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I carried the basket of laundry down to the basement to start a new load. My back was turned, facing the washing machine but I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Tom, my housemate, my lover, my master and I guess, my boss, too, although my “job” was odd.

Tom said nothing as he approached me. I had added the clothes to the machine and set the wash settings just as he softly pressed his body against my back. He leaned his head in and began kissing the side of my neck as his arms reached around me, finding my breasts and squeezing my C cup globes.

I heard Tom make a disapproving sound.

I could guess why, he preferred I did not wear underwear while at home, no bra and no panties but without the support of a bra, my breasts became uncomfortable as I moved around completing my daily chores. Still, I hated to disappoint Tom, so I quickly unhooked my bra and took it off, pulling it through the sleeve of my tight T shirt.

Tom is my Master. I serve him obediently as well as his wife, Tara, and their three young children.

To outsiders, I’m the live-nanny. I do help with the kids, packing their lunches for school, waking up early to prepare a good breakfast, washing their laundry and such. However, I don’t interact with the children much, even though I live in the same home. Their mother, Tara, raises the children. I simply help out.

Tom was still groping my breast, as he pushed his hand under my T shirt so he could touch my flesh. He tweaked my sensitive nipple, pinching and rolling it between his fingers, all the while making cute little noises of sighs and low moans. His other hand slid down into my small white shorts. Thankfully, I was not wearing panties. I hope this pleased my master. I think it did, as he showed his appreciation by fingering my pussy in the most wonderful way.

“So wet for me already!” He told me, speaking softly near my ear. He had moved away from my neck to kiss my shoulder. I took a deep breath, Tom’s kisses felt so nice. I loved my Master so much.

“You may unbuckle my trousers.” He told me in an authoritative voice. I smiled as I happily bent down to undo his belt buckle. I eagerly waited for my next instruction.

“Suck my dick.” He told me.

“I will suck you with pleasure, Sir. May I have permission to unzip your pants, Sir?” I asked. It was proper to ask for permission to proceed in order to please my Master otherwise it is not proper to speak unless I am told to speak.

“Yes, you have permission.” He told me.

I unzipped his jeans tugging them down so they fell to his knees and then did the same with his black boxer briefs. His large, 9 inch cock was suddenly in front of me with just a hint of white pre cum oozing from his tiny hole. I licked the pre cum from his beautiful dick before I began to lick and swirl my tongue around engorged crown.

Master Tom moaned louder which gave me a burst of pride. It was my duty to please my Master. I was a well trained servant, knowing exactly the way in which my Master enjoyed being licked and sucked. I was rewarded with a quick release of pre cum onto my tongue. I swallowed his cum, enjoying the taste, the warm saltiness of my Master. He held my head with both of his strong hands, using them to guide me to pump my mouth around his dick. He was fucking my mouth now and I was in heaven, loving it, fulfilling my purpose to serve and obey.

Master groaned loudly as stream after stream of hot cum shot from his dick and down my throat.

It was later in the day when I heard my Mistress, Tara calling to me as I folded the now clean laundry.

Mistress Tara was downstairs so I had to hurry down to ask how I may please her. I was not allowed to raise my voice to my mistress, even to respond to her calling me. Tara was in the kitchen, preparing dinner for her family. Two of the three children were sitting at the kitchen table head phones on and staring at their phones.

“Yes, Tara?” I asked. I was not to use the “Servant’s way of speaking” in front of the children.

“Uni, you may empty the dishwasher and then take out the kitchen trash bag. After washing your hands, set the table for dinner.” She told me.

“Yes, Tara!” I answered happily then began to do my newly assigned chores.

I spent much of my days this way, doing household chores and light housekeeping. Every so often, during the day, I will be expected to perform sexual services like I did earlier in the basement for either my Master or Mistress or both. This is how I got my name, Uni, short for Unicorn. My place was the Unicorn in Tom and Tara’s relationship.

