Uncaged Ch. 11

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Standard disclosure: all fictional characters, all over 18. This is a personally produced work. Any questions, contact the author. Enjoy.

Anyone reading for pure realism, you may start to be disappointed soon. Everyone else, please keep voting like you did on the last one. 🙂


Our timing was pretty much perfect. It was only a minute or two that I was enjoying Jade’s nimble tongue before I heard Ben come back to the campsite. He must have opened the cooler and cracked open a beer from the sounds of it, and then soon I heard him call “Girls? Jade? Kat?” He couldn’t see us in the tent with the flap unzipped, but closed, and he obviously hadn’t heard us yet.

Jade stopped licking me but didn’t try to move away, she was just listening and waiting. I tugged her face gently but firmly back towards me by her hair, and she quickly resumed her work. I called out to Ben, “We’re in the tent!” I could see a vague shadow of him as he moved towards the tent, and he ducked down a bit to lift the flap to come inside, but froze as he saw my naked body riding his beautiful girlfriend’s face.

“What the…shit, you girls can’t stop, can you?” he asked as a grin formed.

“Fuck no, not with a hot little bitch like you have here.” I answered. “Are you just going to stand there?” Ben was eager to move forward, but my body pretty much blocked the entrance to the tent. “Whoa, sorry, there’s no room for you in here right now, you’ll have to wait outside.” My words were interspersed with small gasps as Jade continued eating me out as I talked.

“Well, what am I supposed to do then?” Ben asked, confused but anxious to join. He reached down to grab my firm tits as he spoke, but he was clearly trying to figure out his next step.

I decided to take advantage of him being off-balance while I could. “Well…” I said in what I hoped was my sexiest voice, “maybe you could start my unzipping those shorts…” As I was basically kneeling in front of him, looking alternately up at him or straight ahead to his waist, he caught on quickly enough, but not without a reservation.

“Right out here? What if someone comes by?” Honestly, it was extremely unlikely, the campsites were secluded enough that someone would have to be wandering far away from their own sites or the trails. I think he was just flustered by the situation and trying to buy time to think.

“If someone comes by…they’ll probably just be jealous of you…” I whispered as I lightly grazed my lips across the bulge in his shorts, planting a few kisses across it. “I’ll be right here until your slutty little girlfriend makes me come…soooo…it’s up to you…”

Ben was slightly torn. I could see him weighing his choices, deciding whether or not to stand out in the open, but eventually caving to his desires and slowly unzipping his shorts. My mouth hung open invitingly as Jade’s tongue brought me closer and closer to orgasm. Just as Ben revealed his long hard cock to me, I let out a loud moan, Jade was going to make me come very soon…

Ben slowly moved forward to place his cock at my mouth, barely touching my lips, then came to a revelation of his own. “Hold on, wait a fucking minute here, who put you in charge?” Oh shit.

“Didn’t you promise you were going to do whatever I said? Didn’t you say that?” he asked firmly, gripping my hair in his hand, twisting and pulling it back.

Fuck, yeah, I had. And I never go back on what I say, “Yessss…” I moaned slowly.

“So I don’t have to play your way, do I?” he said, “You’ll just do what I want, won’t you?”

“Oh god…yes…yes I will…oh shit, I’m going to come…Jade…” I gasped out, writhing in his grip.

“Not yet you aren’t. Jade, stop!” Ben ordered. She stopped licking my clit instantly, leaving me on the edge of an orgasm.

“Wait, no, what the fuck?” I blurted out. “No! Make me fucking come!” but she didn’t restart. She just stayed there, giving me an occasional lick and kiss, but not helping me come. “What are you doing?” I asked Ben plaintively.

“I think that’s about enough of all your teasing, and hinting, and everything else. I think that you’ve promised to give me everything I want, and I think it’s time that we settle this for good.” He was staring me right in the eyes as he said this, tugging even harder, nearly painfully, on my hair, and right then was the moment I knew he anal yapan gaziantep escort was right.

I hadn’t admitted it, even to myself. But I wanted this. I wanted to do everything he said, everything Jade said. I wanted them to guide me, to take control and show me everything. If it meant doing everything they said, I was…I was more than accepting of it. I was eager to do it. That was the moment I realized that as far as they were concerned, “No” was gone from my vocabulary. And, fuck, that was exactly the way I wanted it to be.

“You’re right,” I told him, “no more teasing, no more hesitation. Just say the words and I’ll do it. Just get her to make me come, please.” I was almost pleading now, I wanted them to know I was serious. I was, I know I had said it before, but looking back today, I think this was the last straw. I think that, even with what was still to come, this is where I broke. Or perhaps, finally had my true nature uncaged.

“Not just yet, first, make me believe it. We’re going to have a lot of fun with you. You’re going to come over and over, and you’re going to be ours any way we want. But first, you tell me. You fucking tell me, and make me believe it. This is the last time, no going back anymore. Just prove it.” He said this in a voice that left no room for argument. He meant it, and just needed my final acceptance, no, my final proof that I wanted this as much as him and Jade.

