Unrestrained Ch. 04 – The Pool

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Outside the sauna, you stood there, trying to regain some composure, wiping excess water from your face, shaking your head a little. I know, that sort of heat could make you feel dizzy, sometimes. It wasn’t for the faint of heart.

The main pool wasn’t too far from the steam bath. With just a thin film of clouds in the sky, we could still feel the warmth of the sun hitting our skins, reassuring us. It was a gorgeous afternoon. The pool was pretty crowded, and the conversations were a little louder. It seemed like the kind of place where people would take a break from all the sensory stimulations in the saunas. Standing on the edge, by the lounge chairs, you looked at me, smiled and probably thought Oh, what the hell!… Then, off it came. That was when you, the woman of my life and dreams, flashed to a pool full of people in broad daylight every curve and angle of your naked body. I felt like a pretty lucky man, and I was sure I made a few ones jealous too. It even sounded like the general volume of conversations had toned down a bit, as if people broke off their conversation to get a good look at you.

Time, it seemed, was moving slower, and the next thing I knew, you tore off my own towel too in front of everyone, making my priapic cock spring into view. The public poolside area did nothing to calm down my rigidity, but I didn’t mind: I only had eyes for you. I looked around, whistling casually, as if all was normal, then I hopped in the pool, right after you did. The cool water was a shock, but there was something arousing about the contact of water caressing my genitalia directly. My thick penis was causing resistance in my breast stroke and I did my best to keep up with you. You swam among the people, trying to find a spot to rest and talk about our next move.

We sat on an underwater ledge, side by side. Funny thing, we sighed at the same moment, as if all this was relaxing in the least. Seriously! I was panicking internally, swimming in a pool full of naked people. We laughed at our synchronicity.

You laid back, closed your eyes and moved your hand over to my swollen member. You were stroking me underwater, unknowingly to everyone, despite the ripples in the water around your arm. My guess was, if you looked underwater, a lot of the swimmers were probably doing the same. Come to think of it, it was funny being in this water where a lot of people were probably exchanging all kinds of bodily fluids.

As you kept working on my shaft, I played along and started fingering your pussy with one, then two fingers. You spread your legs a little further.

‘Do you like that?’ I asked.

‘Of course.’ You said, grinning. ‘What’s not to like? This is so dirty and everyone’s cool with that. Mmmmh, sex izle but do you know what I’ve been thinking?’

‘Tell me.’

‘We should go somewhere empty, and sort of sit away from each other, just to see, you know, what kind of people could walk in after and bond with us.’

‘… I see. You’d want another guy to hit on you? And you would let me watch? You naughty little girl.’

‘Oohhhh, guy, girl, doesn’t matter, really. It could make things very interesting to mix it up a little, you know?’

As you spoke, you were getting very serious on my erection. It looked like the scenario really turned you on. I was speechless, I couldn’t believe what you were asking of me. I had always imagined us in a threesome, in some deep, but well known fantasies. But now you wanted each of us to hook up with a stranger and sort of watch each other as one thing led to another and we got down and dirty. I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of someone having his way with you while I had to remain passive. But I could be finding someone nice too, to distract me from it, and have my own little fun on my end.

We were getting all hot and bothered, and these crazy sex thoughts just swirled in our minds, and out of our mouths. And I know you have them in you, and I just love learning new things about you, even after all our time together.

‘Mmmm, oh god, yes, I love what you’re doing to my clit’. you said, biting your lip.

Indeed, I could feel your little bud grow larger underneath my finger. When I didn’t get my fingers inside you, I flicked your clit up and down, teasing you. I could feel the difference between the texture of the pool water and your own juices, which seemed pretty abundant. As you hyper-ventilated, your chest came up and down, and your nipples would peek out of the water on their way up. I stepped up the pace and I sensed you were getting close to your second orgasm of today. Your moaning was getting obvious and we were making quite significant waves around us. Through my half shut eyes, I could see people smiling our way. You then stopped abruptly, seizing my wrist and started laughing.

‘Wait, that looks fun too. Waiter! Here, please!’ You said louder, as you hopped out of the pool to sit on the edge.

This waiter guy was walking around fully dressed in white around the pool with a tray full of shot glasses of assorted colors. Cheap booze, I thought. I was still in the pool, wondering how you can possibly stop yourself on your way to orgasm in order to call drinks, but as he headed towards us, you spread your legs, grabbed my hair and aimed my face at your pussy. Then, I understood…

‘Please, baby, keep going, I was going to come… Eat me.’

