Unobtainable Lust Pt. 01

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The music stopped in Pauls car. The slight pause in his music caused him to realize he was speeding slightly, and he slowed down. The digital display no longer showed the name of the last song on, and instead showed a familiar phone number. Nowadays with cell phones, he didn’t remember anyones phone number except for a few. But this one he knew was Pierces.

“That was fast” Paul thought, and laughed audibly. He had only left Pierce 15 minutes ago. They had gotten coffee and when they parted Pierce had gone to see the young woman who worked the clothing store, Kohls.

This would have made it the third time this month. Going in to ‘shop’ for some random item. He really went there to see her. And Pierce wondered if she had noticed. He was overthinking. What if she had noticed him coming around. And she never said anything. Did she think it was strange? Did she get excited to too look up at his face, to gaze into his emerald green eyes, to see his face rugged with short black scruff?

“What happened?” Paul was surprised to hear from him so soon.

Letting out an embarrassed chuckle, “You wont believe this”

“ok ok. That was so fast, was she there, did you talk to her this time?”

This time Pierce paused.

“Come one man, my phones at 1%. What happened?”

Pierce finally spoke up. “I didn’t go.”

“okay” Paul took a few seconds to speak this one word. He wanted Pierce to go on.

“Well I was on my way. And stopped to get gas. Maybe its from how much we drank last night, or maybe I was just thinking about what I would say to that girl, you know”. Pierce took a short breath.

Paul knew this indicated something bad. “Pierce what happened?”

“Well, I was filling up the tank, and just pulled the pump out of my car while it was still pouring out. It went everywhere man. My left pant leg is soaked gas from the knee down, I left a puddle on the ground. It actually scared me, thinking what could go wrong at that point”

“well that’s just a good reason to go in and get new pants now!”

“I cant go to kohls like this. Are you kidding me?”

Paul laughed knowing this. “so you blew it. You gonna try and go in later today?”

“Ya maybe. Ive gotta go back home and shower-

Pauls phone died. He laughed again and hoped his friend would go back see her. The way he talked about this girl, she must have been captivating.


“Just my luck”

Of course some thing would happened like that. Pierce hiked up the second flight of stairs to his apartment. He wondered if the scent of the gasoline soaked pants would linger in his room if he left them inside. He turned the corner at the top of the third floor, and took a deep breathe in, exhaling sharply.

“why did I get a third floor apartment?”

No matter. He had already decided that he was going toss out the pants and didn’t want the smell of gasoline to stain the fresh scent of his new apartment.

It was late Sunday morning and it was quite. He hadn’t seen anyone on his walk up, but did hear the yelling of his neighbors again. He thought they were strange. Very nice. But strange. They were too similar for a couple. He always thought it might be a good thing, having similar interests to your partner. But this one wasn’t right. They were almost like twins. He had only lived in the new complex for a few weeks, and at first it was all great. Quiet neighbors. Nice people. Then they started arguing. Pierce wasn’t surprised, but didn’t like the newfound noise.

“Here they go again” he whispered to himself.

Pierce peeked down over the rail, looked around the corner to the hallway. No one. His pants were tight, but not skin tight. Pierce was tall, light black and thick hair. The kind of hair you could run your fingers through and grab ahold of. He didn’t look like anyone youd ever seen before. Uniquely handsome, with a stern jaw, multi colored green eyes, and always some scruff of the beard.

Now that his pants were nearly soaked down, they felt tighter than normal around his leg. He looked down the stairs again. No one.

Still, grumbled and frustrated arguing from the door across. He released the button of his pants, pulled them apart at the front sliding the zipper open. Just as he had tried pulling them down and his boxers went with them. His large member fell out. Pierce immediately looked around as he pulled them up to cover his exposed cock. He laughed, covered himself and readjusted. More carefully this time, he pull this pants down, holding up his boxers at the same time. Pulling them down his long legs, the pants rolled over themselves, and just as he had pulled one leg out. The door across opened.

Nadia and Pierce looked at eachother and said nothing for what could have been a long time. But was only a brief moment.

