University Years Ch. 05

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It took a few days for me to get over a sense of unease with my somewhat alpha male behaviour with the girls the first night they made me wear the red speedos they’d bought for me.

Basically telling them one of them had to lie on their back and get fucked by me after I’d given each of them multiple orgasms seemed a bit, well, pushy. And the way I’d pounded them with a view entirely to my own pleasure didn’t seem quite right either.

Yes, both actions could be justified — sort of. I’d given each of them sex as they liked it and you could say, it was my turn on both accounts. Still, being a few years older than them, I felt a certain sense of protectiveness towards them. And, given a fear of arousing jealousies between them as we navigated a three person relationship, I had generally let them take the lead in sexual matters.

Not that it seemed to affect their behaviour to me. And maybe given how much they got off on the sex that followed, that’s not surprising.

The girls clearly had something of a fetish about me wearing speedo like racing briefs. If we were loitering around the house, I was simply expected to wear them in lieu of the board shorts that were once my standard house garment. And they fondled, both my butt and cock, and manhandled me in them in a way that would do any pervert justice. That guy who triggered the fetish by falling asleep on the beach and displaying to them a boner in one has much to answer for.

And me showing a boner in one is certainly a big part of their fetish. At any time of day they love to tease up a boner in me so they can have a play and a tease with it, and at least for the last few days while it is still a novelty, it has become a standard part of the foreplay to actual sex. And the way sex is happening at the moment continues to raise the issue of how dominant I should be when it comes to my turn.

But for all my angst, in the end I resolved that I wasn’t too far from getting it right. At least they seemed willing to talk about things — which was something of a novelty compared to my previous girlfriends. And what they said indicated they had no real problems. Indeed, as assertive as they were about getting the sex they wanted, they rather liked the push back and dominance I sometimes displayed. And they certainly had no complaints about the sex that followed.

And if I thought the racing brief fetish a bit strange, I was about to discover a whole new depth of fetishes on their part.

For my thesis I have to do frequent dive trips out to the reef to survey and record a couple of areas I have mapped out in a grid for research purposes; to monitor changes in the reef in almost minute detail.

There’s a University dive boat I have access to for this purpose — nothing more than an 8 meter tinny. It’s just big enough to do the job safely in a bare bones sort of way with a bit of a cabin to keep the sun off the crew and water tolerant carpet on the floor to stop the crew burning their feet; but certainly nothing too fancy.

Since I’m diving, I really should have a dive buddy for safety, and I had to a certain extent being relying on the undergraduate population for this, since many of them doing reef studies already have their dive qualifications. But sometimes I also rely on another PhD student in a sort of reverse favours way.

Almost from the day they moved in, the girls had expressed an interest in being my dive buddy, and even helping with my research. They had their dive qualifications and got some credits through writing up reports following providing such assistance. I suppose I’d resisted, first because initially I didn’t really know them and was cautious about — it seems strange to say it now — being alone with stunning attractive first year undergrads just starting their course. And secondly because I initially only envisaged taking one and it was difficult to split them since they had identical weekly programs.

But as I’d got to well and truly know them in the biblical sense, that first reservation seemed rather silly. And in a way, the fact that there were two of them helped solved a problem I’d long had once I realised it.

My work requires me to be down for a fairly long time. The water is reasonably shallow and warm, but still, most of my dive buddys had both started to run out of air or get cold long before I was ready to surface.

On the first issue, I was a more experienced diver and had managed to breathe more economically than most of the younger people helping me. On the second, I had a 2mm wetsuit, whereas most of the others used Lycra stinger suits.

So, with two of them they can take shorter turns alternating, letting me stay down for longer.

But that raises an important issue with reef diving, or indeed any water activates this far north; especially in the warmer months.

The area is home to two very nasty species of jelly fish; the box jellyfish and the irukandji jellyfish. Both will kill you in extreme pain.

Box jellyfishes etimesgut escort are evidently not uncommon anywhere in the world, but as Australian seems to have a reputation for, the one in Northern Australia is especially nasty. If you get stung, you may die of a heart attack within minutes. But at least they are of a decent size and visible to alert divers.

