Unconcious Reunion

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“Supersaver, this is Angie, how may I help you?”

The voice in the phone is music to Will’s ears. Even after hearing it as many times as he has, it still takes his breath away.

“Good morning,” he replies.

Angie instantly recognizes his voice and Will can hear the smile that comes to her lips.

“How are you? WHERE are you?” she asks.

“You won’t believe me, when I tell you,” he replies. “I’m in town. I’m staying at the Holiday Hotel, down the road from you; Room 127.”

Angie gasps. For a brief moment, there is silence on the line. Will begins to worry that coming was a mistake.

“Listen, Baby,” he says. “I want you to know that I am here. I will be in town for two days. You set the rules. If you don’t want to, or can’t see me, I understand.”

Will hears a phone ring in the background. No other sound comes through the phone.

“I have to go. Will you be in your room all day?” Angie finally replies.


“I will call you back a little later. Room 127?”

“Room 127. And, hey!”

“What?” Angie replies.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too. I will call later. I have to go.”

The phone is silent as Will hangs up. Confused and worried, he grabs the remote and aims it at the TV. Has he done the smart thing, in coming here? Has he done the right thing? An hour later, the phone startles Will. He mutes the television and picks up.



“I can talk now, but only for a minute,” Angie says.

“Do you want to see me?” Will asks hopefully.


“Like I said before, you set the rules. Do you want to come here or would you rather meet someplace public?”

“I would like to come there.” Angie’s response is somewhat unsure. “I will come by after work.”

Will checks the clock. Two hours. He will be ready.

“OK,” he responds. “You know what?”

“I love you, too.” she answers. They both laugh.

Will has 2 hours to think about Angie, himself, and their relationship. He has known her longer than any other person in the world. They met as young teenagers and fell in love instantly. Angie was his first true love and was still the person he loved more than any other. They had lost contact and reconnected after almost 20 years, via the internet. They had both married. At the time, they were both in unhappy marriages. She had finally left her husband, and had since, married a man she loved very much. Will was trapped by his wife and young daughter in a marriage that was unfulfilling; his sense of responsibility working like a prison. He had managed to visit Angie shortly after they were reunited. The week they spent together was the best week of Will’s life. Will sits, thinking of seeing Angie again after almost 20 years.

He sat at his camp site, waiting for her. He knew that she would be there any minute. He heard the car long before he saw it. There was a hole in the exhaust and it sounded like a tank. When Angie pulled into the parking space, his heart leapt to his throat. He was not sure he could go through with this. In eighteen years of marriage, he had never cheated on his wife. When Angie got out of the car, he knew that he could go through with it; and that he would.

She was stunning. He did not realize until that moment that hers was a face he could have picked out in a crowded room, even after all of these years. The long flowing skirt with the denim jacket gave her a bohemian look that surprised him, but that suited her very well. Her long hair was loose and strait, as he had remembered it from their youth. It flew behind her as she ran down the hill into the site, stumbling, and into his waiting arms. When he felt her, the years just vanished. They hugged, and then kissed. Will took Angie’s face in his hands and kissed her, again, and again, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.

They moved behind a blind he had built and continued to kiss and hug. Her hands slid over his back and ass, his repeating the motions on her body. He had asked her to not wear panties and felt through the skirt that she had complied.

“I want you, now,” Angie had purred.

They moved to the tent and climbed in. Angie immediately dove to Will’s pants and began to remove them. She was a woman possessed. She freed his rigid cock and began unceremoniously to suck it into her mouth, circling the swollen head with her tongue. Will lay back, not believing the incredible feeling, and enjoying it immensely. Angie stroked and sucked Will’s cock, occasionally licking it from top to bottom and sticking her tongue into the hole to taste the precum. He watched and looked deeply into her eyes when she looked up.

Will wanted to participate, too. He pulled at her hip, signaling her to spin around so that he could eat her pussy. She placed her knees on either side of his head, moved the skirt and lowered her pussy to his face. The taste was heaven.

Will did not tease. He wanted to make Angie cum hard and fast. He licked and sucked on her pussy lips and clit. He gently slid first one finger, then a second into her pussy and began Artvin Escort to swirl them around, rubbing her g-spot with his fingers and sucking on her clit. She came hard and quickly, coating his fingers and face with her juices.