As you flashed your alt yazılı porno pussy to everyone, my heart started thumping in my chest and temples. You wanted me to eat you out in front of everyone. It was so thrilling to break down all taboos and barriers of society, to let go of decorum and decency. I was laughing uncontrollably, but I played along: I was still half submerged in water, so I put one of your thighs on my shoulder and resumed stroking your hot slit.

The waiter came to our side and flashed us a big smile, confirming what he was most likely looking at from under his shades.

‘I’ll take 6 shots, please… Oh fuck, this is good.’ You whimpered. ‘Mmmmmh. Sorry, here’s my tab.’

You showed him the back of your hand since we were each stamped with an individual number at check-in that linked us to our credit card. The waiter took the time to drop his tray, displace the little shooters, jot down your number and make small talk with us, while all along, I was thrusting fingers loudly in and out of your pussy. He was handling this like a pro, he’d probably seen all kinds of crazy things like this every day. Really, what a shitty job, right?

The waiter got up and left with a tent in his trouser. You passed me a shot and we drank together:

‘To you.’

‘To you.’

I looked up to you and the image struck me: you were like an angel, one of the naked ones, coming down that blue October sky. Your whole body was sparkling like a gem from the little beads of water on your skin. The sun was caressing your every curve and your wet hair clinging to your shoulders made you look steamy, alluring, elegant…

My mind was baffled, like I was in some dream. But then, the taste of booze brought me back. Sour puss, I thought, of course. My guess was, everybody has got to make dirty innuendos about the nature of this place when they are served a beverage with that name. Plus, we had to admit, it did give our body thermometer a few extra degrees.

We downed two other shots, and I was multi-tasking, still stroking your hot pussy, which was starting to really tighten around my fingers.

‘Yes, yes!’

‘Come for me, honey. Show us all how dirty you can be.’

I clawed softly at the roof of your vagina for a few more moments. Then you surrendered to your climax, still grabbing my hair. Oh, how you wailed! You squirmed and rocked on your seat while you squirted your pleasure on me and in the water. It was blast after blast of hot cum squirting out of your sex. I was still going fiercely at your pussy, taking you as far as possible into climax. I was watching, awestruck. And I could almost feel everyone’s stare at the back of my neck.

‘You know, baby,’ altyazılı sex izle I said, ‘your little plan of us going incognito might not work as well as you intended. You’ve just given quite a show to the whole pool.’

‘Ahah, I know.’ You said, catching your breath. ‘Well, we’re just going to have to sneak out and hope we land on somebody clueless of what just happened here. Wow, look at that. Looks like we initiated an orgy.’

True enough, I turned around only to see a whole lot of flesh moving. There was about 4 couples fucking doggy style on the lounging chairs, a girl was sucking 1 guy while jacking off two others, a thick woman was getting her big breasts played with by 2 younger guys, while a third guy was simply watching them, jerking off. Over the water, some girls were kissing passionately and most likely caressing each other underwater. The waiter was now getting a shot of sour puss from between a huge pair of boobs.

I hopped out of the water and sat next to you to enjoy the scenery: the sun was striking from its zenith, mother nature had on her sexy dress of autumn colors, and there was a mass orgy taking place around us. It was a beautiful chaos. Despite the cooler temperature of the pool, my cock still stood straight up, engorged, twitching and bobbing along with my heartbeat.

‘See, this isn’t so bad.’ I sighed. ‘Everyone here has their fantasies they feel they can share to anyone, no one’s holding themselves back. Plus, nobody came to bug us yet.’

‘Yeah, but that’s not part of my plan, now, remember? What do you say we try to find someplace quiet. How about I let you watch me naked while you rub your dick from across the room? How about you jerk off until a stranger comes in and starts touching me? Mmmh? Would you let him do it? Would you keep jerking off?’

‘I… mmmmh, probably… Fuck… I’m trying to imagine all that, and I think it’s giving me seizures. I like the idea, though, but I’m already so horny, I don’t think I could stand the view. I’d probably cum without even touching myself…’

‘Well, wouldn’t that be a shame…’

You whispered those words in my ear, which triggered a breakout of goosebumps on my skin. And it wasn’t due to the wind.

You took my chin and gave me another one of those lustful French kisses. Our tongues danced together and I could just start crying at how sweet and fresh you tasted. We definitely don’t do this enough…

Then, you boldly grabbed the head of my turgescent cock, which I just felt pulsating in your palm. You were closing your hand over it, barely touching it, just messing with the rim where it’s most sensitive. I was starting to forget my own name. All this lechery was just mind-numbing. I wanted to give in, shoot my load in front of everyone as you sucked on my tongue. But I was afraid I’d lose momentum and fall behind other opportunities of crazy, luxurious fun.

You withdrew your face slowly, resting your nose against mine. You whispered again:

‘Are you ready?’

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