Nadia looked down at the ground and covered her face. She had been crying. But seeing Pierce in this state snapped her into a state of confusion, and embarrassment. She felt a warmth as her abdomen loosened and she felt bloodflow in a way that only meant one thing. Though she was in a relationship, Artvin Escort she and Kyle, her boyfriend, had made a point to be friendly with the new neighbor. She had seen him and just like any woman, had a fantasy here and there during a long hot bath.

“Oh my god. I am so sorry” Nadias voice still trembling. Now for two reasons.

“Oh my god. No Im sorry.” Pierce said it, and meant it. “I swear im not a creep or anything. My pants got soaked in gas and I was just going to leave them out here”

“You must think we are crazy”

Nadia was trying to calm herself down, and realized that with Pierce right here, outside, he must have heard the yelling. She realized all to quickly he must have heard all the other times too.

“Im so sorry. We weren’t always like this. Well we aren’t anything anymore.”

“What, no, no, youre not crazy. I mean ive been there. But this is a first.”

Meanwhile Pierce was trying to pull his pant leg back on and was struggling to even get his foot back through the soaking hole of his pant leg.

“no its okay, I can be crazy sometimes. I guess Kyle just.. well he just didn’t. I don’t know.”

Pierce was nearly hopping on one leg as he fumbled back and fell against the wall, still struggling to put his pants back on.

“fuck. Im really sorry about this. And I don’t think your crazy. Listen its none of my business anyway.”

“You can stop trying that. You look ridiculous. And I know its not your business but I just stormed out of there and need to cool off.”

Pierce was opening the door to his apartment while pulling off his pants and trying to slide inside, getting away from this awful interaction.

Nadia stood there for a moment until she collapsed, sitting with her hands on her forehead, no longer crying, but breathing healivy.

“uhm what, are you okay? Do you need something?”

Pierce didn’t want to offer, but the words just came out. He finally got his pants off and kicked them away from the door just as he slid inside. Now only peeking his head of his apartment.

“no nevermind. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“well it cant get much worse than this already.”

“I left my phone inside.”

“what? You left your phone in here?”

Pierce was confused and his face clearly showed that.

“uhm, no. in there.” She said, pointing back to the door she walked out of.


“Do you think I could just sit down in your apartment for a few minutes and cool off. Its hot out here and I cant call anyone and don’t want to walk around the complex.

It was hot out. The middle of the summer, in Phoenix. It could have been over 100 degrees out and it was barely noon.

Pierce thought for a moment, realizing he was still wearing only a t shirt and boxers.

“Ya sure, you can come in for a minute and stay out of the heat.”

He didn’t really want her to come inside. He wanted to take a shower. To relax, after getting covered in gasoline. But he felt some compassion for her. She was a pleasant enough neighbor, he thought. And he had never really looked at her for more of a reason than just in passing. But here. He could see through any walls that a normal person would have put up. Something about leaving a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend will do that. Your emotions have gotten ahold of you. Your mind is no longer in control and no longer puts on the face that you want people to see. Instead they will see who you truly are for better or worse. And in Nadia’s case it was for better.

Pierce noticed she wasn’t wearing makeup, and her face was naturally beautiful, unique in a way. She didnt look like the women he worked with. They were all tall and slender, never without makeup.

There are so many people in the world, you might see a few that look the same. Nadia was unique. New to him. Intriguing in a way that he hadn’t felt towards her before. In these moments he heard her voice trembling slightly, and could hear a distinct accent. One that you don’t get from living somewhere yourself, but you get from being raised by parents whose first language is from another place. Maybe she was unique to him but looked like someone else in the country her parents came from. Eastern European, Russian? He didn’t know.

Nadia was petite, in all aspects. She was short, With spectacularly dark brown hair. He assumed she dyed it darker than it was naturally. She had blue-gray eyes, and her eyes lids were almost imperceivably. It gave the appearance that she was always eager and wide-eyed, intently listening and gazing into him now. She wasn’t curvy by any means, but also not too thin.

“Thank you.” She said, and meant it.

