Unexpected Pleasure

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My back is hurting, have to love the passive lifestyle of a computer programmer, nothing like sitting 8 hours a day, then going home and playing computer games. Good chairs still do not relieve all the strain from your lower back.

Last night I was feeling slightly out of sorts, a bit depressed, a bit lonely. I wanted to talk to someone, but I have no girlfriend as you know. I have not had someone touch me in about four or so months, not even a casual hug.

So made an appointment to go have a massage at a very nice place I know of. From my previous visits, I knew they had excellent massages. You walk out feeling relaxed and at peace. My appointment was at 7:30 so I had to hurry. I took a quick shower and off I went.

When I met the lady who would be giving me my massage, she took my breath away. She was gorgeous! Black hair, about 5ft, just a head shorter than me, brown eyes. She introduced herself as Clara.

She asked me if I wanted to take a quick shower there before starting. I did, traffic and having to hurry had me sweating a little.

When entering the room I was requested to remove my clothes and lie down on the table. Undressing I saw her looking at me a little bit, now I’m not too shy about my body but I did blush.

Lying on the table felt so good, just hanging my arms down made my sore back muscles stretch a bit, it felt so good.

I felt nice warm oil being spread on my back, hands softly pressing, probing my back, tracing the outline of my spine, feeling my ribcage, Clara asked if she was hurting me and I responded that I wanted her to beşiktaş escort apply more pressure. It felt so wonderful.

A good twenty minutes was spent working on my back. I just relaxed and enjoyed the awesome touch of her hands.

Taking position behind me she began working on my legs, first my calves, wrapping both hands around one leg and stroking slowly up to the knee then trickling her fingers down lightly, sending shivers up my body.

Feeling her touch leave me left a sadness in me, I so wanted more, but wait, I now feel warm oil and pressure on my upper legs. Up and down, kneading my legs.

Oh! She is working quite close to my testicles, so very close, I would be lying if I said I was not turned on, this gorgeous creature is touching me all over, slowly running her hand up my inner thigh and actually touching me in such a sensitive and private spot, I could feel the edge of her hands when she stroked my inner thighs.

A soft voice by my ear enquired if I was comfortable with her removing the towel that was draped across my butt. Oh Clara if you only knew! “No I do not mind”, boy that was hard to say! I am glad my face is muffled in the headrest.

I can feel her stroke my butt now. Oh dear that is a such a turn-on. I am hard now, so very hard. Ummm that feels good. She probably does not notice that her breasts are pressing into my back, when she stretches over me to get some more oil. Funny, I do not feel anything between us, just the warm softness, there yes there, I felt her nipple on my back. Somehow she şişli escort must have removed her top, joy oh wonderful joy.

I desperately want to lift my head out and look, at the same time I really want her to continue. Firm hands press at me, the command is clear to me, turn over.

Could this be happening? Surely it could not, this is a respectable establishment.

Not even thinking twice I turned over, exposing in full glory my hard throbbing cock, I watched her face, saw her lick her lips, now I just wanted to know “Do you like it?” I shyly asked. A quick nod was all the confirmation I received.

She leaned down pressing her chest into mine, her breasts flattening against me, her nipples hard, erect pressing into me. I felt her hand sliding down my side engulfing my cock, giving it a squeeze.

Dropping my hand to her but I squeezed her back, disappointment… she stood, pulled away, withdrawn from me, out of reach, a slight smile on her face.

This must be a dream, surely, since there goes her skirt, now the panties, little black ones, she is standing before me naked, so beautiful, so very sexy.

She leans back over me, I feel the firm pressure of her breasts, feel her take my hand, sliding it between her legs, pressing my fingers to her, and feel her begin stroking my cock.

My fingers touch her, open her up. I feel the little nub of her clit. Her pussy feels so warm, soft, wonderful. She is stroking me faster, bouncing up and down a little with the motion, my fingers sought to penetrate her, I can bahçeşehir escort bayan feel the wetness, in fact I can smell her.

Glorious just fantastic, she shifted position, opening her legs more, I insert my index into her, she is sopping wet, she really wants me to explore her. Another finger goes in, she is feeling tight around me so very wet, I rest my thumb on her clit, with all the movement she is doing stroking my cock with two hands now, her pussy is sliding up and down my fingers.

Desperately, I want to climax. I’m so nearly on the point but I just cannot find release. She is finds the right rhythm, then just as I feel the orgasm build and on the very point of release the rhythm changes or she shifts grip. My head is so sensitive it is painful to the touch. She is pulling the foreskin back exposing the head to the world, stroking from the base to the tip.

She is breathing very heavily, me too, sucking in air in great gulps. I feel her pussy contract, she is cumming, her pussy squeezing my fingers. I wish it was my cock in her. Sliding my fingers in and out quickly then slowly, I help her cum, intensify her orgasm more, rub her clit, cup the breast that I can reach and squeeze the nipple. My whole hand is wet, she is very much enjoying this.

Feeling her orgasm die down, I can no longer stand to not cum myself, taking over from her, masturbating in front of her, touching her breasts with my free hand, enjoying the look on her face.

Sweet release, my cock starts spurting, big with gobs of cum, feeling her hand squeeze my balls. I hear her say “nice, you came.”

Spent, I lie there. I hear the door open and lose, then feel a warm sensation. She has put a warm washcloth over my limp dick, tenderly cleaning me up.

Energy returning, I sit up. She is dressed again, hiding her sweet body away from the world. Smiling she says “that was fun.”

I could only agree.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32