Unbuttoned and Unzipped

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“Tonight is the night”, thought Jonathon as he sprayed the second wrist with his Hugo cologne. He had been waiting all week for this. It was finally Friday and his mind was racing. He had a checklist of everything that had to be done in order to make the night perfect. He had the house to himself as his parents were on a retreat of sorts with the hopes of saving their marriage. Jonathon had taken this opportunity to invite, Alicia, his girlfriend of six months, over for the night in hopes of having some quality alone time.

Jonathon was in his senior year at Summerton High School. He was tall, with medium length light brown hair, intense blue eyes, and strong facial features. He was a member of several of the school’s sports teams growing up but had lost a bit of interest in recent years. Although he was no longer on any of the SHS Varsity teams, he still liked to keep in shape and would work out a few times a week. He was an attractive, better than average student, which allowed him the option of many female admirers. Jonathon, however, had one trait that hindered him greatly when it came to the opposite sex. He was very shy. As a result, Jonathon had remained a virgin all through High School. He hoped to change that tonight.

“Should I leave this tucked in or does it look lame? I hope the condoms I have are the right kind. Where is she? She should be here by now. I should make my bed.”

The doorbell rang. As Jonathon opened the door, Alicia rushed in with a duffle bag in one arm and a sleeping bag in the other. She dropped them both on the floor as it was clearly too much for her to handle at one time. Jonathon looked at her carefully.

“I thought we could just sleep in my bed?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh. I didn’t even think about that. Yeah, that probably makes much more sense,” She replied with a smile.

Alicia was a junior at SHS but two years younger than Jonathon. She had friendly green eyes, long black hair and a darker tan complexion. She was quite pretty and fairly athletic herself. Her body was very toned but that didn’t take away from her more than adequate chest and her nicely proportioned, round bottom. Her black tank top and tight low-cut jeans (which she conveniently decided to wear this evening), really accented these features.

Alicia took mostly upper level classes at SHS and this is how the two met. They were introduced in a history class, that they shared, by a common friend. The two had seen each other plenty of times over the years but were never in the position to introduce themselves.

“I have a bunch of movies that I picked up if you are interested.” Jonathon really had no interest in the movies but thought that the suggestion would somehow eventually lead them to the bedroom upstairs.

“Sure, what kind of movies do you have?”

“I have a comedy, an action drama, some documentary, and Bostancı Escort this Sci-Fi type”

“Let’s go with the comedy,” responded Alicia with little doubt it was the correct decision.

The two headed upstairs to Jonathon’s bedroom where he had his TV and DVD player across the room from where he slept. He had already placed pillows on the floor in advance just in case things got heavy quickly. He put in the DVD and turned on the television. The movie was actually humorous from time to time but neither was really interested in watching it and instead just kept their eyes glued to the set and laughed at the appropriate times. All of a sudden, with a grin and guilty smile, Alicia broke the silence between the two of them.

“Soooooooooo, has a girl ever gone down on you?”

Jonathon was shocked. Alicia and him hadn’t even come to the point where they spoke about such things in detail. They wouldn’t get to spend much time with each other during the week and when things did become physical, it would typically be a lot of making out with the occasional wondering hands.

“Yeah, actually. My last girlfriend and I did that before but she wouldn’t let me do it back to her”

“That’s odd. I would think that she would want something like that.”

“She said she wasn’t comfortable with it. She hadn’t let any other guys do it to her before either. I don’t know, I didn’t really ask too many questions about it.”

“So, you like to eat pussy?”

Jonathon now stuttered and struggled to get out “I think I would like to…but I never have” He then broke eye contact with her and looked around the room a bit having lost his cool and not knowing what to think or say.

“Looks like we might have to change that” she casually announced with a coaxing smile. Have you ever fucked someone?”

“No, I’m a virgin. I guess I was just waiting for the right someone?” Jonathon knew this wasn’t true. He just hadn’t had the courage to initiate anything like that. He now felt very vulnerable and all he wanted to do was change the focus of the conversation in any way that he could. “So, how about you? In regards to those questions?”

“Which question?”

“All of them. I told you about me. Now I want to know about you.”

“Then, yes”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes to your question”

“Which one?”

“All of them”, she calmly stated as she looked straight in his eyes.

“I…I…um…” he was lost. He had not prepared for this. Jonathon knew that Alicia did go out with friends to parties and such on the weekend but she had always seemed the mostly quiet, shy type to him. He rarely saw her speaking with other guys and she had only mentioned one boyfriend from her past. Jonathon now sat in what felt like a boiling, empty room where he couldn’t escape. His heart was beating quickly and a nauseated Anadolu Yakası Escort feeling was squeezing out whatever self-control he had left.

