Uncommon Family Ch. 04

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This story is intended for mature audiences. Every character is over the age of 18. This story is not to be taken serious as it’s fun and sex heavy driven. Please enjoy and thanks for your support.


“OHHHHHH FUCK! OHHHH YEAH! Fuck me harder! Ohhhhh yeah, fuck me, harder!” screamed Meg, as she rode on top of her jobless musician fuck buddy, DJ. Her bare feet were locked firmly underneath his pasty thighs as her pussy moved back and forth with his fat cock ensnared between their soft creamy lips. She clawed at the thick, sweaty unkempt hairs on his skinny chest while her ample heart-shaped ass steamrolled over his quivering thighs. Her perky small tits bounced lively for his viewing pleasure as their intense fucking had his entire trailer park home shaking and rattling.

“Bounce on my dick, baby. Bounce just like that. Ohhhh yeah!” moaned DJ. He removed his hands from behind his head and clutched two meaty handfuls of Meg’s wobbling ass cheeks as she pounced and bounced on his dick. “Ohhhhh, babe! I love your wet pussy. I love your huge ass. You’re so fucking hot.”

After having Meg bounce on his broad slimy cock for a few intense minutes, DJ took control and thrusting balls-deep in her cunt. Meg collapsed on his skinny torso, burying her jiggling bosoms into his bushy chest and moaned continually in his ear. DJ pried open Meg’s meaty ass cheeks and stuck one of his long fingers into her anal cavity. He simultaneously fucked her slick pussy with his hard dick and her taut asshole with his finger.

“I’m cummmmming! OHHH GOD, I’m cumming,” she cried out intensely.

“Oh lord, here I cum!” proclaimed DJ, pushing Meg’s lithe big booty body off him and unloading a torrent of thick gooey jism all over her breasts and stomach. He panted heavy plastering his thick seed all over her upper torso. After he finished, DJ plopped his sweaty and exhausted filthy body next to Meg’s.

“I’ll take a shower when I get home,” Meg stated. “I don’t like your disgusting shower and filthy water.”

“So when are you going to let me fuck Ariel?” DJ straightforwardly asked. “I can’t keep walking on eggshells around your nerdy sister when she’s walking around with those massive fucking fun bags just waiting for a good hard titty-fucking. Yours aren’t big enough for that kind of satisfaction.”

“First off douche bag, ew. Secondly, your fat dick isn’t big enough for Ariel’s huge fucking tits. They’ll literally break your damn dick,” Meg scolded. “Then, I’ll have to go find someone else to fuck and enjoy this juicy fat ass of mines.”

“C’mon, babe. One of my fantasies is to fuck two hot sisters,” DJ pleaded and felt his cock swelling to full erection again at the mere mention.

“Keep dreaming and jerking your cock to that fantasy, you pervert. Besides, even if I did agreed to something like that, I doubt miss goody-two-shoes would. She wants to save herself for that one very special guy who doesn’t even fucking exist,” Meg claimed.


“Ariel, this is Oscar. He’s the guy I was telling you about,” announced Casey as she stood in Ariel’s bedroom next to a brown-skinned, dark-haired boy about the same height as her and Ariel.

“Hi,” Ariel shyly greeted.

“Hello,” Oscar replied.

“She’s everything I described, isn’t she?” Casey asked Oscar.

“Oh yes. She’s very pretty and very large,” Oscar elatedly responded. He was going bananas deep inside his mind and body over Ariel’s colossal 30H cup breasts. She was recently measured for a J cup but her custom made brassiere was still in the mail.

Ariel’s pale cheeks blushed as she sized up Casey’s friend. He was of Latin descent and fairly handsome with a slightly large nose, dark eyes, and bushy eyebrows. Oscar was well-dressed with a preppy boy style of a faded blue dress button-up shirt, black tie, black slacks with suspenders, and dark brown penny loafers.

“She is quite enormous. Just wait until you see them without the tops,” Casey teased. “And you wait until you see Oscar without his pants.”

“I don’t know now Casey,” spoke a doubting Ariel. “I mean, even if it is just a blow job and tit-fuck. What if I’m not ready? What if I really suck at this?”

“Well you’re supposed to suck. That’s what you do to a dick. If it’ll make you feel a little bit more at ease, I’ll get him warmed up for you,” Casey suggested.

“Okay,” Ariel agreed.

“Go head and get undress for us Oscar. Show Ariel her first real live penis,” Casey instructed.

Oscar smiled with glee and undressed. His chest was fairly toned and his stomach showed a couple of abs indentations as it didn’t take him long to stand in front of Ariel and Casey in a pair of navy blue underwear and black dress socks. Ariel immediately noticed the enormous swell in the front of his crotch.

“Whoa,” Ariel sounded off.

