Unusual Woman Offers Help

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It was late into the night. On a deserted country road back a few miles ago my car had popped a tire. With no spare or cell phone service, I decided to take a walk off the road and see if I found any farms or properties nearby. Thinking over my bad luck, this little adventure had started as a road trip on a long weekend from college, now I was soaking wet in the cold rain, hopelessly wandering the endless fields of grass.

Then in the distance I spotted civilization! it was nothing more than a little cabin and a rusty tractor. Now I was very shy and not used to just asking people for help, but in my current predicament, I sighed in relief. But I didn’t know if the simple wood lodge was abandoned or not, the revelation that I wasn’t out of the woods yet stung. Sneezing and feeling ever more dizzy, I ran as fast as possible to the cabin door. Feeling flush from sickness and disturbing someone at such a late hour, I gently rapped at the door.

I heard movement through the pounding of the pouring rain. Finally the door opened. A woman opened the door with a shotgun in her hand. Being from urban areas and having no experience with guns, I immediately put my hands up and tried to beg for my life. “Who’re – what’re yah doin’ in the rain?”

I shivered, my knees still shaking at the gun in her hand, “My car.. my car tire, I just want – wanted help.” I spoke up nervously.

The woman poked her head out the door and looked around for a moment before grabbing me by the collar and pulling me into the small cabin. A fireplace in the corner kept the cabin warm and dry. The woman, gun still in hand, sat me down on her couch. I was drowsy and so dizzy, it felt good to sit down, even if the couch felt a little lumpy. The woman eyed me over more carefully before putting her gun down. She mumbled to herself, moving about the small cabin and grabbing a worn quilt. She wrapped it around my shoulders. I toppled over on the couch and blacked out.

“Wake up’now son.” I saw a blurry image through the slits of my eyes. Feeling dreary, I slid my elbow under my torso and pushed myself up a few inches. There in front of me was the woman who helped me last night. I was so distressed that I hadn’t really taken note of anything but the gun. She was the biggest woman I had ever seen. Well into the six foot range and burly. She had long red hair and freckles. She was dressed in a flannel blouse and a pair of jeans. Her clothing was tight fitting and very worn, like she had bought them long ago when they fit. She looked to be in her late forties.

“I was worried about yah there for a second, kid.” She rubbed my shoulder to wake me. I suddenly turned red looking at her chest bursting out of the blouse, as she leaned over the couch. True to the rest of her, her cleavage was the largest I’d ever seen.

“Uhhh.. thank you fo-” I tried to speak but my throat was scratchy.

She frowned, “Yah got a nasty cold. A big meal’ll medicine.” She turned and walked towards the far corner of the cabin. It had a stove and icebox. She pulled out from it fresh eggs and put fire on the stove. “Yah mustn’t have eaten for a week. You’re so skinny, boy.”

The eggs sizzled on the stove. I closed my eyes again for a minute and when I opened them, the table by the icebox was set with two plates of eggs and sausage. “Do yah need any help gettin’ up?”

I stirred from the couch, lifting my body up. My legs were sore from walking last night and my head hurt. For a big woman she was fast and threw her beefy arm under me. “Don’ try to do too much, son.” I leaned my weight against her, my shoulder against her full breast. We sat down and she immediately dug into her plate. I tentatively dragged my fork through the eggs, with not much of an appetite.

“My names Della. I’ll do what I can for yah. I hope you find yahself comfortable enough around here until you start feelin’ better.” She broke the ice.

“My name is Scott.” I chirped weakly with my scratchy throat.

“Well now that we’re ac’quainted like good folk, eat somethin’, Scott.. son.” She motioned her eggy fork toward my plate.

I shook my head and tried to politely decline. She seemed dismayed, “Yah got nothin’ but skin and bone under those clothes.” I thought about her response and looked down, realizing I wasn’t in the rainy clothes I had arrived in. Instead I had on some sort of overcoat and a pair of stretchy pants. I must have looked pretty ridiculous, and if my head wasn’t hurting so darn bad, I might have cared. But I didn’t remember changing. She had to have gotten me out of those wet clothes once I blacked out.

Della stabbed a fat sausage with her fork and lifted it across the table, “Have somethin’, kid. The last thing I need is some god danged cops knocking at my door wonderin’ why some healthy boy starved to death. A piece of pork like this is good for a young’un.” She put the meat inches from my face. Feeling the pressure, I inched my face forward and got my lips around the greasy sausage, levent escort Della’s stern face let up. I bit down and briskly chewed the portion. Della broke out in a toothy grin, “Atta boy.”

