Uncontrollable Pt. 2

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HI GUISE. I’m back with my first Part 2! This was kind of spur of the moment, inspired by my own tastes, as well as some of the great comments I’ve gotten! So I hope you enjoy. I certainly did. I gave it a good scan for editing, but there are sure to be occasional mistakes throughout; hope they don’t detract from the goodness, and I hope my words get you off.

It was the eve of Halloween. My friends, their friends, and I were all getting ready to go to a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, hanging out in our apartment until it was time to leave. It had become a tradition, and we were lucky, in such a small town, to get a showing.

Kayla wore some kind of slutty outfit, and Logan wore a dress and a blonde wig. The rest of us were dressed in some manner of more stereotypical Halloween garb: ghosts, vampires, zombies, superheroes. I, myself, being a fairly big guy, was dressed as Bane, a Batman villain. I wore a black tanktop, black military fatigues, combat boots, fingerless gloves, and a homemade mask with red goggles. It was pretty cool.

Kayla’s brother, Lucas, was also dressed like a woman. But he pulled it off far more deliciously than Logan. Lucas and I had been sort of seeing each other on and off for the last few months, unbeknownst to everyone. Ever since I seduced him, and made him my cute little boy toy, neither of us could get enough. But constraints kept us from fucking like wild dogs every night, because that was what we both wanted. The waiting was absolutely unbearable. But whenever we did find time to screw, it was glorious beyond words. I almost liked the waiting. It made the gratification all the more satisfying.

Tonight, Lucas was – in a word – irresistible. His hair was feathered, sexily obscuring his alluring blue eyes. His eyes were lightly shadowed, and his lips painted with only enough lipstick to be noticed. His smooth, creamy-soft body was dressed in a schoolgirl’s outfit. A fucking SCHOOLGIRL’S OUTFIT. His shirt was small, ending just under his rib cage, showing his gorgeous taut midriff. His pleated skirt was green, gray, and black plaid. The skirt only barely veiled his upper thighs, dick, and cute ass. It was just the right length, beckoning hungry eyes so they might catch a glimpse of the treasures beneath. If he turned too quickly, the soft skirt might flow upward, and you might get an eyefull of luscious boy flesh.

His smooth, slender legs were adorned in adorable white thigh-high stockings, and his delicate feet wore high-heel shoes. Lucas may have meant to dress in drag, as a many often did at Rocky Horror, but he pulled off quite another look; the look of a silky-smooth boy toy, ready to get ravaged by a real man. I intended to be his real man.

The excitement of getting out of the house and chilling with friends subsided with every glance. Lust burned in my body, and my loins were charged for a good fuck. I walked through the kitchen, bypassing some of the others who were enjoying their own conversations. Even though I wasn’t wearing my mask, I’m sure the Bane costume only added to the predatory look in my eyes as I brushed passed my friends to find my prey.

And find him I did. He was in the living room, alone, texting. He always was a bit shy, even among people he knew. That made the seduction all the more exciting.

I leaned on the back of the couch, watching him for a few moments. His body gave a noticeable twitch; he knew he wasn’t alone. His head lolled back, and he looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and he smiled.

“Hey! Uhm…what’s up?”

“Not much. Say…” I leaned down further then, bringing my lips tantalizingly close to his ear. I whispered, “I want to give you something.”

The heat of my breath and the meaning in my words obviously got to him, as his lips parted, a shudder running through his body. I kocaeli escort placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Meet me in my room in…” Before finishing, I closed my lips around his earlobe, suckling at its softness, my fingers squeezing his shoulder. He might’ve cried out, if it weren’t for the small crowd behind us. “…six or seven minutes?”

Lucas nodded, staring down, blushing horribly. I quickly left, glancing around as inconspicuously as I could to make sure nobody was watching. My heart was already racing, anticipating the lustful encounter to come.

I washed my hands, brushed my teeth, pissed, and hid away in my room. Nobody appeared to notice, but I was getting a little nervous, as we only had about a half-hour before everyone left. I didn’t want this to be quick, but I had to have him.

I placed our CD in my Xbox, playing it over my speaker system at a fair volume. “Our” CD was a mix of songs we put together for our time together. Songs to fuck to. Songs to make love to. Never underestimate the effects of a good song on a person; woman or man. Just when I thought I couldn’t drive him any further into a lustful, slutty frenzy, a little Nine Inch Nails drove him further.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I exhaled, calming my nerves, as I opened the door. My sweetheart stood there, clad in his completely fuckable outfit, smiling sweetly. I gestured for him to come in, and I peered out into the hallway, ensuring once again that nobody had seen.

