Unexpected Cum Load from My Masseus

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I’d always had a lower back pain and tension through my lower back, quads and inner thighs. I’d never really allowed anyone to provide me a treatment but over and over I would get recommended an masseuse who apparently is amazing and can help relieve the tension. I’m dubious, I’ve never been to see anyone for my issues but the pain gets so unbearable at times, so I thought I’d give it a try.

On my way to my appointment, I was a little apprehensive as to what he would do or whether his treatments would work but I thought he has been highly recommended so let’s just give it a try.

The rain was so bad that day and traffic was heavy, I was already angry and frustrated on the way to my appointment. Having got to the clinic, I was drenched with the weather, pissed off and now my back was hurting. I really needed a good release.

I knocked on the door and not knowing who or what to expect. A young man answered the door, quite a handsome man, smartly dressed, quite muscly and very polite. He invited me in and helped take my coat off and hang it up. I was instantly calm as he just had such a calming aura. The clinic was an old style, brickwork with a musky smell. All the blinds were shut, soft lightnings and quite cosy.

We sat down at his desk and he asked me lots of questions, I couldn’t stop looking at him, he was charmingly handsome. As he wrote down what I was telling him, I couldn’t help but notice his hands, big biceps, strong big chest and shoulders. I could tell he worked out, he had a strong gaze and a nice smile. I could smell his aftershave, mixed with body odour and it was quite sexy. I couldn’t take my eyes off. Why couldn’t I stop starring at him?

As soon as our initial consultation was complete, he asked me to undress and get on to the treatment table. I felt a little nervous getting undressed but could that have been because I felt a little attracted to him?

I slipped off my jeans and took off my top, I was wearing a red bra and tight fitting red thongs. I quickly ran over to the table and lay on my front covering myself with a towel. He asked if I was ready, to which I replied ‘mmm yes’.

I thought to myself why did I moan ‘mmmm’ what the fuck was that about.

He came over to the table and started to put some oil my back, he asked if he could undo my bra, to which I replied of course. He tipped some hot oil on my back and began to massage me. I could feel tingling through my body and a slight shudder. He’s hands felt so soft gliding all over my back and neck. As he continued, I couldn’t help let out a little soft moan. Why did this feel so good?

He continued to massage me, down to my lower back, it was a little painful but felt so good, I couldn’t help arch my back, I almost just wanted him to grab a hold of my butt and caress it. I couldn’t believe I was thinking like this.

We started to talk a little bit about each other. I told him I was married but going through a rough patch with my husband. I told Elazığ Escort him that things had just changed now and I felt there was no spark there anymore. He told me he was happily married. Why did I feel so pissed off to hear this.

At this point he was now massaging my upper legs and inner thighs. Why the fuck did this feel so good. His soft hand was sliding up and down my inner thigh, I could feel his fingertips glide my thong and it was sending electric shocks through my body. Could it have been because this is the closest anyone has got to me in a long time.

We kept talking and he kept massaging. He asked to turn on my back and as I did that, my bra that he had undone, fell off, leaving my big tits on show. I could see him just starring at them and then he passed me my bra, which I just placed on top of them. He kept looking at them, it may have been because my bra was see through and you could quite clearly make out my big hard nipples, that were erect because of his touch.

As he continued to massage me, he was doing my arm, and my hand just happened to graze his bulging package. He flinched and moved back. It felt big, but why was he so hard. Knowing that made me a little moist. My masseuse has a boner and keeps starring at my big tits. I felt flattered and a little turned on.

I told him to go down and massage my quads as they had been feeling quite tight. I wanted to see how he would react seeing my see through thong resting on my shaven pussy. As he slowly went down and rubbed my quads, he was just starring at my pussy, perhaps it was on show a little bit, who knows but he had a face full of lust. I wish I knew what he was thinking.

As he continued to massage my thighs and inner thighs, I was letting out small moans, he’s hands felt so so good rubbing me. I was thinking how good it would they feel if they were rubbing my clit or nipples. These thoughts were really turning me on and I just wanted to feel him on me.

I just couldnt help myself and grabbed his hand and placed it on top of my thong on my pussy and held it there. He tried to move and said what are you doing. I told him it’s okay, it’s what I want, to which he replied it isn’t what he wants. Just then I sat up and said, ‘why are you so fucking hard then?’ And I grabbed his cock on top of his joggers. He moved my hand away and moved back. I got up and followed him to his desk and asked him again, why are you so fucking hard. He didn’t know what to say.

Why did I want him so fucking bad. Why did I want to feel him inside me so fucking badly. I took my bra off and got his hand and placed it on my tits. He was grabbing them hard and feeling my nipples. As he did that I put my hand inside his joggers and boxers to grab his big bulging cock. Man, his cock was so hard and big. I could feel his wetness on his shaft. The harder I grabbed his cock, the harder he grabbed my tits. Just then he stopped and pushed me back and said we cant continue.