Angie continued to work on Will’s cock with her mouth. She stroked his balls and tickled his anus with her finger tips. Angie was one of those women who come easily and often. Once, during a thirty-minute lunch break, Will had made her bring herself to orgasm eighteen times while chatting with her. They both knew that she would and could cum many more times.

Angie moved from Will’s face and positioned her wet, soft pussy over Will’s hard cock. She guided him into her and lowered her body until he was buried in her flesh. The feeling was amazing for them both. She removed her shirt and bra, giving Will unrestricted access to her tits; access of which he immediately took advantage. He stroked and pinched her tits and nipples. He weighed them in his hands, feeling their softness.

Angie began to ride Will’s cock hard and fast, bringing herself to two orgasms almost immediately. She alternated slow and fast movement, deep and shallow strokes, while Will stroked her clit with his thumb and massaged her tits with his other hand.

Angie looked at will and spoke the first words since they had come into the tent, “God, I love you!”

Will choked back tears and replied, “I love you, too, Baby.”

Angie climbed off of Will’s cock and replaced her pussy with her mouth. She cleaned his hard cock of her juices and began to stroke and suck with abandon.

“I want to taste your cum.”

Will reached down and began to stroke his cock while Angie sucked on the head. He was close, and she knew it. He stroked hard and fast until his breathing became ragged and shallow.

“Do it for me, Baby!” she urged. “Make it cum!”

Her words put him over the edge and he began to cum. Angie immediately removed his hand and sucked as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. For the first time in his life, Will was pumping a load of cum into a woman’s mouth and Angie was swallowing as quickly as she could, milking his cock for every drop.

“MMMMMMMMM!” she moaned.

Angie cleaned Will’s cock, as is softened. She slid up his body and laid next to him, in his harms. They kissed and Will tasted the mixture of their juices and was in heaven.

Will starts from his reverie to find his rock-hard cock in his hand, which is slowly pumping up and down its length.

“Nope, nope nope,” he tells himself in his best Land Before Time voice. He stops, straightens himself and prepares for a shower. Will gathers some clean clothes from his suitcase and goes into the bathroom. It had been a long drive in a car without air conditioning. It had been unusually warm, today, and he feels grungy. As he takes off his clothes, he looks at himself in the mirror.

“Why do hotels have to put such big mirrors in the rooms?” he thinks to himself.

Will is in his mid-40’s. He has the body of someone who was once in shape. He jokes with people that he is fat, but as he looks at himself now, he sees that he really isn’t. He has a bit of a gut, but nothing embarrassing. His arms are toned from working with the mowers and chain-saws needed to maintain his rural property. What hair is left on his head is a mix of gray, brown, and red, in that order. Even the hair on his body is gray, with shocks of long white hairs on his chest. Angie had teased him about it when he had last seen him.

“Too bad you can’t put some of this on top,” she had chided. He had responded by slapping her ass.

His cock is still hard from his earlier daydream. THAT is one part of his body of which he is not at all ashamed. His cock is 8″ long and very thick. It is also uncircumcised, which the few lovers he has had have all thought was interesting. He gives it a quick stroke before getting into the shower. The warm water runs down his body and washes away the road grime. He instantly feels better. He showers quickly, shaves, brushes his teeth, and gets dressed. Not knowing what Angie has in mind, he decides against jeans and a t-shirt and puts on a button-down shirt and a pair of chinos. Looking at the clock, Will realizes he still has an hour to kill. He turns on the TV and flips through the channels, not really watching; just killing time.

A knock at the door startles Will for the second time in a day. He realizes he has been napping, again.

“I guess I’ve reached the age where I can’t sit still for 5 minutes without falling asleep”, he grumbles as he rises to answer the door.

With his heart in his throat, he walks to the door. When he opens it, he finds Angie standing there, holding a shopping bag and a pizza.

“I hope you don’t mind. I thought we would eat in,” she says in greeting.

Will greets her with a peck on the cheek while reaching for her bag. He turns to walk into the room and hears her close the door behind him. After setting down their parcels, Will takes Angie into his arms and hugs her tightly. Artvin Escort Bayan It has been so long and he truly relishes this moment.

Their lips meet and they kiss. Will is tentative at first, until Angie begins to push her tongue into his mouth. They hold each other, kissing passionately for what seems like hours, probing each others mouths with their tongues. Will is taking his lead from Angie. When she allows her hands to fall to his ass, he responds in kind. Through her light summer skirt, he feels no panties. Will breaks off the kiss and pulls away, slightly.