She was emotionally exhausted. And she thought of how the first thing Pierce asked after the initial embarrassment was if she was ok. All these thoughts in just a moment. She compared him to Kyle. Kyle was so outgoing and friendly to anyone, but at home he was judgmental and cold. Pierce was stoic. He was always cordial, but never spoke much at all. She was mesmerized by him, Artvin Escort Bayan fascinated. During the past few weeks, when she heard the distinct sound of a key locking a door shut from the door across. She would look out the side window, and see his tall slim figure leaving. She would laugh. Everytime they came across each others path he was so stiff, rigid even. Indifferent and of few words. She had noticed that his movements almost seemed a little too predictable, maybe it was just that he walked and moved at a pace just slower than you would expect. Leaving a brief moment in her mind to think about his gestures and movements.

But in those times she watched him leave the apartment, he would grab ahold of the rail and had a pop to his step. He would swing himself around the corners of the stairwell on his way down. Brisk and effortless. She never saw if he was muscular under his clothes, until just now, but had always assumed that he was at least fit. In fact she didn’t know anything about him.

That was two more reasons she was fascinated. Kyle was only an inch or two taller than her, Pierce was much taller. Kyle was not fit, he spent most of his time on his computer, or on the couch watching tv. All in just this moment, she was considering all the ways she imagined that this mysterious stranger, her new neighbor was different, perhaps superior in many ways than her now ex-boyfriend. Then she realized that these thoughts were just a result of the fight.

Nadia shook her head and snapped away from her thoughts.

“thank you, I really just need to take a few minutes to calm down.”

Oh how the mind can make time slow down and speed up on a whim. It all this, she realized so quickly, Pierce was still standing there. Hiding his body from her behind the door.

She walked over to him, the scent of gasoline in the air. Pierce held the door open for just long enough for her to catch it before it closed and he very quickly disappeared around the corner inside his apartment.

“So, Ive really got to shower. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Would it be alright if I got a glass of water?”

“Oh. Ya. Of course. Theres, uhm, bottles of water in the fridge. Help yourself. Ill be out in a few minutes.”

He seemingly didn’t care, and was closing the bathroom door as she as saying thank you. He was just too pre-occupied wanting to wash away the scent of gas and get in the shower.

* * *

“Finally” he muttered aloud as he pulled on the showers knobs, twisting all the way left to get the hot water running.

Meanwhile, Nadia had gotten herself a cold water. She noticed there was almost no food in the refrigerator. She slowly walked through his kitchen, gliding her hands across the counter tops. “Not a speck of dirt”, she thought, and considered snooping around. There was no clutter. It was very organized. From his kitchen to the living room, his apartment seemed more expensive than hers. He had a white shag rug, soft to the touch. An oversized plush couch. But the thing that surprised her most was the lack of entertainment. “No TV, no video games…. what does he like to do.” She unconsciously pondered while taking in her surroundings.

She was even more curious about Pierce as she listened to the sound of water being to pour out of the shower and crash down onto the tile below. The more she learned from exploring his apartment, she realized the less she knew about him. Yet here she was, in a strangers apartment. And he had given her the trust to let her be, free to take advantage of his kindness. She thought about going into his bedroom, finding something valuable and then leaving. What could he do about it. She was moving out and would never see him again. Nadia walked over and fell into the plush couch. She wanted to put on the TV to help mute her thoughts. But he didn’t have one. However, on the coffee table she found a manila folder.

She looked over her shoulder, heard the sound of the shower, and opened it.

Pictures. Of Pierce. She pulled them out and discovered that Pierce was a model, or at least trying to be one. The first one of him in black and white, shirtless, wearing only jeans. His hairy chest exposed. Now she realized he wasn’t as muscular as she thought. But he was lean, and slim. And this made him even more attractive to her. Then picture after picture, she flipped through them and was becoming aroused. She crossed her legs, then switched them over. Looking through the pictures, she realized Pierce was incredibly attractive. His serious gaze never looking directly at the camera, she thought. She wanted him to look at her.

After she finished the stack of pictures, she used them as a fan. Slid them back in to the manila folder. And realized she was wet. The heat from between her legs was noticeable. Her eyes closed. She threw her head back and couldn’t stop herself. She took a deep breathe, deep into the bottom of her lungs, held it for moment then released. It had been over a month since she had sex with Kyle. And so much longer since he was able to bring Escort Artvin her to orgasm. She pulled the pictures back out, flipping through them, now feeling a new sense of desire. She layed the pictures back down. A black an white smoldering Pierce looking off to her side.