I Elazığ Escort Bayan moved forward, closer to him as he sat on his desk, I grabbed his head and kissed his lips. He was trying to move back but I knew he wanted it. I leaned my body more into his body so my tits were touching his chest. I kissed him harder and shoved my tongue inside his mouth. He let out a soft moan. I was turning my tongue round and round in his mouth harder and harder. Just then, he grabbed my head and shoved his tongue inside my mouth. Oh man it felt so fucking good. He was shoving his fucking tongue into my mouth, I could taste him, he was fucking turning me on so much. He was so rough and it was sexy.

As we stood there snogging, I again put my hand in his boxers, this time he allowed it and let out soft groans as I played with his manhood. He was moaning each time I was wanking his big cock. Up and down, first slowly then speeding up a little big. He was moaning in my mouth. He pulled down his joggers and boxers as I began to wank him faster. Just then in one swift move, he grabbed my head and pushed me down on to his cock. His big fat cock entered my mouth, oh man he tastes so fucking good. It was a sweaty cock, I could taste a little piss too, but it was so fucking tasty. He grabbed my head and was shoving it up and down on his big knob making me gag. He was saying ‘suck me you dirty slut’ which was making me even more turned on and led me to suck him faster and faster. I could feel his shaft hitting the back of my throat. Tears were running down my face, I was gagging and choking but he kept shoving me up and down. He was riding my throat and it felt so fucking good. Before I knew it and could stop, I felt a big load of warm salty spunk in my throat and as he was cuming he let out a big moan and pushed my head down deeper and made me fucking swallow. It was so fucking hot. He’s milky salty spunk was leaking out my mouth and he was shoving it back in my mouth with his fingers as his cock just sat in my throat. He emptied himself all out in my mouth.

He pulled me back up and snogged me again and then whispered in my ear, u fucking dirty slut. Daddy’s going to fuck you now you hoe.

He was driving me crazy and making more soaking in my thong.

He put my tits in his mouth and was sucking my nipples hard. He took me back to the treatment table and lay me on it. He started getting so rough and ripped my thongs off and shoved them in my mouth.

He opened my legs wide and shoved his face on to my cunt. He was saying “oh, has Daddy made you wet.” He started to lick up and down my pussy lips and slurping up that wet wet juice. He sucked my clit so fucking hard as he put 3 fingers inside me and finger fucked me. He was finger banging me so hard and shoved a forth finger in and said “You got a loose pussy baby, u been fucking lots of guys I see”. He was back on my clit sucking and licking it as he fingered me with 4 fingers and Escort Elazığ stroked my asshole with his other hand. Omg, this felt amazing. He started rimming my asshole with one finger as he continued to eat pussy. Before I knew it, he was fingering my ass too. This guy was driving me crazy and he was about to make me orgasm. He fingered both holes faster and faster and continued to suck my clit and just then I let out a big moan and climaxed. It felt so fucking good, my whole body shock with the effect and it felt so relieving.

As he looked up at me, he chuckled and said ‘we haven’t finished yet’.

He dragged me off the table and bent me over his desk, he slapped my ass cheeks and dropped to his knees to lick between my pussy hole and ass hole. Fuck man this guy was driving me nuts. How the fuck could I possibly want more but my both holes were wanting him. He licked in and out my pussy, swallowing all my juices and licked in and out my asshole. Man this guy is so good with his fucking tongue. He stood back up behind me, poking me with his cock and asked ‘which hole first baby?’.. I moaned out loud saying any fucking hole, just fuck me you prick.

He stretched open my asshole and shoved his big fat knob inside, stretching out my asshole. Omg he felt so good and tight inside my dirty ass. He pushed my head down on the desk and forced his cock in and out my ass, getting faster and harder on each thrust. He was fucking me like a dirty hoe. Pushing my head into the desk and banging my dirty ass as he had 2 fingers inside my cunt. He was finger fucking me so hard as he fucked my ass. He was going to make me cum and explode on his fingers. We were both moaning out so fucking loud as he fucked my ass. His body was shuddering with each thrust. I knew he need to release another salty load inside me. I needed to release my load too on his fingers and told him I needed to cum.

Just then he shoved his big fat cock inside my dirty cunt. He thrust that knob in and out of my pussy, going deeper with each push. He was calling me ‘Daddy’s dirty hoe’ which was turning me on even more. He wanted me to call him Daddy, so I started shouting ‘fuck me Daddy, fuck me harder’ as he was thrusting in and out faster and faster he was going to make me cum, oh man I wanted to let a big fucking load. I said again, ‘fuck ur hoe daddy, fuck me harder and faster’ just then he got deeper and deeper, pulling my hair and grabbing me throat, he cried out ‘I’m cuming, I’m cuming’ and at the same time I’m shouting, I’m cuming Daddy. I’m cuming, and we both released a big fucking load whilst moaning. He cummed so deep in my dirty cunt, whilst I cumed all over his big hard cock. Oh man, that felt so so fucking good. As he removed his cock from out of my cunt, it was just covered in our cum and I asked if could clean it up, before he even answer, I dropped to my knees and suck off all our cum. Fuck. It tasted so fucking good.

He pulled up his boxers and joggers and passed me my bra.

I smiled at him and asked to book in for a follow up in 3 days, which he smirked at.

Man, I though, no wonder he is highly recommended. No one has treated my pussyhole, mouth and ass that good in sometime. Guess all my tensions were because I needed a good fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32