The Irukandji in contrast is tiny. Almost invisible. Unlike most jellyfish, which have stingers only on their tentacles, the Irukandji also has stingers on its bell. And while its fatality rate is below that of the box jellyfish, its sting is excruciating.

Which is a long way of saying, one tends to go diving with every millimetre of your body covered; either in Lycra/ Spandex suits or in neoprene. And I do mean every millimetre; including a high coverage hood and gloves; often integral to the Lycra suits. Some only think you have to do it in summer and, in terms of risk, the warmer months are higher risk. But being in the water as much as I am, and knowing there is still some risk, I tend to cover up all year round.

The girls already had stinger suits, but I didn’t see them on until the first day they came out with me. I suppose I should have known.

Most of my dive buddies had the normal dark coloured, often dark blue, suits I was most familiar with. Same as the one I owned. And most wore swimwear underneath, even if I didn’t — for want until recently of racing brief like swimwear to wear underneath.

But no, the girls turned up with a light yellow one. Seemingly of a finer material than many I’d seen and much more highly stretched than I was used to and with clearly no bikini or other swimwear underneath. In terms of shape, it hid nothing. It clung to every bit of their anatomy like it was spray painted on. Everything from their nipples to their bum cracks and vulva were sculptured into the suit. In terms of colour, at least when dry, it hid only little. There we clear ‘shadows’ showing through the suits of the darker parts of their anatomy. I suspected when wet it would hide nothing at all.

I say ‘turned up” because I had to get the boat and dive gear from the campus, for which I dressed in ordinary boating clothing, whereas the girls met me at the ramp already in their suits.

They helped me launch the boat oblivious to the attention they were attracting from every male at the launching ramp.

The girls were super excited and just as chatty as we motored out to the first dive site; although having a conversation over the roar of a pair of outboard motors is always difficult. When we got there we carefully anchored; ensuring the anchor itself was placed so as not to damage the reef.

It was only then I changed into my wetsuit. Usually I use one of those surfer’s cloaks that fit loosely over the body to let me change modestly. But with the girls, that wasn’t necessary. I just stripped and dragged my wetsuit on.

What took me by surprise was the amount of interest they showed in me dressed in it. Yes, it’s thin as wetsuits go — these are tropical waters — stretchy and as a result close fitting. Nothing like their stinger suits, but thin and close fitting enough.

But they immediately started pawing at it…

“Why do you wear a wetsuit?”

“Because I’m down a long time and start to get cold even in the warm water.”

“It’s cute. The ones we used for learning to dive in Sydney were much thicker and bulkier. This ones almost like a latex suit.”

“And what would you know about Latex?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know? Eve and I have always had a bit of a fascination about latex outfits and even neoprene ones. There was a guy in our dive class we would get quite hot and steamy about in his wetsuit; sort of like the handsome well-built monster who might carry us off and have his way with us.”

“You girls have spent way too much time perving at men and having weird thoughts about them.”

As she glided her hand down my torso, Liz stopped at a patch of material at the front of my crotch; conveniently covering the bulge of my cock…

“What’s that?”

When I chose my older wetsuit for today, it just didn’t occur to me this would become an issue. With two girls able to take turns acting as my buddy, I anticipated being underwater for quite a while today. This was a precaution. Still, I should have known…

“I suppose you’d call it a pissing flap. I can’t stand the idea of pissing in my wetsuit, but sometimes I’m down long enough the call of nature demands release.”

“I didn’t know they made wetsuits with those.”

“Whether they do or don’t I don’t know. It’s a modification I made.”

Liz fingered it, looking to see how it was attached and worked…

“That’s very neat.”

“Yes, well, carefully hand stitched using heavy black thread and using a piece I cut from an older wetsuit. I only wear this one when I’m expecting to be down for a while.”

While I’d been answering, etlik escort Liz had opened the flap and extracted the tip of my cock, then pulled the rest out until even the balls were outside my suit. That was not something it was designed for. When I’d made the modification, I’d simply opened a small slit in the material and,when I’d found the tight fit of the suit had opened the slit up just enough to expose me in an inappropriate way I’d stitched and velcroed the flap on. But pulling my balls out of it left them squeezed somewhat between the two firm sides of the slit.