I took a deep breath, and let it all out. “Oh God, please. I want it all. Please, do whatever you want with me. Tell me what to do and I’ll fucking do it. Tell me to fuck you, to suck your cock, to lick her pussy. I’ll do it all. I want it all.”

Jade had been under me the whole time, just listening and waiting. She started to slowly lick me again. She was teaming up with Ben, letting me know I was on the right track but they wanted more.

“Oh fuck, please, do anything you want, fucking use me! Keep me naked until we leave tomorrow, take turns using me until we go, anything! When we get back home, just knock on my door whenever you want me. Just take me inside, make me get you both off, I want it, I love it!” I did want it, so much that I was just spouting off everything that came into my mind now. Jade must have thought I was doing good, because she started licking my clit all out again, and I was seconds away from coming, I was so turned on at that moment.

“Fuck yes, oh fuck, I’m going to…oh God!! Ohhh!” I screamed as Jade pushed me through my orgasm, soaking her face as I came, “Fuck! Do ittttt..mmmpph!!” I yelled just as Ben took the opportunity to shove his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my hair in both hands and held me tight halfway down his hard cock as I came, my entire body spasming with pleasure. I was impaled on his dick, moaning around it as I came, far too out of control of my body to do anything but take it from both Jade and Ben. Not that I wanted anything else. Why would I?

I slowly came back to my senses to look up at Ben, with that grin on his face that signified his final victory over me. His hard cock was deep in my mouth and I just stared up at him in pleasure, waiting for him to make the next move. He didn’t wait long. Ben slowly backed up, holding me as he went. I followed along on my hands and knees, never letting his dick leave my mouth, as he backed up to a chair in the middle of the campsite and sat down. I just held still on his cock, waiting to see what was next as he reached down to the cooler and took out another beer. He opened it up, took a long drink, then leaned his head back and slowly started guiding my head up and down on his cock.

Part of me couldn’t believe it. I was naked in the middle of the campsite, on my hands and knees, sucking off this cocky bastard. But the other part of me was in fucking heaven. I finally discovered what I was missing. I needed this, I needed someone that just took charge and gave us all the time of our lives. This was finally right, and that first part of me I just mentioned? It faded quickly after this.

After a few minutes of slowly sliding my lips up and down his cock, I realized Jade had finally come up beside me. Ben noticed it too, and put down his beer to grab her hair with his other hand. He pulled me off of his cock and immediately pulled Jade onto it, fucking her mouth anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan just as he had mine. I watched from just inches away, still held by Ben, as he relaxed and used her to get himself off. After a minute, he pulled her off and switched us again. I eagerly took him back in my mouth as Ben spoke up.

“Ahhhhh…now this is the way it should be. Two hot sluts on their knees where they belong.” I didn’t even feel offended, my whole body was tingling at the entire experience. I started bobbing my head faster and faster without his guidance, but he quickly pulled me away and brought Jade back again. Ben switched us out like this time and time again, I found myself more desperate to get back on him every time I was waiting. Eventually, he kept Jade there for far longer than he had before, and I felt myself involuntarily fighting against his grip to get my mouth back on him. He saw my subtle struggles and smirked down at me as he pulled Jade tight, three-quarters of the way down and just held her there. Like a good girl, she stayed until she was out of breath and pulled herself back, gasping.

I immediately dove back down on his saliva-soaked cock, my eagerness and Ben’s firm guidance immediately getting me down near as far as Jade went. I didn’t seem to have much of a gag reflex but neither did I have anywhere near Jade’s experience. Still, Ben seemed to be in heaven, and even Jade was entranced. I could see her rubbing her pussy furiously as I sucked her boyfriend off. Ben blurted out, “Fuck, that’s awesome, keep it up, and get used to it, you’re both going to be down here all the time from now on.” I moaned in approval and kept up my pace.

He didn’t seem inclined to change us out anymore, probably enjoying someone besides his girlfriend sucking on him, enjoying it so much, in fact, that he warned me of his pending orgasm. “Shit babe, I’m going to come soon from that hot mouth of yours…”

Jade jumped in, “Oh fuck, let me on there. I’ll take it, let me finish him.” She knew I’d never even sucked a cock before this weekend, much less taken a load in my mouth, and she stepped up to keep me from starting then. I slowly pulled my mouth off of him, releasing his cock. I put my hands on Ben’s thighs as I looked up at him…then quickly moved to grab him by the hips and drove my mouth deep on his cock!

Ben practically yelled, “Oh, fuck!” as I realized I had taken his whole cock down my throat. I guess my gag reflex was better than I thought. The sensation was too much for Ben as I felt his hips buck as he let out a huge moan, and suddenly I could feel burst after burst of hot cum being blasted down my throat! It was so deep I didn’t even taste it, just felt the warmth of it flowing down my throat. It was new and odd but it didn’t bother me at all, I was far more interested in the look of pure pleasure on Ben’s face and the shock on Jade’s.

I held there until I knew he was finished coming, then slowly eased back, still bobbing my head gently as Ben gasped. I pulled all the way off just as Jade said, “You greedy bitch…” and plunged her mouth back onto his cock as though to suck out any last drops. Ben eventually regained his composure,

took a deep breath and smiled at me.