“I told Kayla I was gonna lay down in the guest room for a while, and that you’d bring me to the show.” I shut the door.

“Not bad. I get the feeling that if any of them know about us, they don’t care…”

“I haven’t told anybody!”

“I know babe. Sometimes I just think we’re getting by too easily. Must be lucky.” I locked the door, and put my customary doorstop beneath it. Guards against nosy roommates normally, now it guards against being discovered.

Lucas and I are pretty honest with ourselves. We aren’t ashamed of our attraction, or the things we do to each other, but we know it’ll be weird if others knew. Sure, they might understand, or at least be accepting, but it’d still be weird. And I think both of us liked the sneaking around. Made things just a little bit naughtier, a little bit more exciting.

I approached Lucas, grasping his naked midriff with my strong hands. Almost immediately, as if reflexive, his eyes fluttered a little, he gasped, and his hands flew up to grasp at my biceps. Our eyes met. We exchanged silent, affectionate looks, basking in the moment. We knew we were about to screw like dogs in heat, but we were acknowledging a more heartfelt connection. As I stared into his eyes, I recalled all the times we had fucked, and made love. All the times we had cuddled, napped, watched movies together. I wondered if I might actually fall in love with him.

He looked away, blushing bright red again, as if he had heard my thoughts. I leaned in and kissed him full on the lips, and his body responded in perfect harmony; slender arms wrapping around my neck. Our lips pressed and slid across each others’, and our tongues immediately collided, playing with the other.

My hands, hungry as the rest of me, grasped his legs, lifting his body against mine, and carrying him to my bed. I lowered him onto his back before me, and I grinned down at him, my body towering over his. He grinned back, blushing, but more confident now. He wanted me, and wasn’t going to hide it.

His stocking-clad legs wrapped around my waist, and he pulled me into another kiss. He took a little initiative, and began grinding himself against me. My hands dove beneath his skirt, grasping his perfect, small ass in warm hands. Lucas gasped at the sensation, while my lips traveled down to his throat.

“Oh Bane, please kocaeli escort bayan don’t! Who will save me!?” Lucas cried.

We both chuckled, and my lips teased his belly as my hands massaged the ample skin of his butt. I spoke between kisses, “Mmmm. Nobody can save you, little girl.”

I lifted his skirt up past his waist, and I began tugging at his panties, almost white and creamy-smooth as his skin. Lucas looked down at my efforts, straightening his legs to help. He bit his lower lip at me, as his bare little cock and balls, as well as his bare bottom were open to me. I lips quickly wrapped around his stiffening prick, and I drove a finger between his soft cheeks.

Lucas whimpered, his eyes shut hard in delight. His body squirmed. His little dick was now straight at attention, and my mouth desired a new meal.

I delved deeper, and my tongue found his tight, puckering hole. Without mercy I assaulted his ass with a wriggling tongue and hungry mouth, kissing and licking at his boypussy.

Lucas’ face was scrunched in a look of ecstacy, and he did his best not to make any noise.

But he failed.

He gasped loudly at the ceiling, biting his lip afterward, his hands digging into my short hair.

“Oh god!”

I sat up, leaving him a bit unsatisfied…for the moment. I began quickly undoing my pants, tugging them down. Lucas sat up quickly, and pushed me against the wall, surprising me.

“Let me help!” He exclaimed, gleeful. I could hardly resist, as he lowered his gorgeous mouth onto my partly erect cock. I shuddered, head leaning back against the wall. Now my hands were in his hair.

“Goddamn! Mmm.” His head bobbed up and down as my cock grew in his mouth. The feeling of my cock sliding over the surface of his tongue began to drive me near the edge, but I held on. His azure eyes looked up at me, wide and beautiful. I smiled down at him, approvingly, as I removed my shirt and gloves.

He pulled his mouth off, leaving my cock wet with his spit, and rock hard. Lucas begins jacking me off, and he leans in, speaking in a low, husky, sexy tone.

“You know, I wore this for you.”

That actually caught me off guard, and I was flattered, but I didn’t expect it for some reason.

“I wanted to look beautiful for you. Do you like it?”

I smiled, leaning forward a little, back onto my knees. I took him in my arms, my throbbing shaft prodded against his thighs, resting beneath his own cock and balls.

“You look gorgeous sweetheart.” My hands glided up and down his soft back, and he melted against me as my words found his ears.