Looking into her beautiful eyes, he asks, “Are you sure about this?”

Angie’s eyes take on a dreamy, sexy look. Her response is to lower to her knees in front of him. Angie reaches for Will’s belt and removes it. She opens his pants, dropping them to the floor. His cock is as full length and girth. She strokes it through his shorts, rubbing her finger tips in the damp spot of precum already there. With her thumbs, she hooks his shorts and pulls them down, as well. She is now “face to face” with Will’s hard member. Angie sticks out her tongue and licks from the base of Will’s cock to the tip. Long, slow licks with just the tip of her tongue, teasing him, all the while, looking up into his eyes. Yes, she is sure.

With one hand, Angie begins to stroke Will’s cock, while massaging his balls with the other. She dances the tip of her tongue around his head, sticking it into his hole. Then, without warning, she takes his entire length into her mouth. The feeling is incredible and Will feels his knees begin to get weak.

“She’s been practicing,” he thinks to himself.

As if reading his mind, Angie pulls his cock from her mouth and says, “I’ve been practicing.”

At this point, Angie begins to work on Will’s cock in earnest. Her head bobs up and down his long, thick shaft. One hand pumps him, the other strokes his leg, his ass, his balls, his belly. Will places his hands on her head, running his fingers through her long, thick hair. Angie sucks hard and strokes Will more quickly. He knows that he is close.

“Baby, I’m going to cum,” he manages between gasps for air.

“I want to taste your cum, Baby,” she coos. “Cum in my mouth.”

The words ignite Will’s lust like a fuse. He feels his balls tighten and cum begining to boil out.

“Here… it… cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmsss!” Will screams as he grabs Angie’s head and starts to fill her waiting mouth with his seed.

One spurt, two, three; his orgasm seems to last forever. Will feels his heart skip beats as shot after shot of thick cum fly from his cock. Angie swallows as quickly as she can, but some escapes the edges of her lips.

Angie looks up, smiling. A dribble of cum runs down her cheeks on either side of her chin. She looks into Will’s eyes and licks her lips. She gathers the cum with her fingers into her mouth, until she has it all.

“Thank you, Baby,” Angie breathes.

“Thank YOU!” Will gasps, out of breath.

Angie guides Will to the bed. She lays him back and removes his pants, shorts, and socks. She stands a few steps away and begins to seductively remove her clothes.

“Now, it’s MY turn!” she grins.

Will lies back on the bed to watch Angie strip. She makes a show of it, slowly removing her blouse and her skirt, revealing the truth that Will already knows: she is wearing no underwear. He drinks in her beauty, taking stock of her appearance and committing this moment to memory.

Angie is just under one year younger than Will. Her body shows the effects of age and two children. To Will, she is gorgeous. She has gained a little weight since he last saw her, but she wears it very well. Will has always loved her curvy figure. Her full, soft breasts heave with her breathing. Will enjoys the soft white of the skin and the soft pink of the nipples and small areolas. Scanning down her body, he notes her shaved mound. When he had last seen her, she had attempted to grow her pussy hair back, as a favor to him. He had told her that he preferred a “natural” look. He had always regretted letting her do that. He always felt that he missed an opportunity to experience her as she wanted to be. Her lips are swollen and already moist. Will smells her aroma and is ready to return her favor.

Will stands and draws Angie into his arms, again. As they kiss, deeply, he allows his hands to roam freely all over her soft, naked body. He relishes the softness of the skin on her ass, her hips, her sides, her breasts. Her skin is intoxicating.

Breaking the kiss, Will lowers his mouth to Angie’s right breast. He gently licks the nipple, bringing it to its full hardness and length. He then repeats the licking on her left breast. Will moves his mouth back and forth, sucking and licking Angie’s tits, eliciting moans of approval. Will guides Angie to the bed and has her lie down. He knows what she wants. Will spreads Angie’s legs and positions himself between them.

Will has eaten several women. Their tastes have been very different, ranging from Escort Artvin almost no taste to a pleasant saltiness, to Angie’s strong taste. Will loves it. The smell and taste of her aching, hot, wet pussy is driving him almost as crazy as his teasing is driving her.