For the rest of the day Della mostly talked and I mostly listened. I couldn’t carry on much conversation of my own. Della talked about her life alone out here in the country, the peace, how she was dissatisfied with the bickering of most people, the work that goes into maintaining her property. She made this cabin herself, log by log. Living out here about fifteen years she only went into town for essential supplies. With a small farm of animals and freshly harvested vegetables, Della did pretty well on her own.

Throughout the day I marveled at how puny I looked in her presence. She must have had over a hundred pounds on me. And through her normal activities I saw her lift massive amounts of weight, which made me feel even less of a man in her presence. With her tending to me I was feeling a lot better by the end of the day. After the hard days work, Della grabbed two beers out of the icebox and handed me one. I sat back on the couch and Della fit herself in the over-sized rocking chair.

“I don’t think I’ve told you enough, Della, I’m so thankful you’ve let me stay here today.”

Della let go of her long sip of beer and batted her hand at me, “It’s nice havin’ yah around kid. To tell the truth I get pretty lonely sometimes. Havin’ a nice young man like yah around has its benefits.” She winked.

Della rubbed the perspiring can on her forehead. That gave me the perfect view of her ample cleavage, I was keenly aware that another button had opened itself during the strenuous work day. I chugged down a gulp of beer and zeroed in on the tanned flesh. Della winked at me again and looked down to my waist, “Yessah, good to have a young boy like you around.”

I glanced down and saw my own boner which had no trouble materializing in the baggy stretch pants. Feeling horribly embarrassed I tried to reposition it under the overcoat without drawing too much attention. Della’s toothy grin was ear to ear, “No need to get shy now. I already saw all your bits last night.” She chuckled, “You were actin’ some kind of crazy. Hollerin’ up a mess.”

I felt even lower than before, my voice squeaked, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and.. and the way I must have acted. I wish I could repay you. Maybe you could give me a ride into town tomorrow?” I sat up on the couch and took the time to straighten out my pants.

“It’s been a long day and I dun want yah to catch anything again. I’ll give you a ride on that old tractor inta town first thing tomorrow. We best get to sleep early.” With that she stood up and grabbed our beer cans.

I sighed and laid out on the couch. “Don’ get too comfy, son. There’s a draft out here and that couch I know ain’t no place to sleep on. I got my little bedroom in the back room with a bed big enough for both of us.” She said in a way I knew there was no getting out.

She had done so much for me that I was in no position to argue. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t spotted her cabin. I stood up on my feet and let her lead the way into the bedroom. True to her word there was a little bedroom with a bed just big enough to fit us both. “I just gotta get myself into some night clothes I didn’ sweat the whole day off in.” She chuckled.

I sat down on the bed. The situation was a little weird but Della had a way of putting me at ease. I stopped thinking when Della stepped into the room. In a V neck nightgown that stretched halfway down her meaty thighs. She slid her legs into bed and let go of a big breath of air, “Don’t be embarrassed, son. Look you wasn’t embarrassed at all last night. Throwin’ yahself all around here, once I got those wet clothes off yah, I had to hogtie yah and sit my ass down on yah just to keep you in one place.” She grabbed my arm gently and with increasing pressure, pushed me down on the bed facing her.

“I really feel bad I put you through so much, Della. Maybe when we get into town I can find an ATM machine and give you something for the trouble.” I offered.

She patted my head, causing a shift in her nightgown and exposing more of her breasts to my eyes, I tried not to look. “Seein’ your little hairless body runnin’ around here is good enough for me. That tight little bottom of yours wigglin’ around trying to get loose of me.”

I turned crimson. The thought of that made me want to offer her something more than just a companion for a day, I wanted to be square for the kindness she offered me. “Della, you’re such a nice person. I don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t help me. I wish there was something you needed that I could give. Really, I won’t forget what you’ve done for me.” I insisted.

“Ah hun, it’s been no trouble. Havin’ you around today was somethin’ special. I’ll be sad to see you go tomorrow. I can only think of beyoğlu escort one thing I have that’s aching to dealt with, son. And I don’ think yah’d be interested in anything like that.”

“I’ll do anything you need, Della. I feel so indebted to you for what you’ve done. You really looked out for me.” I reassured her.

