Unfaithful in the Afternoon

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From Behind

When I walked into my kitchen after work, I found a young woman in a black t-shirt and running pants washing dishes. I had never seen her before in my life. As she turned her head and smiled at me, two thoughts registered. The first was that my wife had recently engaged a cleaning service. The second was that there was clearly no bra underneath that shirt.

“Hi, I’m Rachel; you must be Mr. Kent. I’d meant to be gone before you got home, but the first time I clean a house, it always takes longer than I plan.”

I didn’t respond, but merely watched while she turned back to the sink and continued washing. As I stood watching her wash my dishes, her nipples threatening to puncture the fabric of her shirt, a third thought registered. It surprised me, because I hadn’t had it about any woman but my wife in a very long time. I wanted to fuck this girl. And not just wanted to, but would. I had never cheated on my wife, never even imagined considering cheating on my wife. I don’t know why today was different.

Never one to be shy about speaking my mind, I figured the best thing to do was to simply tell Rachel what I was thinking. Either I would scare her off, and the temptation would be removed, or she would assent, and I would get to fuck this young, fit woman. “Rachel, I would like to fuck you.” She didn’t even look up from the sink.

“You’re married.”

“Yes. I am. I would still like to fuck you.” She placed the plate she was holding back in the sink, dried her hands on the towel she had slung over her shoulder, and turned toward me.

“Then perhaps you should come over here and do so.”

I closed the distance between us in three long strides and placed my hands on her hips. She stood only to the base of my neck. She reached her hands up to rest on my shoulders, then jumped, wrapping her legs around my waist. I pushed her torso back, so that it hung down towards the floor in front of me. Her t-shirt slid down across her stomach, revealing visible muscles, before slipping over her breasts. I reached my hands down to cover them. There wasn’t much there to hold, but I played my fingers across them, tweaking her nipples and eliciting a pleased sigh from her lips. While she continued to hang from me, I ran my hands back up her stomach and slipped one of them under the elastic waistband of her pants. There I discovered a smooth pubic mound and the very porno izle top of her slit. I’d never seen a bald pussy in real life before, and the thought of it caused my erection to swell.

When I lifted her torso back up, her shirt stayed on the floor. I raised her till I could take her right breast into my mouth. When I closed my teeth gently on her nipple, she squirmed her ass in my hands, grinding her crotch against me. After a few moments of enjoying her right boob, I switched to the left and began walking out of the kitchen. I needed to fuck her soon; the floors were too hard; the couch was too small; I would take her upstairs and have her on the bed. I would fuck her in my marriage bed; the phrase entered my mind as I started up the steps. What would my wife do when she found out? She wouldn’t catch us; she worked second shift and wouldn’t be home for hours. But I would tell her. I knew I would. We were always completely honest with one another. I didn’t want a divorce, didn’t want to lose her. But, I supposed, if that was the ultimate result, there would be many more young women to fuck. Perhaps even Rachel again. Because I knew that if I was forgiven, I would never be unfaithful again. But those were concerns for later. Right now there was a tit in my mouth, and I was only a few yards from the bed where I would tear off the rest of this gorgeous girl’s clothes and have my way with her.

When I was near enough, I threw Rachel down on the bed and immediately stripped off her pants and the tiny thong beneath. For a moment, all I could do was stare at her naked lips, deep pink and swollen with arousal. I disrobed quickly before moving my face toward her crotch. I wanted to taste her. In a single, fluid movement that took me completely by surprise, Rachel sat up, grabbed my shoulders, flipped me onto my back, and sat atop me, straddling my belly, with a wicked grin on her face. For a moment I was concerned, but then she stood up on the bed, turned, and lowered herself onto my face. I was engulfed in the smell of her. I began to lick, suck, and nibble ravenously. I was unbelievably horny, and the sounds she was making only increased my arousal. When I felt her unfasten my pants and slip her lips over the head of my cock, I knew I wouldn’t last long. And I didn’t. It took maybe only 30 seconds of her sucking my dick, caressing my balls, to make me spew amatör porno my copious load in her mouth. She drank it eagerly.