I did not escorts in london eat dinner with my family. I was a servant, I ate after they ate and had left the table. I was not allowed to sit at the family’s kitchen table but instead, I ate my dinner standing up, holding my plate above the sink. My last house chores of the day were to do the dinner dishes and tidy up the kitchen.

My after dinner chores were not household in nature but much more personal. After leaving the kitchen, I was to go upstairs and shower, taking care to shave my legs, underarms, and pussy well. I was expected to be clean and ready to perform my night time duties if requested.

My services were not always requested so on those nights, I waited patiently in my bedroom hoping to be asked to join my master and mistress in their bedroom. It was not unusual for me to wait hours wondering if I will be rewarded with my Master’s favor. More often than not I was but some nights I crawled into my lonely bed with a disappointed heart.

Tonight, thankfully, was not to be one of those sad, lonely nights. Tara knocked on my door. Two distinct hard knocks. That was my signal to come to their bedroom immediately. I smiled as I made my way down the long hallway to the large master’s suite. My Masters’ were quite wealthy and lived in a spacious, beautifully decorated home.

I knocked on their bedroom door. Again, two distinct knocks. I waited for permission to enter and did so after I heard Tom’s voice bellow through the door, “Come in!” I shut and locked the bedroom door behind me. As soon as the door was shut, I removed my long, cream colored silky robe. I was completely nude, I was not allowed clothing in the Master’s bedroom. I bent down to my knees in first position, with my legs spread wide and my hands clasped behind my back which pushed my chest out. I stared straight ahead, making eye contact unless spoken to was also forbidden in Master’s room.

It seemed Tara and Tom were in a middle of a discussion about tomorrow’s schedule. Their daughter, Tammy, had saxophone practice after school and their son, Thomas, had football practice across town. Tara told Tom she’d text her friend who also had a daughter in band if she could give Tammy a lift home.

Stepping into the middle of their day to day lives was not unordinary for me, it happened routinely but I never interjected, I was always the silent observer.

It was only after the plans for tomorrow were settled that it seemed Tara noticed me, kneeling, nude, in the middle of her bedroom, even though she was the one who summoned me.

“Uni, position two.” Tara commanded.

Tara watched as I stood up, keeping my feet spread apart wide and my hands clasped securely behind my back. There was a bar in their bedroom. Tom walked over and poured himself a drink into a short glass. The drink was dark brown and he added a few ice cubes then sat down, relaxing in a comfortable easy chair. This is where Tom sat when he wanted to watch Tara and me play together. It was these types of clues that I learned to pick up to help me understand what was desired of me and what to expect as I was not allowed to ask any questions.

Tara approached me, as she stood just an inch in front of me, she spoke the word, “Three” softly. Position Three was feet in a natural standing position, arms hanging loosely at my sides. Also, from Position Three, I had permission to touch and caress my mistress and I did this, reaching out and stroking gently the length of her arms. Tara placed her hands on my bare hips as she leaned in closer to kiss my lips. We kissed passionately with our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. Gradually, her hands wrapped around me and found my ass and squeezed both my ass cheeks as we continued to kiss. I’m not a lesbian and admittedly it was difficult when I first joined Tom and Tara’s home to enjoy having sex with Tara but now, after several years have gone by, I could honestly say, I did get turned on when Tara and I kissed and touched one another. I could feel my pussy getting wet right now and I moaned as her hands kneaded the flesh of my ass. My arms were around Tara’s body as well, as I ran my hands up and down her back. In the corner of my eye, I caught Tom uncross his legs and adjusted himself over his pants. I could hear the ice cubes in his glass clink.

I knew what my mistress enjoyed and I began slowly kissing and sucking on her neck as my hands gripped her delicate shoulders. I kissed my was down to her breasts. Tara who was still wearing a pair of white shorts and a pink tank top, lifted her tank top up over her head and dropped it escorts in london onto the bedroom floor. Her lovely breasts were revealed to me and I greedily began to lick, kiss, and suck her brown pointed nipples. After having their three children, Tara had some work done, a tummy tuck as well as a boob job. Now she proudly sported D cup, perfectly shaped and round, perky breasts. Even though they were fake, I loved playing with Tara’s tits and lucky for me, Tara loved it too. And Tom liked to watch. Ours was a perfect match, made in heaven.