Liz played with my cock, bouncing the tip gently in her hand. That had the predictable effect as it filled, thickened and lengthened with every bounce; her hand following it all the way up to the vertical.

Liz stepped back and examined her handiwork, holding Eve’s hand as they both examined me…

“Oh wow. What a sight.”

I looked down. Yes, it was an interesting sight. A pasty coloured shaft and hairy balls emerging from an otherwise completely dark blue body. For the girls it would have looked even stranger, since they’d see the whole sight of a dark blue being with the pasty cock and face as the only break in the monotony of the otherwise amorphous being.

Liz pushed the hood of her stinger suit back off her hair and started to unzip the zipper that ran down the front of it, quickly peeling it off her body, leaving her naked from the hips up. She then edged down the suit until the material was bunched around her mid thighs. Facing the side of the boat, she turned her head back towards me, raised her eyebrows and with a cheeky grin and challenging voice, simply said…

“Fuck me.”

Then she bent deeply over the narrow gunnel (side deck of the boat), almost folding herself in two, leaving her bulging mons and vulva as the most elevated part of her body. I looked at Eve who was already undoing the zip on her own stinger suit.

I can’t deny it had occurred to me the girls would start some sort of sexual encounter on the boat. After all, we’d got away early and there certainly hadn’t been time for any morning jaunt. But I suppose I thought it more likely it would be at the end of the dive as we stripped out of our wet gear. And it never occurred to me it would result from a latex and neoprene fetish being added to their racing briefs one.

I’d long since learned such requests are best neither challenged nor questioned. I stepped forward and bent my cock down to place it in the opening to Liz’s very open vagina. This had all happened so quickly I was really surprised it looked as receptive as it did. It seemed Liz playing with my cock was all the foreplay she was anticipating.

A little concerned about that issue, I penetrated her slowly, looking for any resistance or lack of lubrication that might indicate some other approach was required. Instead all I got from Liz was a hum of satisfaction.

I started thrusting. Because Liz was bent over so deeply, I had this strange sensation of my cock being bent and redirected in all sorts of directions as I thrust it into her body. It was actually a rather pleasant feeling; sort of like it was being massaged within the already firm grip of her body.

As I bent over her to get a better angle of penetration, I looked down along her back. She had her hands on the side of the boat, pushing herself out at an angle, while her beautiful long blonde hair cascaded down into the water.

I could hear her grunting — I think in pleasure — with every thrust.

In penetrating Liz, I was aware I had sort of ignored Eve as she started to undress; well aware she would soon join the action.

A hand came under my chin. It was of course Eve’s. It drew my head up and sideways until my mouth was at first drawn into her breast — definitely one of nature’s wonders. I flicked my tongue at the delightfully raised and hardened nipple. Taking it into my mouth was more problematic, since I was coming at it from the wrong angle; more from the side.

Indeed, for all the sexual delight, my stance was rather awkward. To get a better and deeper — and I hoped more effective for Liz – penetration of her, I was standing feet well apart to lower my stance and bring the base of my shaft more under her vaginal entry, my lower back was bent over Liz, but my upper back was reverse bent, to let me bring my head back to Eve’s breast; all while continuing to bang away at Liz.

But I knew tongue flicking would do the job for the time being. The fact that Eve had also stripped her stinger suit down to mid-thigh and was pushed against the gunnel — just not bent as deeply over it — also told me there was going to be another round of banging flowing Liz’s climax.

And getting her to that climax was becoming increasingly important. The way my cock was being embraced by Liz’s vagina in its — for want of a better expression — bent and twisted shape, was stirring me up too.

Liz’s vocalisations eve gelen escort were telling me she was approaching climax, but just having her beat me to it wasn’t enough. I still had to have the endurance to bring Eve to a climax before I shot my load. To warm Eve up even more than my nipple stimulation of her was achieving, I moved the hand nearest her from Liz’s hip to cup Eve’s mons and tickle up her clit.

