Unforgettable Sexual Encounter

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Chapter 1. . Part 1.

Sex on the Beach.

As I was launching my 5 meter rubber dingy with its 60 hp motor, two beautiful English beauties asked if I can take them for a trip.

I said to myself, ‘why not?’

‘No problem.’ I answered. They put their belongings on my dingy and after starting the engine we were just flying over the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. My decision was to take them to a secluded hidden beach. It’s a sandy beach which can only be assessed from the sea that had the perfect beauty and serenity, which is rare around these islands.

By the time we were out of sight of the prying locals, these two beauties started to get more comfortable. Their light blouses and short skirts ended at the bottom of the dingy. Their skimpy bikinis were exposing more than too much. At my age of 50, my eyes popped out at the beauty of these two twenty year or so, olds. My cock started moving up in my shorts and it was evident for the young ladies to notice. One of the girls was trying to steel a glance at the tent that had already formed. Well for my age I was proud I was still secure and sure if the occasion presented itself, I can give them more than they yearn for.

These young ladies were really, good looking. Joan was about 5 ft 7 with a great hour glass body, black hair and black eyes. Measurements I assume 36B 23 38. Her legs looked great and quite long like a James Bond Girl. And what about her behind! Not too big, nicely rounded with round half moon shaped cheeks. Once she bent down, wow, it looked incredible and sure can make any man not just steal one glance but a handful. Sandra on the other hand was blonde and a bit taller, green eyes and a body to match. Her legs were long and her tits heavier than Joan’s, maybe around 36C. Her crotch looked fuller in her small bikini bottoms and even the slit line was showing between the two fleshy lips on the insides of her inner thighs. Wearing a skimpy string yellow bikini ended her round ass was totally bare. The string almanbahis yeni giriş just hidden between the full ass cheeks was tied to the sides just at the bikini line. Towards the front, the smallest triangle was just covering, sure one of the most beautiful imaginary hot pussies. When she turned towards me, her pussy’s lumpy lips where totally pushing out against the centre fold of the little triangle, which was immersed between the outer lips. All her assets were not only on display through the tight bottoms, but evident, that they were within reach.

It was getting harder for me to concentrate. Cruising the dingy at full speed over the calm waters towards the destination was becoming horrendous. My fantasies were wild, just watching these beautiful creatures enjoying themselves in the bright sun. Exposing themselves so much was having a huge effect on my hot blood, rendering me nearly uncontrollable. My hard cock was more than hard and the ladies where eyeing and peeking. I was wondering what they were dreaming off and if so, whether it was a positive or a negative. The beach I was heading for is very secluded and usually be deserted until mid afternoons. Luxurious boats anchor later for nude bathing, private parties and after sundown group sex and orgies.

Both gals were fascinated with the speed and the ploughing of the water. The dingy seemed like flying over the smooth surface of the blue sea. Their long hair flying as the boat sped forward.

‘How long will it take?’ Sandra asked.

‘Less than half hour,’ I answered, ‘are you enjoying yourselves.’

‘It’s fantastic’ Joan said ‘never cruised at such high speeds’.

‘Great, sure will enjoy the rest of the day. On this beach you can even swim and sunbathe in the nude. Mostly is deserted until the mid afternoon’. I said with a seducing smile. It was a risk I took, but just wanted to test the girls if they were ready for any adventures.

‘Oh! That’s great,’ Sandra answered.’ Love to swim and sunbathe almanbahis in my birth suit, sure Joan loves it too.’

‘But you have a problem as you have to keep busy oiling our bodies,’ Joan continued.

‘It will be an honour to enjoy such pleasures. Massaging such lustful bodies sure is my greatest desire.’ I answered.

‘But you already have a problem,’ Sandra said.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked.

‘Your swimsuit will soon be breaking.’ Sandra continued.

‘Oh! My little brother is getting naughty.’ I answered. ‘But I don’t think he’ll cause any problem if two such lovely ladies are at hand.’ I answered.

‘We have to test HIS capabilities Sam.’ Joan answered.

‘Well ….. I don’t believe HE’ll disappoint. HE knows what his capabilities are.’ I answered on HIS behalf while Joan and Sandra were lost laughing.

‘We may have some doubts about your little brother although he looks more than little.’ Joan continued with a big smile.

‘For my age I feel very young in every way, just have to wait and experience it, Since you started exposing yourselves my little, Oh better, call him big brother now, haven’t stopped waiting and hasn’t lost any of his grit.’

‘That is very, very true but when he comes to perform…’ I jumped over Sandra’s statement.

‘Just wait and see. Although I am over 50, he is much younger and please don’t insult him. He sure will perform. It is how you perform, the kind of energy, and the pleasure you intend to experience which in the end counts.’

‘Well I think we have to wait and see, how the situation develops,’ Sandra said moving closer to me. She was incredibly beautiful, her smooth skin, her innocent smiling face, from which her sexual desires and lust were obvious. At that moment with one hand on the steering wheel and the other I put against Sandra’s bare ass. Massaging her very smooth skin definitely made my big brother much harder than it ever was. Why, I couldn’t say, as I had quite a share of hot sex and almanbahis adres great sexual experiences ever since I retired to this island.

We looked into each others eyes and our lips moved closer until contact. Her tongue started trenching between my lips and her hand moved down to my very hard little monster. As much as I was enjoying massaging her ass, she must be enjoying touching my little brother, Sam junior. But I also had to be on the look out that we will not fly over any submerged reefs and end in hell rather than in heaven.. Joan was watching the action with a keen eye. Our lips separated and I stood up watching carefully where the boat is going. The beach in question was getting closer. Sandra stood up next to me and again put her hand inside my pants to get a better feeling. She came to me again, continued kissing me. I, again started feeling her ass and exploring the crack between the two nice round globes as one finger moved round the half moon line. Her legs, closed together, relaxed and opened. Now |I can reach further down, between them where I got the first feeling of her wet pussy. The juice was moving down the inside of her legs. Her gusset was drenched.

‘Oh Sam I am so hot, don’t think I can wait till we arrive.’

The beach was already in sight and in a couple of minutes we were cruising between the cliffs, towards this beautiful serene sandy beach. I reduced the speed dramatically and moved slowly until the dingy was just on the sand. I jumped off, took the rope and tied the dingy to one side of the cliff. As I hoped, there was nobody on the beach. We were alone. I helped the girls off the dingy and our few possessions were moved to the shade of a small cave close by. Then on to the sunshine. They spread and inflated the mattresses, and dived into the blue clear waters. I done the same and moved in between. We swam, played and laughed until they started feeling between my legs. I must say I was more than still hard dreaming when I will watch them take their bottoms off. It did not take long and I did not look away, just watched those beautiful orifices of love come out to enjoy the sun. On the first touch I became harder. I moved closer to Joan and put my hand on her ass moving slowly towards her valley of the forbidden fruits.

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