I was enjoying Tara’s wonderful tits when I heard Tom make a sound, like he was quickly clearing his throat. I knew this meant he was getting bored with the tit play, he wanted to see something else now. I moved lower, resting on my knees and aligning my mouth with Tara’s pussy.

Tom shifted in his seat, making a disapproving noise once again. I had to guess what Tom wanted me to do. Thankfully, Tara came to my rescue by removing her white shorts and leaning over their bed. Oh, okay, I understand now, I thought as I scooted myself over to Tara’s ass. I kissed and licked her cheeks as I gently squeezed them in my hands. I spread her ass cheeks apart, revealing her cute, little puckered rose bud and I licked it with the tip of my tongue. I felt Tara’s entire body shudder in response to my administrations. I circled my tongue around and around her tight little hole, savoring her taste and smell that was uniquely Tara. She was lovely.

I pushed harder with my tongue, entering her tight hole. Tara moaned, a long low moan from deep in her throat as she wiggled her butt from the onslaught of sensations I was delivering to her body. I could see a tiny bit of Tom in my peripheral vision, he was slowly moving his arm, apparently stroking himself as he watched his servant tongue fuck his wife’s asshole. Tara was really wriggling now, making it difficult for me to keep my place firmly planted in her asshole. I was also fingering her pussy with one hand wrapped around her body. I could feel her wetness pour onto my hand and I knew she was close to an orgasm. Tom knew this too because he chose this moment to speak to me in his deep, baritone voice.

“Uni, position one!”

I stopped abruptly and kneeled in the middle of the bedroom, my hands locked behind me, my eyes staring blankly ahead. I could feel the juices from Tara’s body still on my face, but I was not allowed to wipe them away until I was told to do so.

“Honestly, Tom! I was so close!” Tara said, clearly annoyed.

Tom chuckled as he stood up. He smiled at Tara as he stripped out of his shirt, pants, and boxers. Of the three of us, Tom was the only one allowed to wear underwear whenever he wanted.

His nine inch, thick, cock stood straight out, fully erect. Both Tara and I stared hungrily at his beautiful prick. I watched as Tom slowly walked towards Tara, who didn’t seem so annoyed with him now. He kissed her, lovingly, for a long time. Tara held on to his broad chest covered in a sprinkling of little dark hairs, the same dark brown color as his eyes and hair. Tom was a handsome man, tall and well built but in these past years he added a few pounds around his middle. He was still very hot despite this however, neither Tara or I were allowed to have our body weights fluctuate more than five pounds. Both Tara and I were on a strict no sugar, low carb diet and we exercised every day.

I continued to watch as Tom lifted Tara onto their king sized bed and began to fuck her in the missionary position. I was so wet and turned on watching them move together that my pussy juices dripped down my parted thighs. I wished I was given permission to touch my pussy.

Tara orgasmed loudly, clutching her husband tightly with her arms wrapped around his chest and her thighs clinging to his hips like a bear cub on a tree trunk. I felt jealous of Tara but knew to keep my place, I was just a mere servant slut after all.

“Uni, bed now.” Tom commanded.

Tara’s eyes were glassy and her cheeks red from her recent powerful orgasm. It was obvious that Tom still had not had his release as his wet, cock was still rock hard and pulsing. I hopped on their bed, pleased I was finally invited to join in on the fun.

Tom turned my kneeling body to face away from him and pushed my head down to the bed but keeping my ass upwards. He poked his fingers into Tara’s soaking pussy to gather her natural lubrications and then proceeded to probe my asshole.

I inadvertently groaned as I felt my tender little hole being stretched but instantly regretted it as I felt a sharp slap on my ass cheek. escort service I was not allowed to show any displeasure or unwillingness to my Master’s wishes, groaning as I just did, even accidentally, was very bad of me. I could feel my face burn with shame as I realized I accidentally displeased my Master. He slapped my ass two more times, each time making me jump but I did not cry out or whine. For the most part, I was a well trained servant.