“I’ve actually done all of that at the same time. The last guy I was with made me go down on both his best friend and his best friend’s girl while he fucked me from behind.”

Jonathon had nothing left to say. He was only able to mutter, “yeah?”

“Yeah, it was pretty hot. I really enjoyed going down on the girl. It really turned me on when she came all over my face.”

Since Jonathon continued to sit, petrified, in the dead silence, Alicia went on, “Soooooo, does this mean you’re going to fuck me tonight or am I going to have to tie you down and deepthroat you? My pussy is fucking wet, so if you don’t do something pretty soon, I’m going to have to take care of everything myself.” She then leaned over and kissed Jonathon as violently as she could. Her tongue brutally circled his mouth and she lightly bit his lip as she pulled away from him. She quickly un-tucked his shirt and pulled it over his arms and head. She then slowly used her nails to lightly claw down his bare chest and stomach until she reached the belt that was keeping Alicia from her immediate needs. She looked back up in his eyes and professionally unclasped his belt, creating a slapping sound as she tore the belt from the loops around his jeans. “A little help and this might go a bit quicker.” she winked.

Jonathon gathered himself to the point where he could follow orders. He helped her hands unbutton the front of his jeans and hurriedly pulled them off his body leaving him with only a grey pair of boxer-briefs. Alicia looked back up to his face, biting her lip and half holding back a mischievous smile. She leaned in to kiss him again but pulled back just before his lips. She reached for his last barrier of clothing and stripped him to nothing without breaking eye contact. She then lowered her gaze to concentrate on what she had exposed. Alicia felt a rush of heat when her eyes met the completely excited 9″ cock. The guys that she had been with in the past had been average size at best. Now being a little caught off guard, she took a couple of deep breaths and lowered her mouth with every intention of fitting everything inside her. Jonathon hit the back of her throat about halfway in. She forced the rest slowly down her throat and paused a moment before needing to pull back for valuable oxygen. She gasped and then went back down again a little faster this time. Jonathon moaned to her generated rhythm. As he slid in and out of her mouth and throat, Alicia began to taste his sweet precum. She knew if she wanted a chance to be hammered by this delicious, rock hard dick, she would need to take advantage of it while she still could.

The sexually charged young lady sprang to her feet. She removed Ataşehir Escort her top revealing she hadn’t been wearing a bra and letting her 34C breasts playfully bounce in front of her. “Can you get the bottom half, baby?” she asked as in her now incredibly sexy voice.

Jonathon unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans right away and used a little force to get the skin tight covering off her perfectly shaped body. As the jeans fell to the floor, Alicia was left in a tight, black lace boy-short panty. He was now face level with her wonderful womanly scent. “Those need to come off too, sweetie”, she added…and they were off before she had a chance to add a smile.

Jonathon had never seen a woman completely naked in person but Alicia was rather impatient at the moment with every intention of having that beautiful cock inside her as soon as possible. She put her hand to his chest and pushed him back to the floor. With her back facing, straddling over him, she lowered her eagerly dripping cunt to his bulging shaft. When her moist, hot, mound touched the tip of his cock, Jonathon could feel the heat from the inside of her body. Alicia inhaled half a breath and slid the lips of her pussy over his cock until her ass made contact with the lower half of his stomach. She had never felt something completely fill her like that before. It both hurt and felt amazing at the same time. Both moaned louder than any sound that had been made all night while Alicia lifted her pussy from his cock and slid back down again with added force. She continued crashing down creating a body-to-body slapping sound. She began to rock back and forth letting his cock come almost completely out before slamming it back inside her. The panting and moaning of the consumed couple had reached the point where Alicia knew Jonathon was about to explode.

“Cum inside me!” and just as Alicia finished her sentence, her orders were met. She could feel the pumping pulse and the warm extract running down the walls inside her. She looked back over her shoulder “Do you want to eat this pussy you just fucked?”

Without allowing him a chance to answer, the determined girl lifted her round, tight ass off the softening cock and let it glide with her sweet juices out of her. She turned and walked toward his face and stood over him. As he continued to lie there, gathering what had just happened, she dropped her worked cunt on top of his face and he immediately began eating her out. He moved his tongue as quickly as he could in and out, between her separated lips, and over her swollen clit. As she began to rock back and forth over his face, he could taste his own cum dripping out of her and into his mouth. He continued to lick back and forth and around in circles. Her chest was going in and out as her lungs raced. He could feel her body stiffen as her fingers found their way intertwined with his soft brown hair and her grip began to tighten. Her legs clenched around his face.

“Fuuucccckkkkkk!” she cried as her body began to convulse as she came over and over.

The two just lie there afterward in an embrace…until it was time to do it again twenty minutes later.

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