“Okay head babe. Remove the underwear and show Ariel that luscious fat cock of yours,” Casey ordered.

Without hesitation, Oscar dropped his underwear and Ariel was instantly taken aback by the sight of the hugest cock she ever seen.

“Holy FUCK!” cebeci escort Ariel exclaimed.

“And he’s not even fully hard yet,” teased Casey as she dropped to her knees in front of Oscar and grabbed his large brown cock by the base and starting stroking up and down the entire throbbing shaft. It started growing harder between her stroking fingers and leaked pre-cum from the swollen prominent cockhead. “We didn’t waste our time watching all those videos for you not to learn anything so just watch closely for a refresher course.”

At its full 10 inch rock-hard length, Casey swallowed a good 5 to 6 inches of his brown cock between her soft lips. Oscar closed his eyes and moaned as she furiously bobbed her up and down between his legs. Her jaw muscles worked overtime to secure more of his meaty shaft between her sucking lips. His fairly large brown balls dangled and swayed from her mouth’s movements. Casey reached up with one hand and cupped them and tugged on them to add more stimulation to the fast tempo of sucking and slurping on his tremendously engorged cock.

Oscar ran his fingers through Casey’s long, wavy brunette as he felt her increasing sucking mouth swallow and milk his huge dick. He really didn’t know much about Casey as the two have been online friends for a couple of months. He was from out of state and had family near Casey so it was the perfect excuse to miss a few days of school to finally meet her. The two had been fucking since the first night they met so Oscar was somewhat familiar with Casey’s oral skills on his cock. This was his last night in town so Casey wanted to make it unforgettable by introducing him to her close friend Ariel. Oscar nearly blew a massive load when he saw Ariel’s pictures on the blog solely dedicated to her behemoth-sized knockers. He wished Casey had introduced him to Ariel sooner. The night before arriving at Ariel’s, Oscar fucked Casey silly while viewing the blog and thinking about her massive torpedoes.

Ariel sat on her bed and was completely astonished by the sheer size and length of Oscar’s cock and the way her best friend was devouring it. Her small nipples felt like granite ready to burst through her industrial strength brassiere and grey retro tee-shirt with Wonder Woman’s ironic logo distorted widely across her titanic milk jugs. Her pussy was sopping wet beneath her tan cargo shorts and panties.

After several minutes of intense dick sucking, Casey removed Oscar’s meaty prick from her mouth with a loud pop and nodded for him to head over to Ariel. Her chin and neck were soiled in her own saliva from the intense hard sucking. Oscar walked over and stood in front of Ariel. Her eyes wide behind her big bifocals as she was face-level with her first penis that was incredibly large, hard and pulsating, covered in her best friend’s saliva.

“Your turn,” Casey said looking over at her extremely nerve top-heavy friend.

Oscar moved further towards Ariel and his bare thighs made contact with her giant shirt-covered udders. He let out a soft groan as Ariel proceeded to plant light, lovingly kisses around the throbbing saliva-soiled helmet of his cock. Her smooth lips then opened and spread over the fat meaty cockhead and allowed it to be inserted into her virgin mouth. She closed her lips over it and slowly suckled, savoring the taste of her best friend’s saliva and Oscar’s salty pre jism. Inch by inch, Ariel’s warm mouth crept down his arching wet penis to conceal 4 inches of its iron-hard shaft. Her vivacious tongue ran all over the inches of stiffness lodged between her sweet virgin lips as she progressively sucked.

Casey got up off the floor and sat down next to her best friend on the bed and watched her mouth be stuffed with a massive hunk of meat for the first time.

“Put your hands on his ass. Caress it while you suck his cock,” Casey instructed Ariel.

Ariel raised her hands and placed one on each of Oscar’s firm butt cheeks. She softly caressed his ass while she continued to tenderly suck the huge brown dick of a boy she just met 10 minutes ago. She felt Oscar’s hands grip her shoulders, pulling her closer into the small patch of fuzzy puberty hairs above his large penis, shoving more of his hardness into her mouth. Ariel’s insanely giant clothed tits were now squashed between his spread legs and she heard him moaning reluctantly at the double pleasure of having both her wet mouth and huge boobs on him.

“Attack his dick. Really suck his cock hard and don’t be afraid to play with his balls,” Casey suggested.

Ariel complied, removing one hand off his ass and lovingly fondling his moderately large hanging balls. She took her other hand off his ass and gripped the base of his hard swollen member as 7 inches was being seesawed in and out of her mouth. As she sucked, the bulging fat head of his dick plowed into her cheeks puffing them out.

“Ahhh fuck yes! You are something else, Ariel. That feels so good,” Oscar moaned, complimenting Ariel on her oral skills.