“And I’m happy to have you, right here, in my arms.” I knew those words would make him putty in my hands, but I also meant it. He looked at me, smiling wide. We shared another silent, eye-locked moment, before he began again.

“Take me.” He began to lean back, his arms tugging me down with him. I couldn’t do anything but follow him down.

I lay on top of him, my wet throbbing meat perched at his wet, twitching hole. He lifts his legs, inviting me in, his eyes colored with unadulterated passion. I push, and my cock enters him slowly, the expressions on his dolled up face precious beyond description.

My loins beg me to move faster, his warm depths beckoning me in deeper. As I bury myself as deep as I can, Lucas’ nails dig into my bare arms, and he cries out.


I begin moving back and forth within my lover, throbbing inside him. He whimpers and squeals like the slut he is, bucking his hips against me. His skirt lightly brushes my abs, and his slender legs wrap around me again.

“You like that sweetie? You like being fucked like a girl?”

The bed begins creaking, as our lovemaking grows more furious. I begin ravaging my cute boy toy, and he can’t help but buck against my powerful thrusts, izmit escort grinding his prostate against my throbbing rod.

“Oh god yes! Yes! I do! More baby! Give me more!’

I grind my teeth, grunting through them. Our bodies slap together as we both begin to break a sweat. My balls slap and hips slap against his wet ass, as I relentlessly pound his hole, angling my rod to stroke his pleasure center. Lucas cries out again, and begins jacking himself off.

“You gonna come for me, sweetheart, hmm?”

Lucas looks up at me, a pouting expression on his face as the pleasure wracks his soft little body. He nods.

“Go faster…please…” His voice trails off into a whimper, and I oblige him, bucking faster against his lovely hole, driving myself closer to explosion. His free hand digs its nails into my arm.

Lucas whimpers some more, before my ravaging drives him into a silent ecstasy. He holds his breath, his face frozen in an expression of sheer delight as I piston in and out of him and his fist jacks his little prick off. After a few moments, a tingling grows in my balls, and I begin yelling out as I clamp down on my PC muscle, driving myself as far as I can.

Lucas sharply inhales in a gasp, and a loud, feminine cry escapes his lips as his boyish dick begins spewing, shooting globs of his seed onto his chest and mine.

“Oh god! Yes!”

His bowels contract on my rod, daring me to keep fucking, challenging me to keep my composure. But I can’t. I’m too close, his ass is too tight, and the sight of my lover coming hard, my cock buried between his soft cheeks is too much.


I explode, gloriously, within Lucas, coating his depths in my semen. I cry out past him, bucking in short bursts as I unload into him. He grins, his orgasm finishing just before mine does. I collapse onto my elbows, our sweating bodies gasping for breath.

“Oh my god, baby…that was…” Lucas pants some more, catching his breath, his cute tummy heaving. “That was…amazing…”

His arms drape loosely over the back of my neck, and I am drawn into a kiss, so full, so satisfying, I groan into it. I slowly remove my manhood from his butt, Lucas giggles at the sensation.

I fall back onto the bed next to him. Lucas snuggles against me, and I lay flat on my back, curling an arm around him.

“Yes, it was.” I kiss his forehead, and look down at my chest, then to his.

“Made a little mess, huh babe?” I grin at him, pointing at the drops of cum on both of our bodies.

“Not my fault.” Lucas blushes, sticking his tongue out. I trap him in a kiss, and he moans against it.

I reach down and gather some of his cum from my chest and abs, before licking it off my fingers in front of him. Lucas giggles again. I scoot down the bed and sit up a little, to begin licking his cum of his own stomach. He squirms, grinning down at me.

“Mmm. You’re so dirty.”

“You like it.” I scoot up, laying back again and puling his slender body against me. He nods.

“Mhmm!” A silence comes between us, and Lucas looks at the wall, as if he can see through it to the living room. Though our mix CD still plays, we can both tell our group of friends has gone.

“They’re gone.” Lucas says.

I nod, with a big yawn. I’m quickly getting tired.

Neither of us seem interested in leaving now, as we lie together. He rests his head against mine as he hugs my chest, and placing a leg on top of mine. We fall asleep together.

I wake up, and daylight shines through the window. Lucas serene face is in front of mine, our bodies holding one another. He still sleeps, and we’re still mostly naked. I lean forward, kissing his lips gently, after which he smiles softly.

Waking up with your lover in your arms, man or woman, has got to be one of the greatest feelings in the world. Especially when you made love the previous night.

Then…a there’s a knock at the door, and I freeze. Lucas’ eyes shoot open. Looks like we might have some explaining to do.

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