I was really pleased as Liz’s breathing and moans started building to those last few moments before her climax; even more pleased as she came and her vagina started pummelling my cock. I held it there, her strong contractions bearing down on it a pleasurable sensation, but also not to appear to be in too much of a rush to pull it out; abandoning her mid climax to bury it in Eve’s body.

When I judged the time right I withdrew from Liz and pushed myself against Eve’s back, signalling her to adopt whatever stance she thought was going to work best for her.

But for a moment, my eyes were still on Liz. She was still bent double over the side of the boat; little moans telling me her climax had not completely run its course and she was giving it time to do so. Her vulva was still spread open, her vagina a visible dark void. There was something about it that screamed ‘well fucked’. That combined with her incredibly cute butt just screamed erotica.

More erotic was the thought that I might flip her over the side into the water. I imagined the little scream as she lost contact with the boat, entering the water head first. And maybe the real erotic thought was of her being stripped completely of her stinger suit as she entered the water. Why that was erotic when she was already stripped down to reveal anything erogenous, I can’t say. But it was.

But, while aroused by the thought, I resisted implementing it. Mainly because, as much as the risk of stingers this far out was remote, her landing on one would really spoil the mood. And maybe, just maybe, because she might not appreciate the joke; although, knowing her I suspected that wasn’t really an issue.

My attention was brought back to Eve as she brushed her arse back and forwards across my cock, indicating she was in position and it was time I pushed my cock into her. Unlike Liz, who had bent herself double over the side of the boat, Eve was only bent at 90 degrees, more supporting herself on the gunnel than bent over it.

As I penetrated her receptive vagina and enjoyed the sensation of my erection slipping effortlessly into it, I shuffled her back from the edge of the gunnel a bit to let me get my hand around her thigh to finger her already very wet clit as I banged at her.

I slipped my other hand up her flank until it was level with her breast, sliding it under her to let me cup the breast and tweak her nipple.

If, as much as I’d enjoyed it, I’d been holding back a bit with Liz, I intended to fully enjoy my banging of Eve, but still wanted to make sure I got her to an orgasm before mine.

Bending over her back a bit and tucking myself under her, to fully meld our sexual engagement, I started slowly thrusting. Without being bent as deeply as Liz had been, Eve’s vagina didn’t seem to have to twists and kinks that Liz’s provocatively had, but that wasn’t to say it didn’t feel fantastic.

The initial slow thrusting accelerated to a steady medium pace; letting me enjoy the sex without immediately boiling over. Well, at least not boiling over into an orgasm. Frankly banging at two women while I was dressed in a full neoprene steamer, even if it is only 2 mm, raises a whole different sort of boiling; as in getting very hot and sweaty.

Eve was signalling her enjoyment of it too. Whether it was my banging of her, the clit stimulation or the breasts tweaking, I wasn’t sure — and certainly would have liked to know –but was pleased to see the result just the same.

As Eve came, I really let it rip, speeding up my thrusts until, with a grunt and groan of my own, I very enjoyably filled her with my cum.

I sort of lost track of what Liz was up to as I banged away at Eve. I’d noticed her eventually disappear from her bent over the gunnel position and figured she’d be somewhere behind me, probably getting randy again watching me have sex with Eve.

I was mostly right. She’d pulled her stinger suit back on, but when, as I withdrew from Eve and stood up, I soon had her pushed against my back with a hand around my waist fondling my half flaccid manhood, it was clear the randiness was there. I turned in her arms, embracing her face to face…

“I think we’d better get some diving down or we won’t get enough done today. Who is going to do the first dive with me?”

“Can’t we both go?”

“You can, and we have enough air tanks for that. But I’m going to be down for a fair while and it’s likely you’ll get cold before I’m finished. That’s why I thought you’d take turns”

“What about if we start together, get the hang of things, then one of us surfaces to start the rotation?”

“Sure, if that’s what you’d like. Who’s going to surface first?”

Liz looked at Eve…

“Paper, scissors, rock?”

Eve nodded her assent and held up her fist in readiness. Liz won the game but called for Eve to go first. Go figure?

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