Ariel moaned to his seal of approval with her mouth full of his thick hard man meat. She stroked and çukurambar escort squeezed the base of his penis and any part that wasn’t lodged between her smooth lips and sped up her sucking to keep him pleased. She juggled his big brown testicles around, letting the flesh of his sack spill between her groping pale fingers. Oscar looked down at Ariel, bypassing her sucking his dick to her mammoth bell-shaped knockers that were swaying heavy under her tee-shirt looking like she smuggled two great big vibrating pumpkins. He had a prurient look in his eyes as he stared at them and Ariel felt an increase of swelling to his already massive dick stuffed in her mouth.

“I think he wants to fuck those prize winning watermelons of yours,” Casey seductively whispered in Ariel’s ear.

“Mmmhmm,” Ariel moaned in agreement.

She sucked Oscar’s delicious hardness for a few more seconds before grudgingly removing 7 inches of iron-hard cock from her mouth for the first time since she started sucking it. The area around her mouth down to her chin was soiled in saliva and pre jism. She grabbed the hem of her tee-shirt and slowly began to raise it up. This would be the first time any man has ever seen her bare boobs. She struggled to pull her tight top from over her monstrous twin spheres so Casey reached over and helped firmly yank her shirt up, revealing an enormous tan-colored V neck HH brassiere that was crammed to the brim with bulbous breast flesh. Ariel thought wearing her one double H bra would provide some support until her J size arrived.

“Holy SHIT!” bellowed Oscar as he stood in front of the girls getting an eyeful of the largest pair of titties he has ever seen while slowly stroking his massive hard-on.

“You have no idea,” commented Casey as she finished helping Ariel pull her tee-shirt completely off and tossing it to the floor. Ariel’s large bifocals got caught inside her tee-shirt and she quickly put them back on. “Let’s have Oscar help us out this time.”

Without hesitation, Oscar joined the ladies on the bed and his hands were all over Ariel’s bra-clad mounds. He leaned down and buried his face into one of her covered hooters and it was bigger than his head. He sniffed the raspberry fragrance that emitted off her skin while enthusiastically kissing and licking the oversized brassiere cup and the rock-hard nipple indentation. Ariel was moaning compulsively while reaching down and seizing Oscar’s big taut meat and started jerking it.

While her best friend was preoccupied, Casey reached behind and unlatched the multiple hooks to Ariel’s bra. Once that last hook came undone, Ariel’s prodigious jutting melons burst forward from their mighty reinforce cups just as Casey and Oscar pulled the thick straps off her redden shoulders, completely removing her hammock-like bra and divulging her humongous 30HH mountains in front of their hungry lustful eyes.

“WHOAAAA MOMMMMAAA!!” gasped Oscar.

“What did I tell you? These things are fucking massive!” Casey gloated as she attempted to cup one of Ariel’s immaculate heavy jugs from underneath and reveled in the firm flesh overflowing from her small palm. She then used her other to seize the same breast and it overwhelmed both of her hands. “Not only are they extremely heavy, I need another pair of hands to hold it. These are four-handed tits.”

Oscar licked his lips and followed suit. He cupped Ariel’s free hanging titanic-sized boob with both hands and straight away took the pebble-sized nipple into his salivating mouth. He nosily and wetly sucked and slurped on her crinkled areola and stiff nipple while his hands selfishly kneaded the gigantically round teardrop. Casey joined in and wrapped her lips around Ariel’s other taut nipple while groping the oversized jug spilling over her hands.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssss. Hmmmmmmmmmm,” Ariel moaned. For the first time in her adolescent life, other people’s mouths were feasting on her overly sensitive nipples. The immense pleasure instantly set her soggy pussy on fire. “Suck my tits. Hmmmmmmmmm, suck my titties, ohhhhh yeaaaahhhh.”

Ariel’s body crumbled on the bed with Oscar and Casey never breaking the hold their nursing mouths had on her granite nipples. Faster and harder they sucked as each cradled a gargantuan breast in their hands and nursed like newborn babies hoping to drink their mother’s milk. Oscar squeezed the colossal tit between his sweaty palms into a pillar of firm flesh and sucked the nipple, areola, and as much as the overly generous mound between his starving lips as humanly possible. Casey used her mouth to nibble and chew Ariel’s small stiff teat before sucking in a mouthful of tit flesh. They amplified their gusto on her monstrous twin peaks propelling young virgin Ariel over the edge and into a world of ecstasy.

“Please don’t stop. OHHHHHH GOD! Don’t stop! OHHHHH GOD!!” Ariel cried loudly in heavenly bliss. She tightly grips the bedding and came intensely from her best friend and a complete stranger giving her the titty sucking of a lifetime. The spherical meaty tips of her colossal udders was slick in abundant demetevler escort of saliva and both of her painfully sore nipples felt ready to launch towards the ceiling at any second.