Thankfully, my punishment was quick and Tom once again began to push two fingers into my asshole. I breathed deeply, in and out, trying my best to accept the burning, stinging sensations in my hole. Of all the years of my training and service, I still wasn’t fond of ass play. Unfortunately for me, neither was Tara and Tom loved it.

A third finger was pushed inside me. I suppressed a groan, grinding my teeth and sealing my mouth closed. Tara got off the bed and I could hear her root around in the toy drawer. She must have found what she was looking for because then I heard the drawer slam shut. I welcomed this minor distraction from the feelings going on inside my ass. Tara handed Tom the toy and she returned onto the bed. Only this time she positioned her face near mine and she stroked my cheek with her fingers in a loving way. Tara knew anal was not my favorite activity and I was grateful for her trying to comfort me.

Tom pulled the fingers that were wedged deep inside my body and replaced them with a vibrator. He switch the toy on and I felt my entire body shake as it rattled around inside my tight cavity. Tom sat behind me, pushing and then pulling the toy deep into me and then almost out again and again.

Finally, Tom shut off the toy and pulled it out of me. I only had a moment of reprieve as he then aligned his big cock up against my ass hole and pushed into me.

I cried out softly, but I knew this was allowed. Tears sprang to my eyes, the fingers and the toy just barely prepared my sweet ass hole for Tom’s big penis. Tara kissed my cheek and gently stroked my hair. I managed a small smile towards her. She kissed my lips and rubbed my back but the feeling of Tom pounding into my tender hole, was too distracting for me to enjoy Tara’s attempts to soothe and comfort me.

Tara did not normally show such love towards me. At times, she treated me quite coldly but she did love on me while Tom used my ass with his demanding intensity. I wondered if she felt guilty that I was the one who had to meet Tom’s anal needs?

I felt sweet relief as Tom reached his orgasm and ejaculated his hot sperm into my now very sore ass. He was spent and laid on his king sized bed, snuggled up to his his wife, his arm around her waist, breathing heavily.

I did not receive permission but I allowed myself to get into a more comfortable position on the bed. I laid on my side, curled into a fetal position as I felt my ass pulse like a powerful headache.

This was one of the reasons why I loved and adored my Masters, Tom and Tara, because they allowed these little exceptions, like me taking it upon myself to move into a comfortable position after sex. Occasionally, either Tom or Tara would show me a kindness like earlier this week, despite our no sugar rule, Tara had a bag of M and M candies and she shared some with me. It was the first time I tasted chocolate in two years and I savored each one.

Some time went by and I began to wonder if both Tom and Tara had fallen asleep. This sometimes happened and caused a dilemma for me. I was not allowed to sleep in their bed—ever. This was a hard rule but I also couldn’t get up and leave without their permission.

I was laying at the foot of the bed. The nearest person to me was Tara, or rather her foot. I reached up and gently rubbed her heel hoping it would make her stir. Thankfully, she did and she sat up looking down at me.

“What are you doing down there?” She asked.

I smiled and scooted myself so I was holding Tara in my arms. She and I kissed, sweet, small, gentle kisses as Tara stroked my hair and my hands held onto her back.

Tara’s hand slowly moved down over my belly stopping to rest on my pussy. She fingered me expertly as we kissed and giggled like naughty school girls while Tom dozed just inches from us.

Tara got up from the bed and retrieved a different toy, a hibachi wand vibrator with a large bulb head. She plugged it into the outlet and held it between our two pussies. I came first as she held the vibrator against my clit and she sucked my nipples. Then I did the same to her until she came again, her second orgasm of the evening. Lucky girl!

Tom, awakened now by our activities, watched us pleasure and play with each other with a sweet smile on his face. After both Tara and I came, Tara tossed the hibachi wand to the floor and the three of us snuggled together like a litter of puppies in a cardboard box.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32