Tiffany chuckled to herself about it until she felt something being pushed against the outside of her cunt.

“What are you doing?” she asked weakly as she looked down. Her father was holding a shampoo bottle in one hand and was smashing it against her cunt lips.

“I’m not allowed in here but it’s not like you’re gaziantep escort videoları a virgin,” he answered with a shrug.

“That doesn’t mean I want you to shove random things inside me.” Tiffany tried to slap his hand away.

“Come on, be a good slut and show your dad what you look like when getting fucked in the cunt,” he ordered her. She looked over her shoulder at him with an expression that asked if he was serious. When he stared back at her calmly she sighed and took the bottle from him.

She moaned and sucked in tiny breaths as she rubbed the end of it against her cunt lips. She had to make herself wet before the large intrusion would fit. It was larger than her brother’s penis. Eventually the end slipped inside her, eliciting a gasp. Her father pinched her nipples extremely hard as he felt her chest expanding beneath his hands. She squealed in pain while clenching her eyes shut.

It took her several more minutes of twisting and sliding in and out before she was able to fit the majority of the bottle inside herself. “There, are you happy?” she asked while panting for breath.

“There is nothing quite like watching a slut masturbating in person,” he sighed contently. “In porn it’s so boring and I always fast forward through it but to see your own daughter fucking her cunt with something that big with your own eyes is something else. Look, baby girl, I’m all hard again, just for you.”

Tiffany felt her father’s stiffening cock pressing against her back. It felt incredibly warm under the cold water, which had filled most of the tub by then. She could already tell what was coming next. “Please don’t,” she begged pointlessly. “It’s still sore.”

Randy pushed on her back, forcing her to lean forward so he could see her asshole. At the same time, the bottle in her cunt was pressed into the bottom of the tub. Her asshole was quite puckered from already taking such a pounding. He pressed his two index fingers inside and pulled it apart. Tiffany sucked in a large breath as she felt the cold water rushing into her bowels. The sensation was quickly replaced by the warmth of his cock head entering the same hole. As it slid in, some of the water was forced back out while the rest was driven up into her. Tiffany grabbed her stomach as she felt her intestines opening up to welcome the cold liquid.

Tiffany had to cover her mouth to keep from puking again when she felt something else within her, her father’s cock scrapping against the bottle with only a thin amount of flesh between them. “Have you ever been double stuffed before?” Randy teased her. She shook her head. “Do you like it?” He thrust into her painfully.

“I’d rather have anything other than your cock inside me right now,” she grunted.

“Even a baseball bat?” he quipped back.

Tiffany’s eyes widened as she pondered whether or not he was threatening her. “I’d take a cactus up my butt if it meant never getting fucked by you again,” she decided to follow through with her adamant hatred of his cock.

“So ungrateful.” He shook his head disappointedly. “Most little girls love to sit on their father’s laps.”

“With four layers of clothing in-between them!” Tiffany argued.

“I bet every father just dreams of sliding their little girl’s panties off when they are sitting in their laps,” Randy muttered in a dreamy voice. “The thought of sliding their dick into that tiny girl must drive them mad.”

“Are you admitting you’re insane?” Tiffany jeered.

“Why do you hate this so much?” Randy responded in a genuinely sad tone. “I really do love you, Tiffany.”

“I’ve always wished my parents would love me,” Tiffany admitted, “just not like this.”

“Sometimes you have to earn your love.” He shrugged. “Don’t worry. You’re doing a good job.” He pulled her further into his lap. As his cock slipped into her ass, it forced the bottle out of her cunt. He simply grabbed it and shoved it back in again, causing her to wail. To shut her up, he pushed her head down into the water of the tub, which was finally full to the top.

Tiffany struggled to free herself from her father’s hand on the back of her head. She nearly passed out before he finally released his grip, allowing her to come up for air. Her eyes were rolling back into her head and her mouth was open and slack. She was barely conscious.

For the next ten minutes she just rocked back and forth in his lap as he shoved into her cunt and ass from both ends. “Why doesn’t Mom have to earn her love?” she finally spoke, gurgling while spitting out water.

“She already did her part. She gave me you, the perfect fuck toy.”

“And if I tell her that’s all you think she’s good for?” Tiffany tried to threaten Randy.

“If you do, I’ll just divorce that prude. We’ll split you and your brother between us and you know she won’t want you. I’ll leave her with Jon while you and I will get a place to ourselves where you won’t wear clothes that aren’t sexy and I’ll sound proof the walls. We’ll just tell the neighbors you’re eighteen and you’re my sexy trophy wife. We’ll share a bed and I’ll fuck you every night. Every meal of yours will be followed by a healthy serving of cum. And of course, I’ll be having that cunt of yours too.”

“You can’t possibly think I’ll stay,” Tiffany could not keep quiet and listen to her father’s delusional plan. “I’ll run away, for sure.”

“I’ll just get you one of those dog collars that shocks you if you get too far from me. Ooh, I can’t wait to see what you look like with electricity coursing through your tiny body. You’ll probably piss yourself.”

“You really are insane.” Tiffany stared over her shoulder at him with wide eyes.

“Hey now, that’s not very nice.” He shoved into both her holes again as punishment. This time caught off guard, Tiffany really did vomit again. However, all she had inside her to puke up was cum.

When she finally caught her breath again she started screaming at her father. “Please stop it. It hurts. It hurts so fucking bad. Why would you do this to me? I’m your daughter.”

“I never wanted a daughter,” Randy admitted. “All I wanted was to live with my sexy wife and fuck her however I wanted. Since she is such a prude, you’ll have to do.” As if to prove his point, he bit down on her neck while shoving his cock as far into her ass as it would go. She screamed and shuddered as the sensation of his teeth sinking into her ran down her spine. It was the first time she had ever properly cum from her father. “Looks like you’re finally warming up to me.”

Tiffany bit down on her lip as she shook and thrashed, accidentally fucking herself on her father’s cock that much harder. She hated it, the idea that this painful torture was making her cum. She did not want him to think she enjoyed it. After tasting blood in her mouth from her lip, she started to calm down. Her rest was short lived though. One spurt of hot cum from her father’s cock deep in her bowels sent her over the edge again.

She screamed and sobbed as her whole body shivered and shook. She bounced on the bottom of the tub, slamming the bottle deeper into her cunt. She dunked her head under the water repeatedly. Every time she came up for air she sputtered and gurgled incoherently, pleading with her own body to stop.

Finally, when she slowed down and was doing little more than twitching every minute or so, Randy turned her head and kissed her on the mouth. Her tongue darted our in response, trying to find his teeth. They smothered each other’s faces and licked at each other’s lips. When they finally broke apart, Randy was smiling at his daughter. “I love you,” he whispered.

“Uh huh,” she barely responded before falling into the water, completely unconscious.

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