“Fuuuuck… good girl.” He reached over and grabbed himself another beer, opening it while gently keeping Jade in place. She kept sucking away, quietly moaning herself the entire time. He looked back at me, I was breathing hard and dripping wet from the excitement of sucking him off for the first time. He must have been reading my mind, as he said, “That was just the first time, there’s going to be many more…” I blushed and nodded back, not really knowing what to say.

Jade solved that problem for me by getting up and handing me another glass of wine. Soon her and I were sitting down relaxing, drinking, and still totally naked. Ben began making a campfire as the sun was beginning to set. He was dressed in just shorts, apparently he was fine having us naked but he wanted some coverage. It didn’t bother me at all, whereas a few days earlier I was freaking out over wearing a swimsuit in front of him. Things had definitely changed. Ben proved that by casually walking to the back of my chair and reaching over to squeeze both of my exposed tits.

“So, girls, escort gaziantep anal yapan who’s ready for the next round?” Ben asked mischievously

“Fuck… I am…” I moaned as his hands massaged my tits. Jade, however, answered differently, by popping out of her chair and darting to her knees in front of Ben, quickly pulling out his cock and taking it into her warm mouth.

“Sorry Kat,” he breathed, “her answer was better. I let out a gasp of disappointment and pleasure as he pinched my nipples lightly. “Tell you what, why don’t you give us a little show and we’ll see if you can play soon.” Ben grabbed each of my legs and lifted them over the arms of my chair, leaving me spread wide. I knew what was expected of me and began to rub my pussy for him, closing my eyes as I did so.

Before long, my fingers were moved aside by Jade’s tongue, Ben had obviously guided her down between my legs. She lapped eagerly at me as his hands left my tits, to my dismay, and he took up position behind her upturned ass. Jade was clearly wet and ready as Ben slipped inside her in one fluid motion, bringing a moan from her otherwise occupied mouth. With my hands now unoccupied, I cupped my own tits as I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations.

Ben wasted no time with teasing, he fucked Jade with long deep strokes. She definitely didn’t mind, pushing back at him with every thrust. “Look at this slut,” Ben said to me, “she knows what she’s meant for, she knows that tight pussies like hers are just meant for getting fucked whenever I want. Isn’t that right?” I moaned and nodded my approval. “You’re just like her now, aren’t you?”

“Fuck yes…” I breathed as Jade ate me out, trying desperately to keep her mouth on me as her body bounced back and forth. He was right, I finally had realized how much fun it was to just let go and get fucked. Ben had taken charge, never been mean, but had been forceful and direct, and I loved it. I meant when I said I would do anything now and I loved it!

Suddenly, we heard the sound of Ben’s phone ringing, back where his clothes were piled. With little thought, Ben pulled out of Jade and said to her, “Go bring that to me.” Jade pulled away without complaint and went for his phone, she gave it to him and he answered it as he moved forward and sunk his cock straight into my wide-open pussy. I was surprised at both the entrance of his cock and his casual demeanor, and only caught a few scraps of the conversation as he fucked me long and slow while he talked.

I heard him talking to what must have been a friend, the words I caught mentioned that he was camping with us, at the same place as “last time,” “yeah we’re ready,” and “see you soon.” He tossed his phone back to Jade and began to fuck me harder and deeper. I moaned in pleasure but still must have had a questioning look on my face, because Ben explained while he used my wet little cunt.

“That was my buddy Paul, him and Steve are on their way up to have a few drinks, as soon as they found out Jade was with me, along with one of her hot friends, they couldn’t wait to get down here. You remember last time baby?” he asked Jade. “We’re playing the same game this time.” Jade was kneeling beside us. Jade nodded, oddly enough, she started nodding before he even got the words out, but at a quick head motion from Ben, turned to me suddenly and explained.

“Oh fuck,” she started, “those are decent guys, but perverted as hell. Last time we were here and they came out, Ben had us playing strip poker. I suck at poker, and I lost fast and had to put up with all three of the guys making dirty comments about me while I sat there naked. We’re playing again?” Ben just smiled and nodded. Something was not right here, even though I was getting fucked pretty stupid, I didn’t feel like Jade was telling the truth to me…I knew her too well…but oh God, there was cock in me…

“You don’t have a problem with that, do you, fuckdoll?” Ben asked as he kept fucking me.

“Oh…fuck…shit…no…no, I’ll do whatever, whatever, oh yes, you tell me, you know that by noooow!” I gasped. I was soon to come from his constant pounding into my pussy. Ben was thrilled to hear that.

“Good girl,” he said as he pulled out of me, to my dismay, “since you answered just right, I’ll even let you get dressed properly so you have a chance, I’m sure Jade has something you can wear on top of that slutty bikini you brought.” It took me a minute to recover from the loss of his cock, I couldn’t believe he basically dismissed me like that, I thought I was being his good slut, but I was getting used to being at his beck and call, unbelievably. I gathered my wits and hurried to the tent with Jade, we both added a t-shirt and shorts on top of our swimsuits. No sooner had we got dressed than I heard a car pull up…

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