Her hands began to move freely. Both at first in unison, then splitting. She cupped her small breasts, pushing them together ever so slightly, then releasing them just enough to feel them perk back up into place. She felt a wetness being to form deep inside her. Now, her hands pressed tightly against her sides. Firmly rubbing down her ribs, to her soft waist, then closer together over her pelvis. She let out a sharp breathe. Then in again sharply. She held that breath in as one hand gently slid over the other wrist, up her forearm and held it. Her other hand moving from her naval down, slowly. She felt every single fiber of her body. She pulled her shirt up just below her breasts. Her stomach exposed.

She didn’t even stop to think this was a strangers apartment. She couldn’t. Right now her body was in control, not her mind. After pulling her shirt up, her fingertips slid down her stomach, and stopped just below her bellybutton. Then, they pressed down firmly, before continuing to slide down and this time then made their way just underneath the elastic band of her shorts. Breathing out heavily, she stopped herself. Now more conscious than ever that she was not in the privacy of her own bed.

But how she longed to be touched. Even if it was a fantasy, and being touched by her own hands. She yearned for it. Her wet slit, dripping, aching to be pleased.

The sound of the shower became very apparent. She wondered how long she had been alone in his apartment. Alone? No. He was there. Just on the other side of one door, she thought.


Steam filled the bathroom. Pierces eyes were closed has he was rinsing the soap from his body. The hot water, running down his face over his body. He blew air out of his mouth and the water running over his lips turned to mist, then fell down with the rest of the stream. His mind wandered, and his thoughts explored what was happening. He began to wonder if letting a woman he barely knows into his apartment was a bad idea, then quickly decided that she as harmless. Sure, she was dealing with an emotional situation, but that was no reason to distrust her.

He was getting close to finishing and getting out when a sound he wasn’t expecting alerted and brought his mind to attention. The handle to the bathroom door was turning.

He coughed loudly. “Excuse me, im still in the shower”

That didn’t stop the door from opening.

“Nadia, im in the shower” he almost yelled it, but restrained himself to a stern tone.

There was no response.

The door was wide open and he could see her short figure through the frosted glass door to the shower.

Pierce opened the door slightly to look out and what he saw stopped his mind in its tracks. Not unlike when the test car is launched into a concrete wall at 65 miles per hour, it crashes so hard and fast that the car is flattened, yet the wall completely unharmed. And his cock was like the dummy flying through the windshield. He couldn’t think a single word. But he could feel the blood rush out of his head and straight the head of his now stiffening member.

He saw Nadia, who had already stripped her clothes off, standing just a few feet away. But was covering both breasts with one arm, and her nethers with the other hand.

Pierce couldn’t tell if his mouth shut tight, or if his jaw was resting on the floor. The incredible beauty in front of his eyes slowly dropped both arms away, first exposing one breast, and her small nipple, then the other. Though her breasts were not large, they fit her petite body perfectly. Her small nipples were already constricted, and the small bumps around them prominent. Then the other arm fell to her side revealing the tight crease between her legs. She was bare, shaven. He couldn’t see anything more than her puffy skin folding towards itself down the middle. It was perfect.

He was speechless. His mouth couldn’t utter a single word if his life depended on it.

Nadia needed this. She needed a release. She needed to be pleased.

The light blue-gray of her eyes looked up at him, they had never seemed so big. She took a step forward and Pierce opened the door of the shower without thinking. His hand reaching out to hers to pull her in. They spoke no words, and the sound of the water hitting the floor was a waterfall, or the patter of a strong rain.

She stepped in, while he pulled her hand back behind him, around his body- wrapping his other hand around her. Pulling her to him by the small of her back. His cock now stiff, protruding forward slid down her pelvis and rested against her. Their bodies now connected at the hips. Both looking deeply into each others eyes, while the hot water rushed down her back.

The skin of their naked bodies felt more real than anything he had ever experienced. What was happening? Was this real? Pierce would have been in disbelief if it wasn’t for the exuberant pleasure he felt from her supple breasts pressing against him, if it wasn’t for his engorged cock hanging down and spreading her slit apart, just enough to feel the warmth of her desire.

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