Normally, my orgasm marks the end of my lovemaking, but I had cheated, and I was damned if I wasn’t going make the most of it. I took Rachel by the thighs and rolled her off of me, then sat astride her as she had me. She gave me the same wicked smile she had before.

“Mr Kent. You’re an…enthusiastic pussy eater.”

I said nothing, but sat atop her and stroked myself slowly. Gazing at her small, pert breasts reinvigorated the lust that had been partially slaked by my climax. I reached behind myself with one hand—still working my shaft with the other—and found her sex. I pinched the bare lips, then slipped one finger inside. She was burning hot and dripping wet. I needed her now. Without further ado, I slid down, then between, her legs and entered her. She was tighter than I could have imagined and I immediately began thrusting in and out, coaxing pleased moans from both our mouths. It was good to be inside her, but I wanted more than this missionary sex. I pulled out. “I want you from behind.” She said nothing, but climbed down off the bed and knelt on all fours on the floor. I moved into position and took her doggie style.

My hands cupped her breasts and my cock pounded her pussy mercilessly. Rachel was a loud love maker and I relished her cries, her sighs, her moans. Over and over I drove into her and felt myself building, building toward another climax. When I came this time, my body spasmed and my balls spent what little semen they had left to give, but I was not done. Rachel still had not cum, and I wanted to have this girl’s orgasm. I stood, lifting her, then turning her. She followed my lead and allowed me to pick her up again, as I had downstairs, but this time, I walked till her back was against the wall and entered her. With the ability to allow her whole weight to bear down on me, I was deeper inside her than I had ever been inside a woman before. Already somewhat wearied by all of our play, I fucked her more slowly this time, thrusting up into her with long, hard, deliberate strokes. With each thrust, she lifted just a little off my hands, and then came back down. I knew she would cum this time; I could tell by the sounds she made, by the way her fingers dug into my shoulders, and anal porno by the way she began to kiss me. Up till now, I had sucked her breasts, eaten her pussy, and fucked her again and again, but there was some new intimacy in kissing her mouth. I had deliberately avoided it, but now I couldn’t fend her off. And I’m glad I didn’t. Even though kissing her somehow felt like even more of a betrayal than having sex with her, my tongue in her mouth seemed to be the last push she needed; she broke the kiss to let out a deep moan, and her vagina clenched around my cock. As her body bucked with orgasm, I felt myself approach the edge yet again. I turned and moved quickly to the bed where I allowed my knees to give out with a final climax. I dropped her on the mattress and collapsed on top of her, still sunk deep within her pussy.

Rachel smiled up at me, then pushed me off of her. She stood, then bent over me and used her mouth to clean her juices and my own off of me. When she was through, she let the room without a word, taking her pants with her. It took me a few minutes to gather myself well enough to follow her. When I got downstairs, I found her in the kitchen finishing the dishes. She had not dressed. She was so beautiful. Still naked as well, I crossed the room and stood behind her, pressing myself against her back. After a minute’s hesitation, I bent my knees slightly and entered her from behind. At first, the only acknowledgement she gave of my presence inside her was a pleased sigh. I slipped slowly in and out of her, and she continued to wash the plates. As she neared the end of her task, her vocalizations grew louder, as before. I did not cum this time, but when I reached around and put pressure on her clitoris, she did. I was glad she had finished with the dishes, because otherwise she probably would have broken something. For a moment after climax, she rested, bent forward with her hands on the counter, but then she stepped away from me and I came free of her with a quiet slurping sound.

“We can never do this again.”

“I know. Don’t worry; you won’t even ever see me again. It’s like I told you before, the first time I clean a house always takes longer. In the future, I’ll be gone before you get home.”

Rachel dressed quickly, then she stood on tiptoe to kiss me on the cheek, caressing my balls as she did so. Then she walked to the front door where she picked up a bucket of cleaning supplies. She addressed me without turning around.

“Goodbye, Mr. Kent. Have a good evening.”

I stood in the living room, still naked, and watched through the window as she got in her car and drove away.

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