“Now that we got them all nice and lubricated, it’s time for the main event,” suggested Casey, as she rubbed her saliva into the long deep crayon of Ariel’s cleavage.

Oscar had to force his mouth off Ariel’s breast and helped Casey position Ariel in the middle of her bed where she could lay down comfortably. Due to the immense size of her natural heavy fun bags, they slumped over to her sides while lying on her back but kept their spherical shape. Oscar groaned and stared at the obscene vision while stroking his long hard cock. It was killing him to wait any longer to fuck such exceptional and remarkable virgin tits. Without a second glance, he sat on Ariel’s upper chest with his ass in her face and plopped his huge throbbing dick between her divided melons like a slab of thick meat. With both of his hands, Oscar gathered up her slick milk cans and smothered them over his aching penis, completely making it disappear.

“Ohhhhh FUCK shit! This feels totally fucking amazing,” moaned Oscar in sheer bliss. Never in his wildness dreams could he fathom his fully erected cock being completely overwhelmed by the largest and firmest pair of tits he ever see in person. Likewise for Ariel as she was hoping to save this unusual occasion for her true love. Her best friend had a way with words and convinced her to suck and titty-fuck her first cock. Ariel had no idea her first experience with a dick would be as massive as Oscar’s but even his sheer size was no match for her vast chest.

“Fuck those giant tits. Fuck them nice and hard. Their all yours tonight,” Casey ordered, as she removed Ariel’s shoes and cargo shorts. “You fuck those huge titties while I taste this delicious wet pussy.”

Casey parted Ariel’s plain white panties with the large wet spot on the front of them to the side and buried her face into her best friend’s hairy soaked vagina. She ignored the soggy thick bush in her face while licking around her cunt lips to clean up the cum residue leftover from Ariel’s first orgasm. After she was done, Casey thoroughly gave the wet hot cunt lips a tongue bathing before drilling and twirling her tongue deep in-between them. She lifted Ariel’s legs into the air by the back of her knees and spread them just as she feverishly attacked her juicy hanging clitoris.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Ariel cried out, her tense body squirming on the bed and toes curling in her socks, completely loss in a sea of extreme ecstasy from both her lovers.

She had both of her arms folded beneath her monster swaying tits to help support them as Oscar excitedly drilled his thick tool deep in her cleavage. Her over abundant of breasts pitched and rolled vigorously on her chest as he dug his greedily fingers into their doughty covered with sweat flesh and squeezed them tighter around his enormous pummeling cock. This was an odd yet pleasant feeling for Ariel having a massive hot cock thrusting between the warmth of her very huge breasts. This was an experience she knew all the immature, perverted guys at her high school and around the neighborhood wanted to feel.

“Oh man, this is so fucking amazing. These huge white titties were made for fucking,” cried Oscar, thrusting and plowing his engorged meat pole obsessively between Ariel’s colossal sloshing milk bags.

Her bedroom was full of loud moaning, wild grunting, and flesh on flesh colliding of Oscar’s thighs banged against her voluptuous teen bell slappers. The commotion in her bedroom was so noisy that anyone upstairs could easily have heard. Luckily, her parents were working late, Meg was at DJ’s trailer, and Leonard was out with his friends or so she thought. Unannounced to Ariel, her big brother had returned home and was in his room listening to every raunchy sound. His pants were off and his cock was hard in his clammy hand. Leo pumped and stroked to everything that escaped his 18-year-old sister’s bedroom and stared hopeless into his bedroom wall with his incestuous fantasy about Ariel.

The intense double-team action lasted for several minutes and it proved to be unbearable and overpowering for young Ariel. She came multiple times in Casey’s mouth as she continued licking and sucking her sweet bushy vagina and over responsive clitoris. Casey moaned as she reveled in the pleasure of tasting her close friend’s sweet nectar over and over and over again. While she kept her mouth sealed on the cum-gushing cunt, her eyes moved up to watch a heavy panting and profusely sweating Oscar reach his climax from fucking Ariel’s humongous spheres.

“Oh shit! Here I CUMMMM!” Oscar cried. He flung his head back while securing a vise grip on Ariel’s gigantic moving tits and moaned continually as thick jet streams of hot cum erupted from his pulsating dick and flooded in-between Ariel’s hot cleavage. His massive fat cock was buried so deep between the fleshy wet walls of her ginormous knockers that none of his semen leaked out from the bottom. Cascade after cascades of endless spunk ejaculated from his iron-hard member and flooded Ariel’s cleavage stronghold and Oscar continued to fuck her wondrous fun bags until every last drop of his cum emptied from his inflamed balls through his throbbing penis. If this was his one and only time fucking the largest pair of boobs presented in front of him, he was going to fuck them for all they’re worth and then some.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32