Suddenly her poker face disappeared. She put her hand through my hair and grinned. I smiled too. Della waved one finger at me and boldly threw the cover off both of us. Already used to the extra warmth, I curled up and shivered for a moment. Della reached into the bottom of her nightgown and immediately the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

With that her hand pulled out a hard penis. I gasped and tried to stop from passing out. She smiled and proudly wrapped her hand around the gigantic piece of meat. She purred and deliberately pushed her hand up and down the long penis attached to her. After I got over the initial shock, I realized how grotesquely beautiful the huge tube she held in her hand was. Light orange curls sat over the massive shaft. Veins like a spider web lead up and down the thick arm, it seemed thicker even than the cans of beer we had drinking. At the tip of the long shaft was a huge helmet shaped head, a big purple slit glistening with her liquid stared at my astonished eyes.

Della broke the silence, “She doesn’ see much action. Only a couple times a year does another lost soul knock on my door in the pourin’ rain. We’d more than square if yah let me work her over with yah. Yuh can pay down your bill like washing dishes but with more ass fuckin’.” She laughed.

My eye caught the two ostrich egg sized balls under the thick tube in a nest, sitting low on her thighs. I finally worked up the courage to speak, “I want to pay off.. all debts, Della. Just.. just tell me what to do.” I gulped.

Della seemed very pleased, “I was hopin’ you’d say that, son.” She paused and looked me up and down once again, “Ordin’arly this wouldn’ be my first request, but I never seen one as sweet as yah are sweetheart. I gotta get into that tight little hairless behind of yours.” Della pumped a big dollop of clear liquid from the head of her penis. That liquid seemed to be in endless supply.

Della suddenly turned over and grabbed a bottle off the floor, giving me a chance to check out her own ass. Her ‘behind’ like the rest of her was huge. So big that the nightgown slid up her beefy thighs further and exposed the beginning curve of her bubbly ass. I was very worked up and scared to have gotten this far, the sight had a calming effect. I took a deep breath.

Della handed me the bottle, “Getta nice glob of it and lube up my girl over here. Get ‘er nice and greased, it’ll make it easier for yah to take.”

My shaky hand reached out and grabbed the bottle from her hand. She sensed my uneasiness, “Calm down now, son. I’m gonna take real good care of yah.”

I got the creamy substance in my hand and looked back at her, she gave me a warm nod, and I lowered my hand on the angry looking head of her cock. At first touch I felt the burning flesh against the cold cream in my hand. “Good.. good.” She encouraged me. I ran my little hand down the monster, my hand looked downright juvenile sliding down her humongous dick. Despite being so long, it stood up straight in the air, and felt hard as a rock. She moaned her approval to my gentle and tentative lubing of her ‘girl’.

“Yah follow directions real nice, son.” She put her arm around my back, “Why dont’cha get these silly old clothes off?” Della began stripping off her nightgown. It came up and over her head, her breasts spilling out from their container. They slapped into each other before settling down on her chest. Della had large areola’s and big, engorged nipples. They didn’t look they had been played with in a long time. As if my own penis weren’t hard enough, it stiffened in the stretchy pants even more.

“Hey, son. Why ain’t your clothes off yet?” She slyly questioned. I felt very overdressed and pulled off the coat. Della tugged down my sweat pants. My dick popped out from the pants and bobbed around. Since Della was pulling my pants down at the time, my dick bobbed out of my pants close to her face. Her face lit up with a mischievous grin and she gave it a loud kiss on the head. Her full lips on my cock felt fantastic.

“Well now if you’re good, yah might expect mor’uv that treatment. But seein’ as how my girl is all lubed up, would’ya mind turnin’ over and giving me a good look at that bottom of yours?” Della got up on her knees in the bed, her shiny penis swinging freely with her movements. I did the same but with my knees and hands on the bed. My butt was turned up and pointed towards Della. I felt very exposed being turned away from Della, with my naked butt in the air. Della didn’t seem to notice and dropped her meaty paw down on my butt cheek. I recoiled at first but Della didn’t remove her hand. kağıthane escort She rubbed her thumb down my crack. Then Della used both hands and spread open my cheeks, which made me want to feel invisible, but I knew I couldn’t back out now.