Will continues to tease, though, prolonging the moment. He nibbles and licks his way down Angie’s right leg to her foot. Will licks and sucks her toes, each in turn. He plants small kisses on her instep and sole. Slowly, painfully slowly, he licks and nibbles his way up her right leg. Just before reaching her pussy, he stops and moves to the left leg. Will moves to the left foot and begins to give it the same attention he bestowed upon the right. Angie giggles as Will licks the sole of her foot. Again, Will slowly licks and bites his way up Angie’s leg. As he moves past her knee and reaches her inner thigh, he becomes aware of her breathing. As Will’s tongue licks the very top of her thigh, her breathing stops. Will quickly moves his mouth to the right thigh and begins to lick his way down her leg, again.

“OH NO YOU DON’T!” Angie growls, as she grabs Wills head and forces his face into her hot pussy.

Will responds by attacking her pussy with his mouth. Will licks Angie’s pussy from bottom to top, ending each lick with a flick of his tongue across her clit. Each time he touches her clit, her body jerks. Her juices flow freely, now, coating Will’s tongue and chin. Will flattens his tongue and licks with broad strokes, evoking more moaning. He then hardens his tongue and begins to fuck her with it like a small cock. He alternates the fucking and licking until he feels her beginning to cum.

“Oh, Will!” Angie screams, cums all over Will’s waiting tongue.

Will does not stop, even while Angie cums. At the peak of her orgasm, he clamps down on her clit hard with his lip-covered teeth. The sensation drives Angie into an immediate second orgasm.

After allowing Angie to rest, Will begins again to lick and suck Angie’s pussy. He takes it slower, now; enjoying her taste, her smell. He begins to poke at her anus with the tip of his tongue, then licking the full length of her pussy before ending with a flick across her clit. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Licking and sucking her hot pussy. He could do this all night, and she would let him.

Gently, Will slides a finger into Angie’s wet hole. Swirling it around, he strokes the walls of her pussy while paying particular attention to her clit with his mouth. As his nail drags across Angie’s g-spot, a guttural moan escapes her lips. Will adds a second finger, wiggling them and fucking her pussy while he sucks on her clit. Angie quickly reaches another orgasm, calling Will’s name and clamping his head between her thighs. Again, Will continues his assault on Angie’s pussy while she is cumming, bringing her to higher and higher heights. Her fourth orgasm hits so hard, she sits up, almost hurting Will’s neck.

“OH GOD!” she yells as the orgasm rips through her body.

Will stops to allow Angie to recover. He kisses his way up her body; on the thighs, the belly, the tits, and finally the mouth.

Angie looks into Will’s eyes. “Thank you, Baby,” she sighs. “It has been SO long.”

Will returns Angie’s look. “You are ALWAYS welcome, Baby,” he answers.

Angie notices that Will’s cock is hard, again, and smiles.

Will and Angie lie in each others arms to rest. Hearing her breathing close to his ear and feeling her body next to his, Will feels truly happy for the first time in a very long time. Angie lays her head on Will’s chest.

“Thump-thump,” she whispers.

“That’s my heart saying ‘I love you’,” Will sighs.

“The pizza’s probably cold, by now” she says, sitting up and reaching for the box.

They sit on the bed, naked, and share the luke-warm pizza and beer that Angie brought with her. Although they communicate through email almost daily, they have not talked in a long time. They talk about everything: Will’s wife, Angie’s husband, their kids, their jobs, their lives.

Will watches Angie eat. She doesn’t eat much, normally, and he is surprised to watch her devour a third slice of pizza. The lovers are content in each other’s company, yet they both know that more is in store.

After finishing, Will leans over and kisses Angie again. With the afterglow from the previous activity, and the slight buzz from the beer, he feels good. His hardness gives away his other feelings, as well. Will gently pushes Angie back onto the bed. She raises her knees and spreads her legs to his probing fingers. Gently, Will begins to massage Angie’s pussy while softly kissing her all over her face. He kisses and licks her ears and neck, working his way to her soft tits. Her nipples are hard as he sucks them into his mouth and gently nibbles them; first one, then the other; moving back and forth. All the while, he strokes her pussy to heat and wetness.

Will positions himself between Angie’s legs and slides the head of his hard cock between the folds of her pussy. He moves the head of his hot cock up and down her wet slit. Angie has taken all the teasing she is going to take. Almost angrily, she wraps her legs around Will’s waist and pulls his cock to her pussy. Angie is so wet that Will is able to easily slide his entire length into her in one stroke.

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