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The lights flashed and whirled around her, keeping time with the music. She moved fluently, her lithe curves stretching, rippling sinuously.

He watched her from the bar, his predatory gaze devouring her, his eyes flickering over her seductive form.

She smiled darkly. She felt his eyes sliding over her and she danced for him, her movements enticing, inviting. She let her lips curve victoriously when she saw him separate himself from the bar and start towards her.

He quirked his mouth into a half-smile, raised one eyebrow, and she cocked her head consideringly, as if she had yet to decide whether or not he stood a chance with her.

He smirked, curled a hand over her hip, his fingers biting into her flesh. She widened her eyes briefly in appreciation of his confidence, then let them narrow again as he pulled her flush against his body. She felt him hard against her and her lips curled into a cat-like look of satisfaction.

She continued her dance for him, her hips swaying erotically, feeling his hands slide possessively over her skin, and a throaty purr misted the air between them. His mouth curved into a lethal look of lust. Turning her around in his arms, he wrapped them around her waist and tilted his head back, his eyes closed, deeply inhaling her scent.

She pressed herself against him, her hands covering his, guiding them to roam her body. She could feel him swell harder and higher against her lower back and she almost laughed. Pulling herself away from him, she guided him to the back of the building.

His lips were on hers, his tongue thrusting roughly against her own, as they collapsed inside the door to the men’s restroom. Hands were everywhere, tearing away clothes, uncaring that anyone could walk in on them. He pushed her inside the stall and she yanked her shirt off as fast as she could. She moaned in pleasure when his mouth came down to wrap around one stiff nipple.

He smiled triumphantly as he massaged her other breast with one hand, while sliding the other hand down the front istanbul escort of her jeans. His fingers encountered the expected wetness and he slid two between her thighs, plunging inside her.

She writhed against the tiled wall, her hair spilling over her shoulders in abandon as he tormented her. She desperately unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, drawing them down her legs as he continued to thrust his fingers, now joined by a third, inside her. She spread her legs wider to accommodate him as she kicked her jeans off, her head rolling back and forth against the cool surface supporting her.

He pistoned his fingers in and out of her rapidly, hearing her breathing quicken, until she gasped and shuddered against his palm. With a leer of self-satisfaction, he slipped his fingers from her and brought them up to his mouth, savoring the scent and the flavor as he licked them clean.

She was already on her knees, pulling his pants down around his ankles and drawing his cock into her mouth. He grunted and pressed his eyes tightly shut as he felt her mouth and tongue surrounding his hard length. He hissed when her hand came up to join her mouth, her small fingers wrapping carefully around the base, stroking and lightly squeezing him as her tongue bathed the entire shaft.

He pressed a hand to the wall to support himself, his knees trembling as her obviously expert mouth sucked and licked his head, his shaft, and his balls. Her free hand came up to fondle the sac hanging behind his cock while the occupied hand stroked up and down, drawing him closer to his release. He groaned when she swallowed him, his balls brushing her chin and her lips nuzzling the hair that grew profusely around the base of his cock.

She grinned triumphantly when she heard the sounds of his impending release, bobbing her head faster up and down on his thick shaft. When his hands tangled in her hair and pulled sharply, his hips bucking wildly against her face, she knew he was ready. As he exploded inside her mouth, she drew istanbul escort bayan every drop of his semen down her throat, the constricting motions of her throat as she swallowed wrapping tighter around his cock until he thought he would go mad.

When he was done coming, he pulled out of her mouth. With a predatory gaze, he whirled her around and bent her over, forcing her to brace herself by putting her hands on the wall over the toilet. She nearly cried out when he slid his cock between her legs, rubbing the head through the wetness that seeped from her. She moaned when he pulled back, pressing his cock at the opening to her body.

She arched backwards, inviting him in, and he worked himself slowly into her. She groaned as she took all of him in, and he began thrusting lightly, allowing her to get used to his size. The feeling of being completely filled nearly drove her over the edge, but she held on to her control while she pressed her palms flat on the wall.

His thrusts were becoming more rapid and she gasped in pleasure, his long, thick cock filling her to overflowing, her walls squeezing tightly around him. She started driving back to meet his thrusts, the only noises emanating from the stall those of her gasping, him panting, and the slick sounds of flesh meeting flesh as his thighs collided with hers and his balls slapped her ass.

She started to squirm, feeling her release rise within her, desperate to take all of him and explode around that rapidly pumping shaft. Her low cries were starting to increase in volume and he knew she was close.

Ignoring her groan of protest, he slipped out of her and pulled her upright. He pressed her up against the wall and lowered his head, returning once more to her ample breasts. He sucked one into his mouth, licking and nibbling at the soft flesh while his hand kneaded the other. He smiled against her skin when he heard her gasp and rolled both nipples, one between his teeth, the other between his fingers.

Abandoning her breasts, escort istanbul he reached down and eased her legs apart. He slid his hands underneath her ass and lifted her up, leveraging her against the wall and then sliding her down onto his still rock-hard cock. She groaned in ecstasy, her head pressed hard into the wall behind her as she tried to arch back, driving him deeper inside her.

He thrust upwards roughly, his hands still gripping her ass, his fingers biting into the soft globes of flesh as he held her steady while he pistoned himself inside her. She mewled desperately, driving down on him as hard as she could, her breasts heaving as she was pinned to the wall by his thrusting cock.

He was having a hard time staying inside her; she was slippery wet and he nearly slid out of her several times. But he held onto her, keeping her steady and slamming her down onto his cock with energetic force. He could feel that he was close and he leaned down, slanting his mouth over hers and kissing her forcefully, his tongue pushing its way inside her mouth, dueling with hers.

She broke away from his kiss, her breathing erratic as she bounced up and down on his cock, her legs clenched around his waist. She began gasping and panting and he knew that she was as close as he was. Putting all his energy into his efforts, he drove into her once more, twice more, and the third time they both shattered. Their release was accompanied by a single sound from each of them; hers a wailing, keening cry, his, a guttural groan.

They stared at each other as he allowed her to slide down the wall. She didn’t take her eyes from him as she picked up her jeans and hastily put them on, then grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. He closed his eyes for a brief moment before leaning down, grasping the waistband of his pants and drawing them up his legs.

Her eyes hardened as she looked at him. Without saying a word, she threw open the door to the stall and disappeared from the small room.

He took a few moments to compose himself before he left the restroom. It came as no surprise that she had vanished. He smiled to himself, his cock hardening at the thought of what he had just done. Grabbing the duster he’d left on the coat hook by the door, he stepped into the warm night and set out to find her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32