I turned my head and looked back on the action, Della’s eyes were staring intently at my ass, her breasts hanging naturally low on her chest. My whole body was warm and red. I had never been looked at like this. Della let go of my cheeks and looked down at her dick, only inches from my ass. “Well yah can’t say I don’ take care of yah, girl. A sweet, little, rose hole just for you.”

With that Della used her big hands and grabbed my hips while opening my little cheeks. She positioned her cock up to my ass, “I hope yah still like me by the end’of this.” Even cheeks spread, Della’s penis was so big that it had to slide against the inside of my crack to reach its destination. I winced at the evil head pushing steadily against my tiny hole. It wouldn’t seem to open for girth of Della’s endowment. I have to admit that when faced with it, I tightened up and tried to push against the fat cock. That didn’t give Della pause. “Easy, easy. Let it go in, kid. It’ll be easier on yah. That’s ittt.” She applied a constant pressure to the opening of my anus, pushing the thick head of her cock into me. Millimeter by millimeter, she forced the stiff head into my little butt. Her dick started to gain more traction in my ass and it felt like I was being split open.

My body couldn’t take it. I started bucking against her hold. I was squirming all around. Della pushed her forearm into my back and pushed my chest down against the bed. Effectively ending my struggle. “Yeeeeehaaaawhhhh. This isn’t my first rodeo!” With that Della continued her forward motion. Slowly pushing another inch of her massive cock into my tiny body. I could feel everything. Her penis tensed and pulsed against the tight walls of my anus. I felt Della’s breath against the back of my neck. her body completely covered mine, with her stomach and breasts against my back, she moved her head closer to mine. Breathing in and out and through moans she spoke, “Tiny little ass gettin’ opened up. Bet yah didn’ know yesterday yah were gonna get boned like this!” She breathed heavily in my ear, before biting on it.

I tried to take the pain as finally her whole cock was engulfed in my ass. It felt like having a baseball bat shoved up my butt. Della humped at my ass, continuing to taunt me and call me her butt boy. “Oh yah like that. You little bitch. I never had anyone sweet as you, kid.” She slobbered in my ear.

We must have looked ridiculous. A little college kid like me in bed getting fucked from behind by a big middle aged woman with a massive penis. She was in complete control of me and knew it. If Della wanted, she could have probably fucked me to death. Della started sliding her shaft out from my little ass, leaving me feel like my organs were going out with it. I could do nothing but clutch the pillow on the bed and cling to the ferocious invader as it withdrew. Just when nothing but the big head of Della’s cock was left in me, Della rammed the fuck tube back into my little butt. My eyes bugged out and I yelled out in pain.

Della slid her arm between my head and the bed, locking me in her beefy arm, “Ohhh… thank it all. You’re one tight boy. Sweet piece of ass like I ain’t never seen. Ohh, you like my girl givin’ you a hard time..” She said with labored breath. She bit and licked my neck at a fierce pace, moaning and groaning. I had been with one ex girlfriend in my life and never treated her like this. Della was completely dominant and unyielding to my little anus.

She pushed her huge tube of veiny meat in my ass than slid it out again, humping my ass along the way. The rhythm started out rough and painful but fell in a pace which got somewhat easier. Her penis pulsed inside me. “Take it all in young’un. This is the best sausage for yah.” Della slammed her cock into me with more force.

Della’s strong hand pounded down on my butt cheek, first one hit than more, “Yeah’ yah like that, huh? Bad little boy need’ta be punished by mommy.” She rained down more spanks with her brutal fucking, Della kneaded and pulled on my butt cheeks while continuing her pumping into my asshole.

All of her great strength and considerable weight was being spent in slamming her massive piece of meat into my small body. “Yehhhahhh.. won’ be long now. Your little rosebud is ready to pull out momma’s cream.” She moaned.

Della pushed up on me and got back into our original position, with her upright on her knees, big hands on my hips – keeping me in place, and the slapping of our flesh as she slammed the evil snake into my tiny orifice.

“My girl’s about ready ta blow, son. Hope your tight ass is ready. You’re gonna be leakin’ my cream from your little hole for days. Ohhh…. I NEED THIS!!!” She screamed out and picked up her pace. Her cock dived in and out of my abused ass. I clutched the sheets for dear life as Della screamed out once more, her voice echoing through the room. Then I felt the liquid. Her cock was spurting her creamy liquid at a high velocity. I could feel it coat my insides. Shot after shot, filling me up from the inside out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32